(Unknown channeling)

I am with this instrument. I greet you, my friends, in the love and light of the infinite Creator. Tonight we enjoyed listening with you to the music, and we are, as you, sometimes sad when the sounds come to the end. But we say that what we seek has [inaudible] you see as convinced are really only starting points of new beginnings as things in your natural world now begin to die or lay dormant with the coming of your fall, they really are only in a [inaudible] state where they shall begin anew after this rather bare period of your fall and winter. But even as they cease to be green they still are beautiful and still look to the sunlight though they may seem weak. New times will seem to fade to use your [inaudible] you still have sparked a light in themselves at will. You will blossom. [Inaudible] that ending are an [inaudible] in your existence in your illusion and that as you go you will see past the [inaudible]. They will no longer seem as real you [inaudible] come ever closer to the light to the Creator.

We are known as [inaudible] to you. We are always available to you and your search for love and light. We are now [inaudible] we would ask the instrument if he would relax and [inaudible] analysis and repeat the words. We are now trying to jump ahead. We [inaudible] speak only as the words come to him. So often new instruments they tend to try to get ahead of themselves and will at times lose parts of concepts we are attempting to speak and will find themselves, as you say, “grasping for a limb” when, in reality, the limb is right there under them, and they have a hold of it. So we say to this instrument that he need not rush or try to get ahead, but to simply speak as words comes to him.

We have a new [inaudible] and will note that our contact with this instrument is improving. We say once again that your world and its seeming ending are illusion as are many—correction—as are the situations you face in as what you see as your day-to-day existence. The problems that each illusion presents, that each illusion—correction—each situation that is there to learn from is [for] you to see, examine, learn so that you may grow with the use of meditation. The lessons will oftentimes become easier to see and to grow beyond in your seeking an awareness of the rough life that is you and all things.

We are known to you as [inaudible]. We will leave you now in love and light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends.


I am Hatonn, and I am with this instrument. We have some trouble contacting this instrument, for he has begun to channel more the way in which he feels are initial contact attempts has become milder and he at this point [is] sometimes unsure if the contact is being [inaudible]. But [we] assure him that he will grow in confidence as he exercises more and he will more easily more recognize the contact attempt.

We are Hatonn. [Inaudible] is ever calling for truth or love. Your people will often think of themselves in hopeless situations where they are unable to move in any direction, for they are forever being pulled by various groups who try different methods and philosophies, [seeking] at times the same thing. In your world it is common to find most people seemingly unable to know which way to turn. What they should do to help themselves out of the rut that has been worn in the road … not nearly as many can see that it is easier to be in the light when one has pulled themselves out of the little rut. So many do not want to try to climb in order to see, but blindly [inaudible].

We are Hatonn, [and] are aware of the great difficulties within your vision. We can see the horror it is to pull oneself up and keep from falling back, but when one truly seeks the light no matter if one falls back they may rise again stronger with eyes that they more clearly see the direction [from] which the light shines, and more [inaudible] light as it radiates within [inaudible]. We of Hatonn are ever ready to aid any to climb from the rut into the light. We shall be with you in your meditation, seeking with you, in [the] love and light of the infinite Creator. I am Hatonn. I will now leave this instrument. Adonai, my friends.