(Carla channeling)

[I am Laitos,] and I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. We thank you for the great blessing you have offered us in asking us to come and work with those who have gathered here in the name of the Creator, the Source. We attempted for a time before we contacted this instrument to make contact with the one known as S1. We say this in order that this instrument may know those sensations that she was feeling were those of contact. We shall continue for a short period working with each instrument as we speak through this one.

My friends, in these groups in which we concentrate so much upon service, sometimes we of Laitos may stress too much that great pillar of “the life lived in knowledge of 1,” and forget to stress with the most abundant emphasis the joy that permeates the universe of this Creator Whom we serve. Too much we stress responsibilities connected with being a pilgrim and not enough do we share with you the reality of freedom that that service brings, for in each attempt to serve the Creator you have freed yourself from the opinion of a disillusioned illusion, you have removed yourself from a dimly lit, habitually angry and negative set of circumstances which persist despite all the beauties of the creation around you, and you have with your eyes in your inner selves glimpsed the reality of an infinite merrymaking, an eternal joyousness, the love that is without end.

Because of the medium of speech, we do not seem to you to be constantly joyful, and because of those things which we wish to teach, those skills which we wish to share, we seem bent single-mindedly upon the great responsibilities of service, and it is true, my friends, that those who wish to become shepherds must rise up and take the shepherd’s crook, and stand by the sheep in daytime and in dark, in safety and in peril. You do not know when you shall be called upon to channel in your own way. Consequently, we speak frequently on the service that is to be kept in mind. But, my friends, if we could but skip and jump and rejoice among you, laughing and shouting and making merry, for we are drunk on the very joy of the universe! We shall never be able to bring this into your language or your illusion, yet as you meditate, this feeling may come to you at any moment as you touch the Kingdom of the Father and His reality. As we charge you to meditate, to seek the truth, to attempt to be of service, if that is your desire, we invite you also to a grand party. Everyone is there. It is just, my friends, that some do not yet know it.

We would at this time again transfer this contact to the one known as S1. I am Laitos.

(S1 channeling)

I am Laitos. I am with this instrument. She was afraid to speak before, thinking that it was her own thoughts and not ours she perceived, but this is not true. She was receiving our thoughts, and she will find it easier as she practices. I am Laitos. I will now at this time transfer this contact to the one known as D. I am Laitos.

(S1 channeling)

I am Laitos. I am again with this instrument. The one known as D did not wish this contact at this time. We will therefore, continue to work with him in hopes that he will in the future rely more on his feeling than his analysis. I am Laitos. I will transfer this contact to the one known as Carla. I am Laitos.

(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos, and I greet you again in love and Light. We would say to the one known as D that the brothers of Hatonn are joining us in twisting your arm, and we shall contact you again later [in the evening.]

We would at this time ask your patience as we wish to spend some time familiarizing the one known as M with our vibrations. We would attempt to speak a very, very simple phrase through this instrument in order that the words themselves do not constitute a difficulty, but merely the experience of channeling will be the focus of the experience. We shall repeat, “I am Laitos,” and this repetition will seem as though it is the thought of the instrument. Nevertheless, my friends, none of you goes through life say to himself, “I am Laitos.” This is not a normal thought.

Consequently, we ask the one known as M to comfort himself, and not to analyze this thought when it appears within his conscious mind. We urge him, rather, simply to speak this thought and then await another thought. We shall repeat this transmission several times in order to familiarize the instrument with the experience of speaking our concepts. We ask that the instrument relax and refrain in the most rigorous manner possible from analysis, as analysis will block our transmissions. We would at this time, with the permission of the instrument, transfer this contact to the one known as M. I am Laitos.

(M channeling)

I am Laitos. I am with this instrument. I am Laitos. I am Laitos. I am Laitos. I am with this instrument. We are glad to speak to this instrument. We have had a desire for a long time to work with the one known as M, but due to his reluctance we have not been able to do so. We are glad to be with this instrument. I am Laitos. I am Laitos. I am Laitos. I am Laitos. I am with this instrument. I am Laitos.

(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos. I am again with this instrument. We are extremely pleased to be able to make such rapid contact with the one known as M. The way has indeed been made plain for us by this instrument’s desire. This instrument has an extremely strong ability to concentrate upon the tuning which is so great a part of this type of contact. For this, we are most grateful, also, for it shall greatly accelerate the speed with which we are able to open this particular channel. The one known as Hatonn has been conditioning the one known as D, and at this time we would step aside, that those of Hatonn may offer their greeting through this instrument. We would now leave this instrument temporarily. I am Laitos.

(D channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am with this instrument. It is with great difficulty we use this instrument, due to his concentration. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos, and I am again with this instrument. At this time we would like to share with the one known as J and the one known as R with the vibrations of ourselves and of Hatonn in order that we may deeply share in consciousness, and more deeply share in meditation. We now pause.


I am Laitos. I am Laitos. We would now exercise the instrument known as S2. It is with great pleasure that we move with this contact to that instrument. I am Laitos.

(S2 channeling)

I am Laitos. I am pleased to greet you once again with this instrument. It has been quite some time since we have been able to speak our words through her. She is most frequently used by those known to you as Hatonn and we are indeed happy that she has all us to be—correction—to speak through her today. We of Laitos are pleased with the progress of all those who are attempting to improve their abilities to speak our words, and are amazed at the speed with which all of you are beginning to, what you might call, grasp our thought out of thin air. It is often confusing to those who are not so experienced to distinguish between those thoughts of the instrument and those thoughts which we are attempting to send them. However, we wish to let you all know that you are correctly receiving these messages which you have been speaking.

We are aware of some of the difficulties you have when we are not able to direct our beam of thought in the precise manner in order to make a clear and concise contact. We are grateful for your patience with us, and we will try to zero in on each of you individually as we become more accustomed to your own particular frequency.

[Side one of tape ends.]

I am Laitos. We apologize for the interruption, but as you know, we were unable to speak momentarily. As we were saying, it is now with a great deal of pleasure that we would turn our contact over to those known to you as Latwii, as we know that there are many of you who are anxious to communicate with Latwii. We would leave you now, my friends, in the love and in the light which we arrived in. I am Laitos.

(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii, and I am surprising this instrument in the love and the light of the infinite Creator, for we wish to speak a few words through her, and also depart greatly from established custom in this group. However, there is one in this group which has been toying with the idea of attempting contact with the Confederation, and this particular instrument has its wiring strung somewhat delicately, and it was a thought, as we counseled together, those of us who serve you at this time, that the one known as A would perhaps best comfortably be able to communicate a few words with our particular vibration, which this instrument feels with a strength akin to the two-by-four, but which to other vibratory complexes is far more comfortable than even that vibration of old, easy-going Hatonn. Therefore, we would at this time ask your patience as we repeat with the one known as A the exercise of the repetition of our simple identity so that the one known as A may have the experience, if she wishes it, of this channeling. We ask the instrument to relax, and to mentally inform us if there is discomfort, and we shall adjust accordingly our vibration. We would transfer at this time. I am Latwii.


(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii. I am again with this instrument. I fear that we have, shall we say, inadvertently blown some circuitry, even as we were attempting to be most careful not to. Also, the desire to be of service in this particular manner is not yet a fixed star, but rather one which twinkles on and off. So be it.

We thank the one known as A, and may we say to each of you, we shall, along with our brothers and sisters, be with you at any time you may wish to work with our vibrations. We leave this instrument now in order to get on with the answering of any questions that you may have. We leave this instrument in love and light. I am Latwii.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and greet you all once again in love and light. We are privileged at this time to be able to offer ourselves in the capacity of attempting to answer your queries, for we are aware that there are those questions upon some minds which might prove useful in the answering. May we at this time, therefore, ask if there is a question which we might attempt to answer?

Yes, Latwii, I’ve asked this before, and the answer is bothering me quite a bit. I’m curious, an experience I had—I’m wondering how much damage [there is] or how thwarted my abilities to receive mentally your conditioning, and conditioning in general [is] for the Confederation. Is there any way I can take care of that, or is there any way back, or do I just have to learn to function with whatever I have left of those abilities? Can I undo the damage?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. The experience of which you speak was one which was most intense on those minor circuits of your metaphysical body, shall we say. This body might be likened unto that which is not visible, and is that body which is activated at the times in which you are engaging in what you call meditation, a deep contemplation, and for many entities, the activity of prayer. It has been somewhat affected, shall we say, in its ability to make its manifestations known to your physical vehicle, as you are in the meditative state. The circuitry has suffered some impairment of connections. These connections might be most fruitfully repaired by your conscientious observance of regular periods of meditation, and the continued strengthening of your seeking of the one Creator.

The experience of which you speak has had beneficial effects as well, for it has made various portions of your metaphysical body more finely tuned, shall we say, and able to receive impressions and transmissions from other sources such as the Confederation. This occurred in, shall we say, somewhat of a premature manner, and therefore resulted in that impairment of the transmission of these perceptions to your physical conscious vehicle. But we are of the opinion that your continuation in strengthening your desire to seek the one Creator in the meditative state shall be most beneficial in the repairing of these circuits.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No. Thank you.

We thank you. Is there another question at this time?

We have a couple of friends that do work with crystals, and both of them seem to be good crystal healers to me. Would R’s particular metaphysical difficulties be aided by this type of healing?

I am Latwii. My sister, we feel that the type of healing which you have referred to as crystal healing would have at best what might be described as short-term benefits, for the impairment of the circuitry connecting the metaphysical and physical vehicles is that which was made in free will, and which must also be repaired by that same free will. It is, of course, possible that this free will could seek an avenue of expression through a response in a positive nature to this crystal healing of which you speak. This is possible, though our recommendation for the continuation of the meditative periods and the strengthening of the desire to seek are our best suggestion.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, thank you, Latwii. I believe I have you pegged. Take two meditations and call me in the morning.

I am Latwii. My sister, we hope you shall not report us for practicing without one of your licenses. May we answer another question at this time?

Yes, Latwii. What can you tell me in general, and I won’t mind if you’re brief, about the benefits of going through hypnotic regression?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. The process of enhancing the memory of previous experiences through that which you have called the hypnotic regression is a process in which information is added unto an entity’s conscious mind from those levels of the unconscious which are not normally available to the conscious mind. Therefore, information of this sort is usually of such an unique nature that its use is often not discovered until much of what you call time is passed. This is usually the case unless an entity has quite specific purposes for seeking information from previous incarnations. Most entities are unaware of the most beneficial type of information which could be sought. Therefore, the information which is received is usually not of much use.

Were an entity to look upon that life which is presently being experienced and see in that life those lessons which are being attempted, and attempt to trace those lessons in a previous incarnation so as to see their roots, then it might be possible for the entity to use that information in a more beneficial manner, for each bias which an entity develops during any incarnation shall at some time need to be what you call balanced with its opposite bias. This usually occurs in a future incarnation. Therefore, if one is able to look upon the current incarnation as a balancing effort set in motion by a previous incarnation’s gaining of bias, then there might be information of a most helpful nature which could be obtained by using the tools of regressive hypnosis.

May we answer you further, my sister?

Might I say, “Aha, that’s exactly what I was after.” Thank you very much.

I am Latwii. We thank you. Is there another question at this time?

Yes, Latwii. In recent months I’ve read volumes of back issues of meditations and something I’ve noticed in many of the question and answer periods are some extremely long answers to what sometimes seem as relatively simple questions, and as I read over these, it seems as though the length and some of the things you go into in your answer actually add confusion to the answers. Why are you not more concise more often?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. In responding, we may respond in two ways, hopefully with brevity. Firstly, the question which is asked by any entity has components which often reach into unspoken portions of inquiry. In order to be of the most service to such an entity, we feel a responsibility to speak to these portions which have not been verbalized, but have, shall we say, been tacked on in a nonverbal manner. Often we speak to another portion of the mind complex of the questioner. Secondly, the instrument through which we speak has an effect upon the upon the type of response, and even its length, for some instruments have certain strengths, certain characteristics and means of expressing thoughts. When we present our responses to queries, most often they are in a somewhat seed or crystallized form, not yet at the level of the spoken word. It is therefore up to the instrument to clothe these thoughts in the words considered most appropriate for their transmission. Some instruments feel more inadequacy, shall we say, in able—we correct this instrument—some instruments feel more inadequacy in being able to clothe our thoughts in the most precise words, and therefore use what might be called the shotgun approach on occasion, hoping that by expressing the thought in more than one way that it shall be correctly expressed in its total summation.

May we answer you further?

No, Latwii, that makes a lot of sense. I knew you had good reasons all along.

I am Latwii. We thank you, my brother, for your patience and your good humor. We hope that we shall be able to provide each entity with those thoughts which are most coherent and crystallinely pure as we respond to your queries. We realize that we are quite frequently unable to do this to the satisfaction of all present, yet we shall continue in our efforts, for we find great joy in being able to provide this service, even if it is occasionally clothed in more verbiage than the prevailing styles of speech would allow.

May we ask if there is another question at this time?


I am Latwii. We find that we have exhausted the questions, but hopefully have left your minds somewhat more intact. We appreciate the invitation to join this group, and we look forward to each meeting. We are with each of you in your meditations as requested. We remind each that a simple request will bring us in joy. We leave you now in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as Latwii. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. Carla: The consciously lived life or the reviewed life.