(S channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am with this instrument and I greet you, my brothers and sisters, in the love and light of our infinite Creator. My friends, this is a great lesson, and we are happy to see that this instrument can perceive our thoughts and has the courage and love to serve the Creator to speak those thoughts and not think that by speaking those thoughts others would believe that those thoughts were not from us. We thank this instrument, and wish only to serve by speaking. We are Hatonn. We leave this instrument and transfer to the one known as Carla. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you through this instrument in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. We thank the one known as S for the constancy with which this instrument pursues the desire to be of service to the infinite Creator by this means of what you call vocal channeling. We ask each to remember that all of us who call ourselves by the name of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are but messengers, so that those who speak our thoughts are also messengers. That which comes through us and through you is, therefore, a sometimes simple and sometimes more complex rendering of one basic concept and its implications. The concept is the original Thought, its nature, its unity, and its creative power. Its implications are infinite, and are expressing themselves all about you and to the ends of the endless universe of the Father.

We do not speak with any remarkable powers, with absolute knowledge, but rather out of what we are aware is a limited grasp that is just a bit wider than your own. Therefore, we turn to you to aid you as you attempt a wider grasp of the original Thought of love. We would say to each instrument that desires to be of service that the mechanism by which we produce concepts through instruments is one which is not discernibly different than the method which your own deeper self uses to produce concepts which your conscious minds then clothe with words. As we send concepts to the higher regions of the subconscious levels of your mind, we release them to come forth into your conscious mind just as do your own thoughts, so that you with your unique background of experience of language and of attitude may clothe our simple thoughts in your own unique way so that our message may be offered to those who seek in an ever changing and ever varied manner.

And therefore, my friends, the very first concept to remember as you begin to work with our brothers and sisters of Laitos is the concept of non-analysis. We shall in the beginning be very careful to be specific in what it is that we intend to do in regard to using each as instrument. But then, my friends, because you have become familiar with our words, when you hear the familiar salutation rising to thought in your mind, you may analyze this thought and say to yourself, “I am making this up. I know that is what I should say, and so I shall not [say] it. I shall wait for further recognition.” And yet, my friends, to do this is to completely block the contact, for unless you speak the first concept, the second shall not rise. When you speak the second, the third shall rise, and so forth, until you have spoken all that you may be capable of funneling through your instrument at a given time.

Just as a musical instrument in the hands of an inexperienced player may make only a few notes in the beginning, so you shall perhaps be able to only begin slowly, although, my friends, there are natural musicians who play well immediately and there are natural channels who speak fluently immediately. So, have no expectations of yourself, good or bad. Do not hesitate to speak if you hear in your mind the rising of the thought. Do not analyze, and do not be concerned, for each in this group is here to support this process, and we shall be with you as our brothers and sisters of Laitos work with each new instrument. We leave you for a while. I am Hatonn.


(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos, and I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. What a pleasure to be with you this evening. We are grateful to this instrument for making itself available, for it is somewhat fatigued, and [we] would use it to commend itself on the constancy of its desire to serve in this manner.

We have been conditioning the one known as M, the one known as A, and the one known as K. If at this present moment there are physical discomforts connected with this channeling or vibration, we would request that you mentally ask for adjustment, and we shall immediately begin to alleviate any discomfort that you may have. We will pause for a moment in order to deepen our contact with each instrument.


(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos, and I am again with this instrument. We would at this time attempt to identify ourselves through the instrument known as M, if she would relax and allow her mind to remain calm. We shall identify ourselves by the phrase, “I am Laitos.” We shall repeat this—in order that the instrument need not be concerned with only having one opportunity—several times. At this time we would transfer this contact to the one known as M. I am Laitos.

(M channeling)

I am Laitos. I greet you, my brothers and sisters, in the love and light of the infinite Creator. You have a beautiful day today. Did you appreciate it? You have a good planet. It’s a shame there is so much turmoil. You personally need to learn to rejoice. I am now leaving this instrument.

(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos, and am again with this instrument. We thank the one known as M, and are most appreciative of the natural abilities of this instrument. With work, we look forward to a most fruitful collaboration in expressing the love of the infinite Creator.

We would at this time turn to the one known as A. We thank this instrument for the deep consideration it has given to the development of this form of service. We assure this instrument that this is only one of many types of service, and that we are most grateful that the instrument has chosen to avail herself for this particular service. If the instrument would relax and cease from analysis, we shall again make the repetition of the identification several times, that the new instrument may have several opportunities to perceive our presence and speak. I am Laitos.

(A channeling)

I am Laitos. I am Laitos, and [am] now with this instrument. I am Laitos. We greet you through this instrument. We are pleased that she … I am Laitos.

(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos, and I am again with this instrument. We thank the one known as A for remaining open to our contact after it had become somewhat uncomfortable and difficult to transmit. The ability to perceive our contact has been well established, and we are most pleased with this excellent beginning. We shall be adjusting for better comfort and clarity of contact at this time and in future meditations as the instrument requests adjustment.

We would now like to proceed to the one known as K who we also thank with a grateful heart for offering herself in this service. As your voices, my friends, are our only means of communicating to your people those thoughts which may aid them in the evolution which they seek, we cannot speak often or deeply enough of our gratitude to those who serve. Again, we remind the one known as K to cease from analysis and relax, as there is much supporting and tuned vibratory aid which protects and underlines our opening to the instrument and the instrument’s opening to us. We ask the instrument to avoid analysis and to simply speak up when the thought rises. We shall again be identifying ourselves several times. I am Laitos. We transfer now.

(K channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am now with this instrument. My brothers and sisters, I greet you with the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I have been trying to get through for some time. I would just like to greet all of you, and I hope this instrument is comfortable with me. I have made contact. I now leave this instrument.

I am Laitos. I am now with this instrument. I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator.

(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos, and am again with this instrument. My friends, how joyful we are that we have been able to contact all those who have sought to receive our words. We feel as though we are at a banquet and that the bounty is so great that our thanks could never be sufficient. We would say to the one known as K and to the one known as A that we shall be adjusting our contact and that those experiences which especially affected the one known as K are those to be expected because of the initial, shall we say, shock to the subtle electrical body of the power of the vibration which we use. It has a very uncomfortable affect upon some. Upon others it can produce a not unpleasurable, but certainly disruptive influence at first. These sensations will subside as the instrument becomes more comfortable with our contact.

To all we ask that the practicing of the opening of the—we correct this instrument—that the opening of the instrument be attempted only when there is a supportive group of at least two other entities, one of which is preferably more experienced. We also suggest this thought to all. The one known as A and the one known as K verbalized thoughts which were almost totally from the Confederation. The one known as M, one of the natural instrumentalists of which we were hearing from our brothers and sisters of Hatonn, was able to speak a mixture of concepts, those of the self and those of the Confederation.

In all cases, what we desire is to obtain within each instrument the ability to speak that which is approximately seventy percent Confederation, thirty percent the instrument in content. In this way, my friends, we find it possible to keep ever new our simple message. Therefore, let all be comforted, for we were with each of you, and it was our vibrations that were perceived. Again, as we are full of praise to the Creator that we have been given the opportunity to serve, we are full of gratitude to you that we may be of service with your aid.

We would now turn the contact back to our brothers and sisters of Hatonn in order that any questions that may be upon your minds may be asked. I leave this instrument now, as always, in the love and light of the infinite Creator. I am Laitos. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Jim channeling)

I am Hatonn, and greet each of you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is our privilege at this time to be able to present ourselves in a capacity in which we have not been utilized by this group for some of what you call time. It is our privilege, therefore, to ask at this time if there might be any questions which we could attempt humble reply to?

I have a question out of curiosity. Why have the brothers and sisters of Latwii not spoken tonight?

I am Hatonn. We of the Confederation always attempt to serve in the manner which is requested. We have perceived this evening that the blended vibrations of this particular group ask for the type of service which is more distorted towards the concept of love and understanding. This is not unusual for those who are new instruments, for the desire to be an instrument of the Confederation is usually the type of desire which includes a great concern for that known as love. Each gathering in which you participate is quite unique and therefore each gathering shall have its unique calling. Often this calling falls within the vibrational levels of love and understanding, and other times it includes the level of light or wisdom, and at that time it is the honor of our brothers and sisters of Latwii to join this group.

May we answer you in any further way, my sister?

No, that was interesting. I think I understand. Thank you.

I am Hatonn. We are most grateful for your care and concern. May we ask if there is another question at this time?

Yes. Who is this silly, funny, happy, wonderful person that is contacting me?

I am Hatonn. My sister, an instrument such as yourself which has the natural capacity to receive and transmit the thoughts of entities such as those of the Confederation, is open, shall we say to a great variety of impressions. The natural vibration of your being, being that of a joyful and carefree nature in most instances, does then attract entities of like vibration. You will note that from time to time when you are in a meditative state and have opened your instrument to contact such as you have done this evening, that you shall experience a variety of impressions if you continue to leave your channel, shall we say, or your receiver, open. The entity which contacts you now is of no specific orientation, but merely greets you in joy. We would suggest that as you perceive various impressions or contacts that you develop some means of determining the nature of the contact, so that your instrument does not become utilized by entities which are of what might be called the negative nature.

Therefore, it is helpful for new instruments to ask of any entity which attempts to transmit through the channel a general type query which would ask if that entity desires to be of service to others, or is of positive polarity, or is of Confederation origin, or by some means the new instrument might utilize some form of challenge …

[Tape ends.]