(Carla channeling)

[I am Hatonn, and] I greet you in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. We come in the name of love, and we come with its blessing which has been bestowed upon us—not by merit, for we are but foolish travelers—[but] by the happenstance of birthright, a happenstance that we share with all of creation. We are having to speak somewhat slowly through this instrument as this instrument is fatigued. However, this instrument is glad to be used and so we gratefully make use of her.

There was once a young man, an ambitious young man of great attractiveness and many desires. Very early in the young man’s adult life he fell in love with the enchanting smile of the woman who became his wife. He pursued her relentlessly, for she was indeed an elfin and enchanting creature, and once having enchained her, [he] tucked her into appropriate accommodations and largely forgot about her nature, for his desires were for power and money and success, and he used every portion of his mind and will to work towards those goals.

He disliked college because it took so long to get the paper that he needed for what he wished to do. Furiously, he would rage at his wife, “It is such a waste of time!” His wife would smile her enchanting smile and go about her domestic duties.

There then came a time when this young man, having achieved his education, went to work for the most calculatedly prestigious law firm in the great city which he called his home. He did not spare any effort. He worked early and he worked late. But the cases that he was given for several years were unimportant and he would rage at his wife, “This is a waste of time!” and she would smile that totally enchanting smile and shrug her shoulders and be gone about her work, tending her garden, visiting the sick.

And while he worked in the law, he planted his roots politically, for he wished to be a mover and a shaker, a statesman; he knew he could be the best. He worked at many odd jobs and began to hold small offices as a politician, and with his first election came the constant campaigning that was to consume much of the rest of this entity’s life. And as he was saying the same speech for the forty-third time, repeating the words that were only mumbled nonsense, his mind dulled from repetition, all ideals gone, something inside him would rage internally, “This is a waste of time.” And sometimes he would turn just to look at his wife, and the elfin grin that he was waiting for would come, the lines a bit more deep-set, the hair beginning to turn gray, her charming smile intact.

The man did indeed become a great statesman, or so people said, for this entity late in life turned and looked at all he had done and was appalled to discover that in his own estimation that which he had accomplished was nothing at all. And he said to his wife, “My darling, you have been with me for so many years. Why did you never tell me that the goals I sought were a waste of time?” Age had not dulled her impish smile. “My dear,” she said, “In my opinion you have done many wonderful things. You have been telling yourself all your life that your activities were a waste of time. Look at me,” she said, “I have never earned a penny. I have not served my country. I have not made great laws or understood international positions, made and broken treaties. You have done things. I’ve just been along for the ride and I’ve enjoyed it.” And she smiled.

The statesman, so old in years now and so young in wisdom, gazed at his wife and saw her for the first time. “You have never wasted your time,” he said, “because every time you smile, all that is about you is lit with love.” She smiled at him. “And so it is with you,” she said. “So it is with you.”

Occasionally, as those who are seeking look carefully into their worldly day by day existences, they may find within themselves not the smile, but the folly. We urge you to balance your perceptions of yourselves. The characters, that which we have told you, are not real. They are easy, simple, archetypical figures, understood within your culture because of the marked difference between that which nurtures and that which is aggressive. Perhaps you are too full of your own folly, and make of it a terrible shame. But remember that when you smile, you illuminate creation through the boundless power and love of the infinite Creator.

Regardless of who you are, regardless of your circumstances and regardless of what folly you may indeed have accomplished, it is sometimes helpful to focus and concentrate upon a present moment, especially in times when folly seems to be uppermost in your mind, either the folly itself or your judgment of yourself. This illusion was not created so that you would act without folly, without error, without bias. You are expected to be biased, you are expected to err with regard to balance. These are the tools with which you learn. Sometimes it takes a great deal more than a short meditation for a seeker to rediscover his own smile, his own joy, his own inner light. Nevertheless, look in your closets, search the upper shelves. You stored it somewhere. Get it out, dust it off, put it on.

It is perhaps the greatest gift of consciousness that those who are conscious of themselves may choose not only to experience catalyst but to create attitudes. If your heart is breaking, if you have completely exhausted yourself, if you are unsatisfied, if you fall short of your own measure and have not found what you seek, if the world before you seems to be so dark an illusion that you cannot see, yet you may choose to smile and to laugh and to find your joy precisely in that which breaks your heart, that which saps your strength, that which you seek but do not yet find.

Human frailty, as this instrument would put it, is an often hilarious condition. Find your joy. In the midst of acknowledging the time you have wasted and the things you have left undone and the things you have done incorrectly, an exercise of utmost importance, my friends, is the finding of your smile, for as you smile, you are healed, and as you heal you become able with more and more vigor, more and more joy to go forth in life committing whatever folly or error brings each closer to the learning of the lessons of love.

The tidiness of your universe is on paper. In actuality, it is a very untidy metaphysical world. All is in complete balance but all is illusory. The only balance is within you. There it no circumstance that will be without folly, that will be without error, that you will face without misgivings, unless you home in on your own enchanting smile, a symbol of the one original Thought. Within joy and laughter all that is untidy becomes unimportant. All things become simple because they are unified with acceptance and peace. Find and keep your smile, my friends, as we endeavor to do. Find and keep the thanksgiving that is within you, that you are here in these fine moments of the present to act, to learn, to love, and to laugh.

We have one other thing to say, but are having difficulty using this instrument. If you will be patient, we will condition this instrument. We shall be using one word at a time, for this instrument is not prepared to channel this part of the message. However, this instrument has challenged us and is aware that we are of Hatonn and accepts the communication. It is not earth-shaking.

We wish to say that we feel that it is good to say at this time, because we have a very small group, that those who are present may consider well those things with which they may be through, those things which they wish to begin. In a larger group we would need to be far more general. The birth and the death have much in common, that is, transformation. These transformations are painful, and a mother will tell you of the pain of birth and we have no need to tell you of the pain preceding dying. However, the moment of birth and death is always, when it is healthy, joyous; when it is hindered, it is not joyous. Therefore, if you sense a transformation, hinder it not and allow the joy of transformation to be experienced as is natural. First the pain that precedes, then the joy of the moment, and then much rejoicing at that which is near.

We thank this instrument for allowing itself to be put in a somewhat deeper state. It is not often that we find that we may speak generally and yet somewhat specifically. We ask you to understand that our opinion is only opinion and that you must not take us literally but allegorically, for we cannot be responsible for your actions; we only give you food for thought.

There are stages of maturity, spiritually speaking. Each stage involves transformation and initiation. The unhindered will still have pain. When change is resisted or muddied by worry, the process can become quite unnecessarily painful. We urge each of you to minister to each other and to love each other and to let love abound and grow and take root wherever it may. We encourage each relationship, encourage each new-found realization, and we encourage careful attention to and analysis of emotional and spiritual pain, for the powers of transformation are great and the rewards are enormous. Nevertheless, transformations occur well to those with courage and a great sense of love.

We thank each of you for asking us to be with you. Our comments are poor and we are most grateful that we are allowed to share them with you. We are with you at any time that you wish to meditate with our company. I am of Hatonn, and I leave you in the love and the light and the laughter of the infinite Creator. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and I greet you, my friends, in love and light. We are pleased to be called to your group once again. We hope that we may be of some small service this evening by attempting to answer those queries which may be of interest to those present. May we begin, then, with the first query?

Latwii, several nights a week I play and sing to my son B prior to his going to sleep at night, and I have found that he has a definite favorite as far as music I play goes. And I was wondering if his particular favorite song—what it is about it that draws someone this young to it? Is it the particular arrangement of the various sounds and vibrations? Why would someone that young be totally engrossed in one particular piece of music?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. The young entity of which you speak is one like many who has brought certain sensitivities and abilities and experiences, shall we say, into this incarnation in order that they might become the means by which it learns, experiences, grows and serves the one Creator. The songs, and especially the one of which you speak, serve as a means for this young entity to recognize some of those abilities that lie before it, knowing that it wishes to travel in a certain manner and to utilize these abilities. The young entity is especially appreciative of the reminder, the means by which it becomes consciously aware of that which it made unconsciously available to its current self before the incarnation began. Certain phrases within this song and certain vibrational sequences of sound serve to remind this young entity of the great path which it has chosen to travel.

It may seem unusual that a certain song could have this effect upon any entity, but we remind each present that the illusion you inhabit is quite dense and filled with veils, yet each veil is permeable and will be penetrated by the action of the unconscious and conscious awarenesses attracting each other according to similarity. These words and vibrations have, shall we say, struck a chord within this young entity and the remembrance, though faint, is awakened.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, thank you. There is another question that hit me today. In our foodstuffs we use a new sweetening agent, aspartame, or what is called Nutrasweet, and I know on me, personally, it has a physical effect. I was just wondering if that particular chemical combination has any kind of effect on your spiritual self as far as doing damage to it?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. We might suggest that the great Self which is your spirit, as you have called it, is quite indestructible. It is this center which has sent you out into this world of experience which you now inhabit. This world of experience has many factors and agents which will work upon the mind and the body of an entity. You may see your world as one which is full of, what might be called, experiential friction. This friction is the rubbing together of the entity and its surroundings, experiences and situation in general.

This rubbing effect is for the purpose of creating a smoothness of being where there was once roughness. It is for perfecting the shining surface of the jeweled facets which are potentially within each. Yet there are in each entity’s experience those grains of sand, shall we say, which tend to scratch and mar the smooth surface. This surface, yet, is a portion of the mind and body and is subject to the greater Self, that which you have called the spirit. There are many agents within your illusion which may be taken within the body or mind complex and which will have what seems to have a deleterious effect. Yet each experience, however deleterious or efficacious, can be worked with by the entity and serve to glorify the one Creator which …

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and am once again with this instrument. The response which we had hoped to be of service by sharing was at an end with the tape, and [we] shall now ask if there is a further way in which we may respond, my brother?

No. I have one more question that’s been on my mind. It seems that here the last several years I’ve found that, well, it used to be I used to like be able to, say, go to different fairs and things and ride the rides, and enjoy everything in town, and be able to not have certain emotions bother me. But in the last few years just the act of spinning at all … I seem to be very susceptible to get sick or feel extremely drained almost to the point of passing out if I have anything to do with them. And I was just wondering if some particular imbalance within myself is causing this?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. We examine this phenomenon within your experiential being and can find no difficulty which it is a symptom of. We apologize for the preposition at the end of the sentence, but this instrument is somewhat fatigued and is not quite sure where to place such prepositions. To continue our response. Each entity upon this planet [is] quite unique, as you are aware, and may express certain symptoms as you have mentioned and yet be quite and whole and balanced within its mental and physical and spiritual being. We use the term balance in the sense that the entity has prescribed before the incarnation so that the phenomenon of which you speak can be said to be one which is not terribly unusual or of any deleterious nature. It is simply that which you experience as a portion of your being as many would experience other seemingly distracting phenomena.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, thank you.

I am Latwii, and we are most grateful to you. We hope that our responses are somewhat helpful. Is there another query at this time?

Well, I didn’t understand the last answer, and so I wondered if I could go into it more or just ask you to restate it. Reprise it for me, why dizziness would be acceptable and the guy is real healthy but he is dizzy as he gets older, but it’s okay. That there’s nothing wrong with him. So why is he dizzy? Could it be tension, stress, something like that? Bad eyesight? Should he get his eyes checked? I mean, when you’re saying he isn’t balanced, are you leaving out bad eyesight and stress, or are you just saying that that’s programmed into the incarnation at this point?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. We shall attempt a more succinct answer, yet we do not wish to give too much emphasis to the small details of your daily existence, for the concentration upon detail is not that which you have come to expend energy upon.

No. The point that interested me was the suggestion that a seeming imbalance like being dizzy, if fixed before incarnation, would be part of what the spiritual being would consider being a balanced being. That was the suggestion that I think I heard, like a preincarnative choice.

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. Let us put it this way. The entity before incarnation decides to provide itself with certain opportunities to learn and to serve. Certain capabilities are then programmed. It may be that in this programming there shall be certain side effects which shall be considered, shall we say, inconsequential. This, shall we say, dizziness is such a side effect. For the entity to have, perhaps, certain physical abilities it will be necessary for the musculature and the skeletal system and internal organs to function in such and such a way, coordinated by the central nervous system and the brain. And for these capabilities to be expressed, then there will be certain side effects which shall be basically inevitable within your third-density illusion, given the way that the illusion functions.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, I give. I still don’t understand exactly what you’re trying to say.

And we’ve also now become confused.

I am Latwii, and we do apologize for the confusion which our response has generated.

I apologize for being stupid.

We shall attempt one small analogy. An engine is built of certain parts within your illusion. The purpose of the engine is such and such. It shall do certain work. As the work is accomplished there is friction here and there within the moving parts of the engine. Yet the engine accomplishes its task. The friction here and there may be attended to by one who is aware of it by the application of that which you call oil or perhaps the repositioning of a certain part. The friction is not of a major concern, yet is there. Just so is the effect of which was spoken. The dizzying effect is there, is within the engine of the entity’s being, and may be attended to, not because it is of great concern and shall cause harm to the entity. It may be attended to by the avoidance of circular motion or by the ability to withstand the discomfort.

May we attempt further response?

Then, you’re basically saying that people get older, their parts wear out and that’s the way it goes. Is that what you’re basically saying?

I am Latwii. Ah, my sister. We believe you are more succinct than we. Yes, indeed. As one grows older within your illusion you will find the furnace which fires the physical vehicle develops certain, shall we say, idiosyncrasies.

May we attempt further response or another query?

No, thank you. Of course, I’ve got Don on the brain but I don’t know what to ask. If you would like to comment, you’re welcome. Such questions as how can we help, how can he help himself, do people really get better on that medication, am I worrying too much, and other questions like that. You can pick any of those. What is the nature of depression? What causes one person to be hurt terribly by exactly the same circumstances that two other people go through bitching and moaning the whole time but retaining sanity?

I am Latwii, and believe we have queries enough to attempt a choice of one. We shall then choose the latter, which seems to have the greater degree of interest. The depression which is experienced by the one known as Don has the purpose, as all catalyst does, of allowing balance to be achieved. One may look at that called depression and see that the potential for its opposite is being created. For one to be in despair, to be pressed down by the weight of one’s own fears, is an action which has as its balance the transformation of the fear and the self so that there shall be a rising up in joy and faith. The greater the pressing down, the greater the potential for the rising up.

This is a great transformative experience for any to attempt. Yet remember, my sister and my friends, that within your illusion truth is still the truth. The one Creator exists within each moment and being in full at all times. And this entity which now moves through the moment of the illusion of depression shall present to itself the opportunity to move into a moment in which it is fully realized that the one Creator has always been present, is present now, and shall always be present, and the rising up in joyful thanksgiving for this knowing is that which awaits the one which has pressed itself down with its own fears that it is alone and is not enough to meet the occasion which it feels must be met.

May we attempt further response, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?


I am Latwii, and we are grateful to have been asked to join your group this evening. We hope that we have not been overly wordy and have not confused those present overly much. A little confusion, perhaps, is helpful in the seeking, yet we do not mean to be too helpful.

We look forward to each gathering of this group, for we are greatly honored to be invited to each gathering. We remind you that we shall join you in your meditations at your request. We shall leave this group, or so it shall seem, but in truth are always one with you. We are of Latwii, and we leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.