(C channeling)

I am Laitos, and greet you, my friends, in the love and light of the one infinite Creator. It is indeed a privilege to be again with you. We have received a request for our conditioning and would at this time pass among you and be with each who requests. I am Laitos.


I am Laitos, and am once again with this instrument. We would at this time speak but briefly to you to remind you that this is indeed an illusion and that you now exist and you many times forget this and allow yourselves to feel stress pressures that need not necessarily be there. My friends, take your time. Allow yourself those few, quiet, precious moments. We will be with you at any time. You need but request ours or any of our brothers’ and sisters’ presence. I am Laitos.

(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos. We have not spoken through this instrument for a considerable amount of your time. We are attempting to gear to this instrument’s requirements. We greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator and we are exceedingly happy to greet each of you and to be using this instrument, which is a rare pleasure for us since we normally listen to the confused perplexities of this instrument rather than speaking through the instrument using its unperplexed vocabulary.

We would speak to you this evening upon the subject of love. This is an old favorite, and we enjoy coming back to it again and again. In this particular application, my friends, we want you to consider love as work and work as movement and movement as initiation and initiation as transformation. It is quite common for those who are seeking upon the spiritual path to feel that they are going through transformations of one kind or another. Quite often these so-called transformations are surface ripples upon a very shallow pond, and the seeker, rather than being transformed, is entertaining himself, playing a sort of game which passes the time without motion being accomplished. This often can only be seen by the seeker in retrospect and sometimes cannot be seen at all.

Conversely, it is true that sometimes the deepest transformations are not immediately recognizable. However, the motion of a true transformation has certain characteristics. Among these characteristics are direction and speed, in other words, my friends, the components of motion. It is not well to judge yourself or another spiritually, but when you wish to understand as well as you can the nature of what some call initiation, and what we would prefer to call transformation, you may first look for the indications of movement. Do you see direction? Do you see a rate of speed in which motion in that direction is being accomplished? These practical considerations may well inform you as to whether your own transformation or another’s about whom you are curious is apparent or real.

We encourage this rather practical consideration because it is well that all transformation be, shall we say, down to earth, with roots as well as wings. Otherwise, the transformation, as we have mentioned, is only apparent, only a ripple upon the face of the personality, and will not bring either the burial or the resurrection for which one hopes in any transformational experience.

Perhaps the greatest question is why should there be initiatory periods or experiences in one’s incarnational measure of space/time? Is there not a steady state of progress, the process by which one learns the laws of love? This is often seen as the case, however, it is not. There are levels or portions of experience, kinds of understanding or knowledge of love which, once having been learned, open a plateau and mesa experience, and for some of your space/time there will seem to be a steady stream of learning, assimilating and manifesting that which you have learned.

However, the seeker who is hungry—and, my friends, all seekers if they are alive are hungry and thirsty for the truth—reach the end of that particular mesa or plane or level or portion of love. It is not a question of going onward. It is a question, rather, of breaking through into another portion, another understanding of knowledge, of love. It is [a] question of ever so subtly changing the illusion itself. The illusion in which you live is semi-permeable. In initiation you bring forth that which is new from that great well of wisdom which is within you, and as a beginner, young and green and inexperienced, you start to explore the territory that you have with so much difficulty spread out for yourself. Your geography is not simply onward or further than you have been before; your geography is that of a different plane of experience.

If you could learn a new language it would help you to understand the nature of initiation, because even if you go through transformation in one place, the next time you say “cloud,” you will perceive cloud differently, as though you said cloud in a foreign tongue and perceived it as that culture perceives cloud, and not as you have in the past perceived. Each portion of the laws of love has its own needs, its own difficulties and its own offerings to add to a bounty of experience which is in the end one. And it is infinitely more possible to choose initiation while incarnate as you are at this time in third time, in third density, than at any later, or as you would say, higher density, due to the fact that the illusion, as our brothers and sisters of Laitos have said, is so very excellently devised to be difficult to penetrate. You must in some way pierce the veil that separates you from your birthright as you move into initiation.

This would seem to suggest that you should hurry right out and get an initiation right away. But, my friends, you have planned this important an experience before this incarnation. If you are working on what this instrument would call indigo ray you have already reached the point where you are capable consciously of choosing your incarnational experience in a large sense, not, of course, in a day-to-day sense. Your initiation will visit you; you do not call it. You prepare by using the experience that you have in order to find the one transformation that all transformations are about. That, my friends, is the original Thought. That, my friends, is love.

If you are seeking in this moment to find love, you are ready for your initiation, whatever it may be. We cannot tell you and would not if we could. If you are not seeking love in this moment, you will not proceed with your initiation. We may comfort you with the knowledge that your initiation will break through and will appear when you are ready. We may assure each that that extremely difficult but rewarding state is available to each in this group, and, indeed, each in this group has at one time or another been offered and to one extent or another accepted the responsibility of transformation.

Your experience of time as a river is greatly muted by the illusion. Time is set up within your illusion as discrete moments; certain numbers of these moments are also discrete and form a kind of clock within which time/space is linked to your daily existence. The more that you are in touch with love, the more closely that you are able to tune to the moments of true time, and thereby move into time/space to do that work which, done while incarnate, will be the richest and the most rewarding.

We are aware that there have been many questions about initiation, mostly from this instrument. We surprised this instrument by speaking through it when it thought it was very perplexed. We assure this instrument that it is, indeed, very perplexed, however, it is a good channel and we thank this instrument. We encourage each of you to move ever closer to the tuning of love, the reaching, the finding, and the sharing of the one original Thought with yourself and with each other. To love one another is to be the Creator. On the other hand, my friends, you are stuck with the job anyway.

We again express our delight in speaking to you, and would at this time transfer the contact to the entity known as Jim. We transfer in love and in light. I am Latwii.

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos. The one known as Carla was, indeed, somewhat perplexed at our speaking through it. We thank that entity for its graciousness in transmitting our thoughts to this group.

What was your name again?

We are those, as you know, of Laitos, and greet this group once again in love and light. It is our privilege to assume a service which we are seldom able to assume for this group. This evening it is appropriate that we do so, and that is that we attempt to answer those queries which may be upon the minds of those present. May we then begin with the first query?

Yes, I have a question. It refers—something you said a moment ago prompted me to think of this. I read a long time ago or heard somewhere that any work done on this side of the veil, of physical existence, as versus work done on the other side, that anything done on this side is basically multiplied in its effect on our spiritual self simply because we have such adversity in the physical to overcome in order to accomplish anything. Could you comment on that?

I am Laitos, and would be happy to attempt this query. It is true, my brother, that each of you within your illusion labors under quite, as you would say, adverse conditions, for each of you is the Creator, yet that truth can only be felt to most of your peoples through faith, for that great veil of which you speak does indeed exist. That veil shields your knowing of your true identity from your conscious mind with great efficiency so that you are as the one who plays the game of cards. You do not know the rules, yet you hold the hand and on the other side of that veil could see clearly each card, each rule, each play, and would do what was most loving with each action and thought. Yet, in your present position, you struggle through a darkness of forgetting, searching for the card and perplexed at the game and learning the rules, shall we say, by trial and by error.

Yet, we say there are no errors, for each experience is a grand effort of the Creator to know Itself, and as you move through your illusion little by little the light of truth which you see illuminates more and more of your path. The great obstacles which stand before you due to your own ignorance of your identity allow you to achieve a spiritual strength which would not be possible should there be no veil and should you know that you are the Creator and should you know that without doubt.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, that’s fine. Thank you.

We thank you, my brother, for allowing us this humble service. Is there another query?

I have a question that’s similar to his, that’s related to his, and that is, are you saying that it’s not a matter of learning to love so much as getting back in touch with love, that we already basically know it but that the veil hides us from our knowledge? Is that essentially what you’re saying?

I am Laitos. That is correct, my sister. There are many ways in which this simple truth might be stated, and you have chosen two which are most clear.

May we attempt further response?

Thank you very much, that’s sufficient.

I am Laitos, and we thank you, my sister. May we attempt another query?

Are you sure you’re Laitos?

I am Laitos, and am reasonably sure that we have used the same vibration for some period of time and timelessness. We speak to this group this evening concerning the basic vibration of love, for this particular group is vibrating in that mode, shall we say, with a great and deep frequency.

May we attempt another query?

No, I’m just getting the vibration of Latwii. Perhaps both of you are here.

I am Laitos, and we would affirm that those of Latwii have joined this group and have assisted us in conditioning this instrument, for Latwii is the usual contact for this instrument and is therefore most familiar with the requirements for blending vibrations, and it has been quite some time, as you call it, since we have used this instrument.

May we attempt another query?

Yes, Laitos. I just received conditioning which is very similar to the conditioning I receive from Latwii, and wonder if that was Latwii or if that was you, and if so … well, I’ll let you answer.

I am Laitos, and would suggest that the conditioning which you have just received was a gift from those of Latwii, for you as others within this group are quite well tuned to that particular vibration and are comforted by it.

May we attempt another query, my brother?

I have another question. Several of us in this group have a good friend named Don and he appears to be very confused in his thinking, and we are having a great struggle supporting him to grow in a good way, and I was wondering if you had any comments or statements to make about our dilemma to help us?

I am Laitos, and would make a simple analogy concerning this entity’s current condition. If you will look at any entity which is being born into the world from your own human species to those of your animal, as you call it, kingdom, the young of each species is a most pitiful and bedraggled creature as it enters your illusion, quite helpless, and in need of great succor and support from its parents, shall we say, and in need of nurturing from its environment. Yet, as it gains its strength, it becomes able to move with its own power, to walk on strengthening legs and limbs, and to find its own food. Yet, did not this entity at one time exist within another illusion, in a form quite whole and mature, and did it not then choose to wrap itself in what one might call the cocoon of the womb that it might be born into another illusion in order that it might continue its great evolutionary journey of unity with the one Creator?

So does the one known as Don now seek to break from its cocoon of confusion as that which is old begins to fall away. Yet, still being aware of the old portion of the self as a portion of the self, it is difficult for the new entity being born to let go of that which is no longer needed. Yet, as that process occurs in what you call time, the new is born within the confusion of the old and the love of those which surround is that which nurtures it, even though it may not understand the form of that love, and may not know that it hungers for the food which is placed before it.

May we attempt further response, my sister?

I think that is very sufficient, and thank you very much. It really clears up a lot of questions.

We are most pleased to be of some small service. May we attempt another query?

If two people are going through initiation at the same time and they are in the same family, are those two initiations …

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos, and am with this instrument once again. The condition of which you speak, my sister, is a condition which does, indeed, reflect a unity which is always present, yet is present to a much finer and fuller degree in the current situation. The process of initiation is one which is periodically made available to the conscious self by the preincarnative programming, shall we say, and the incarnative placement through time and space by the unconscious entity or mind, and it is this placement of opportunity which has now occurred within the entity known as Don and within your own being.

These initiations, as they have been called, have been placed simultaneously in order that there might be a greater opportunity for each to aid the other since each is, indeed, a great unified portion of the other in ways which are most difficult for us to enunciate using your words.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Laitos, and we thank you, my sister. May we attempt another query?

Yes, Laitos. I think I’d like to jump on this conditioning bandwagon this evening. Were you attempting to get ahold of me? I felt my heart jump up to ninety miles a minute and I thought, “Well, who the heck is that?” And of course after you came, I thought, “Well that’s probably what it was,” but would you confirm that for me?

I am Laitos, and would be happy to confirm that we have indeed attempted to blend our vibrations with yours, but found that there was some reservation upon your part concerning the speaking of our words, and therefore we retired to another instrument.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, thank you. I’ll keep a closer eye out for you. It’s just been so long since you were with me, I didn’t recognize you.

I am Laitos, and am most pleased to once again be able to speak to this group and to blend our vibrations with each present, and we hope that our great desire to share the concept of love and our perception of it might be a mark which is noted as ours and our service to you.

May we attempt another query?


I am Laitos. Those of Latwii and those of our group wish to express great appreciation to each for inviting our presence this evening. We are honored to share our humble service with you as each seeks the love and the light of the one Creator. We join you in the praise and in the thanksgiving which we find in each heart even through the difficulties which face many. Seek that love and light always, my friends, for it is the heart of your being and the heart of each moment through which you pass, and if you can but keep a glimmer within your consciousness, you will have a guidepost which shall not fail you, even though the world about you may seem to crumble into tears, into dust, and into confusion. All that shall pass away for it is but illusion, yet the love and light of the one Creator shall never leave you, for you are It.

We leave you in that love and light. Adonai my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.