(C channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I am now with this instrument. We greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of the one Creator. It is indeed a privilege to speak to you tonight and welcome a new friend to this circle. It is always a privilege to blend our humble words to be spoken to one who seeks. On your journey you will not be alone. Always you will find that as you travel that you will contact kindred spirits. They may not come from where you expect them. If you follow a certain path prescribed by one of your religions, those who may share the journey may not necessarily come to you from those who follow your specific faith To know those with whom you may share, one must open himself, offer meditation of love, for as a small light in a darkened room, you will find that others were drawn as you may be drawn to another life. I am Hatonn.

At this time, if we may, we would transfer this contact to another instrument. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you once again, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. We shall once again attempt to speak through the one known as S when we have used this instrument for awhile yet. We are giving this instrument word by word communication rather than using the concepts because at times this form of communication is helpful to the group, and this instrument is the only one at present which has experience at using this form of communication. It is somewhat difficult, and therefore there is the need to remain, shall we say, in practice, much as the baseball player must pick up his mitt from time to time or he begins catching too far off the palm and the ball begins to fall on the ground. So it is with word-to-word, or for that matter, concept communication. The catching must be renewed so that the practice will be fresh and the communication therefore clear.

We take you as in a story to a castle. You look at the ruins of a castle. It is gray. No smoke rises now from the once bright turrets. No rushes now adorn great halls. Battle has passed by; centuries have passed also. There is no life within the castle any longer, no nobility, no slave, no joy and sorrow. And yet the life that was is read by one who studies the ruins, by one who sees laid out upon the plain the stone delineation of each wall, the stark skeleton of the battlements, the suggestion of the once great flying buttresses and castellated points of defense, the now heaped moat, dry and full of earth.

Many wonder why there are those who are drawn to ruins, and, yet, my friends, you will be drawn magnetically to your life when once you have lived it. You shall not see each stone of your own castle, each battle, each year, each joy, each sorrow. What you shall see is what you have built. You shall see the floor plan, as it were, of a life that has been lived, that has been created by you within your incarnational experience. You are at this time a’building, You may find yourself tearing out walls, adding sections, adjusting, reshaping, accepting. Above all, we hope that you find yourself loving, for that is what makes your floor plan, your life, that which you may gaze upon in retrospect without feeling that you have wasted the materials and the tools of your illusion.

Some build small lives and some great, just as some prefer the cabin and some the castle. Each fights his own battles, some are fiercely inward, some are quite visible to those about the entity. But the sum total is not supposed to be any shape, any size, any number of rooms, any degree of complexity. The supposition with which you came into this incarnation was simple. You supposed yourself to be a part of the one infinite Creator and as such you supposed yourself to be capable of coming into a new relationship towards yourself. That is, you supposed yourself to be capable of learning. Learning, my friends, begins with the supposition that there is a hope of knowledge. If one believes there is a certainty of knowledge, it may be said that one perhaps is too smug, for this is not an illusion of certainty. But those who hope and seek for knowledge are building well.

Each day there are times, whether those times be infinitesimally small—the ticking of a clock or the wail of a siren—or quite long—an evening period late at night when you may turn in true and pure seeking, regardless of how busy you may be because of those things which you must do to live within the illusion—to that which is sought. What do you seek? And how purely and carefully and lucidly do you pursue it?

We ask you these questions as we ask them of ourselves. We know that we seek service; you may not. We have an advantage; we are not of your density. You have the chance to choose service to others, not in the knowledge but in the hope that it is possible to serve others. You will spend the rest of your incarnation, if so you choose, attempting to untie the Gordian knot of service to others. It is very difficult; it may often seem impossible. It is the way you build your life.

Thus, you see, my friends, there is no time that you must consider lost, for in the beat of your heart, in the striking of the noon whistle, in any moment you may turn fully for that moment to affirm your seeking, and that moment will fill you for hours or for days. If you awaken in the reaches of the night and have no one with whom to speak and yet you seek, you are immediately not alone, for there are countless millions who seek. There is no second of time when one of those upon your sphere seeks alone. Always, as you seek you seek with a mighty company of those within your incarnational experience, those upon your sphere at this time and those in your so-called inner planes, angelic presences and teachers who rush to assist those who seek so that there is no solitude in the negative sense, but a solitary peace which comes from joining your own river to the sea of seeking consciousness, that which waves and waves upon itself, always in motion, never still, always seeking, but always full.

You see, my friends, you were born and you shall die and, therefore, it seems to you that you are much like a building, the castle of which we spoke, that your life has a framework and that you work upon it and look back upon it, and all this is so, and yet, at the same time you are one with that which was before time began. You have never left the great ocean of the one original Thought, the one great Logos, that which we call love.

At this time we would transfer to the instrument known as S. We have been conditioning the one known as R, and would spend some time as we transfer with each of those in the circle, if each desires. You have but to ask mentally and we shall be with you as always. We transfer now. I am Hatonn.

(S channeling)

I am Hatonn, and we greet you, dear friends, once again. We are most pleased to be with this instrument, for it has been some time since she has felt comfortable with our presence. She is most accepting of us this evening and we are grateful to her.

Dear friends, we hope that we are able in some small way to aid you as you travel what may often seem a long and difficult path. The path at times may seem nearly unpassable but we also realize that each is aware that at any moment one may diligently clear those obstacles which may be ahead of you at any particular moment, and often you find that the path is cleared with much less effort than perhaps you had anticipated. And often a boulder that may look very large and very heavy is not what it seems in that the boulder that may look very large and very heavy often is moved aside with a very light touch.

We wished only to exercise this instrument for a short time this evening. She is somewhat distracted by what she feels is an oncoming sneezing attack and is somewhat anxious that she does not disrupt us with this. We would therefore leave, and as we depart we thank each present for the gracious invitation and we also are aware of the unity which your group has shared with us, and we feel especially at one with you this evening. We leave you, dear friends, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as Hatonn. Adonai.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. We are most honored to be asked to join your group once again in the attempt to answer those queries which you may have upon your minds. We would preface our service with the reminder that our words are but opinions. We suggest weighing them accordingly, reserving those which have meaning and discarding those which do not. May we then begin with the first query, my friends?

Yes, Latwii. First, I’d like to say just “Hello.” It’s been so long, I feel like a stranger with you. I have to thank you inadvertently for something that happened this week, reading the transcripts from a few Sunday meetings ago and it’s had a very interesting effect on just things that have been happening for the last five days or so last week.

I really have a question, but, since, you know, since you were involved basically with what was going on, I wonder if there is any general comment or statement you could make to just confirm or deny the positive/negative/positive/negative/positive/negative problem that I guess not only I have but everyone in this room has from time to time?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your general concern, my brother. We are most honored to greet you once again and attempt some small service. We can affirm that each entity shall encounter those experiences which are most promising, shall we say, in the developing of those biases which each wishes to develop. The experiences will seem to be of a positive or negative nature according to the current attitude of the entity’s mind or perceptions, for, indeed, and in truth, each experience is of no, shall we say, particular charge but is of a neutral nature containing the Creator in full. How the experience is perceived is a function of the mind and perception of the one who is within the experience.

One may take the most cruel and harsh experience and find within it the infinite love and light of the one Creator, for, indeed, it resides there as that love and light resides within all experience. We can suggest that the perception of an experience as being of a negative nature is not necessarily less efficient or does not demonstrate less understanding than does the perception of the experience as being positive, for it may be most helpful for an entity to experience what seems quite negative and to use that experience to carve out a great potential, shall we say, within the inner being so that experiences of a wider variety and range may be available then to that entity. This would then increase the eventual positive perceptive ability of that entity.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Briefly, Latwii. I wonder if you could comment on an observation that negative being more … I don’t know what the … maybe easy or more glittery or something, but that we all have that capability of negative or positive or that energy. Is that perhaps why your initial response to catalyst sometimes, or maybe most times, will be negative, but then, if your second response is allowed to come through, it would be a very balanced level-headed positive type attitude so that you’d go for the quick one for the thrill, but the real basic truth, I guess, is that second response.

I don’t know—these are weird questions I’m asking you. I understand and appreciate your putting up with it. Could that be true or false though, that first response/second response to catalyst being negative/positive?

I am Latwii, and feel some grasp of your query, my brother, and shall attempt a response. We may suggest that, indeed, the negative response may seem quite easy at first. By this, we mean it is easy to think of the self before thinking of another. It is easy to make the sharp response to an imagined insult. Yet, upon reflection one might make what is called the magical transformation of the moment and refrain from such sharp response and turn towards the serving of the other self by seeing that other self as the Creator and observing the situation that is shared as an opportunity to share the love of the Creator with the other self which seems a threat.

It is easy to begin the travel upon the negative path and to begin to serve the self, but that path is a most difficult path to continue to the point of harvest. Though it is more difficult to make the response and seek to serve the other self, that path, in truth, is the most easily traveled of the two paths, though its initiatory stages are most difficult.

Might we answer you further, my brother?

No, you’ve answered very clearly, as always. Thanks again, and thanks again for making me laugh this week, reading your words.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my brother. We are most happy to hear that our words have also provided joy and happiness, for we are of that vibration, and feel great joy with each experience of the Creator, and seek to share that in some small way through our humble words.

May we attempt another query at this time?

Could I just run down what R said, because I was really interested in how you answered it. I just had a couple of thoughts and wanted to check them. First of all, you answered about the negative/positive by saying that a lot of times your first vision of another person is negative and then you see the other person as the Creator the second time around. When I analyze responses that I’ve made to people that are what I think are less than great, the person that I’ve found not recognizable as the Creator actually is myself. I have some lack of self-confidence, some dislike of myself, or some feelings that I’m not worthy or something screws my thinking up enough so that I perceive the other person as not the Creator, whereas, if I were being the way I often am, then I would just see the person as a nice person, and you’d have to work real hard to convince me otherwise, which I suppose can happen.

First of all, is that a distinction worth making, that a lot of times it begins within the self-confidence of the worthy/unworthy portion of the work that’s being done spiritually by the person that’s having these negative/positive experiences that causes them? It’s the attitude of the self before it even gets out towards the other?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. We feel we might be of the most service by affirming that, indeed, the purpose of each experience is to find the Creator. The finding of the Creator may occur in various ways. The beginning for some people is to see that Creator and to find the Creator’s love within another being. Yet each being and each experience that one encounters is a mirror. One will finally see the self within that mirror. If one has been able to see the Creator in that mirror, one may then see the Creator in the self. Others, on the other hand, may begin by finding the Creator within the self and then radiating that image onto the entities and experiences that it encounters. The finding of the Creator …

[Side one of tape ends.]

…Well, that’s really neat. That means that they are just two different tools, but the same thing, and depending on your personality you can either start from yourself and work out or start with people and work in.

The other question that I had, sometimes I have heard my friends, well, this hasn’t happened lately but I’ve heard it often enough, complain about the attention that they get from men, women friends complain about the attentions that they get from men, and I’ve often wondered why that is perceived as an insult when actually it’s a normal [inaudible] response and that’s why they’re using the eye makeup and that’s why they’re brushing their hair and wearing pretty clothes. And I have this feeling that a lot of times probably guys feel guilty about the same thing, you know, “Gee, I shouldn’t be thinking that girl’s pretty and I’m in a married situation here,” when actually its just a normal response, and if you just accept it, it would just fall into place as a part of love and not a part that has to be acted out, just a part that’s understood. But it seems like it gets in people’s way, and I wonder if that is a real sub-negative/positive class of its own, just sort of a blockage of recognition that those feelings aren’t threats, you don’t have to do anything about those feelings but accept them? Did I make that too complex?

I am Latwii, and feel that we may pluck from the words the gist of the query. We would suggest that when one is both punished and rewarded for the same action there may be the confusion in the participation in that action. That is so in many realms of your people’s experience and is a portion of the confusion which each has the opportunity to wend its way through, for within such confusion one must exercise the inner strength and become strong. If there were no confusion there would then be less opportunity to gain that spiritual strength by which one may evolve in mind, body and spirit.

May we attempt further response, my sister?

I’ll have to read that. I’m not sure what relationship that had to my query. Thank you so much, it’s very good hearing you again. Bye.

I am Latwii, and we greet you also, my sister, in great joy and thank you for allowing us to attempt to serve in our small way. May we attempt another query at this time?

Yes, just briefly, Latwii. I was wondering if you could comment or give me some advice about fasting. What I mainly want to know is, do you know of any way, first of all, to make this less painful? I thought that any words you gave me I could think over in moments of stress to help get me through it, and also how to get the most out of the experience in a spiritual way?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. To take the last portion of your query first, we might suggest that the greatest harvest can be achieved by making the fast a symbol for some spiritual pursuit. By attempting the gross cleansing of the physical vehicle it is possible for the entity to also cleanse the mind and spirit portions of the complex by which it moves through evolution. If one then can set this purpose in symbolic form for the fast firmly within the mind, then the pains of the fast which accompany the practice may have a purpose which can be understood and used as a strength to propel the entity through the experience. When one undertakes such an experience it is well to use the same type of tuning that is used for these meditations in a periodic fashion in order to reinforce that purpose for which the fast has been undertaken.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, as always, you’ve been perfect. Thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my sister. May we attempt another query at this time?

When one is speaking verbally to a person who for some reason has a diminished mental capacity, is one on any level able to leave a message of any kind, and if so, what’s the best way to leave that message?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. Yes, it is quite possible to leave a message to one who is somewhat impaired in the understanding of verbal communication and this method is what we might call the intention. The desire within your being to communicate is that which shall be communicated upon a level which one might call the unconscious, yet it shall reach into those levels of the conscious mind, and take whatever form is understood by the entity with whom you wish to communicate.

Therefore, if you feel that words fail, do not give up the words, but place them upon the firm foundation of a strong and pure desire which you shall communicate by your very being, your presence, your feelings, the movement and motion of your hands and eyes and the love which flows from your heart.

May we answer you further, my sister?

Yes. When such a person is so devoted to a healthy person that that entity would be perfectly happy to live the entire life through the healthy person, this being part of his mental impairment, is love expressed to that entity by the healthy person on any level by the severe withdrawal from constant company with that person, the intention, of course, being to enable that person’s own health to come back?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. Yes, this experience which you describe does contain love, but it is that love which has attempted a balance with wisdom, for to give purely in love might mean the martyring, shall we say, of the self. This would allow certain lessons to be learned and services to be offered yet would end the ability to do such at some point which might be called premature. To balance this great love with that known as wisdom would then offer another type of service and lesson, neither type being what we might call good or bad or better or worse, yet their natures differ. To seek to aid another in such a manner might result in, as you have described it, the regaining of the health of the other self and the continuing of the life pattern in a means which is more balanced, shall we say. To withdraw completely might also provide certain lessons and services again not of a good or bad, better or worse character, yet of a certain nature.

The path which one will follow and needs to follow according to its own choices for serving is a path which is found after great desire has been expended and prayer and contemplation and meditation. We affirm the great underlying nobility of the intention of the desire to serve. The manner of service is a person’s choice.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my sister. May we attempt another query at this time?


I am Latwii, and as it appears that we have exhausted the queries for this session we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group. As always, we leave each in the love and light of the one infinite Creator, and remind each that we are available for your meditations upon request, and would be most honored to blend our vibrations with yours at any time you should so request. Again we remind each that we are but humble messengers of the one Creator and our words are as the shifting sands, and support those who travel as we travel. We recommend once again to leave those words which do not travel as you wish and to take those on your journey which are fair companions. We are known to you as those of Latwii. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Carla channeling)

I am Nona, and I come to you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. We are so happy that we are able to speak through this instrument. It has been some time. Many times we have been called by this group and have not been able to use this instrument, for it did not have the proper tuning, it was not strong within, and we wished to speak only long enough to point that in the healing work the worry, the fretting, is not the praying. The worrying causes a weakening of the truth stirring within so that energies such as that of Nona devoted wholly to healing cannot possibly come through. Therefore, this instrument had then to release the worrying to some extent in order that healing might come through this instrument. This is true of all healing and all prayer to the extent that we are aware. We now respond [to] many weeks of requests for our hearings vibrations and know that we think in love and in light.

[Carla channels a healing vocal melody from Nona.]