(S channeling)

[I am Hatonn,] and we are pleased, as always, to greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are most honored to be able to join your group this evening, and we are pleased to be able to speak through this instrument. We are filled with joy as we join you this evening, and are filled with the love that is so overflowing this evening. We wish to spend a few moments of your time as we attempt to share a few thoughts with you. We are aware of the abundance of confusion that those upon your planet experience. It seems that when one finds itself in a so-called ball of confusion, the escaping this ball is often difficult, for often the confusion has a tendency to feed itself, and we might suggest that at those times when you find yourselves somewhat enclosed by this bubble, you take a moment of your time to sit down and relax and close your eyes and see yourself rising to the top of the bubble and turning into a form of gaseous light and entirely escaping, and in so escaping, you might see the confusion for what it is. It is not real, it is a—we correct this instrument—it is an illusion, and you may at any moment escape to your meditative state and find yourself in the palm of the Creator where the confusion is no longer apparent.

The ability to look down upon the confusion rather than sitting in the middle of it might aid you in collecting your thoughts and seeking the simple truth, and in seeking the oneness of the Creator, you might find that all that is confusion simply falls away, for the one Thought may not be confused, it is a simple Thought. There is no confusion to this Thought. To put yourself in the palm of the Creator is to seek that which is One, that which is unity, and dwell, my dear friends, in the love of that oneness.

We wish to express our appreciation to this instrument for bearing with us and allowing us to spend a larger amount of time than usual with her. We would transfer this contact at this time. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and greet you once again through this instrument in love and in light. It is a great privilege to use each instrument, and we do thank each and thank you for calling us and allowing us to share our thoughts with you. Those of you who call us are confused, troubled and disturbed. My friends, it is quite often those who do not call us, and are not yet ready to listen to what we have to say, that are not at all disturbed, confused, or troubled by the mysteries of those things which are evident to anyone with the eyes open. For this reason let us tell you a bit about our own feelings about our mission at this time among your people.

We attempted earlier in what you would call your century to contact individuals, governments, societies, and people of influence because we were quite aware that this particular third-density planet was not only ready for harvest, but was also capable of a great deal of destruction, and by this we refer to the atomic bomb as you have called it. We found our attempts to be far less than satisfactory. We found that those in power among your peoples were not those people whom we indeed needed to contact. We found that our concepts, our very being, had a different meaning for them than for those who are seeking. We found that you have developed within your planetary societal web a system of unfriendly companions, each of which chose to put the heart of the sphere with which he identified above the care of the whole of the sphere with which we identify.

We are those of Hatonn. That is not our home town, or our county as this instrument would call it, nor our state or province or parish or country or nation. We are those of a planetary consciousness. We speak to those who realize that there is one consciousness and that this consciousness is equally available and useful to all those upon your planet. We have chosen to serve in the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator by sharing our thoughts with groups such as your own who call out to us. This is our service and our pleasure, and our beings thrill with the joy of being able to serve you, for you are ourselves. Just so, my friends, you are we, and we all are the Creator. To put it in quite another way, the unimaginable vastness and complexity of the universe is honed on the sharpness of the one Thought and that is love. That word, love, has been greatly harmed by overuse among your peoples, so that when we say that all is love, it may not mean what we wish it to mean. Therefore, we try to find infinitely various ways of saying that all is light, that all is one, that all is the Creator, that all that you have to do within your illusion is serve each other, for in serving each other you serve the Creator.

We wish to move back now to the confusion of which we spoke earlier. This confusion is a tool much like a saw or a hammer. It is the thing which you may grasp about yourself and about your life at any given moment; normally it is confusion. You use a saw to saw wood; you use a hammer to nail things together. You use your confusion to work upon yourself, for you in the midst of that confusion are waiting to learn from that confusion. You are waiting for that trouble to bubble up until you escape, look back, and learn from your experience. The rapidity with which you learn from this experience, from this confusion, will depend upon your willingness to work with yourself. But at least, my friends, you have the sense to be confused. You are not asleep, you are not dreaming, you are not distracted in the half world in which nothing is very important and no question is truly worth answering. To these people we cannot offer any help whatsoever. These people shall again and again experience this illusion until they become aware of the process that is shaping their destinies.

We do not suggest to you that a, shall we say, “trouble bubble” is an easy thing to completely and utterly solve, to rise above, to understand. We say only to you that the love and the light of the infinite Creator is with you in your attempts to balance your confusions, to gain objectivity and to learn. What a fine tool confusion is, my friends. What a wonderful illusion you have. We are aware that you would prefer the security of simple rules, and there is one simple rule, and that is to love wholly and freely and without reserve. But, my friends, it takes a lifetime for each entity to choose the manner by which it shall show love and to whom it shall be given. Needs are all about you. If you wish to start with the most simple needs, there are the hungry and thirsty and cold upon your planet. Your sphere is full of such confusion, my friends—such a hubbub, such a babble.

What shall you do, where shall you go, what is your discipline to be? We ask you to return to the one original Thought on a daily basis. It does not matter if this returning or meditation be for five minutes or for fifty. What matters is that you have the discipline to turn again and again, day by day, to the Creator. That which will precipitate from your daily meditations shall be unique, for each particle of consciousness is unique. No two people can face the same problem ethically, morally, economically, socially, or in whatever way, and find within himself precisely the same answer.

The universe is indeed confused and the lessons are subjective. When you have found enough truth to tell from the rooftops, you shall not be able to do so by any proof, for proof is the farthest thing from your needs as individuals. Each of you needs to find his own way. Each of you needs to find his own truth. There are some constants, such as confusion, love, charity, compassion, sorrow and weariness. These things each person can understand, and yet how that will be weighed in a person’s life, how they will be used to shape a consciousness is a question that must be answered by each. We would not dream of informing you of one overriding absolute truth, which if believed will carry you to some heavenly kingdom. No, my friends. We are in a heavenly kingdom, as we are in the fourth density, that density of love, and from this density we can see the Creator in each of you and in each of us. But we cannot give this vision to you nor would we wish to. We wish only to enspirit you so that you may go forth and seek your own answers. We may promise you that at any time that you wish to meditate we are with you.

As we close, let us bring you in meditation closer to ourselves until we truly feel oneness. Through this instrument’s ears we hear the lonely sound of the train going from somewhere to somewhere else, much like you, my friends, on a lonely journey. And yet you are together, held on a straight and narrow track, for your vision is of love and your desire is for mercy. We are one with you. Where is the Creator? Ah, my friends, there is the great question. Shall we say the Creator is you? You shall not be satisfied, for you are not satisfied with yourself. Shall we say that the Creator is in the seeking? You will not be satisfied. Shall we tell you that your journey has no end, and that that endless journey is the Creator? Perhaps, my friends, we come closer to that which you desire to hear this evening. We leave you upon the wind of chance and change. And yet, how solid is your caring for each other and for love and for seeking.

We are known to you as those of Hatonn. We leave you in the love and the light along the endless track of an endless journey of the infinite Creator. We leave you in that which is perfect in all ways. We leave you. Adonai. Adonai vasu borragus.