(Carla channeling)

[I am Hatonn,] and I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. We are strengthening our hold upon this instrument in order that we may speak more loudly, for this instrument is used to speaking quietly, and we find that not all were able to hear the previous sentences. We trust this level is appropriate for this portion of your dwelling. We thank you for asking us to share some of our thoughts with you on this very beautiful twilight of your third-density world. How lovely is your habitation, and how gracious are your second-density creatures, your birds singing to the evening in the trees, the trees themselves lifting their fingers to the last rays of the sun as it bids farewell for one more day. How quietly your dwelling place rests and cradles you so that you may have comfort and protection and shelter. And in a way we can see how these things could almost be taken as evidence that the universe is rigid, for the house does not move, it does not get up and dance, nor do the trees seem to clap their hands for joy, nor are the bird’s songs construed by your peoples as chantries of happiness. Rather, it is the expected, it is the unnoticed, and in many cases it may seem to be the prison within which you must live, which does not seem to have enough choices nor give you enough freedom.

There was once a young boy who searched for freedom. He felt the restrictions of his parents as they asked him to do many chores and to live up to many expectations, many of which he was unable to fulfill, some of which he was. Yet he did not wish to differentiate between what he could and could not do. He simply wished to be free from all the expectations and from all the responsibility. And so this young man left his home and went out into the world to seek freedom. He quickly discovered that it was wise to furnish oneself with enough of your people’s money that he could buy those things which made him happy, and so he began to accumulate the accoutrements of freedom. He had libations that would make him feel very happy. He tried various chemicals that altered his consciousness and made him feel ecstasy. He chose among the pretty young girls and found sexual fulfillment to add to him happiness also. He bought the clothes that he liked, he lived the way that he liked, and for a while he was very happy because he had found his freedom.

There came a time when no libation made him truly happy, when no repetition of mind-altering drugs was enough to fulfill his needs for understanding, and even when no pretty girl could charm him completely, as he gazed only upon the outward portions, knowing nothing of the individual inside. And yet, he had formed his life around the premise that these things constituted freedom, and so he realized that he must reevaluate what freedom is, for one thing he was sure of, and that was that freedom carried with it a side effect, and that was happiness.

Upon reflection he realized that he had bonded himself in slavery to his own desires. Because those desires were not interesting for the maturing soul within, he had begun to get restless, yet still he must work even to eat and to have a place to sleep. He was in bondage, therefore, to a job he did not particularly like, and had even walked into that bondage gladly, finding it preferable to meeting the demands of other human beings. He had given himself all that he wanted and he had lost his freedom.

This man was truly puzzled, and so he began to search within himself for the desires that he might have that would be more interesting, that would make his bondage easier, for, indeed, he was in bondage to his appetite for food and for daily rest, these things he could not do without unless he was willing to risk the life of a person upon the street. This he was not willing to do; this freedom was too chaotic for him, and yet he wanted freedom. He knew that it existed and he was positive of its virtue.

Restless, often angry, this man grew in years, and took long to find his own answers. He began trying to see beneath the surface of things. He began putting down his personal roots out of instinct more than any knowledge. He found and eventually married a woman whose thoughts he preferred, and in time a family grew, the son now becoming the father, the child the husband, and once again he was asked to be responsible for much, far much more than he had been asked to be responsible for as a child. And again there were expectations he could fulfill and there were expectations he could not fulfill.

As the years passed, it became very evident to this man that he had found his freedom, for he had found things to love. He found that it was possible with communication to express the difference between those things he could do and those things he could not, and that he had chosen a woman who was able to release him from those things he could not do and to praise him in gratitude for those things he could do. He found himself asking a great many things of his wife and his children, and in wonderment began to find himself a culprit in expecting too much from others, in failing to differentiate between what they could do and what they could not do.

My friends, each human who incarnates upon your planet will experience a bewildering array of stimuli. To each of you many things are given and from each of you other things are hidden. Each of you is unique, a mystery one to the other, and misunderstandings are inevitable and each person feels the prison walls close in, begins to feel as rooted as a tree, his song as aimless as that of a bird, and in many cases this song becomes still and the person bitter as an oak leaf upon the ground.

We ask you, my friends, to look upon freedom. You have one freedom, and that is that you may choose the manner of your being. The more that your being has to do with love, the more your manifestation will be service, service to those whom you love. This is a reflection of your loving, not the loving itself. Each service that you perform for others is a stride along the road of freedom. Each time that you choose the manner of your beingness you offer yourself a great boon. It is inevitable that there are times when the happenstances of your existence will seem anything but potentially free, when that which you seem to be asked to offer is beyond you.

You each have two capacities; one is human. When you deal from the human capacity—and this is, my friends, often in even the life of a saint—then there are many times when you must say in honesty, “I cannot do what you wish me to. Forgive me, I am not able.” There is another capacity within you, and when you call upon it and are able to become a channel for it so that love flows through you, you may become an infinitely efficient instrument that may manifest that which is desired under any circumstances whatsoever. To do this you must put yourself at risk. Before you gain a clear channel you may lose much, for true freedom is a great risk. True freedom, my friends, involves deep choices, and when the choices are made, a clear and lucid accountability to yourself. You often must put your foot upon ground you cannot see because you have been asked to do so either by a spirit within you of love and fellowship, or by a specific request by one who is in relationship to you. You are asked to see love in moments where there seems to be none, and you step out, seeing nothing, and somehow, my friends, the air begins to be solid and you have ground beneath your feet that you could not see before. The risk is in the choice. Each choice must be true, and you must have the patience to wait for the truth of your seeking to manifest.

As we said, during that time you may feel that you have lost much. You change, you grow, you bear fruit, and often, my friends, the fruit that you are asked to bear does not even make sense in one way or another. Those who will harvest what you sow are unknown to you in some way. The virtue of planting a crop of love and thanksgiving is completely hidden, and yet you choose. Freedom, my friends, is a risky business.

We suggest that you aid your own evolution of spirit by daily meditation, by daily contemplation, by daily analysis of your thoughts to the extent that you are able in your environment. What you seek when you seek happiness is an illusion. What you seek when you seek freedom may or may not be an illusion. If you seek freedom from responsibility you have created a dream within a dream, and you shall be a slave and no free man. When the freedom that you seek is the freedom to love and to serve, you stand on firm ground—not safe ground, my friends, for to love is not easy, to serve is most difficult, to communicate is treacherous, to share deeply of yourself is painful, and yet, love abides and draws you to it, for you are that which loves and that which is love. You are both sides of the magnet which is the creation. The great attractive force is the same force that created you, and that force is love.

Do you wish to be free? Then prepare yourself for a bumpy ride through life but a joyous one, for when you give and count not the cost, you purchase that which has no price. It is written in your holy works: “You who sow in tears shall reap in joy.” May your tears be blessed, may your joy be great and may your seeking be filled with the love and the light which are the manifestations of the one infinite Creator which speaks through us to you and from you to us, echoing and re-echoing over and over the great rhythms of thanksgiving.

My friends, the trees do clap their hands, and the birds do sing for joy, and this dwelling place is not static but rather a nurturing and living environment, and you within it are also love. You have two things not given to houses and trees and birds. You have movement, and you have self-consciousness. May you find freedom in your movements, may you go in peace to serve and to love in whatever way the day has called forth for you. You do not know what tomorrow will call forth for you, you only know what is asked today. Therefore, we ask you to attempt to serve in the present tense, to bend your motions, your thoughts, intellectual and emotional, to the present moment and the present movement, the present dynamic, the present people, the present situation.

You have self-consciousness. What shall you do with your awareness? We trust that you may find in your adventures much about which to laugh and comrades with whom to share the laughter, and in the darkest moment we ask you to use your self awareness to seek the kingdom of the Father that is within you and that will inform you in a loving and gracious way so that you may indeed manifest that which you wish, so that you may indeed have understanding and knowledge or, in the absence of that, hope and faith. You may depend upon each other and yet always remember, each is limited, each may have trouble communicating his limitations. Depend first upon the Creator, and seek that Creator constantly within yourself in quiet and in confidence, for you seek only to remember, you seek only to return, and just as you give to another’s harvest, so others will sow for you that you may reap joy from them. How surprised man is to find joy in the narrow span of life, and how unsurprised he is to find sorrow. May you be surprised constantly, my friends.

We leave you in the love and in the light, in the joy and the laughter and the unity of our infinite creation. Again we thank you for allowing us to share our foolish thoughts with you, and ask you in all humility to never take anyone’s word for anything spiritual, least of all ours. Do not depend upon Hatonn or any other spiritual source, but only yourself. You are the evaluator of all that you hear. Much may be nothing to you. There is no promise of sureness to the spiritual path, only the promise of great and continuing risk of an enormous vulnerability, of a sensitivity that will be with you always as you seek to learn. We are with you on that path, vulnerable, foolish and at the same time, perfect, perfected in love and one with the Creator. We are those of Hatonn. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and we greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. We are pleased to be asked to join your group once again and rejoice at the opportunity of providing our humble service. We thank you, as always. Now, to that service. May we attempt a query at this time?

[Side one of tape ends.]

I have a question generated by the preceding message. On what level does a bird sing for joy or do trees clap their hands? I thought birds just chirped because they were giving signals about being hungry or looking for a mate or something like that?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. We may suggest that those creatures of which you speak sing for joy and clap their hands for joy at the very basic level of their being, at the same level at which each portion of creation sings and claps and dances and rejoices in its beingness. At this level, which you may see as the very nature of the being, the substance of the molecular structure, there is the clear recognition of the One by the One and as this level of being is brought into a more and more conscious being, it becomes more and more, shall we say, comprehensible by your third-density means of comprehension. When the bird sings, it may indeed be acting out that ritualized process of seeking the mate or defending the territory, yet the energy which powers that song and that ritual is the very essence of the entity’s being, and in that essence and upon that level the song of life rejoices in life.

May we answer you further, my sister?

So, for a human being at the nuclear level, the self and the body are in a state of rejoicing? Is that right?

I am Latwii, and you are quite correct, my sister. May we answer you further?

Illness is so prevalent among human beings. If a human being could contact that level of joy, it seems to me that healing would be self-generated instantly. Is that correct?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. We find again that you have struck at the heart of the matter, for it is the nature of the one Creator to heal when asked by the entity needing healing, and all remedies which we take and seek from outside the being have their effect only insofar as the entity seeking the healing has been able in some degree to contact this level of rejoicing, this level of the one Creator that is contained within the entity’s own being.

May we answer you further?

How does a person contact that portion of his consciousness?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. We see that you are approaching the age-old question of the seeker from yet another angle, for the answer that we give is one which you have heard many times. The journey which each seeker is upon is one which has been described as straight and narrow, yet it is one which is traveled over many a rocky path, a journey which has many twists and turns, a journey across which blow harsh winds and down upon which shines a searing sun. There is the need of each seeker to accomplish that which may be called the crystallization of the being, the balancing of all distortion, the purifying of the desire to serve others and to seek love.

This is an easy statement to make, yet it is a difficult journey and task to undertake. Yet, as love is found in each portion of the being the path is made straighter, another rock is removed, and another step is taken, yet at each moment each seeker has some access to this portion of its being, yet upon what might be called the unconscious level. It is this unconscious connection with the one Creator that rejoices in each cell of being that supports the seeker as it consciously moves in what it sees as darkness. Yet, as love and light are found, the darkness is illumined and the connection becomes more and more conscious, so the seeker is able to heal the self more and more effectively with the love and light that it has found by its own efforts.

May we answer you further, my sister?

When we stopped the Ra work, we had been concentrating on the archetypes, and I wondered if the archetypical mind was as deep in the mind as this cellular, nuclear, joyous consciousness. In other words, could one use the hints and clues of the archetypes to reach that which was at the same level, or are you using tools when you use the archetypes that are of a level not as deep in the roots of mind as nuclear consciousness?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. This is not an easy query to answer, yet we shall attempt such. That which you have described as the nuclear awareness of the oneness and joy of all creation is ever present within each cell of your being and within each moment of your existence. It permeates all that is and all that is not created. It is the sum and substance of the one Creator. There are various tools which seem separated from this nature of awareness which might be used to reveal and uncover this nature of awareness to the seeker, yet within each tool is also found that same joy and unity of being. You may indeed proceed upon this path by utilizing those concept complexes called archetypes to gain a greater understanding, if we might use this misnomer, of the joy and unity which is within all things and situations, yet do not be confused or misled by mechanics. Seek the heart of all creation and the heart of your own being first and foremost within your thoughts and actions, and utilize any mechanical means of so seeking by focusing always upon the heart of the desire.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Latwii, and we are most grateful to you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?


I am Latwii, and we find that for the nonce we have exhausted the queries, and would be well advised for the comfort of the instrument to take this opportunity to bid this group farewell for the evening. We thank each of you, as always, for asking our humble service, and remind you that our words are but our opinions and are the result of our journey, a journey which we share with each of you, a journey in joy and a journey in light and love. We thank you, my friends, and shall leave you at this time. We are with you always upon request. We are those of Latwii. Adonai. Adonai vasu borragus.