(L1 channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you, my brothers and sisters, in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. My friends, we are greatly pleased that you should take the time from your busy day to join your vibration with our own and to share with us that we may both benefit. It is our desire to come to you, not as a teacher, but rather as a brother or sister, who upon returning home, shares that which has recently been learned, those awarenesses which come upon one during one’s day that he or she would offer to another self for examination and understanding. My friends, please understand that in this service, we necessarily learn from the sharing and therefore are quite grateful that you offer us the service of your time and attention.

It is our desire tonight to share with you some thoughts on the subject of eternity, for as your tuning has smoothed the path toward such a discussion, we desire to follow the flow of the river of consciousness and continue in the same channel.

My friends, eternity quite often is regarded in one of two fashions. It is either the vague and murky period somewhere in the distant future which we are often told we should somehow prepare for, yet recognize that it is sufficiently distant as to make such preparation lacking in immediacy.

The other perception of eternity is in itself almost a contradiction of itself, for we often regard it as a vague period of time, beginning in the quite immediate future, for which there is not sufficient time to make preparation, so we simply avoid thinking about it. In each of the two conceptions we manage to safely distance ourselves from any responsibility or effort. But, my friends, those here are seekers, and the seeker is aware that that which surrounds himself or herself is eternity, that that point within which one identified his location in time is perched quite deeply within that which we call eternity, rather than a safe distance before it.

So, my friends, we ask, is it not wiser to examine that with which we now occupy ourselves for eternity? Is it truly the wisest choice to spend our eternity in the pursuit of finite objectives, of petty quarrels, of insignificant pursuits? Are we wise to spend our eternity debating which vacation to take or how to invest our money? My friends, we offer these questions not to belittle those pursuits which are facets of your daily lives and those of your brothers, but rather to emphasize that it is quite tempting within the illusion to spend one’s time and effort holding eternity at bay, to tell that quiet voice within that we will begin our efforts toward the development of ourselves just as soon as one more pursuit has been accomplished or perhaps later in the week when one is not so busy.

My friends, eternity does not begin now—eternity has been with you always. And we ask you to examine in your heart the wisdom of spending your eternity delaying your efforts to prepare yourselves for that eternity. We speak not in terms of eternal reward or eternal punishment, for, my friends, each of you is aware that those will be the result of your desire to reward or punish yourselves. We speak, rather, of your inner desire to return to that source, to once again reunite yourself with all of your other selves, to become again conscious of that which in the entirety of your brothers and sisters throughout your universe you will one day become.

My friends, if we may be forgiven for attempting to urge you to one decision over another, then we ask you to prepare yourselves for that journey. I am known to you as Hatonn. Adonai, my friends. Vasu borragus.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and we greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. We also are most privileged to be asked to join your group this evening. We hope, as always, that we might be of some small service by offering ourselves in an attempt to answer whatever queries may be of value to you. We would, however, preface this service by reminding each that we are but your fallible brothers and sisters. If any word we speak should confuse or annoy you in any way, please cast it aside. Take those that have value and use them as you will. With that disclaimer aside, we would ask if we might begin with the first query.

I wonder if you could answer without infringement who it was I saw last night?

I am Latwii. We are aware of your query, my brother. We find that you have had an experience of what would be called an unusual nature, one which is often desired in order that, shall we say, a certain form of reassurance might be had and might quiet the disturbed mind upon a certain point. Because this experience has the capability of answering this desire upon your part, and because this desire is a central portion of your own learning process, we must satisfy ourselves with this general response without giving more specific details that would do for you that which you seek to do for yourself.

May we answer further, my brother?

Not on that, Latwii, no. But I wonder if you could comment on the, I guess, the pros and cons of chemotherapy?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. This is a somewhat difficult query, for this technique of healing within your allopathic community is one which is usually utilized when the condition of the entity is quite, quite deteriorated. The disease, as you call it, among your peoples at this time known as the cancer is becoming more prevalent in various portions of the physical vehicle. Because of certain attitudes and ways of perceiving in a somewhat limited fashion, shall we say, diseases such as cancer proliferate among your peoples in order to provide learning devices or focuses for the attention. When the attention has been diverted for a long enough portion of what you call time, the teaching device, the disease, progresses in becoming more obvious that the one suffering the disease might notice and work with this catalyst for learning. When the condition has been allowed to progress to the point where it is feared that the physical vehicle shall fail and become unviable, it is often necessary if the incarnation is to be prolonged and further learning be available that what you would call drastic means be utilized.

Thus, in many cases, such a course of treatment would be seen as quite appropriate if the entity at the core of its being desired additional time to process the catalyst which had been placed before it. However, as you are aware, this particular course of treatment is one which has its own set of somewhat drastic, shall we say, side effects. In all types of healing treatment which do not take into account the lesson which has been symbolized in physical disorder there will be some side effect which is not desired. This must be weighed by any entity conscious of the evolutionary process which it is experiencing within its incarnation.

May we answer further, my brother?

I don’t want to take up any more time. I really appreciate it, Latwii. It was most helpful. Thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

[inaudible] the last one of L2’s. It’s only four lines this time. “God,” he defines God here as “the one Creator’s power is so incomprehensibly infinite that in one text it is said, ‘He tempts the true devotee with awesome powers experientially before admitting same back into mahapahanirvana.’ Can this be further explicated?” Want it again?

I am Latwii, and we are unsure as to whether we have a complete grasp of this query but we shall make our best effort at focusing a response which lies within the boundaries drawn by this query.

The various philosophies that have been developed by the many cultures and groups within cultures of people upon your planet all speak in some manner of a God force, a Creator, a Logos, a primal force of some nature. All are aware, it would seem, that there is more to the daily life than what is usually experienced. It is felt by each on a subconscious level at least that there is some vitalizing force that moves through the life and which can be known in some fashion. The various religions and philosophies which have attempted to codify and explain this God force to individuals within the culture or religion have by the attempt to describe that which is indescribable often created distortions of understanding amongst these people who have adopted one or another philosophy as a path to that God force. Thus, each will describe this force and each entity’s relationship to it in a slightly variant fashion. There will be numerous activities in many religions and philosophies that are seen as good and which promote this search and seeking for the truth or the God force. There will be, as well, many actions and thoughts which will be described as “bad” or “evil” and will be seen to prohibit this process.

Thus does each philosophy and religion seek to describe the path to the Creator for the seeker. Various enticements are offered, various prohibitions are put in place. Yet within each philosophy and religion, there exists enough of what you may call the truth that the seeker who is pure in heart and desire may travel a path within that religion or philosophy and find the goal which it seeks. This is true, my friends, for to the best of our understanding, there is no portion of any entity or of any part of creation which does not contain that which is sought. This is to say that all things, all entities, are the Creator and are that which each seeks.

That this is not obvious and clear to those within your illusion of reality is both a blessing and, while in the incarnation, would seem a curse. It is a blessing, my friends, that you operate in what has been called a veil or darkness, a forgetting of who you are, because in this state of thinking, the attempts that you make to seek the truth carry much more weight within your total beingness than would such attempts carry should it be obvious that all things are the one Creator. It would not be difficult to love without condition; it would not be difficult to give without stint; it would not be difficult to see the one Creator in all entities and experiences if there were no other thing to see.

Yet within your illusion it seems a curse to move in such darkness with such dimly lit pathways, for the errors seem to greatly outnumber the successes in finding any portion of truth and purpose in life. Yet, my friends, we say that because the one Creator exists in all entities, each experience of every entity is an experience of the Creator knowing Itself. Thus do each of you glorify the one Creator by presenting the gifts of your experiences, however small or large, to the one Creator. These experiences would not be available without your efforts.

May we answer further, my sister?

I’d like to pick on one phrase that L2 used because I think it’s the heart of this question. And it is said that, “God tempts the seeker with awesome powers experientially before admitting same,” which I assume to be, “before admitting the seeker,” back into the state of bliss.“ Are, in your opinion, the powers of the one Creator a temptation? They certainly are awesome…


…It strikes me that this is the heart of the question and there’s something just… it’s hard to put my finger on, but it seems wrong-headed somehow.

I am Latwii, and we ask your forgiveness for interrupting your query. We find we have caught this instrument’s disease. We shall attempt to speak to this point. In our previous response, we attempted to cover this point in a general fashion by suggesting that the philosophies of those who move in darkness may be quite distorted, yet each is a portion of the one Creator. We may attempt clarification by suggesting that the query as stated suggests a Creator which exists apart from those who seek the one Creator. This is a premise which we do not accept, thus we did not speak in a direct fashion to it, for there is no external Creator that tempts any to seek it. There is one Creator which exists in all portions of creation which nurtures each of Its creations, and grants to each the free will to seek It in any fashion which it chooses.

May we answer further, my sister?

Could you say then that perhaps the temptations of which L2 speaks have more to do with blockages in the lower chakras which may cause a person to wish for power or success in the spiritual sense, possibly recognition, as opposed to desiring to find always the will of the higher self and the Creator?

I am Latwii, and we hope that we may be of service in this response by suggesting that the temptations spoken of in the query are more properly assigned to various philosophies and entities holding such points of view. The seeker has the will, the desire to seek. How this is used is a function of the seeker’s point of view which in turn may be further affected by the philosophy or religion which it has adopted.

May we answer further, my sister?

No. I believe I see that what you’re saying is that the question is so heavily biased that there’s no real way to get at it. And I accept that. I thank you for L2.

I am Latwii, and we thank you and the one known as L2 for offering the service of this query. May we attempt another query?

Yes. I wonder if there’s any authenticity to the newspaper report concerning [inaudible] extraterrestrial craft dogfight over [inaudible]?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. In matters of this nature, we find it more appropriate to leave the conclusions to those interested in such phenomena. We do not feel it appropriate to verify or nullify items of this nature, for they bear little fruit on the seeker’s journey.

May we attempt another query, my brother?

Latwii, is monogamy the ultimate form of relationship between a heterosexual mating couple?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. We find that the use of the adjective, “ultimate,” befuddles somewhat the clarity of the query. We would perhaps be more comfortable and be of more service it we were allowed to substitute the phrase, “more efficient,” for that particular adjective, for we believe that the heart of your query concerns the type of relationship which is most helpful to those within it as each pursues the evolutionary process of seeking the truth and discovering the nature of the self.

The pairing of the male and female entities within your illusion and beyond your illusion is seen as being the most efficient in that the nature of creation as we understand it is reproduced within such a couple. Yet, it must be remembered that these male and female forces, these positive and negatively charged forces, are found both in each biological entity, be that entity male or female. Yet, the male and female entities then, as they interact one with the other…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and we are once again with this instrument. To continue. These male and female qualities, then, being expressed within this mated relationship allow the mirroring effect to occur with greater intensity and frequency. This mirroring effect is the effect that occurs when one sees within another self those characteristics that are loved and accepted and those that are not loved and not accepted. In truth, these are the characteristics of the self which are loved or not loved, and are those characteristics which outline the lessons and services that the entity has designed into the life pattern from the preincarnational state.

The intensity and frequency of this mirroring effect, then, is due to the natural attractions and interactions that are set in motion by the basic positive and negative forces of creation moving within the mated couple. That the relationship is one which is seen as a life-long relationship insures that the mirroring effect will be produced on a frequent basis. The frequency aids in the intensification of the opportunity to see the self within another and to work upon the self as one works upon the relationship with the other self.

Thus, the male qualities of radiance and reaching for that experience not yet held and the female qualities of magnetism, of awaiting the reaching and potentiating the experience, are those qualities which continue to—we scan for the correct term—redound and rebound within the experience of each entity, echoing and reechoing the attraction of lessons, the catalyst of these lessons, and the opportunity to continue the lessons throughout the incarnation.

May we answer further, my brother?

That was fine.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my brother, for your query. Is there another query at this time?

How is the instrument doing?

I am Latwii, and we find that the instrument t is available for a number of queries yet, having sufficient energy present.

May we ask if there might be a further query?

Was I getting some communication from Yadda a little while ago?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. That you have discovered this fact is therefore that which allows our response. The one known as J was hopeful that he might once again hear from his favorite friends. The one known as Carla has been the sole instrument used by those of Yadda to date, and was itself hopeful that perhaps another might be able to “chew upon that rye bread.” Thus, those of Yadda offered to your instrument the opportunity of tasting the rye.

May we answer further, my brother?

No, I’ll simply respond that I’d be willing to serve in that fashion when the time comes.

I am Latwii. We appreciate your offer of service, my brother, and those of Yadda are most appreciative as well.

Is there another query?

I don’t know if you can remember this—speaking to the instrument—there was a question that I was supposed to ask and I have forgotten. If the instrument remembers it, would the instrument vocalize it and allow the channel to answer it?

I am Latwii, and if you do not mind our paraphrasing of the query which this instrument has fed into our awareness, we shall be happy to attempt this query.

The query concerned the proper density for holding that state of consciousness which has come to be known as the Christ consciousness. There is some difficulty with this query, for the term “Christ” within many of the cultures of your peoples is a term which is closely associated with an entity known as Jesus of Nazareth. This entity, the one known as Jesus, is one who through its own efforts at seeking the one Creator was one able to attain a state of consciousness that may be described as the Christ or Christed consciousness. This is a level of awareness and experience of being which is available to all portions of the one Creator in a more or less distorted fashion. The distortion is most usually a function of the density or vibratory frequency within which it has been attained. Thus, within your third-density illusion, though much is available to any attaining this crystal pure consciousness, there is by the very density itself some distortion that might be expected.

As the vibratory frequency becomes more filled with light, shall we say, or the energy of creation, to put it another way, the ability of an entity within such a vibratory frequency to experience the Christ consciousness is enhanced and therefore suffers less distortion. In some fashion, any entity achieving this Christ consciousness will have experienced unity with the one Creator and will be thus enspirited and inspired to be of further service to those about it, for each is seen as a portion of the one Creator to know that it is indeed loved and love itself. One who has known this facet of the one Creator, that is, love, then seeks to share that experience and power with those who call for it. Within your illusion, the lessons which all pursue in a unique fashion focus about the concept of love.

Therefore, the achievement of the Christ consciousness will have a strong coloration of this love portion or facet of the one Creator. Those within the next, shall we say, class or vibratory frequency learn lessons that focus upon wisdom, and thus will their experience of Christ consciousness be colored by the characteristic of wisdom. Those pursuing the balance of love and wisdom within the following vibratory frequency will, perforce, experience the Christ consciousness in that balanced fashion. And thus, each experiences the same level of consciousness, but from a different angle or facet, shall we say.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

Yes, Latwii. I don’t think Yadda is rye bread. I think he’s crêpes with orange marmalade.

I am Latwii, and we enjoy your description of our brothers and sisters of Yadda, and we find that they are curling their tongues and smacking their lips at your menu.

May we be of service by answering a query?

Latwii, the question came up this afternoon, I guess it was yesterday afternoon, about the sexual nature of the one known as Christ Jesus—the entity and the balancing of that sexual energy that he had, which I believe was recorded in Jane Roberts’ The Seth Material. Can you speak a little bit about this balancing that the entity known as Christ experienced?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. Again, the entity known as Jesus was one who sought the love of the Father, as this entity put it, for this entity’s experience was in the end one which equated love with the Creator and with all creation. The love of the sexual nature is an experience which when used in a conscious fashion may greatly accelerate the evolutionary progress within the conscious seeker, for that which enters the base energy center or chakra is what may be called prana or intelligent energy, also to be known as love, the creative force responsible for the creation itself. Thus, each individual receives this creative force through the base chakra, and by its own free will and its system of beliefs, will use that energy in any of an infinite number of ways.

Most who are not conscious of the seeking process utilize this energy in the sexual manner only, thereby insuring the reproduction of the species and the satisfying of the body’s sexual urges. The one known as Jesus, as is necessary for any conscious seeker, was able to consciously move this energy received at the base chakra through each successive chakra or energy center, and with each move was able to step up the vibratory frequency of this energy and balance each chakra in turn, thereby regularizing and crystallizing its own being. Therefore, the intelligent energy or love of the Creator was free to move through this entity without diffraction or distortion in any way.

Thus, the white light of the Creator, this intelligent energy, moved through the crystallized being of the one known as Jesus in such a fashion that there was no color other than white, shall we say, which emanated from this entity’s being or any chakra, as it was able to channel this intelligent energy in a pure fashion because of its conscious understanding and mastery of the evolutionary process at work in its own incarnation.

There was some experience of the physical sexual nature that served to trigger this entity’s ability to achieve this channeling of intelligent energy in a pure fashion, but it was found by this entity that its own desires were such that it sought to refine this process of enhancing or stepping up the basal frequency in a conscious manner without the recourse to sexual intercourse, shall we say.

May we answer further, my brother?

Am I to understand that this refractive process is what creates or is the process of desire, and that we have this balancing available to us also in order to achieve, let’s say, a more balanced energizing. I don’t know if I stated that correctly or not. Could Latwii speak on that?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. In general, we would agree with your summation. To hopefully clarify, we would also suggest that each distortion or imbalance that each entity contains in each chakra are the symbols of the lessons that each has encoded within the life experience. Thus, when the light of the Creator is diffracted into a certain color by a certain distortion, this is a process which points out to the entity within the incarnation that there is, shall we say, food for thought available, that there is a portion of the self awaiting discovery, there is experience to be had and balancing of this experience then to also be enjoyed.

May we answer further, my brother?

I could probably keep you going all night, but I think that’ll probably suffice for my questions at the moment.

I am Latwii. Is there another query?


I am Latwii. We find that we have, for the nonce, exhausted the queries. We thank each who has offered the gift of the query. We hope that our humble response has been of some service. Again, we remind each to take that which has value and to leave that which has none in the personal seeking of truth. We leave each of you at this time in the love and in the light of the one Creator Who Is All in All. We are those of Latwii. Adonai. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Carla channeling)

I Yadda. I greet in love and in light of infinite Creator. We so happy to be with Joe and his friends. And we bless each and are most grateful that we may speak with you ever so briefly, for we do not wish to make you sit too long. We are also confirm we were giving conditioning as best we could to one known as L1, and we find much luck with this instrument due to the lack, the lack of experience with the trance. We find we can use this instrument at a very right science level because of the instrument’s ability to say, “Oh, what the heck, I go ahead and say whatever comes out because I have challenged.”

You know, we have made fun many times of this instrument’s challenging in the name of Christ. We say, “How about somebody else? There are many good people to challenge with. How about Mohammet; how about Buddha?” But this instrument is not Buddhist; this instrument is not Muslim. Therefore she challenge in name of Christ. We have come to understand this. Therefore, we no longer make fuss with this instrument when this instrument gives the challenge, for we are very happy that there is challenging, for it make this instrument free for us to use.

We leave you only a question, one we ask often. We shall phrase it not like question, but like situation. Here is your situation: Take away your job. Who are you? We gonna keep going here—aha! Take away your clothes; you are wearing sheets now—everybody look alike—aha?! Take away the haircuts, and any artificial means of decoration of the self. How much of you is left? All of you, of course. But who are you in there? We goin’ find you. We take off shoes. We not goin’ to leave anything but your inner self.

Now what are you going to do? Take away your body. You are only disembodied spirit. But you can turn on TV; you can do anything you wish. Now, there is no one to impress but yourself. Now. Where lie your interests? How would you spend your day? We suggest that most of you are still enough with this world that you would spend a lot of time with the television, the movie, the book, the record, and all the diversions that you so love. We of course are not mentioning things like the tennis because that is often a way of saying who you are, and it is false. We want you to go now through that period where you are tired now of watching that which is outside. Sooner or later, you gonna turn inside and you goin’ to look around.

Now who are you? You got a lot of work to do. That work, my friends, can only be done with that which you do not have unless you meditate, for all that you attempt to do to be of service, all that you attempt to do by “rearning,” by learning—we are sorry, that one hard for us—aha!—must go before you get the clear look at the limitation of the self that will go away unlamented when you do, indeed, lose this particular chemical body. But you are spiritual person; each is spirit, is soul, that which is ancient. Therefore, within meditation there is that which may put you in touch with who you are. And more than that, may give you tools to use, resources to use in the manifestation of the discovery of why you are. Can you love and serve without recourse to meditation and the contact with that which is infinite? You try—you get tired fast.

We thank you for asking us. We are through now, and so leave you in love and in light of infinite One. Listen, my friends, to the silence behind sound, for therein lies your consciousness in its whole reality. How many illusions shall you pierce within the next day or group of days this instrument call week or month? Attire yourself, my friends, not to your clothing first, not to your job first, never to the outer things first. But first to the silence and to the discipline of listening to that silence. For it will drum in your ears louder than all the birdsong, thunder, lightning, rain, hail, all the crickets and other insects, all the trains and planes, anything you can think of. There is nothing so deafening as the sudden tabernacling, shall we say, with the Creator that is you. And nothing is more beautiful than the soul that carries himself away from meditation and into the world. O, rejoice my friends, for you seek and you shall find.

We leave you. We are Yadda. Adonai. Adonai. Farewell.