(Carla channeling)

I am L/Leema, and greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are most gratified this evening to be requested to join in meditation, and we are grateful for the work that one known as L1 has done. We feel that we are making progress in this conditioning and will continue when there is an opportunity such as this one by using this instrument to work with this channel and any other channel who may wish to experience the contact in the future, as you would say. We greet each of you and bless each of you and find great beauty in each of you and, again, we thank you that you allow us to share our limited suppositions and opinions with you.

The question before us is the point which occurs well into the spiritual journey. Therefore, we wish to state the question and then attempt to put [it] in context. It is our understanding that the query involves the balancing technique described by those known to you as Ra which involves accentuating of the distortion as the opening move towards the balance in the personality of that distortion.

To put this in context, we must look at your situation. You are shipwrecked on an island that spins in space. You cannot escape from this island during your incarnational experience and you are separated from other consciousness of the same or higher density by limitless light or space. You share this with each of those who are your companions upon your island home, the vast majority of which are not at all interested in balancing their distortions in the fullest sense, but rather are usually interested in accentuating pleasant distortions and eliminating or numbing uninteresting sensations and emotions.

Therefore, it must be assumed that this technique is of no use to most of those upon your planet. This does not mean that they who have no access to this technique will not learn, for the incarnational experience is very efficient and enough catalyst is given to each that the basic plan of the higher self is at least presented, if not realized. However, those within this domicile at this time have made a decision, the dimensions of which are immense. That decision is to seek the truth. Although there is no distance to this journey of seeking, the effort and the time which you spend in seeking actively and passively, that is, through action and through meditation is an accelerating force which causes your mental/emotional complex to experience in a more rapid and intense manner not only events, but the emotional overtones and undertones of the event.

Let us look at an analog that is very simple, an analog to a concept which does not seem simple, but complex. The analog is this: When a young boy or girl rides his bike, if he takes it very slowly, he will not have to lean as he goes around a corner and it is unlikely that any harm will come to him through miscalculation. This is the case of most upon your planet who have not chosen to accelerate their seeking. Now if this same boy or girl chooses to speed up his journey, he will run into several different problems, all related to his rate of speed. A bicycle going above a certain velocity cannot change its course without first leaning, not in the direction it wishes to go, but in the opposite direction; when one has achieved a certain velocity, one may not see a traffic problem, a bump in the road, and so forth and one may fall off one’s bike and hurt oneself.

Now let us turn that simple analogy and look at what seems to be a complex question. When the seeker discovers catalyst affecting him, regardless of the conscious spiritual attitude of the seeker, the lower or deeper portions of the mind will cause certain reactions to bubble up as they had been programmed to do by this incarnational pattern of childhood or because of racial memory, planetary memory or cosmic memory. You will react to catalyst, my friends. The concept of indifference is not one we recommend as one which is helpful when one is faced with catalyst. Rather, we suggest a great deal of interest be given to what is occurring. Is the catalyst due to the attempt to go around the corner? Is the catalyst due, in other words, to a change, a transformation that one is attempting to achieve? Is the catalyst such that some change or transformation might be suggested? If this is the case, and it often is when catalyst is involved, the leaning as you go around the corner is the accentuation in a brief manner preparatory to making the change towards that which you do not want within yourself or within your mind.

For you must have a good grasp of what it is you are leaving as well as what it is you are seeking before you can plainly and efficiently make the transformation. It has been noted that the accentuation can get out of hand—a body can become sick, a mind can become diseased, an anger can become magnified, and all these things seem to blow up, to explode in such a way as to destroy the possibility of transformation.

Let us go back to the boy on the bike. When someone falls off of a bike, that entity picks up the bike, checks himself and the bike for damage, patches up what is necessary and renegotiates the turn. When the seeker in attempting to process catalyst falls off of the firm intention to “do good,” shall we say, or to use a more accurate term, to follow a positive path, the seeker may well feel bruised, battered, injured and without any proper vehicle for making that transformation previously so eagerly sought. However, there is no moment within or without of the incarnational framework of your ongoing consciousness within which there does not lie the possibility for transformation, the possibility for polarization, the possibility to see love.

We do not mean to be simplistic. We realize that there are deep concerns within this group having to do with life and death. We realize that two within this group have died, and we realize that in both cases, the entities were in the process of making rapid spiritual progress. My friends, these entities are still making rapid spiritual progress due to the effort which knocked them off of their bicycles, spiritually speaking. You must remember that this is an illusion. You are looking at a shadow world. You feel as though you are full and the sky is empty, but in truth you are very empty compared to the fullness of the living ethers.

We shall leave this group, hoping that we may have been of some help and rejoicing with all our hearts that you have asked such a question. For we always hope to offer inspiration and we find that the concept of the infinite amount of hope which, as far as we know is the nature of spiritual reality, [is] a very inspiring message to offer you. We ask you to remember as you fall off, get back on, turn corners, accentuate the turning of the corner in order to make a more efficient turning, and so forth that you are the love in this island home; you are the light in this fragile Earth.

We thank you for your service; we thank you for allowing us to be of service. We are known to you as L/Leema. We leave you at an accentuated point at which it is darkest. And we wait with you for the dawning, rejoicing in the coming of the light and rejoicing with you that your love and your light, that which comes through you from the source of love and light, can and will renew the Earth. We leave you in the light. Adonai. Adonai.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and we greet you, my friends, in the love and light of our infinite Creator. We too thank you for inviting our presence this evening. We are overjoyed to be able to join your group and we look forward to any queries which might be presented for our mutual benefit. May we ask for the first query?

Yes, I have a question. I’ve been for the last month or so looking for a particular person, and one day at work I was meditating and I had actually spoken to Latwii and I laid my head back to meditate for awhile, and it seemed like two names that were actually younger brother and sister of the person I was trying to get ahold of, they just popped into my mind, I hadn’t thought of those two names for a long time, and so I went inside and looked ’em up, and there was one of ‘em. I called and got the phone number for the lady I was trying to get ahold of. Did you, you-all, have anything to do with that? That’s my question.

I am Latwii, and we, my brother, are happy to say that we were merely witnesses to the coincidence of your seeking and finding that which you sought. The mind in its various portions and capacities contains a great deal more information than any here would easily believe, for indeed, you are one with all that occurs. Within your personal memory there were names which were retrieved and presented for the aid that they might give in your seeking. We observed this phenomenon, and our only part was, shall we say, was to deepen your meditation as requested in order that this information might become more easily accessible.

May we answer further, my brother?

No, thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you. Is there another query?

Well, that brings up an interesting query, at least it’s interesting to me. My grandmother has a theory that we have little file clerks in our heads and when we can’t think of something, we tell the clerk to go find it and then we forget about it because it doesn’t do any good to worry about it. And in fifteen minutes or in two days or in two weeks, however long the file clerk takes, it will trot up to the front brain and tell it that it’s found the information. Does something like that actually happen when we make a request to our brain for information that we can’t immediately remember?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. Those who utilize the power of mind in a conscious fashion may describe and create their “fashion” and it shall be as effective as the image which was used to create it. Thus, if one imagines that there are clerks of one nature or another within the mind who may move to another portion of the mind and retrieve information needed from that portion and present it to the conscious mind in this fashion, then in this fashion will such a mind operate. There are many, many ways of utilizing the mind and its ability to recall that in which it was co-creator.

May we answer further, my sister?

Yes. I don’t know computer language at all, but people have often spoken of the brain as a computer, and I see this request as kind of requesting the computer for data, and I guess what I should have said was that my question had to do with not whether there was a file clerk in there, but if there was a purposive searching that went on independent of the original intention to do the search, which was roughly equivalent to giving the computer a program that it would take an unknown amount of time to process but that it was going to process it.

I am Latwii, and believe that we now have a better grasp of the nature of your query. Please query further if we are mistaken. There are a number of ways to describe the process of which you speak, that is, the seeking of information by the conscious mind and the process by which the information is found and perhaps where it is found. The charging of a desire is the most important portion of the finding of the object of the desire. The experience of the entity provides it a framework within which it might move and continue to move as the framework accumulates what you would call experience through time.

All experience is recorded within the moment of its occurrence. Those partaking in the event will be the primary recorders, shall we say. They shall have the initial experience and shall be able to provide that experience to whatever mind seeks the experience for its own use. When the charge is put upon the desire to know a certain distortion of the truth, then this desire in a conscious fashion moves through the being or metaphysical portions of the entity so seeking. The charge matches that which is sought. Thus, if there are no resistances, shall we say, along the line of travel, the retrieval of the information is immediate, for the seeking is undertaken within one environment, that is, the fabric of your creation, the one Creator.

If there are, however, any forms, thought forms of interference or resistance along the line of travel—and this is usually the case in one degree or another—then the impulse must find its way through or around this resistance. There must be what you would call a gestation period during which the impulse is able to move through the resistance by a progress of what you might call osmosis or bleeding through. The resistances are usually a function of the program of catalyst, an emotional charge of one form or another which inhibits a free flow of information and necessitates a circuitous flow of information. Thus, the imperfect memory because of small emotional charges given to portions of learning as they are initially processed, usually within the younger years of an entity. Thus, dreams and intuitional hunches are often utilized by the deeper portions of the mind as means of circumnavigating these blockages or resistances to the free flow of information.

May we answer further, my sister?

Yeah. Just one question. One of the fringe religions, Scientology, has as its goal the clearing of such blockages, and it is considered the highest good for a person to achieve the state of clarity. On the other hand, I’ve noticed that naturally, without my attempting to do anything about it, that imperfect memory works all the time. I’ve found that I’ve blocked out almost every unfortunate thing that has happened to me that hasn’t happened to me lately. And I go through a progressive way of kind of making my memories golden and just not remembering the rough parts and remembering the good parts. And I wonder, is it important to break through each and every blockage from childhood programming or whatever or is it healthy to accept the protective blocking of traumatic memory?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. We can suggest that as an entity becomes more consciously aware of the process of seeking that is underway in its own being that this choice then becomes more and more a conscious choice and is up to the entity to weigh the alternatives, shall we say. Each entity within your illusion seeks to learn certain lessons. Another way of stating this might be that each seeks to balance distortions or to develop a certain distortion or bias in attitude. It is not so much a case of breaking through a blockage as it is noting the nature of the blockage or resistance and determining the nature of the lesson that is held in this symbolic form. Thus, the process of seeking becomes more consciously undertaken and an entity may then determine that a certain action or attitude is more appropriate at this time than the one which it had been utilizing and the choice may be made to seek a transformation. The entity always has the opportunity for transformation, for such milestones are placed periodically throughout each incarnation. Yet one who seeks in a more conscious fashion may not only utilize those milestones so placed and utilize them more effectively, but may choose additional milestones or challenges, shall we say.

May we answer further, my sister?

Well, just one thing because I think this is probably only of interest to me. It is to be noted that due to the nature of imperfect memory, the only time that you find out about it is when somebody reminds you of something which you’ve forgotten, so usually you don’t know that you don’t remember stuff. So, I’m not sure exactly how you would know the nature of blockage or be able to work on it because you wouldn’t even know what it is that you don’t know—because you don’t know it. If you see what I mean.

I am Latwii, and we believe we grasp the dilemma, and it is a dilemma which is most prevalent within your illusion, for each seeker is as one carrying a tiny light in the darkest of night, attempting to discover a path which will take it from where it is to where it wishes to be. The light illumines but the smallest portion of what lies about the entity. Thus there is much groping and bruising of the being, it would seem, as the path is sought. Yet the conscious desire to continue this journey tends to rekindle and enable the flame to burn somewhat brighter, that somewhat more of the surroundings might be known. Yet it is the desire to seek the truth that is consciously enhanced that most facilitates this seeking, for within such a darkly and dimly lit illusion there is a good deal of what you might call grace or support which…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and am once again with this instrument. As we were about to conclude, the seeker is most enabled by the conscious increase of the desire to seek the truth, for within such an illusion as that which you now inhabit, the grace of the one Creator which exists in all portions of the illusion is that which carries you beyond all true harm. Your desire to seek that one Creator is that which shall find its goal, for indeed, it contains that which it seeks.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Latwii and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?


I am Latwii. We thank you each and every one for allowing our presence this evening. Our humble words are but poor attempts to describe that which is quite beyond description. The most carefully phrased query has the same response as the hum of your locusts for the One answers all in love. Our attempt at using words and concepts to in some fashion describe this love and its availability to you are but poor attempts. We thank you for seeking such with us. Upon such a journey it is of great comfort to travel with friends who seek as we seek. We are those of Latwii. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Carla channeling)

I Yadda. I greet you in love and light of infinite One. We come say “Hi” to J. We not stay very long and wish only to encourage each, for there is a song which is beyond the ears, there is the poem which is beyond the language, and there is the life which is beyond death. Welcome to eternity; welcome to what this instrument call Kingdom of Heaven is here. Is now. And is the most powerful creative force in the universe. You think you can use it to fix up world? No, my friends, although a gentle spirit goes a long way. It is of you only in your heart as you gravitate more and more to the One whence you came. We leave you in that unity with much love in our hearts for you. We are with you if mentally requested, and we thank you for allowing to take your time. We known to you as those of Yadda. We say farewell in the One. In love and in light, farewell.