(Carla channeling)

I am L/Leema, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a privilege and a blessing to be called to this meeting this evening and we share your path with you for a few short moments with utmost gratitude and in hopes that we may be of service to you as we discuss the question which you have put before us, that question being, “What is the nature of prejudice?”

The one whom you have often called the Ancient of Days, whom we prefer to call the Creator or the one original Thought, designed a universe with interest in the variety of consciousness which might precipitate from the giving of free will to various portions of the Logos or love. This variety was seen to be positive in nature and was intended further, in this particular Logos which your planet is influenced by, to offer endless opportunities for polarity, that is, the polarization in consciousness betwixt two conscious entities, thereby giving more variety of experience to the Creator. Therefore, from the same point of the one original Thought there is no possibility of prejudice.

Now let us comb through many densities, many eons of developmental time and space to that illusion which you now experience which is the fruit of all experience that has gone before. As your third-density experience nears its end, the polarity which it is possible for this population to develop has been more or less developed, and some of those polarities involve biases which among your peoples are called prejudicial.

We would like to make two points about prejudice. Firstly, there is an understanding of the word itself which separates the negative portion of prejudice from the positive portions of prejudice. The root of this particular word in your language—and we take this from this instrument’s mind—is the Latin judicare, meaning to judge or discriminate. However, there is a prefix that is “pre-fixed,” in other words, there is that which goes before the judgment or discrimination. Literally, the word means “to prejudge,” to judge before you know the facts, to go into relationship with a stranger whom you have not previously known and whose heart and essence you cannot possibly begin to touch with a pre-formed and hardened opinion which takes on some of the negative qualities of that which you call among your peoples, will. The negative portion of prejudice, therefore, is simply that those who make judgments before they know the heart of any subject or consciousness are robbing themselves of an even greater variety of biases which might develop were one to attempt to walk in, as this instrument would say, the other man’s shoes, to feel as he feels, to think as he thinks, to be in the situation in which this entity exists.

Since this is a limiting factor, and not a freeing factor, since prejudice imprisons the mind of the one who is prejudiced, it is a metaphysically unsound and counterproductive facet of one’s character and it is not suggested that it be encouraged.

We would like to point out, however, that although in no ultimate terms can you judge or discriminate within the illusion in matters having to do with ultimate reality, nevertheless, it is clear that one who lives in an illusion such as yours will find his power of discrimination to be most helpful, for there are those who speak well and whose intentions are other than they speak. There are those who speak ill or who do not speak at all and whose intentions are pure and good. This has little or nothing to do with any prejudicial component such as race, creed, color, sex or age.

There is a further point which may be very helpful to those who wish to work with prejudice within themselves in order to become free of prejudice and become free to discriminate more freely and that is this. Prejudice is, to some extent, an instinct based upon the ultimate origin of the various races of your planetary sphere. Because more than one planetary sphere produced third-density candidates which have experienced third density upon this sphere, those of different planetary influences have fundamentally various archetypical minds, that is, part of their archetypical minds, that part connected with the racial consciousness, is in some cases subtly, in other cases widely different from race to race. The instinctive bias is that of the recognition of a difference. This is the fundamental instinctual and root reason for prejudice or prejudgment. It is not, however, valid in the sense that mind/body/spirit complexes are each the Creator, regardless of their planetary origins. Each, furthermore, has put in the span of third density’s space/time attempting to learn the same lessons of love which each has attempted to learn. Therefore, the racial component becomes less and less as the entity becomes more and more consciously a child of the one infinite Creator.

To be prejudiced against any spirit which walks among you is possibly to be discriminating against one whom you would call a saint or angel if you but knew the heart of that person. We ask you therefore to forgive yourself for the inevitable prejudices that are involved in racial discrimination. We ask you further to clear your mind by progressive attempts during meditation of the prejudgment aspect having to do with discrimination. It is not appropriate when one is dealing with an infinite and eternal being that one should prejudge such a marvelous and miraculous piece and necessary portion of the one infinite Creator.

We would say one more thing about prejudice before we leave this instrument in order that we might answer a query. There are other prejudices or biases which have the same sort of limiting effect upon the self as racial prejudice. By this, we mean prejudice against certain types of music, certain types of written word, certain types of food, certain degrees of intelligence, certain accents, and so forth. These are the small change of prejudice. The damage done by this sort of prejudice is not as great as the damage done by racial prejudice due to the fact that you only hurting yourself and not other people. Since one seldom says to another human, “I cannot speak with you because you are too stupid,” nor can music become insulted because one person will not listen to it, you are therefore limiting and damaging only yourself for the most part. However, it is well to think well enough of oneself to wish not to damage the self by these prejudices, but rather, again to listen once, taste once, see once, hear once, or feel once any new experience before one judges or discriminates.

Prejudice, my friends, is that which limits; it is therefore that which kills, for freedom is that which causes light. Without condemning yourself or any prejudice, therefore we ask you again to consider well the possible virtue of meditating upon any prejudice which you may entertain in order that the prejudgment may give way to true and valid discrimination.

We would leave this instrument at this time, being conscious of our tendency to give too long an answer when a short one has more pith and may be easier to digest. We are those of L/Leema and would now transfer, leaving you in love and light.

(Jim channeling)

I am L/Leema, and we are pleased to greet you through this instrument. We are happy that it has been able to discriminate our signal and to speak our thoughts. At this time we would offer ourselves in any further attempts to answer queries which those present may have value in the asking. May we be of such service, my friends?

I would like to ask for some help. I can’t remember whether it was N or J that asked a question earlier—I guess it was N—about channeling the other Ra to find out what connection it might have with our Ra. It’s not a valid metaphysical practice, but I was at a loss as to how to approach explaining that, even though I’ve come to know it through years of meditating. I wonder if you could be short and clear and pithy where I was totally lost?

I am L/Leema, and we shall attempt this, my sister. Without judging the efforts of any to serve the one Creator and those about it, we may suggest that some attempts at the vocal channeling are not quite what they appear at first to be. It may be that an entity who has a gift of being able to speak the thoughts of another is made aware of information which it feels is valuable. This information may also be of the channeled variety. This entity in some degree may feel that its service would be enhanced were it able to also offer the channeling of the information which it has come across and feels to be valuable. The desire to serve is at the heart of this effort. Yet, if it is not that entity’s gift to channel this or that particular entity, it may be that within its own subconscious mind. The process then takes life and information seeming to come from the entity which it values is then produced. This, though not seeming to be as it is, that is, a product of one’s subconscious mind, may however be of great value to that entity and perhaps others as well. Yet, for you, my sister, to attempt to channel that which was subconsciously fabricated would not be a service to this group anymore than another vocal channel’s attempt to channel those of the Ra would be to others about it.

May we answer further, my sister?

No. It’s basically N’s question. N, [inaudible]?

No. I think I understood L/Leema’s reply that it was a fabricated thought form from the individual’s subconscious. Is that correct?

Yeah, that’s what he said.

I am L/Leema. Is there a further response that we might give to either entity?

I’m satisfied.

Well, then who is it that’s coming from the subconscious that’s not Ra?

I am L/Leema, and am aware of your query, my brother. As you know from your own experience, in attempting to become what has been called the vocal channel or instrument, there is a great leeway or possibility of doubt for one serving as an instrument in that it is not provable to any entity that one is actually channeling another entity when the vocal channeling is attempted. This is in order that one’s free will shall always remain intact and that no seemingly superior entities will be unquestionably listened to, shall we say. The channel of whom you speak is one desiring to serve and we do not wish in any way to denigrate that service. Yet it is a common error, shall we say, that entities with a great desire to serve others as vocal channels will when made aware of information of a channeled variety which they value then attempt to reproduce this in their own experience and thereby be of further service. But it is usually the case that instruments have abilities that match or vibrations of seeking that match those discarnate entities who then transmit information through them. When an instrument seeks to choose who it shall channel, then the surrender of the will which is necessary in this channeling process is not completely given. In such an instance there are two possibilities which explain the source of the entity then channeled.

Firstly, there are those of the negative polarization who are happy to mimic positive contacts and slowly lead astray those listening to their words, for the mimicking is continued only so long as is necessary to maintain the contact. Inevitably, there is information given which tends to detune the instrument and the group that may have gathered about it to support it in its service. In such a manner then, negative entities are able to remove the positive light of groups who become so detuned.

The second possible source of such information is more benign, and that is the subconscious fabrication which the instrument may undertake on a somewhat conscious, yet very likely more unconscious level of determination. In such an instance the information given remains within the realm of knowledge of the instrument who serves as channel.

May we answer further, my brother?

If a question is not educated, the channels on that level, when you mentioned knowledge, are limited?

I am L/Leema. We believe we grasp your query. Please question further if we are mistaken. We spoke in the second instance of the possibility of information being subconsciously fabricated by an instrument whose desire is to serve others by channeling information from an entity belonging to another group. When this occurs, that is, the subconscious fabrication of information, this information then will remain within the realm of whatever level of metaphysical understanding the channel has achieved.

May we answer further, my brother?

Okay. I’m new at this game, so who will I channel?

I am L/Leema, and this query is upon another topic, for within this group there are a number of entities who have become regulars, shall we say, to this group. As you or any new instrument would then undertake to serve as a channel for this group’s contacts, you then would be available for the channeling of whatever entity was at that time working with this group. The newer instruments in this group are usually introduced to the vocal channeling phenomenon by those of Laitos and Hatonn, for they are of the love vibration which is much broader in its broadcast beam than are those of Latwii, those of Oxal, or our own social memory complex. For we inhabit the density of light and must therefore transmit a narrower and more difficult beam to receive.

If you are desirous of pursuing the path of the vocal channel within this group and if you give over your will that a contact can be made through your instrument, you will channel whatever entity is working this group at the time you are channeling. It is not likely that you will choose what entity you desire to channel because you admire or appreciate one entity’s information over another’s. The vocal channel desires to serve in whatever capacity is available to it; when it has tuned this desire and has challenged any contact, then it may speak freely, without fear of fabrication of any kind.

May we answer further, my brother?

No. But I’m glad you told me that I won’t channel some weirdo out there—and that’s not a question. Thank you.

I am L/Leema. Is there another query that we might attempt?

Yes, as an addendum to J’s question, the Yadda that Carla channels, is that Yadda Dishihity, the same as Mark Prover’s? Yadda, and do all, shall we say, does Yadda transmit to other channels at this time, and does L/Leema and Latwii also transmit to other channels? At the same time?

I am L/Leema, and am aware of your query, my brother. The ones known as Yadda to this group are the ones which you have become familiar with in your studies and in your listening to the tapes which contain this entity’s words as they were transcribed and delivered through the one known as Mark. It is occasionally the case that a group of entities such as Yadda or even ourselves or any within the Confederation will be able to make contact and maintain contact with a number of groups such as this one. The number is not important. The groups so contacted are contacted because their call or desire to serve and to learn matches a certain group’s vibratory identification, shall we say.

It is seldom the case that such contacts are able to be maintained by those of the Confederation over a very long period of time as you measure time, for each group and each instrument will undergo the testing and the temptations by those of a negative orientation who desire to remove the light that is metaphysically created by such a contact between the Confederation and any group of your planet. This is a balancing phenomenon that must accompany any such contact, for where there is the opportunity for light to radiate to those of your planet, there must also be the opportunity for the darkness to have its sway as well. In this way, the free will of each instrument is maintained and enhanced as the continuous choice is made to tune and challenge all such contacts and further serve the one Creator by purifying the desire of the self and the group.

Thus, it is often the case that groups or instruments will be unaware of the necessity of tuning and challenging, and will then receive a temptation from the negative entity or entities to focus on information that is of a more transient nature, such as the date and nature of various disasters and information of a specific nature regarding inventions, discoveries, means of making great wealth available that the group might be glorified above the message that it has previously been privileged to offer to others. Thus, contact is often lost and continuous channeling of one entity by a number of groups is therefore not a frequent phenomenon.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Thank you very much. I have a problem that’s been bothering me, not for great wealth or truth or anything else, other than the fact that it’s for my own particular awareness, and I’d ask Latwii about it…

[Side one of tape ends.]

…but there was a question asked of Latwii about an intergalactic battle that occurred over in Africa, and I’m not really interested in the date, other than the fact than just some sort of confirmation that the two hundred people saw it, that it did occur. And if it did occur, why would the Confederation allow this sort of scene to occur to sort of put a, shall we say, negative light on the UFOs, or was it a negative implant? You see, it didn’t occur in our regular newspapers. And, the reason that it was allowed to occur was the germane point.

I am L/Leema, and we feel we have a grasp of your query, my brother. As we investigate this issue, we see there has been a great deal of misunderstanding generated by those who were witness to this event, and this misunderstanding was further amplified by those who chose to report it in the manner in which it was finally received and read by those of this group. The occurrence itself must remain somewhat within the realms of mystery, for it was a display that was meant to have a limited impact, shall we say.

Those witness to this display interpreted it in a manner which matched their expectations, or—to return to our topic for the evening—in a manner which matched their prejudicial points of view, for when craft of a seeming extraterrestrial origin are observed within the skies, and there are a number of such craft maneuvering in a manner which is quite eccentric, it is easy to assume that there is a battle being fought. It is as the child observing an incident which is beyond its scope and of necessity needing to describe this incident in terms which it understands, yet in such a description great distortions enter in. We may suggest that this is the case with the incident of which you speak. Therefore, the ones reporting this incident, shall we say, jumped upon the bandwagon, and were only too happy to amplify the description, and we are somewhat surprised that there was not a body count given.

May we answer further, my brother?

Thank you very much. I did feel that there should not have been an intergalactic battle, so to speak, between the three ships that they mentioned, and that was my premise for repeating the question that wasn’t answered earlier. But thank you very much.

I am L/Leema, and am honored to be able to serve in even a small capacity. Is there another query?

Yes. Earlier I was picking up your conditioning, and after a period of time of experiencing it I was starting to drift off, and after it occurred, one of our second-density creatures came over and more or less grounded me down. How was this creature able, if it was the case, that it felt that I needed it to come over and help keep me in place?

I am L/Leema, and we apologize, my brother, for giving our conditioning vibration in such a large dose, for we are yet new to contact with those of your peoples and tend to step up our voltage somewhat overmuch with initial contacts. This was the case this evening and we were happy to find a small creature who could easily be influenced to infringe upon your aura and thus call you back to, shall we say, the land of the conscious.

May we answer further, my brother?

Whenever I get a conditioning, and I know it’s warm tonight, but the experience was done, it was, well, say heavy-handedly, the energy is felt as heat. Is that the case always? Is it always experienced as heat when it’s, say, overdone?

I am L/Leema, and this is usually the case, my brother, for the one such as yourself who chooses to serve as the vocal instrument does so in manner much like a wire which carries one of your electrical impulses. When the impulse is of too great a voltage for the capacity of the wire to conduct, there is usually the overheating. This is quite literally the case with you this evening and is usually to be associated with any instrument who has been given too great a dose of the conditioning vibration.

May we answer further, my brother?

Well, the conditioning initially was to me an extremely pleasant sort of state. I guess I got too much into the experience of feeling it as opposed to really—I guess I was—analyzing’s the main [thrust]. But yet I want to again get back into being a vocal channel. I’m very interested in doing—in actually channeling yourself, but there is a hesitancy because I do tend to go further into a trance than need be for channeling. What do I need to do to keep this from occurring?

I am L/Leema. With practice, this tendency towards trance may be alleviated by the suggestion to yourself with each experience that you shall remain conscious and able to cease the process at any point. We shall, as always, be most happy to work with you, and to offer our conditioning in doses which are determined to be of the proper quantity. We will attempt, if this is your desire, to offer that conditioning which is well short of any amount that would aid in trance and then work our way toward the optimum level of conditioning that would facilitate the clearest possible transmission of our thoughts through your instrument.

May we answer further, my brother?

No, thank you for working with me tonight.

I am L/Leema, and we are honored to do so, my brother. And we thank you for your open-hearted sharing of your own self with us. Is there another query?


I am L/Leema. We thank you, my friends, for inviting our presence this evening. We are honored to share our words with you. We are honored to take those thoughts which have some value in your seeking and to fashion them as best we can into those concepts known as words. Yet we realize how far short any word falls in its ability to describe that which is beyond description. We hope that each of you will look and listen with not only the mind but the heart and your very soul as well and see beyond the word to the great field of love which lies behind all manifestation. It is this love that we attempt to share, the great variety of ways that equals the many words we speak through these instruments.

Please look at the words as messengers. They cannot contain that which sends them forth and which gives them life; yet they can point a direction. The direction is toward the heart of love within each of you and within all creation. Look there within your own being and about you as [you] move through your daily lives for the inspirations that will carry you onward. We move with you in this great journey of seeking the truth and the one Creator that is all truth. We leave you now and look forward to joining again in such a gathering. We are L/Leema. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Carla channeling)

I Yadda. I greet you in love and light of infinite Creator. We thank the entity known as J for asking for our presence, and we thank each for the patience at the end of long session to allow us come among you at this time. We identify ourselves to you formally. We are Yadda Di-shi-hi-ty. We been trying to lose the last of that name, but it keep catching up with us. Aheh heh! So, we go ahead and use the whole thing.

Now, we got to say a few good words or we don’t have any reason to be here. So, we going to give you a few cosmic words here—and practice our “R’s” too.

Now, we want to talk to you about food and anything else that you love. This instrument loves food; other people love money; other people love power, but we always ask you the same question: Who are you? Love.

Let’s look at food. There is a banquet before you, and you eat and eat and you are just so happy because your stomach is so full, and you have eaten until you can eat no more, but you know you gonna get hungry again. Now those who want money, they usually get money because that’s what they want. But you know what? They never get enough. The more money, the more they want money more. It is the same with power; it is the same with those things that you love that are part of the mundane world.

What are you going to do to get yourself a meal that sticks with you or money that does not spend? We suggest that there is food which shall cause you to hunger no more, that there are riches so great that the wise man sells all that he has to get the riches of wisdom. There are those who love power but finally discover power that does not corrupt or go away within themselves. That is the power to surrender to the inner self. You got a whole kingdom there that will give you food and money and power. It will not stand on this Earth, as you call it; however, you are not here for very long at a time, are you? And you need to store up that which will not become corrupt nor will it go away. Therefore, we ask you to look within in the meditation for that sustenance that does not fail you.

We would say in closing that we begin to understand this instrument’s love of the one she call Jesus because he fed all the people with bread and fish. But you know, the one known as Buddha would say, “Go hungry if you want to; it does not matter—you can eat in your next lifetime.” This instrument likes food too much to like that kind of thinking. Aha?!

So. We shall leave you in joy that we are able to share with you. How fortunate we are and we thank you for asking as to our origin. It is good to know to whom you are speaking. We are one of the good guys, as far as we know. We ask that if anything which we may have said is not that which would have been said by good guys, you ignore us completely and get on with your life. On that note, we shall leave you in the utmost wimitwess—we gonna have to do that again—limitless love and light of the one infinite Creator. We are those of Yadda. Adonai. Adonai.