Group question: What about guilt?

(Carla channeling)

I am L/Leema, and I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator Whom we all serve in joy. And indeed it is a great joy to be here with you, to share these moments with you, to be in communion with that which makes each of you who you are, for that is the question that has come before us this evening.

There may seem to be many, many forces which operate upon the personality from without, those things the society would wish you to do, those things those about you would wish you to do. And yet when one asks for comment upon this subject, the comment must turn upon the subject of identity, for whom you listen to and what stress you feel is in the end a function of who you are, not what you mean to yourself.

Each of us is unique. This is not a uniqueness that is attempted, that is worked at, or that is in any way manipulative. Nor is it anything that can be manipulated, for your identity is one harmonious chord of being, unique in the whole creation, infinite in its beauty, and irreplaceable. And so you sit in circle within a dwelling place in meditation, each chord blending with each chord as the whole group becomes one identity, seeking the One which is not unique but which is limitless. That from which you are derived, shall we say, had no identity until It decided in the vastness of timelessness to experience Itself. And so you sit in meditation, far-flung bits of the Creator who have become unique. You experience each other—and the Creator experiences Itself.

We move now back into the area of illusion from which the question was asked concerning the pressures of “should” and “must” that are given one by those souls around one and by the society itself in its many forms. Perhaps it is easier now to see the illusion for what it is—many things impinging upon that which is unique. You who are unique cannot pluck this or that from you, for you have chosen the pressures, the musts, the shoulds, and all of the confusion that follows therefrom in order to further develop your uniqueness and thereby the infinite Creator’s experience of Itself.

We realize that there is a need within the illusion to find a way of thinking about or dealing with these pressures. There are as many ways as there are individuals. One way which we might recommend to you is gentleness with yourself. If you can see yourself as that unique being that is not threatened by extinction by any force from without or from within, then perhaps you can see the possibility of offering to yourself the gift of gentleness, patience and kindness to the self by the self. Examine, if you wish, a pressure that is causing you anguish, pain and confusion. Turn it about in your mind, test it, allow the uniqueness that is you to impinge upon that illusion, and then with kindness and thanking the source of the pressure, the seeming pain, the seeming confusion, allow the self to sound its chord.

Perhaps it has been a difficult thing to hear your own beingness. This is understandable, my friends, for you do dwell within a heavy illusion. The heaviness of the illusion is not an error. There is a design which involves your becoming fuller, developing your uniqueness, accentuating certain qualities of being upon which you may have worked for many, many lifetimes. How could you develop without stimulus, even if that stimulus is painful? Look at the world with a kind eye, a gentle eye, a forgiving eye.

The world does not mean to hurt. The illusion is doing what it was intended to do, and you may move very quickly and confusedly so that you muddy that beautiful chord which is yourself, or you may stop and become gentled and thank the illusion for its pressures and its anguish and its pain. You shall not be victorious over it; you shall learn from it, and it shall learn from you. It is well to remember that the undifferentiated terms such as “society” and “family” and “church” are in fact parts of yourself which you have called to yourself in order that you may polish up that beautiful, harmonious, infinitely lovely identity, that you may develop and thrive without regard for life or death as you know it.

We know that this may be somewhat difficult to assimilate, for you are entities who dwell within bodies and who are impinged upon by what seem to be marvelously strong outer forces. Know, my friends, that all of those outer forces are portions of the creation which you have called to yourself for purposes of development. Know that you do not have to work at this development, you do not have to be a student of development. Indeed, the more active you are, the slower will be your going. Gentleness, patience and quiet are the balms of the identity as it waits and watches and loves and chooses.

Whenever the tangle of experience becomes heavy, take your fingers from the knot and rest. Rest within the infinite invisible world which is the creation. Rest, knowing that you do not have to be you by expressing or changing or doing anything. In meditation seek quiet, seek silence, seek that which is yourself—the one infinite Creator. And that which is you shall then have time to interact fully with the experiences you have had. You cannot be puzzled and be active and find change to be helpful. You can be puzzled and be silent and find that change, development and love bubble forth in good time and with messages for you that you would never have developed without the seeming pressures that are seeming to be so difficult.

We ask you to consider that you live within a house, a spiritual house, which has been constructed of illusion within illusion within illusion. There are many intellectual paths one may take at any time. There are many emotional paths one may take at the same time. There is one silence. There is one decision—to turn to meditation in patience, in kindness, and in gentleness and with no stress, for you have nothing to prove, you have nothing to gain or lose. You are as you are. And you will be as you will be because of your patience within the silence as you digest those things which you may have experienced. Never fear that you are cut off from yourself. It is in no way necessary that you fear this, for the louder the pressures from without may cry, the quieter you may get—and within silence all becomes love. And that which your higher self has planned for you to experience is experienced in love and without confusion. Can you do this of your own self within the illusion? The answer is no. If you need a quick answer, you may have to deal with the illusion. If you can find the infinite moment of silence, the work will be done infinitely better.

We celebrate you, my friends, each perfection, and the perfection of the group. And we thank you for requesting our presence, and for allowing us to be a part of those things which you may take into your silence, which you may patiently, gently and lovingly turn over and gaze at, and find further perfection in the gazing. May each of you have a grand adventure within yourself as you meet the illusion moment by moment.

We are known to you as those of L/Leema and we leave you now, resting, lingering within the beauty of each of you. We leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai. Adonai.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and we greet you in the love and light of our one Creator. We too are privileged to be asked to join your group this evening. We thank each of you for this honor. As always, we hope that we may be of some service by attempting to answer those queries which you present to us. Therefore, let us begin, if we may, with the first query.

Would you please speak about the idea of sacrifice?

I am Latwii, and we would ask if there might be a specific application of this concept that you would prefer us to focus upon, for it is a large concept?

Okay. It seems that the idea of sacrifice has been a response to the feeling or the experience of guilt in the way of expiation. It’s just become pervasive in the human experience and in the individual, generally and specifically. So, just some thoughts about it.

I am Latwii, and we thank you for the further clarification. The concept of sacrifice as you have used it in its connection with the concept of guilt is as much of the illusion about you—that is, upon the outer appearance there are certain opportunities that present themselves in order that you might transform the outer into a much different concept or quality by your attention to it and your desire to learn from it.

When one feels the concepts of guilt and the concept of sacrifice that may be perceived as an effect, shall we say, or result of the guilt, [there] are the opportunities to transform the self, for when one has observed the situation within which guilt and sacrifice are felt and has penetrated more to the heart of the situation and has discovered that there is a purpose for these concepts within one’s learning, one may then set about to discover that purpose.

As this process of discovery continues, and the layers of the illusion and the situation are peeled one after the other, one may discover that what seemed to be a sacrifice to another out of guilt may become a gift of love to a beloved portion of one’s own being. This portion may have cried out in many ways that seemed harmful and hurtful to the self. Yet each cry was for love that would enable each to find that love not only within the illusion of the situation but within the heart of each entity’s response to the other, for when there is a great seeming lack of love, there is being built a great potential for the fulfillment of love. The vacuum draws into it that which is sought.

May we answer further, my sister?

Thank you, no. Not right now.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

I’ve been feeling lately as if I’m almost empty, kind of drifting. I imagine it’s part of the experience I’m going through of not taking any medication for pain and so forth. What is the best thing for me to do in this situation? Continue with the affirmation that I went into the surgical experience with or attempt to think along certain inspiring thoughts or what would you suggest?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. We would not specifically guide you but would suggest that the words of those of L/Leema might be helpful in your situation. The gentleness with which one treats the self is a great aid in any situation in which one might find the self moving and experiencing. If the situation is difficult or mysterious and confusing, it is with the gentleness that one may view the self in refusing to demand that the self master the new situation quickly or at any set pace. If you give yourself the freedom to experience without expectations of structuring the experience so that a certain outcome results, then you provide yourself with the support that will allow you to move through a greater portion of your own being and it, in its own time, as you call for it, will reveal itself to you. All portions of one’s experience teach and contain the treasures of the One. Confusion, mystery and even an emptiness call for certain fruits, and of these fruits you shall taste at the time that is appropriate.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, that was really helpful, thank you. I do have a question about sacrifice though, and this more following up on Judy’s question. I’ve often thought of the concept of sacrifice as being a good thing, as being what we’re learning in this illusion. In other words, we sacrifice every time we breathe; we sacrifice that part of our life. And whatever we do is a sacrifice of what effort it took to do it. And so when I think of sacrifice I think more in terms of Jesus’ sacrifice of his entire being for the love of his fellow man. How can one free the concept of sacrifice from the concept of guilt?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. The concepts of which you speak are those which are well suited for the learning of love, which is the primary purpose for which you have gathered in this illusion. The guilt that one may feel is usually concerned with the concept of not having given enough of one thing or another to another being. Within your illusion, the things of the self, be they material or ideas of oneself, are carefully hoarded in order that one may have enough things and feelings of security. But when one…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and am once again with this instrument. His appreciation of the one known as Carla’s predicament is heightened, for the left hand has learned a new lesson. To continue.

As one penetrates the outer shell of the illusion, one discovers that there is more than meets the eye, shall we say. The things are found to be of small value in the larger sense, for the seeker of truth discovers that all things change and move away, yet that which truly sustains the seeker and its journey is a force which is not captured but is freely given. That force is love and is available to all who call for it.

Thus, when one can give away all things, one then makes way for this force to move through the being, and it is then natural to give all one has at each moment to any who would call for the aid of one’s being. Thus, the sacrifice becomes the honor, for there is no thing as important to one as loving another.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

Would you please comment on the way I understood what you said about sacrifice? It seems to me that I heard you say that love and the willingness to give openly and freely in love then transforms sacrifice into just pure response, pure willingness to give, which is entirely different from the Old Testament attitude toward sacrifice, which was a sort of penalty that was required in order to pay a debt. Could you comment on that?

I am Latwii, and we shall do our best, my sister. The concepts of sacrifice and guilt with which we have been dealing this evening are primary concepts for any who seeks the nature of the process of evolution and how one may best move along this path. The finite nature of your illusion presents one with the situation which reproduces the illusion of limitation. Sacrifice is a limited concept, for one who feels that it is sacrificing moves within a limited perception of what is available to the self at all times.

The limitless love of the one Creator enables each entity at all times to experience and to be. By limiting one’s awareness of this concept, many experiences become available that would not be available with the wider perspective. This is the nature of your illusion, and the reason that progress is possible in a rapid fashion within your illusion. For when one has worked long enough upon the concept of sacrifice and limitation and has through many, many experiences discovered that what is necessary is always provided, one discovers then that what was previously seen as sacrifice is a distorted perception which has allowed one to see the infinite nature of another, of a situation of the self.

This is not a quick process, my sister, yet it is one which teaches well, for that which is limited is seen to give way to that which is infinite, and that which is seen as the sacrifice gives way to that which is seen as another opportunity to give freely of the infinite love which is available to all at each moment.

May we answer further, my sister?

That was really helpful. Thank you. I have a question on another subject. When there is a person who is experiencing pain and fatigue and general depletion or really using up of vital energies, and others or another would like to somehow share strength and resource, is there any way that this can be done?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. We are somewhat unsure as how best to pursue the response, for there are many, many ways of transferring energy from one entity to another. The energy that enlivens each entity has been called the vital energy. This is a sum of the physical, mental and spiritual energy complexes of an entity. These complexes each then lend a portion of that energy which enables an entity to feel vital, alive and vibrant. The enhancing of the vital energies for one who is somewhat depleted may be approached from any of these three basic areas.

The spiritual energy system may be enhanced by any number of means which have as their common denominator, shall we say, the inspiration of the entity, as the narrower channel of influx is widened by song, reading, chanting, the visualizing of healing love being sent and surrounding the entity, and so forth.

The mental energy system may also benefit from the same procedures as well as the dialogue, shall we say, in which the one who has become depleted participates and exchanges the, shall we say, food for thought, and is nourished by those who provide the dialogue which also moves into the channel that feeds the vital energies.

The physical energy system is much aided by other techniques including the exercise, the nutrition, as of your foodstuffs, and the sexual energy transfers done with the intent of aiding the one depleted.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, thank you. That was very helpful.

I am Latwii, and thank you as well, my sister. Is there another query?

I have a sort of extension of the last question. There is a vibratory science of sound which was used in ancient China which has been rumored not only to heal but revitalize and reenergize individuals on not just the physical but the spiritual. The name of this ancient science is Shat Chai Mernis. Is there any way that you can channel information concerning Shat Chai Mernis or refer to material that can be read upon it or to an individual who may channel that information?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. We are somewhat limited in our ability to transmit specific information through this type of contact but can suggest that the use of sounds and colors is a specific means of utilizing the very, very general suggestions that we made concerning the revitalizing of the mind, body and spirit energy systems of one who has become depleted in the vital energies. The use of such sounds or tones is, in general, based upon the supposition that each energy system or center, when in a balanced or healthy, as you would call it, configuration vibrates at a certain frequency. The frequency then being reproduced in a somewhat artificial fashion is then used to aid the one depleted in a process of revitalization that first provides the model, shall we say, of the balanced center that the one depleted may then, shall we say, see the goal and be more able to harmonize one’s own center with that goal.

The process is more complex in its application than this very simple description, for each seeker has a somewhat unique configuration associated with each energy center and therefore vary somewhat from the norm, shall we say, for each center.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Well, thank you. Does this in some way refer to Michael Helius’ interpretation of an astrological variation for each entity as far as the sound vibration?

I believe that your statement is correct, my brother. For each branch of science, shall we say, that seeks to provide a means or blueprint by which the seeker may approach evolution there is the necessity for each branch or study to recognize the more subtle aspects of each entity that are not generally given in the more broad interpretations and applications of any philosophy or school of thought.

May we answer further, my brother?

I don’t know about the sound vibrations but in Atlantis they did use the light vibration through various crystals to energize as well as to heal. Did they also use sound?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. We are aware of many uses of the sound vibrations by the entities who comprised the culture known to your peoples as Atlantis. This is correct, my brother.

May we answer further?

Is there anywhere that we can find a channel or seek a channel or an entity that might be able to enlighten us on the healing effects of sound vibration as well as the ability to energize the individual, through the mind, body and spirit complex—all three?

I am Latwii. We are unable to give the specific place or entity which might be so consulted, but we can assure you, my brother, that there are those within your culture who are quite adept at this practice. It is not that difficult to find such an entity if one perseveres.

May we answer further, my brother?

Thank you, no. I have looked, but I have not been able to find anyone who can enlighten me on Shat Chai Mernis. Thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my brother. We find that this instrument grows somewhat fatigued. We would therefore ask for another query or two, if they be somewhat short, as the final queries of the evening. May we attempt such a query at this time?

Well, I have a little one. I still feel L/Leema’s presence, and that’s the first time that L/Leema has lingered. I wondered if it was just her favorite group or if I wasn’t complete in my channeling.

I am Latwii, and we find, my sister, that those of L/Leema have chosen to remain for a period of time in order that their vibrations might provide some aid to your own depleted energies which call for a certain nature or essence that is possessed by those of L/Leema.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Latwii, and we again thank you, my sister. Is there a final query for this evening?

I have an off-the-wall question. Please make your answer as short as you can. Out of curiosity, do entities mostly tend to reincarnate within their original racial complexes to work out karma, you know, racial karma, or are they free to hop in and out to whatever group would look like it would provide good balancing or good different experience?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. Though it is possible for any entity to incarnate within any group, be it race or sex or philosophical persuasion, it is most usually the case that each entity will gather about it those companions upon the journey. It is with these companions that one has traveled previously, shall we say, and has as a result been able to develop a certain ease or fluidity in the incarnational experiences that eases the evolutionary process, shall we say, once again. These groups also gather about them other groupings loosely held together, that serve the same function, yet upon the wider scale, therefore, the entities and groups find it helpful to continue as groupings throughout the incarnations that are found to be necessary in order that all might eventually learn the lessons set before each.

Thus, the groupings tend in the racial sense to remain as originally constructed. This, however, may result throughout the great span of time in one group inhabiting a certain racial configuration at one period of time and another racial configuration at another period of time. Thus, all avenues of learning become available to each seeker.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, thank you. That was very enlightening, and it’s a pleasure to be with you all in person tonight.

I am Latwii, and we are also honored to be in your presence, my sister. We thank each for those queries offered, for by our humble attempts to respond, we learn more of the Creator in Its seeking and experiencing of Itself, and thus do we learn of ourselves. We thank each for inviting our presence and we shall leave this group at this time, rejoicing always in the peace and power and in the love and light of the one Creator. We are those of Latwii. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.