(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is a great blessing to be with you this evening. We apologize for the delay but there were three entities all willing to speak to this group and beloved by this instrument, and the instrument had to wait while we elected whom was to speak. It was decided that I would have that honor and in all of our consciousness we thank you for requested information marginally better prepared by our social memory complex, as you would call it.

Before we speak upon the subject which hopefully would serve as some inspiration, we wish to answer an unasked question that is heavy on the minds of both who meditate this evening. We are aware that we have repeated many times that the group of three is the minimum group for a good contact. Were this an introductory meeting or at the other end of the scale, were this a contact which needed more protection than is consciously possible, the number two would not be satisfactory. Due to the introductory nature of the two who make up this contact and the considerable drive in both for purity in contact, the number two is satisfactory, although we encourage the continuing tuning throughout the meditation. For one times one is two—the multiplication of strength has begun but only begins to become noticeable with the third present. To substitute for the third presence, we suggest that you consider the words of the master who was known to your people as Jesus the Christ. He said that “Whenever two or three are gathered together in my name, I will grant what they request.” Two such are gathered together in the name of the One, and we find the strength of the contact moderate but acceptable.

We would speak with you this evening about your portion as part of the one great original Thought. We would speak of the situation within the illusion and the situation when the illusion is dropped. In many of your people’s equations, what is lost in the transition from the one original Thought to serving others within the illusion is the consciousness that all are one.

Where does it flee, this consciousness that we bring from sleep and manifest in our best moments? Where is it buried, this consciousness of the one original Thought, so that the lives are lived with the sensation of separateness and the lack of plenty? One great source of the entities of your planet’s feeling apart from each other is the institution of trading various types of your money for those things which your body needs to survive.

There is that about money which is finite, in the heaviest illusory sense of that word. And indeed it does come through into the illusion as each entity pays its bills and ponders how to save, how to spend, and how to conduct one’s business, that there is nothing left over, that the riches that one has coming to one are not aplenty but are a subsistence which one may work with with the budget and the planning. Indeed, this institution of the spending of money is one of very many ways that lead to separation.

And yet let us look at other ways as well. Yes, it is true that there are those within our city close to your dwelling place who are hungry this day, who do not have appropriate clothing for the chilliness of your present climate, who have found themselves unable to enter themselves into the society with enough success to produce money.

And, my friends, this is something that is likely to be somewhat of a growing experience as times become more confused and the society less stable. One does not have to look far to find ways to share one’s money, for we shall tell you that there is a great liberation in the sharing of what in your illusion seems to be that which you need. It liberates an entity which is plunged into the illusion from the illusion, precisely insofar as the entity is giving great gifts with the desire to serve the one great Self that knows no separation. Yet there are many ways in which we plunge into the illusion, my friends, are there not? When is a smile stopped upon the face because an entity is plunged too far into an attitude of separation to be able to share joy with another? When is the young in experience shut off from the giver of that experience but when the giver of that experience is self-involved and feels that it would be too expensive to spend time in merely speaking?

You see in actuality, my friends, all those about you are cells of your body, living portions of your reality. To open one’s heart, whatever the need, when done consciously, is a polarizing action, whether it is by the giving of money, the giving of time, the giving of attention or the giving of sympathy, you have much to share with those about you. You have many appropriate greetings for yourself. You have much room for love. And yet, can you do this for yourself? We assure you that unless the will is engaged, your experience of true sharing shall inevitably be blunted! For it is not something that is done mechanically, but from the heart.

Therefore, as always, we assure you that the process of service to others begins within as you groom and season your own personal reality with a thirst and a desire to serve. It helps within your illusion if some process of analysis is added to the thirst for service, for each has prepared a way in which to walk to be of service and clues are all about you, yet without the continuing process of prayerful meditation and of a daily focusing on the search for the one great original Thought and the consciousness it provides, your ambition to be a pure part of the body and vehicle for the Creator will be emaciated. How we encourage you to continue in your meditations and prayers, and then we encourage you to open the eyes and see within each day, each experience, not only the good that can come from that but the clues towards your own centering and your own greatest depth of being.

We realize that we speak to those who already meditate, but if anything, this makes our emphasis upon meditation the stronger, for there is the possibility of constant transformation. Guide your will, my friends, and witness the growing consciousness of the oneness of all entities, for, indeed, this consciousness is growing among your peoples and it will have its harvest of love, light and planetary transformation.

With all the vibrant energy that lies within your soul, my friends, love one another within the illusion and through the illusion by turning your will to the Creator and that great original Thought of love. We leave you now in that love and in that light. We reach out to you, cells of our own body, those of our own being. We are known to you as those of Hatonn. It has been a blessing to speak through this instrument and to share consciousness with you at this time. May we leave you in our love and laughter and joy and may we encourage your will to walk in the ways of seeking that your moments of joy may become more numerous and finally become connected that you may dwell in a river of joy and that you may bless those parts of yourself about you. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and we greet you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. We too thank both present for requesting our presence. We are happy to be the third in this joyful company. We are aware that there might be a query or two that we could attempt and thereby provide our simple service. May we then entertain whatever queries might be upon the minds of those present?

Yes. I’ve been going through a time of drifting badly in spiritual terms. It isn’t that I have found myself in the universe without a God or that I feel it necessary to take back anything that I believe, it is just that it all seems to impinge on my consciousness without causing me to become enthusiastic or to have a drive for more that I usually have. And I wondered if you could comment on this state and on its function in the transformation into a new Carla that I’m going through?

I am Latwii, and we are most happy to attempt the response which may be of some service in this regard. The condition of which you speak is one which is not common nor is it long lasting in manifestations, for the transformations which offer themselves to most seekers are transformations from one state of mind, shall we say, to another, with both states being of a relatively definite and well-defined nature. The experience that is now yours is that experience which might be likened unto the beginning movement as the mythical phoenix rises from the ashes, shall we say. As this beginning movement commences, the being which is to be is without definition. There is the seeming void or vacuum which shall eventually draw into it that essence which shall comprise the new being. However, your current experience is one which does not so much offer a definable quality needing only your acceptance, as it offers instead a quality or potential for quality or essence which you yourself shall determine.

This type of transformation is that related to the indigo-ray energy center, as it has been called by this group, in which the seeker is offered the knowledge of self as Creator, the knowledge of self as being of infinite worth. The self then as Creator has then as its first opportunity the creation of the self. That which you have been and that which you have desired provide some of the resources upon which you may draw for the creation of the new self. Within that which now exists are avenues and pathways of connection between that which you are and have been and the greater self, the one Creator which surrounds and supports you always. This resource, as you know well, is infinite in nature and waits only your request to give unto you those portions which you desire.

Now, as the Creator it is up to you, my sister, to desire. The function of the will is paramount in importance. What shall you desire? Who shall you be? How shall you be? For what reasons shall you be? No longer are these given as gifts or that with which you have been provided seemingly of another’s choice, and with which you have journeyed for the years of your current incarnation. Now you shall be what you desire. What do you desire? That is your question, your challenge, and your opportunity. Thus the void, for the filling of this void is no longer a given, but is a response to your own efforts and to your knowledge of self as Creator.

May we answer further, my sister?

Is it still true that my higher self has work cut out for me to do and it’s up to me to find that? Or have I done the things that I came to do, and now I’m free to do whatever else I wish? Which is it, if you can tell me that?

I am Latwii, and we find that the answer to this query is not an easy one, for it is not well-defined either. The higher self always provides the potential road map, shall we say. This map leads to the One. Many are the experiences upon the journey. One may before the incarnation map out a certain segment of this journey which it is hoped will be traveled during the incarnation. It may occur that the seeker covers this ground in good fashion and has, shall we say, new opportunities presented to it during the incarnation as the predetermined route has been traveled. In your particular case, my sister, we find that you have accomplished a great deal of what was your preincarnative desire. It is then in large part correct that you may now proceed in a fashion more congruent with your current conscious desires. Yet there is always the guidance and preparation for the journey made by the higher self in any event. Thus, both suppositions are in some part correct.

May we answer further, my sister?

Not on that topic. That’s helpful. When one is in a situation where the will seems to be somewhat either extremely quiet or paralyzed, is this an organic part of this particular transformation? Should it be discouraged or accepted? By discouraged, I mean, should I be striving actively to come out of this state of mind or should I experience it until it’s done with me?

I am Latwii, and we find that there are many factors, my sister, which influence this condition of the quieted will. The transformation and its opportunity of which we have previously spoken is one factor…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and we are once again with this instrument. The process of grieving for the lost, it would seem, loved one is another factor which has a great influence at this particular time upon your own being and exercise of will. These medications which are utilized with the hope of aid in this situation play a part as well. The surest path through this maze of influences, in our humblest opinions, is that which indeed seems to increase the lack of will. That, my sister, is to surrender the will but to surrender it to the desire to serve the one Creator in whatever fashion might be most appropriate for you at this moment.

To take the opportunity for each day’s existence that is a gift and to give it over as a gift to the One and as a service to the One is to, at the heart, strengthen that faculty known as the will. And is this not a paradox? For one surrenders the will, and by doing so daily strengthens that which is surrendered. One receives the gift and gives it away and receives it yet again to be given away, and yet gifts of days continue.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, thank you. That’s fine.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my sister. May we attempt any further queries?

I have some, but I’ll save ’em. Thank you very much.

I am Latwii, and, my sister, we thank you very, very much as well, for it is an honor to speak to even a small group. For it is not the numbers which count, but the desire to know. We don’t really know very much, but we share all we have found and find that in return there is a great deal more presented to us in the same fashion of the giving of the gifts which are given to the self. Thus do we thank you and each present for giving us the gift of your questions and your desires to know the truth. We seek also that same truth, and find it in your seeking and in your questions. We hope that in some small degree you have found a portion of it in our replies. We speak as the One to the One. There are no errors in such a speaking, for each portion of the One draws to it that which it seeks. We are those of Latwii, and in joy we leave this small, happy group. We rejoice with you in your delight, in your joys, and in every happiness. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.