(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. We paused with you, my friends, to enjoy the plangent silence of the harmony of this group and the haunting sound of your wind chime. As you remain warm and protected within your domicile, the harsh winds of winter begin to cause the environment about you to become less hospitable to your form of chemical life which you enjoy within this illusion.

There are times, my friends, when there are severe patterns of internal weather as well, for the illusion is as dense within the mind as it is without the mind unless steps which we have recommended time and again are taken. Let us begin with simple principles.

There is that which is unchangeable. This is not within your presence but this is what you seek. Yet upon the sphere which you call Earth, all that you see is changeable, and all that you see within yourself from time to time may seem to be all too changeable and undependable. If that which you seek is that which is unchangeable, then there must be tools which can be used within the illusion to find that kingdom of unchangeability which is findable within the illusion. These tools are the will to know and the faith to believe that grace, or kindness, cosmologically speaking, will offer you that which there is to know.

This instrument has experienced an ongoing series of lessons in the art of facing an illusion and accepting an illusion. Most of those upon your planet who seek will find periods wherein their will is not equal to the task of processing the catalyst which it has to process. When the force of will breaks down the illusion is complete, and many things may be distorted. Moreover, this process does not continue and then stop. It is steadily degenerative and is a bleeder of polarity in that that which consists of the worry, the fear, the apprehension, has the nature which subtracts positivity from an entity which harbors and continues to harbor the more serious of fears and apprehensions. This message is not for those who are still asleep, for those who sleep learn precisely from the catalyst which we are urging the seeker to consider facing with a renewed vigor of will. Those who sleep, having no consciousness of a need for will, react in a random manner, learning at a somewhat slow rate the lessons of love.

However, we speak to those who have already seized that path and named that path for their own, that path which leads towards truth. When one is overcome by the illusion it may well seem as if one is doing some violence to one’s inner self by imposing upon it affirmations and meditations. This is to a certain extent worth some consideration. An entity which is experiencing catalyst may well wish to declare a period of examination of thoughts and behavior. During this time it is best to allow the self to be without influence from within or from without. We recommend this sort of analytical overview as taking no more than a period within one of your days. We do not recommend retaining the lack of affirmation, the lack of seeking, for the nature of the illusion can be seen and the poignancy of experience grasped within a relatively short time.

When the entity is convinced then that all that is observable has been observed, it is time for the entity to recall that which invigorated and enlivened the entity and sent it upon the journey in the first place, for it is easy to begin a journey but it is difficult to retain the energy of the journey until one has made a complete and irreversible choice of polarity. The fidelity of will is most important. Thus, we suggest to those whose head is bowed with some anguish, difficulty or pain, that the faculty of mind and observation be applied, but then the mind be cast back to the memory of joy and peace and love which is the frequent fruit of the seeker. This is the fuel which is internal and organic and not applied from without, which enables a suffering entity to make its own affirmations, to seek again its own silences, and to bring into being an entity built about the center of seeking.

We ask those who suffer to free themselves if it takes a day, a season, one of your years, or longer, for the self which is buried in the illusion which suffers without thought is opaque, and the love and the light of the infinite Creator shine not through opacity but through transparency. Turn and turn again and once again and always again to the seeking that has occupied your ideals, your desire for knowledge, and your seeking of love, for although you continue experiencing when sunk within the illusion, the processing of that experience is greatly slowed without the retaining and developing of desire. The need for desire, fresh each day, does not fall away when the student is not an introductory student. Indeed, the need for purer and purer seeking grows as the student begins to partake somewhat of that for which it seeks.

My friends, we speak for the most part for those who are beginning upon the path of seeking. We attempt within the clumsy confines of your language to identify terms to express inspiration that words cannot compass. And yet, there are few indeed among your peoples in third density which are able to sustain the keen point of seeking in a steady state over the period of an incarnation. Therefore, we speak to the most experienced and the most learned of seekers. The key to upsetting experiences is that they separate the experiencer from the seeker within. The experiencer is a small portion of the personality unless it is linked within the seeker within.

And so, my friends, when the air seems to grow dark and the winter of the soul sets in, know once again that all seekers are ever beginners and that the simplest of rules, if we may use that word, apply. Seek and seek and seek yet again. And do not feel that you have let yourself down when you have fallen away from the seeking wrapped up in overwhelming experience, but without judgment and without impatience, turn again to seeking. And from that seeking, from that meditation, from that inner silence, draw once again from the inexhaustible supply of love and joy. The kingdom which is all of love and joy awaits within you—but you must seek it.

We give you encouragement and sympathy, oh you who dwell within that which seems to be and yet is not. How very dim the light is and how very much there is to be seen as one seeks along a trail seemingly plunged in darkness—and yet this too is an illusion. Determine therefore to voice that within yourself which is your best, and persevere. Remember one difference between the beginning seeker and the seeker who has chosen his path. The beginning seeker may go from knowledge to knowledge, from system to system because this is the first step in seeking, to find the correct path for the entity who seeks.

But once the path has attracted the seeker, and the path has been taken by the seeker, that special and unique path which each seeker chooses alone, it is well to retain that path to the end of the incarnation. Developing, learning more, adding always to the depth of experience, but letting the intellectual mind and its limitations give way to the constant stream of acute perception which is available to one who seeks in fidelity along its unique path.

Cry your tears, my children, when tears are to be shed. But in the morning turn again and begin again. And know yourself as the eternal beginner. As we said, we are always with you if you request our presence, as are other principles and intelligences which wish to aid you. Ask and you shall receive help. Ask too of those about you who seek along the path. In communication with your fellow travelers, much of love and light may be generated. Communication then heals the will and enables faith. Therefore, seekers, love one another and witness the light to each other, for you are part of the Creator, experiencing Itself. And as you share yourself with others, others see that part of the Creator which you manifest. Let your being manifest that which is of the unchangeable. We are those of Hatonn and we leave this instrument in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and we greet each of you in the love and in the light of our one infinite Creator. We thank this small group for calling for our presence. We are honored to be with you. As always, our task is a simple and humble one. We hope that we may offer a response to your queries that will point a direction that is helpful in your seeking. Thus, we will dispense with any further formalities and ask if we may begin with a query?

I ran across some information lately that suggested that AIDS is the latest of the diseases which have been thrown up by people’s inability to make a decision for life. And I’ve heard other information which suggested that AIDS was the product of the kind of state of mind that goes along with promiscuity. I wonder if you could comment on both of those theories?

I am Latwii, and we find that there is good deal of correctness within the suppositions you have queried upon. The diseases that now begin to make their presence known among your peoples are, shall we say, last minute—we must use the word—“aids” that have the hoped for purpose of allowing those of your population who have the potential to polarize sufficiently for harvesting to do this and do it in a relatively short period of your time as you measure experience, for the great cycle of evolution which is now closing upon your planet, when completed, will then offer no more to your population, and many are those who now seek the graduation.

Thus, the various diseases which are cropping up in new form, and the intensification of many of your old diseases, has the purpose of aiding the harvest. Those diseases of the sexually transmitted variety, being in the realm of the mating relationship, are specifically designed to aid the evolutionary progress by suggesting to those thusly suffering their impact that the bond that is made between two that results in a traveling together and sharing of experience over a prolonged portion of your time is that kind of bond which will most efficiently aid in the evolutionary progress. Thus, those most frequently inflicted or struck with these diseases—and we speak of the AIDS and the genital herpes specifically—are those which have had some difficulty in making a choice, which at a deeper level of their own being they desire to make, but have found conscious difficulty in completing. Thus the training aid, shall we say.

May we answer further, my sister?

Not on that point. I’d like to ask about the harvest. We were on radio today, and talk of Earth changes and metaphysical changes came up. And it occurred to me, although I couldn’t do anything about it within the scope of the broadcast, that we talk about the New Age as if it were all one thing, in other words, the planet changes and the people change. And I wondered if there were really going to be a finite day of judgment or if the entities leaving the planet at this time by death would be harvested one by one in simultaneous time rather than in our kind of time.

I am Latwii, and find that this query is one which touches upon information which has been previously transmitted in another form. We are having some difficulty with this instrument, for it is not in the proper depth of singleness in order to transmit our thoughts, therefore, we are having somewhat to round up the herd of thoughts and point it [in] one direction. We shall begin again.

The harvest, my sister, is underway and shall continue for a relatively significant portion of your time. There are those at this time who make the transition through the door of death and who enter no longer the third-density illusion, for their work within this illusion is complete. As your cycle continues to find its completion, there will be more and more of these entities who will by their own abilities be harvested and shall, with others from this planetary influence, be present for each succeeding harvest as the hosts of heaven rejoice [and] sing the praises of each soul so harvested, each soul then blending its voice and being in the heavenly choirs.

May we answer further, my sister?

Could you comment on suicide?

I am Latwii, and am aware not only of your query but of your concern. This subject is one which has many ramifications, as you would expect, for the taking of one’s own life in a conscious fashion is but a most distorted means of making a transition from your current illusion to the next, for each entity within your illusion shall at some point leave it. The choice to leave shall be made in most cases on the subconscious level, there having been the completion of the tasks set out or sufficient completion to warrant such transition. In some cases there is the need to regroup, shall we say, for the lessons have become somewhat a heavy burden and there was perhaps the biting off of more than could be chewn—we correct this instrument—than could be successfully chewed. The word still sounds funny—we shall continue, nevertheless.

In the case of the suicide, the choice to leave the incarnation and the illusion is made upon the conscious level, yet is made with a consciousness which has become distorted by the difficulties which are presented to it. In most cases the taking of one’s own life in such a conscious fashion cuts short that which remained full of potential, and therefore the entity so leaving finds the need within its own being to recommit itself to the illusion which was so abruptly left.

There are, however, again as you may imagine anomalistic circumstances under which the leaving of the incarnation even through this kind of means is undertaken as a, shall we say, lesson in itself, for any action may be appropriate with the proper motivation, and within your illusion it is most difficult to see any motivation clearly. Yours are the lessons learned in darkness, for as a small candle of light is lit, there is the ability to see small things with some difficulty but large things with little resolution. Thus, you carefully travel a dimly lit path and the forces that move about you move in darkness, and thus are you yourself moved by much which is unseen.

We cannot in this particular instance give you exact details concerning the one known as Don, the subject of your query and concern, for within this particular entity’s own death there was implanted the hope for a continued growth, and this was carried out. The repercussions are understandably immense, yet within these repercussions lie a promise, the nature of which we may not describe but may affirm only its existence.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, as always, my sister. May we attempt another query?

Let me think back over the radio program this morning…

[Side one of tape ends.]

…I had a kind of frustrating experience this morning talking on the radio because so many tendrils of thought were begun but could not possibly be finished successfully. And I guess the thing that stuck in my mind the most was a conversation I had with a born-again Christian who brought up the by-now familiar limitation, self-imposed, of Christianity to what was in the Bible and nothing else, and a prejudice against learning anything that is from a source other than the Bible. And I wondered if there is any better answer to someone with those limitations than the answer that his path is okay and yet there are others who cannot use that path and need another one. Is there a clearer or more compassionate answer that can be given either to the Christian or to the one who is listening who is not a Christian?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. We find that of itself the answers and the ramifications of these answers which you gave are more than adequate. It is helpful to remove one’s desire to calm the mind of one who is concerned and agitated concerning your own point of view. One can only give what one has and our suggestion in this regard would only be to speak as you feel, to speak as you are, to speak as you live. All you have to give is what you are, how you feel, and what you seek. To speak as clearly and with as much compassion as you can in this manner is to do all that can be done. The means by which you are heard and the responses which are generated are not your responsibility. Allow those whose responsibility these are to exercise that responsibility as they will. To be concerned about how one is perceived presents a distortion in how one presents the heart of one’s being.

May we answer further, my sister?

No. I think that’s an excellent point, and I’m through, and I thank you very much. Nice to talk to you, Latwii.

I am Latwii, and we are most happy to talk to you, my sister. This evening, as has occurred recently, we have a small group with which to talk yet we are overjoyed that our words have a meaning here and that there is a desire to hear them. We hope that we have not overly taxed this instrument’s ability to concentrate. When there is much on the mind, anything in addition tends to slide around within the confusion. We apologize for whatever distortions may have crept into our contact this evening, as does this instrument. However, with the best effort that can be given having been given, we shall take our leave of this instrument, blessing all who seek the One, those seen and unseen. Adonai, my friends. We are Latwii. Adonai vasu borragus.