(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator, and it is a great blessing for us to be able to make contact with you and to speak some humble words to you that may or may not have some significance to you at this time. We hope we may be of service to you and it is in that spirit that we speak, as always.

Outside your domicile at this time the trees stand dignified, stately, and without reserve in their winter’s clothes of bark and root. The roadside shines pale in the dim light of your short day and your moon creates its special magic, shining luminously at this time of your year. All those things in your world of nature have gone home for their season of gestation and inner growth. Within the earth the slow process of transformation has begun. And that which is home to the seed and tree nurtures, heals and protects the delicate life within its mantle of soil.

And what of you? Each of you seeks a home. Let us go on a journey to find that most precious of all things.

Each of you came into the incarnation in a geographical place, and some call this place home, and yet the new consciousness of the babe does not hold the concept of home and geography. The place where one of you may grow up may seem to be home, a home to which you return from time to time, a home which still feeds you in some way. And yet most of you find that one cannot find home once one has left it. As one grows, one finds work to do and many find a home in work. Many find themselves relaxed and comfortable in the work situation as they are not when they enter the domicile in which they dwell. Many others as they are grown make homes for themselves and again attach themselves to geography. Your peoples may call this putting down the roots or settling down.

And then, finally, there are many who find homes with other souls along the path of seeking. And so it matters not where one is, for one has always the joy of the presence of the loved mate or friend about which to spin the home. We would like to take you further than this, my friends, in your search for home. We would like to take you into the smallest atom, to stand within that nexus of energy and to be given the eyes to see the path of creative power of articulated light. This is your home, my friends, this is part of your home.

We would take you with us away and further away, coming away from the planetary surface, moving towards that which you see as blackness. And as you move into what you call outer space and gaze back upon your beautiful planet, yours is now the larger view. You are a citizen of all that there is. And lest you think that geography has any lingering contact with home, let us bring you with us and fling ourselves all into unimaginable reaches of space and time, further than the largest of your telescopes can see, beyond the range of any human experience. You may fall into a planet of fire—and yet that is home. You may come upon a planet of ice as cold as absolute zero—and that is your home, your hospitable and welcoming home.

Now let us come back, slowly, so that you may see first your solar system and then the beauty of your planet. Let us walk among the streets of your cities and look into the faces of your people. Look into the eyes of the man who is poor and you see the light of home. Gaze into the eyes of a couple in love. You are still home. Exchange glances with one who rapes and murders and lives a dark life. You are still home, for you are a citizen of the creation. You are part and parcel of everything that there is. What must needs be stripped away from the concept of home is all concept of physicality, for home is that which is invisible to the physical eye and unknowable to the physical apparatus. Your metaphysical home is a thing of mystery and omnipresence. You cannot leave home—there is no home to find. All places are familiar and all souls a part of you. How then can you shape your mind to ignore all of those rational and sensible signals of experience which inform you of a chauvinistic love for geography, political ideology, or any of the other reasons you may choose a physical home?

We cannot see for you, and yet the silent ear and the closed eye hears and sees impeccably. Have you allowed your eye to see and your ear to hear this day, this day that is filled with all the joy that the word home suggests? We ask you to realize that that which is native to you, that which is part of you, that which is part of your life plan as devised by your higher self and offered as a feast for you, will come to you and will be your physical home. You may be fortunate in your geography, in your choice of mates, in your choice of professions, or in any of those ways which may make you find an identity or home.

And yet, until you look for a home, for that in you which is eternal, that in you which is most precious, and that in which partakes of the mystery of the one infinite Creator, you have not begun seeking your true home nor have you earned your citizenship in the creation.

And why should you look for a home that is so abstruse? May we say to you that it is, in our humble opinion, of utmost importance to place your consciousness where you feel you may find value in progressing and evolving spiritually.

We do not suggest that you cease seeking harmony in your geographical location, in your work, or in relationships. Rather, we suggest that overshadowing any of these considerations is the home of your soul or spirit. Many there are who would have no idea of what I say, and to those people, we say, “Enjoy your sleep. Wake up when you wish to wake up, and let no word of ours interfere with the pleasure of your dreaming.” For seeking one’s spiritual home means the discipline of transformation, a transformation in thinking which eliminates limitations and makes all things in creation one great gigantic being full of love, creative energy and thought whose consciousness is evolving and whose great heart is beating and will continue to beat infinitely. This is the eternal home of the spirit, and you shall see one end of the creation to the other, one refinement of understanding after another, and always desire shall power you. Desire to seek beyond the bounds of your physical illusion for your identity and for your sense of security and home.

As always, we suggest that the quickest and most efficient way to empower this desire to seek is meditation, and we encourage you to do that regularly, for there is much about which you may get excited within the illusion, but if your consciousness of yourself is that of a citizen of the creation, a co-creator with the One Who Is All, how can you then be so far removed by emotion from your home? The illusion may seem to take many homes away from you, but in reality you have never left home, you have merely veiled part of it from yourself so that you may come to an illusion and refine some lessons concerning how to love one another. And how shall you love one another, my friends? Freely and gladly, with a clear conscience and a pure heart. How wonderful that would be. The bare trees lean towards the whole creation in that love and the seeds beneath the sod sleep contentedly in that same love.

We have so much more consciousness than a tree or a seed. It is a question to ask oneself—why cannot we have the consciousness of purity which encompasses your natural life upon your planet? Lords of creation, you have been called, and like the lords, the gods, and other beings in your midst, you squabble and fight and do not see the Creator in each other and do not find a home in each other’s hearts many times. Seek harder, my friends. Seek your home, for your identity and your home are one.

We would leave at this time, that our brothers and sisters may speak. We leave you in the creation, produced by extravagant free will, born of love, fashioned of light. We thank you and we leave you in peace, love and light, at home wherever you are and whoever you are. We are known to you as those of Hatonn. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and we also greet you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. It is again our privilege to join this group and we are eager to begin with any queries which those present may have value in the asking. We hope that we may serve in some small way this evening, my friends. May we accept the first query?

Okay, I’ve been thinking lately and especially today about making 1986 a special year in that I would make more special efforts during the year to do more transformational work and get a better idea of who I am and where I want to go. Could you comment on that and give any suggestions in general that you might find appropriate?

I am Latwii, and we are aware of your query, my sister. In the great search, each seeker shall find many ways to accelerate that journey. It is helpful from time to time to take a specific action that will have as its only goal the revealing of self to self, or as you have called it, the transformation of the small self into that which it truly is, the one Creator. The taking of time and the making of effort to construct a channel through which greater realizations might pour forth is most helpful to those who have consciously sought for a great portion of the life the truths that underlie all that which is known in your illusion as life.

The power behind such thoughts and actions is the power of your desire and your intentions, for by such desires are you moved in any direction according to the desire. As you have moved over a portion of time in a conscious fashion, it becomes more and more necessary for succeeding movements to be the product of further conscious choices. Thus, one who has consciously evolved over a period of time will find it difficult to maintain the progress without further conscious choice and the setting aside of such portions of time in order that such desire might be further defined and might further enhance the evolutionary process. That you choose is of primary importance. What you choose and how you choose to make this progress manifest is of secondary importance, yet is important in its own way according to your unique needs.

Thus, we can reaffirm the heart of your intentions or the desire to know the One and to serve the One in all is that portion of the seeking that is crucial and is that which is received that will be made manifest according to the strength of the desire, and as conscious attention continually focuses upon this desire, the seed shall be nurtured and shall produce the fruit. The fruit then shall further empower the journey as it nourishes the desire to know.

May we answer further, my sister?

Yes. The second part of the question had to do with the tools that one might use for making the seeking more manifest. To be more specific, although I don’t know whether that helps or not, I was thinking about trying to write some things down on a regular basis, keep records of any important dreams, and any important thoughts, and maybe let a few automatic handwritings come through, and of course study the Sunday meditations and see how they’re going. Could you suggest other tools or suggest tools that are especially efficacious?

I am Latwii, and my sister, we would suggest that for any who has such a desire as you have described, the utilization of the phenomenon of dreams is most helpful, for if it is known that during the time you call sleep that one may do work in consciousness, and if it is consciously sought, the dreams that one experiences can be utilized in order to enhance the waking process of learning and serving, for within the state of dreams one is able to receive information in a fashion which is unlike most forms of communication in that the communication may proceed through the subconscious mind and by certain configurations produced there reveal to the seeker those areas within the self which remain dark and mysterious and await the discovery and then shall become portions of a transformed being.

Within the dream state it is also possible to receive the aid of those which serve as guides and guardians for the incarnational self. These entities, as well as the subconscious mind, stand ready at all time, as you would call it, to lend assistance to the conscious seeker in direct proportion to the strength of the desire of the seeker to know. The assistance is usually given in a manner which the seeker is most familiar with, thus inspirations and ideas and hunches from time to time are experienced by one who seeks in a manner that does not consciously utilize the dreams. If these dreaming experiences are made available to the seeker through its own desire, communication can proceed from these sources in a much more, shall we say, rich and fulfilling manner.

May we answer further, my sister?

Yes. I had asked a friend of mine to go on this transformational journey with me and I wondered if there was more chance for polarization working with a companion than there is working alone or if it is all the same?

I am Latwii, and we find that it has been well said, my sister, that those who of like mind together seek shall far more surely find. That which one misses is more likely to be noticed by the other and vice versa. Thus, the old saying that two heads are better than one is surely true in any such endeavor, and we heartily encourage the joining of companions upon such a journey.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, as always, my sister. Is there another question?


I am Latwii. We find that the queries this evening are few. Yet we are not discouraged, my friends, for we know that the work that is done in any metaphysical sense is not measured in any ordinary terms. We thank each for inviting our presence this evening and we hope that we have provided some small measure of service. We, as always, suggest that one take the portion that has meaning and leave all that which has none from our words. We thank you again for your gracious and ever-present invitation to join you in your meditations. We shall be with you again. We are… [those of Latwii. Adonai vasu borragus.]

[Tape ends.]