(Carla channeling)

[I am Latwii, and] we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, and thank you for calling us this evening to your group. It is a privilege to share this meditation with you and to be able to attempt to be of service in our small way. We would share with you some thoughts upon the nature of that which you call judgment.

Once there was a boy with a wise father. This young man was eager to be of service and to show through his life the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. He questioned his father concerning all of the choices which presented themselves to him as he looked for the best way to be of service.

“Shall I go to be a soldier to protect my country and to stand for the ideals upon which our nation is founded?”

“That is a way to serve,” answered the wise father. The young man thought. This was not a “yes” nor was it a “no,” but as intensely as he questioned his father, his father would say no more.

“Shall I then be an athlete who can win the ears and the hearts of many because of my skill?”

“That would certainly be a way to be of service,” said the wise father. And he would say no more.

“Shall I learn to play and sing music and share that gift, and as I gain in fame, serve the many who listen to the words of my songs?” asked the young man of his father. The answer was the same.

The well-intentioned son suggested as many ways to be of service as he could think of. The father was no more in favor of one way than another.

Finally, exasperated, the son said, “Well, then, shall I become a hobo, to walk along the streets and the roads of the country and the city and get my living by asking for money from strangers?”

“That would be a way to be of service,” said the unruffled father.

By this time the son had become thoroughly upset. “I shall choose a life of crime,” he said to his father. “I shall take what I wish, go whither I wish, and experience the freedom of being above the law.”

“That is a way to be of service,” came the answer from the wise father.

For many days the young man pondered what he knew to be a secret which he had not discovered and that was how best to be of service. He was capable of doing many things, but could not choose among them.

As the young man’s life progressed onward, it shaped itself. The young man met and wed a young woman for whom he felt passion. Soon there were children and he found what job he could and worked very hard to support his family. The young man became a man in his middle years, still as dedicated as ever to serving, but unable to puzzle out what he should have done. It was a source of anguish to him, for he knew he was not a wise man, only a good man. He was unable to give his sons the dispassionate advice that his father had given him, for he did not understand his father’s cryptic comment. But he questioned and continued questioning.

And as he grew in years, as his physical vehicle began to show the effects of the planet’s turning around the sun time after time, he felt that he had begun to penetrate that which his father was attempting to tell him so many years ago. So he went to his father, who was by then an aged man, and he said to him, “My father, it has been the goal of my life to be of service, and yet of all the things that I thought of, all of which you said would be helpful to others, I did none. Instead, I did that which I did not comprehend or anticipate. And many things have occurred. And I believe now that I begin to understand that which you say.”

“Very good, my son,” his father said, “Please tell me so that I may bask in the reflection of my wisdom.”

The son, never able to feel quite adult around his father, was suddenly bashful, for he was not sure, after all, that he had begun to understand.

“Well, father,” he faltered, “I think I have found that service is something I cannot see.”

“Very good, my son,” said his father. “What else?”

“Well,” continued the son, “I believe I have begun to see that I do not see very well.”

“Very good, my son,” said the father. “What else?”

The son mustered up his courage. “Father, I believe that I am of service, and that I cannot help being of service.”

“Sit down, my son,” said the delighted father, “for now we can talk together.

The son sat quickly, eager to listen to his beloved father unravel the riddle at last. The father pointed to the springtime flowers nodding in the breeze. “Which one of those flowers, my son, is not beautiful?”

“Oh, they are all beautiful,” answered the son.

“And upon what do you base this opinion?” asked the father.

“The evidence of my eyes and my nose and my touch,” said the son.

The father pointed to several flowers which had withered early.

“Do you find these beautiful?” the father asked.

“No,” replied the son, “they are dead. They should be removed from the bed. I did not see them before.”

“It is time for you to consider,” said his father, “whether you are alive or dead. For if you are alive, you are as beautiful and fragrant and lovely to the touch as any other human that dwells upon the planet. You may be a great president and run a country well, you may inspire by writing or by the singing of songs and poetry you may inspire many. You may heal or you may feed your family. Or, indeed, you may do nothing. But if you are alive within yourself, if you question rather than accepting blindly, then you are precisely as beautiful as those who share your condition, your illusion, and your density.”

My friends, it is most easy to judge yourself and others upon the basis of those things which you have accumulated within you which pass for knowledge among your people. And it seems, indeed, as if there is a striking variance among the great variety of peoples upon your planet, and so the illusion is intended to work. And yet because that which is metaphysical is by its very nature that which is unseen, there is no way to judge oneself or another upon the basis of opinion, for there is no knowledge from seeing the fruits of one’s labor of what the intentions and the desires of the laborer are.

That which is action on the physical plane is illusory. That which is intended within the heart is of the spirit and is eternal. When you leave this particular incarnation, each of you shall gain a far wider viewpoint. You shall become what is now called your higher self, and shall dwell far more consciously within the Creator, and you shall judge yourself. You shall not look at the effects which you have produced within your environment, but rather at your state of mind and heart during the incarnational experience.

That, my friends, is why there is no judgment possible among peoples, and why there is acceptance of any road whatsoever that the seeker wishes to travel in order to enlarge its experience, for many are the experiences, yet one is the quest. Insofar as the quest is for light, for truth, for the one original Thought, just so shall one’s steps spiral ever upward as service is given. And insofar as the seeker looks for the effect, just so shall he be pulled into the illusion and away from service.

We come not to give you answers as much as to encourage seeking. We have no dogma, although we do suggest meditation. We offer no structure except that structure which is builded by the student as a result of seeking. We do not want you to accept this or any material, and we take steps to remind groups such as yours that the last thing that we wish is to have our advice followed blindly. We want you to fight with this information, to question it, to doubt it, to work with it, and to make it your own.

Spiritual seeking is not a hobby, although many take it up as a hobby and go on to something else when enough time has passed that the hobby becomes tiring and progress slows. We hope instead that you will see the illusion as a hobby that you have taken on for a few of your years. There are many things to play with in this illusion, many variations upon the game of being a human being, as you call yourselves. And if you can look at your experiences as points in a game, each of which offers opportunities for questioning, fighting, tearing apart and working with the experience, this attitude is an helpful one.

We do not wish to denigrate the nature of incarnational experience, we merely wish to point out the nature of the illusion. Learn from your own questions. We attempt to tell you enough of the rules of the game called incarnation that you may have many clues and may form your own tools with which to deal with your experience within this illusion. And yet the instantaneous product that you are, that instantaneous vibration which shall be judged, is a product not of how you have bent and molded the illusion, but of how you have worked within yourself to produce a being that lives a life that is full of light.

The most apparently criminal of entities can choose under the press of experience to turn towards the light and seek and be far more zealous for the good than those who have never experienced living the darker life. Indeed, there is no situation which is not also an opportunity, not just on one level, but several. We do not wish for you to become indifferent to your illusion. That would spoil the effect of the illusion. We wish, rather, that you continue to question that which lies beyond the illusion, to ask and ask and ask again, for as you ask, it shall be given you. And only as you ask shall it be given you; that which is not asked for is seldom used.

We wish for each of you to find the deeper and deeper satisfaction within your internal existence. We wish for you to refine more and more your own ideals of love and beauty and service. But we do not wish to shape for you the life of mind and heart any more than the wise father would tell his son what path to take to be of service.

Picture if you will the stars and planets and comets and all the heavenly bodies racing with what seems to you incredible speed through incredible distances, hurtling through space. All is in motion, and yet all is in balance. This is a concept we would ask you to consider. We have suggested that it is a good thing to become a balanced entity, a clear channel through which love and light may flow, and yet we do not in any way wish to suggest stasis. Balance is not still, for you are never still, for the infinite consciousness of your mind and deep mind [breathes in] an infinite amount of time and space with movement.

It is not a wrong thing to seek the cave and become still and learn silence, and that is one path of service. Yet the son who loved a woman and had affection for his children and kept them as he would himself is of precisely as much service as the so-called holy man, if both hearts are equally full of the desire to serve and the continued questioning and discipline and refining of the way to serve.

We wish that your movements through this incarnation may be graceful, and that your hearts may be increasingly full of peace as that which you find in the illusion reflects to you that which is within each part of any illusion in the creation. And that is love.

Can you suspend your judgment? We believe you can. Do you wish to? What level of seeking do you wish to pursue? What have you pursued this day? What dreams lie within your heart and what attempts have you made to become clear within yourself? We speak to you but not for you. All the choices are your own. We offer you support and our love and encourage you to see that same love and support in all situations.

Any experience which masters the seeking entity to the exclusion of questions and further seeking is not helpful, or shall we say, is of a far more limited kind of helpfulness. We offer you not a structure, not a dogma, but what limited knowledge we have of what consciousness is and how you may seek to evolve that consciousness within yourself within this illusory incarnation. Use what you will and know that that which serves may bear fruit upon the physical plane. Or that same impulse may seem…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

…or that same impulse may seem to flounder and be useless.

There is that within you which is imperishable and which carries the traces of those energies of love and service to others. These shall not be judged within this illusion, although many attempt that judgment. Therefore, take courage and find each your own truth and then use the truth that you have found to seek and seek and seek again, and to forge for yourself a life that is its own teaching, that is an expression, inwardly speaking, of all that has been learned.

We hope you are a little uncomfortable with this message, for that which is physical dislikes change. And what we urge upon you is continual reexamination which encourages change, perhaps not change in the outside world of experience, but certainly change that is equally uncomfortable within the heart and the mind and the understanding that you may have of how things work, of who you are and of what service really is. May you seek in joy and may joy be added unto you, for the Creator laughs with great joy at every question, for so the Creator questions Itself and learns about the Creator.

The portion known as Latwii bids farewell to this group in order that our brothers and sisters of L/Leema may speak through the one known as Jim. We leave you in the creation of love and light. Adonai. Adonai, my friends.

(Jim channeling)

I am L/Leema, and we are grateful to greet each of you in the love and the light of our one Creator. We are pleased to be able to utilize this instrument in our attempt to be of service. We hope that we may serve by answering those queries which those present may find value in the asking. May we now attempt any such query?

Well, since no one is asking an important question, I’ll ask a real dumb one. At the beginning of the meditation, I heard from Hatonn, Oxal and Latwii, and waited a considerable amount of time after I’d opened myself for channeling before I was able to tell which one was going to speak. Towards the end of the channeling, I again was feeling both Hatonn and Latwii. Who was talking? Was Latwii talking? And why was Hatonn there if Latwii was talking?

I am L/Leema, and we find that in this instance your ability to perceive the entities of Confederation known as Latwii and Hatonn was correct, in that those of Latwii were utilizing your instrument for the vocalizing of thoughts while those of Hatonn were providing a service by stabilizing, shall we say, the carrier wave or depth of your meditation in order that those of Latwii might utilize your instrument without undue fatigue, for their message was of some length and their normal effect upon your instrument is somewhat wearing.

Therefore, it was decided that those of Hatonn could aid best this evening by anchoring the contact in your instrument by somewhat stepping down the voltage, as you may call it.

May we speak further, my sister, upon this query?

No, that fits with what was happening inside my head. Thank you.

I am L/Leema. We are grateful to you, my sister. Might we attempt another query?

Yes, I have a question. I spoke earlier of an experience I had during meditation, either a dream, a consciousness projection, or something in which I seemed to see what I perceived as a very large space craft. Could you comment on this? If this was a dream was this, indeed, basically the same as a projection? Your thoughts.

I am L/Leema. We find that with this experience you are entering into a realm of your own subconscious mind in which were present those elements necessary for the interpretation and initiation of a somewhat expanded mode of perception that you are currently in the process of utilizing for another type of resource upon which to call in your seeking of what is known as the truth.

As an entity proceeds along this journey of seeking in a sincere and diligent fashion, there are opened to such a one a variety of avenues which can provide the information in the precise fashion which the entity will understand and through which the entity may continue in its mode of seeking. Thus, this particular experience was but one of many which have the purpose of offering new opportunities for gathering experience and information that might prove helpful in answering those inner queries both asked and unasked.

May we answer further, my brother?

I’m not sure if I completely understand. In other words, I believe you’re saying that the experience that I had was the work of my subconscious or my higher self of commenting on the validity of the direction that my seeking has been taking? Because I definitely had some doubt about some of the material I was reading, even though at the same time I fully believed it was possible. So, are you saying that this was the way I had of telling myself, telling my everyday self that this was, indeed, one of many valid ways of proceeding along my path? I believe that was what you said. Is that correct?

I am L/Leema, and we find that you are in part correct. However, the experience of which you speak was not so much a verification of the information which you had recently read as the experience was itself an outgrowth triggered by that information, and an outgrowth which is in itself an outgrowth that is in itself a portion of your journey which is now opening before you in response to your continued desire to seek what is called the truth.

May we answer further, my brother?

No, I think I understand. Thank you.

I am L/Leema, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

I’d sort of like to follow up on that a little bit. Carl Jung suggested that UFO’s were archetypical, and by that he meant subjective but projected. He felt that each archetype had some function. You speak as a UFO entity. If you are part of an archetype, what function does the visual UFO play? What function does it have?

I am L/Leema, and we find that you have asked a query which has many ramifications, for there is the experience of a phenomenon by many which is known generally as the UFO phenomenon. There are those who experience this phenomenon, or portions of it, in many unique ways and thus utilize this experience in fashions unique to the needs and perceptions of each who experiences it.

Those who move in service in the crafts which are perceived as UFO’s are of many sources and natures. Many take the form or shape that is most easily perceived by the subconscious and conscious minds of those to whom they reach in service, and thus they are perceived in an outer fashion in a manner which shall cause the least distortion and trauma to those witnessing their presence. The message or service which is imparted is the portion of the experience of greatest import.

Again, this message may be perceived in many ways. As each entity is a portion of a greater mind that is archetypical in nature, each individual entity may utilize a portion of that mind or seek from a portion of that mind a message of the nature that matches their needs. Thus, various areas of one’s mind or being, shall we say, may be seeking, and various deeper portions of that mind or being may respond in a fashion which seems to be external to the self, and, indeed, many responses to such seeking may be aided by entities external to the seeker.

Thus, there is a blending of response to a seeker’s call that blends both the seeker and its perceptions with a greater portion of that same seeker and those who guide this seeker and who are drawn to it according to the nature of the seeker, what is sought, and those who respond.

May we answer further, my sister?

I’ll have to read that one. Thank you.

I am L/Leema, we thank you, my sister. Might we attempt another query?

Not from me.

Well, I have a couple of things I’d like to ask, but at this time I don’t think I know clearly just what I want to ask, so I believe I’ll put it off until another time.

I am L/Leema. We are happy and humbly so to have been able to speak with this small but vibrant group. We are hopeful that our meager attempts to serve have had some small success, and we again remind each that we do not have final answers. Our opinions and experiences are most fallible. Use those which feel the most helpful—leave the rest. We shall join you again. In joy we leave you. In love and in light we leave you. We are those of L/Leema. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

[Carla chants a vocal melody.]

I am Nona. We send vibrations to the one known as R. We are with you in love and light. Adonai.