(Carla channeling)

I am Oxal, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is our privilege and our blessing to be called to you this evening, and we thank you for the opportunity to share a few thoughts with you.

This evening we would speak to you about that which you call time and space. It is difficult to approximate in your language the resonances of what these two words approximate, for we are speaking of that which is the material out of which your creation is made and that creative intelligence which creates that which is made. It is not unusual, we have found, that among your peoples time seems to pass more and more rapidly as one’s incarnational experience builds up and that which is known as time passes. It must occur to many logical minds that the speeding of time is a kind of illusion within your illusion, for one cannot make mechanical objects such as your clocks that speed up the passage of time in concert with each person’s subjective perception of time.

Time and space have a reciprocal relationship and are allegories or analogs of love and light. As these forces impinge upon each seeker’s consciousness, they present to that seeker the possibility of experience. Indeed, another word for time is experience. It seems to be untrue that some moments contain more experience than others and, indeed, herein lies the crux of what we wish to impart to you this evening. When there is no distortion in space, each finite moment becomes a unified or cosmic moment and is a thing with the properties of timelessness. It is during timeless moments that experience is seated within the seeker.

Now, catalyst is given to each seeker moment by moment, and one need only look to your young souls to see what can be made of the catalyst of the moment. Children, being less used to the wasting of moments instinctually approach and perceive each piece of catalyst as that which will become experience. There is an overwhelming amount of catalyst in each moment. The fullness of catalyst available in each moment begins, as the child grows into what you call adulthood, to become more of a burden than a pleasure, and as one is overwhelmed by one’s catalyst, one ceases to process it into experience. In other words, the space required to use one unit of time becomes distorted in a subjective sense so that the experience time offers buckles and bends and shrinks because that space with which time is inextricably paired has not room enough for the transformation of that which comes to the ear and eye and heart.


We apologize for the delay but this instrument was distracted for a moment and we wished to allow a deeper state of meditation [to] reoccur that our expressions might be clearer or, we should say, as full of clarity as language can form meaning.

When the seeker chooses consciously to use catalyst, space, that internal space which allows time to pass, is then of sufficient length to accept fully the catalyst and its possibility of being transformed into actual experience. When the seeker becomes bemused or distracted and partakes of the mundane, that seeker eliminates from conscious use much of the catalyst which the process of day-to-day living generates. When the seeker is read y to be conscious of the moment, that present moment being one with itself, that is, full of time and equally full of space, then the seeker has the opportunity to experience a timeless moment in which all time is one. Within this moment an infinite amount of work may be done in consciousness for the gradual transformation of the self into that being which each has the capability of claiming. Yea, it is part of your birthright. What is a birthright, my friends, but something with which you were born? A birthright is not something one is given partially or unevenly. Yet a birthright need not be used, just as an inheritance may not be claimed by an heir who does not wish to experience the having of money.

Let us again look at the small child who is greedy of his birthright, and who spends a significant amount of your time in the timeless present moment. In more and more of your young beings at this time, one is able to observe a heightened intensity of seeking and a more rapid translation of catalyst into experience which is seated within the heart. How does one become, then, as a little child? It is written in your holy work known as the Bible that unless one is as a little child, one cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. This statement is simplistic as regards that which is called the kingdom of heaven, but again, language fails to be adequate to meaning and so we must attempt to use words as well as we can.

This is a present moment. What is your catalyst, my friends? Time may be wasted. We listen through this instrument’s ears and we hear this instrument’s voice relaying concepts, some of which this instrument is unfamiliar with. We are aware of each vibratory complex which makes up each entity within this circle this evening. We hear the blessed sound of the furnace at work warming an otherwise frigid atmosphere. We find in each entity’s mind much unprocessed catalyst. That is what each brings to time. When one seeks distraction from heavy catalyst, one puckers and ruffles the ratio between time and space and time is literally shortened in a subjective sense, for there is less space with which to match it.

We use the term space not only in a physical sense but in a metaphysical sense in which space is analogous to the spaciousness of one’s point of view, or to put it another way, the room or area which is acceptable for using in the transformation of catalyst into seated experience. It is no wonder that so many of your peoples find time to move faster and faster. Nor is it a wonder that most entities are completely unaware of why this occurs. This is very understandable due to the fact that if one does not process catalyst in this present moment it will be carried over into the next discrete unit of time/space. If then the catalyst of the second discrete unit of time/space is also unused, the next unit of time/space is increasingly burdened with unprocessed catalyst and by the time one is counting one’s years with dismay rather than pride most of your peoples have such a load of old unprocessed catalyst that to open oneself to the catalyst in the present moment is almost unthinkable, and it certainly takes a great deal of courage to begin to open to all the catalyst, old and new, which forms the catalyst of this discrete time/space unit of your incarnation.

There are very few—but it is notable enough that we mention this—who are so efficient in processing catalyst in the present moment that space begins to buckle inward under the burden of successfully approached and used catalyst. In that case, the entity who seeks will find itself in the creation in a true sense for the first time, for when time begins its full operation there is the possibility of spacelessness or the unity of all space. In this distortion lies a compassion which cannot be approached except by those few among your peoples who have used catalyst with a fervor and enthusiasm and a conscious knowledge of the probity of such an exercise.

We offer these thoughts to you this evening in hopes that as your time passes upon the face of your clocks, it may be used, appreciated and harvested by your heart. The activity of meditation is a great help in the reconciling of catalyst with the self and the claiming of that catalyst as part of the experiential self which enjoys incarnation at this time.

We hope that we have been of some small service to you this evening. We encourage you to discriminate for yourself. If our words have a sense which may aid you, then let that catalyst be used. It is for that purpose we attempt to serve. If that which we have to say does not appeal, we humbly ask that you drop all portions which disappoint or do not ring true.

In this instrument’s mind is the first line of one of your popular songs, “Time is on my side.” This is very true, my friends. May you use your time and find timelessness. And with that timeless understanding, may you then turn to that light which is space and manifest within that enlarged space that which is the harvest of your experience.

We are those of Oxal, and we leave now that our brothers and sisters may speak through another instrument. We leave you in the time and the space, in the love and in the light of the One that Is All. We leave you, knowing that it is impossible to leave you any more than we could leave ourselves, for you are our very selves and we yours. Thus, we cease speaking, yet are always as close to you as your desire would have it be. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Carla channeling)

I Yadda. I greet you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. We thank your group for calling us to you. We have missed the invitations and are happy to be with you. We not speak long but only a short bit of repartee. We look at conversation which each has had in recent past and we talk to you about the law. We are doing better with our accent, don’t you think? Heh!

You are all lawyers, you people! Why are you so in love with laws? Do you think that if you obey all the laws of the land, all the laws of a… we must say another word—church. Do you think that if you obey the laws of your church, you will be a good person or one that is capable of advancing into some knowledge of the truth? My friends, there is no truth in that which is finite, for every law is made to be broken, and indeed laws are usually after the fact so that you have already broken the laws, and that is why the laws were made.

There is something called faith which defeats all laws. It is not in law but in faith that you are able to concentrate upon the business at hand. The business at hand is your spiritual development. The business at hand is seeking. The business at hand is learning. There is not motivation to learn in the law—you simply follow directions. This is a cookbook life, the law; take a little of Law Number One, take two tablespoons of Law Number Two, mix carefully with a batch of Laws Six, Seven and Eight and you will learn?! No, my friends—you will conform. There is a law for you and for you only. But this law is personal, intimate and can only be found as a product of the faith that there is a truth beyond all that you see and hear. Your path is your law. That which you deem correct is correct for you. Please do not think we are encouraging you to go out and manhandle some small child. This would be breaking the law of man but requires no faith whatsoever. So what requires faith, my friends? You do.

You close the cookbook. You shut up the mind and you wait in faith for that meaning and central beingness which will develop within you. Do you think to yourself that you do not have the equipment to have faith? Not so, my friends. You have all that is necessary.

We suggest that in your contemplations you look more and more to that within you which says against all visible and audible experience, “This is truth.” We suggest that you continue and continue and again continue, for there is something which we might call grace which aids the heart more and more as seeking continues. With each step taken in faith the next step does not become easier in the sense that your pa…

[Side one of the tape ends]

(Carla channeling)

I Yadda. We again with this instrument. She keep saying to us, “Do you come in the name of Christ?” We continue through this instrument. Taking one step in faith does not mean that the next step will be easier. However, it does mean that the experience of moving in faith will become something upon which one may count. The process is foreign to the everyday life, thus confidence must be built up little by little.

We thank you for inviting us, and we especially greet the one known as J, and leave you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. Believe upon yourselves as you believe in the rightness of creation. Believe it will withstand all the deprivations which your peoples perpetrate. I Yadda. I, an imperishable being, leave each of you who are also imperishable beings. We do not leave you in law—we leave you in the process of faith. Adonai. Adonai.

(Jim channeling)

I am L/Leema, and am happy to greet each of you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We have been having difficulty making contact with this instrument for it has been in somewhat of a deeper state of meditation than is its normal practice, and has had some difficulty in picking up our contact and making the necessary adjustment. We are happy to utilize this instrument to attempt to answer those queries which may be present.

May we now begin?

I have a question. In the Ra material the question was asked by the questioner having to do with what percentage of planets or people who are in the first density, second density and so forth through seventh. And Ra gave the answer that so many people were in first, second, third, fourth and fifth and stopped there and stated that the last part could not be given. Simple addition indicated that that last portion which could not be given was twenty-four percent of the total mind/body/spirit complexes in creation, and Don never followed up on why the information about this remaining number might have been withheld. Could you shed some light on that stricture? My supposition has always had something to do with spiritual gravity and the turning back towards the Creator so it would be difficult to count, but that’s only a supposition. Any thoughts?

I am L/Leema. We observe the query and find that there are concepts involved which are difficult to describe. The nature of the journey is one of polarity. The positive and negative portions of the journey have expressions which are… we are having difficulty finding the correct terms. The manifestations of these choices are portions of your current experience. Some are available through the penetration of the outer portion of your illusion as a result of the seeker’s own efforts. There is a blending of efforts in a fashion which is almost impossible to describe which occurs at the density of unity, so that the description, for all intents and purposes, is meaningless.

We apologize for the delays and difficulties in utilizing this instrument but find that its level of meditation is somewhat close to the trance level, and it is having some difficulty in maintaining a clear contact not only with our contact but with its own consciousness, shall we say. Therefore we suggest that this instrument be brought from its state and the meditation assume its completion. We are those of L/Leema, and we thank you for your patience. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu.