(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to be with you, and we thank you for that you have called us. We hope that our poor words have some use for you and encourage you to discriminate carefully so that that which is not of use to you may be dropped away, for though we have more experience than you, our experience is limited and finite. Therefore, we ask that our opinions be considered as fallible, for we are wrong sometimes. We do not know with the authority of the infinite Creator. Indeed, none of us who dwell in the creation and who still have individuality may know all of the infinite Creator, for we are but splinters of the one infinite Creator. Within each of us is all the knowledge which is contained in the one original Thought which is the infinite Creator. And to the extent that we are able to release our small identities with all their biases and opinions, just so to that extent are we holographs for the one original Thought. There are many questions my friends; there is but one answer.

As the seeker gazes down at the dusty road, at the dust that lies upon his feet and covers his sandals, he may well doubt that road and doubt the security and the promise of the journey of seeking. The staff which is intended to aid may become heavy and even those few belongings which the seeker has to carry with him begin to seem a great burden. And so the seeker sometimes removes himself from the dusty path which seems to go on forever. The seeker moves into a beautiful valley, well-watered and forested with pastures where spring the small animals and where the sweet flowers bloom. It is good for the seeker to rest in such a beautiful meadow and smell the beautiful scent of flower and bush and to rest beneath the nurturing and sturdy trunk of one of your trees. Because, you see, my friends, to go upon the journey is to become terribly vulnerable, it is to risk all for no obvious reward, for as you seek, so you shall be sought. As you polarize more and more towards the light, so your dedication to that light shall be challenged. The toll the journey takes upon the seeker is never the same from one seeker to another. And when the burden becomes too heavy, it is good that the individual seeker choose his own pasture and measure his own time of recovery.

It is acceptable and laudable for a seeker who has been overborne by experience not only to rest beneath the tree and smell the sweet smell of the wild flowers but also to fell great trees and dry the wood and build the cabin for shelter, for there is no shame in resting until the burden again becomes as nothing, and seeking fills the soul and mind and the will. It is not, shall we say, recommended that the seeker goad himself as if he were an ox or a mule, for the spiritual path is narrow and straight and the difficulty of walking that path is various for each entity. It is not a path to be walked when the will is not strong.

Let us then go to the cabin and gaze about its simple four walls. How restful and peaceful is the cabin that you build within your spirits, my friends, the household of your discontent and your pain. How healing it is that you have furnished for yourself the possibility of respite and redemption, for this search shall exhaust you not just one time, but many. Experience shall come upon you as a thief breaks into a house at an unexpected time. Yet no matter what the time, the seeker who has walked the path until his feet are dusty shall also have found his very own meadow, his very own place of healing.

There is a danger to the seeker within the resting and the healing, and that is that there is a temptation for a seeker to feel that the cabin and the meadow and pleasantness and rest are the end of the path of seeking. Indeed, we say to you that that which you know as the Kingdom of Heaven is often harsh and abrasive and may seem decisive, for as you continue urging yourself forward and experiencing the great joy of seeking the one original Thought…

We must pause.


I am Hatonn. I am again with this instrument. We apologize for the pause. The instrument is experiencing some pain and the state necessary for the transmission of these thoughts was not sturdy enough for our contact to continue in a clear manner. We shall continue.

As one seeks the one original Thought, there is the danger that one may decide that one has found what he has been seeking, and we say to you that in an infinite journey there are pauses between learning experiences, but never the full stop where one may lie back, rest upon one’s laurels and say, “Now—now I understand. Now redemption is complete and all that I seek I have,” for there is the next learning always.

We encourage you to comfort yourself when your journey is arduous and you need a place to rest. You have that within you and need only construct it in your mind. You may also with your mind and your will construct within your dwelling the tools for healing and for rebuilding the intensity of your faith that there is a path, that truth does exist, and that there is such a thing as love and the will to seek that which your faith tells you is there.

Although we speak in metaphor, we encourage you who seek to enjoy and praise the comrades that you shall meet along the way, for though each search is different and each soul has its own truth, beyond words and concepts there is the one original Thought which is love, which cannot be defined but which can be praised and shared, not by the words, but by the quality of silence between two seekers, for companionship lies between the words, the sentences, the talking, and the doing. Spiritual companionship lies in the resting that one silence may give to another, for all that there is is caught up in that silence and when another may share it, it is a wonderful thing.

Therefore, my friends, you are always alone and never alone. Always alone in that you are unique and so is your perception of the path of seeking and the truth that you seek. Never alone in that entities both incarnate and discarnate share the intensity of your seeking in their own seeking and are therefore closer to you than many of your thoughts, for silence is more intimate than any word.

We would encourage you to meditate and praise the silence within, for you truly are a holograph of all that is to be known. As you begin to trust the inward silence, as your mind becomes able to release and praise all the thoughts which race through it without holding on to them, you shall become more and more invested with that silence and with the truths which silence unfolds. This is not a short-term proposition, for one of your incarnations is a brief period during which one might do such intensive work. Judge yourself not then if you must pause by the way or even build a hut against the winter of your flagging faith and will. But live through those times, blaming not yourself and not the path, but realizing that this is part of the experience in an outward and manifested state, which, internalized as catalyst, will more and more inform your being. Rest as long as is necessary but do not allow your spirit surcease from silence, for as you wish to serve the Creator, so you must allow that silence which seats experience within the heart.

That is your one responsibility—to continue the seeking even as you are weak and weary and distraught, even as you lie upon your pallet within your hut and feel some blackness within you. Yet always we ask that you consider the possibility of completing each of your days with focused and articulate silence.

My friends, each of you came to this group seeking. The group has become one, and in the silence between the words of this instrument the fruits of that seeking are already available to you and physically felt by you in that the energy or what you may call prana of creative life flows now more quickly within your energy web. As you seek together, so are you the Creator which experiences Itself.

Shall we ask you to praise yourselves? To magnify your own glory? Indeed, that is what we would seem to be suggesting, for we say that you are the Creator. And yet, can the Creator praise the Creator? Yes, indeed, my friends. Such can be done and should be done, for you are all that is and all that is is within you and is to be praised and cherished. We would give thanks to you for that we have shared in your vibrational patterns. It gives us great joy to experience the beauty of each of you. It is especially joyful to us to visit groups such as yours, for we who serve the Creator cannot but rejoice at those sources of light which generate themselves within the planetary mist of indifference. You see, my friends, it is not that your planet is negative—it is that so many still sleep and are indifferent.

We are those of Hatonn, and we would leave this instrument at this time. May joy be yours as you travel your path. May dust cover your feet many times as you walk it, and you may always allow yourself the resting place when experience overwhelms you. You are always safe. But it is good to give yourself permission not only to seek forever forward, but to take your rest when you needs must heal some pain within. We leave you in the creation of love and light, for there is nowhere else but the silence of space and time, which is always and everywhere the present moment. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

(Carla channeling)

I Yadda. I greet you in the love and in the light of infinite Creator. We have so much trouble with instrument who want us to say we come in the name of Christ. We always end up having to say, “Okay.” But we always wonder, why not Buddha? Why not Mohammed? Why not some postman that we know of in Washington DC who is good to his children and gives away many Christmas presents to little children he does not know? All are Christ. All are perfect in consciousness. Yes—we come in the name of Christ, for we are the vibration which cannot be reached without going along the path of the Christ.

We not speak long but we come because we are called and we thank you. We speak to you of “why families?” There is that question in the group this evening.

You know, families sometimes difficult to be in, so why do you have them? Do you have them so you can have people that you like about you? No, my friends—many times people in family not like each other at all. So what is lesson? Why so important that you have those people that are true kin to you?

We say to you, it is to offer you a chance to learn duty and honor, for with family, you cannot say, “You are not family—go away!” No, my friends, you have to take care of each other. It may seem like a ridiculous thing but it is a great learning. If you can feel responsible for each other, then you learn service to each other, not because service is always fun, but because service is freedom. Service is your only freedom, for if you choose not to serve, then you have stopped your progress and are no longer “poh-werizing,” polarizing—hah! We getting better—heh?!

Think it over, friends. Families are a pain in the neck. So why do you want a sore neck? Maybe to get your attention—heh? We leave you. We are joyful and leave you in “glate” joy for the night is full of light and the shadows are full of light. We Yadda. Adonai.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and we greet you in that love and light that our brothers and sisters of Yadda have left you in. We are also honored to be here and to be able to share our humble words of praise and thanksgiving with you. As always, it is our honor to attempt to serve by also answering your queries. We also remind you that our words are most fallible. We hope that you will take those which have value and leave those which do not. May we begin by asking for the first query?

Yes, Latwii. It still amazes me how something can be on your mind and be mentioned during the course of meditation. But family has been on my mind quite a bit here lately. Something has occurred with my family. Each year I experience a form of depression during the holiday season and usually afterwards I’m not that easy to get along with. But this year the feelings of the holidays were especially deep. It’s almost as if I was just sort of numbed out to everything. And now for the first time in a long time my nerves seem like they’re smoothing out and things are flowing smooth at this point. Can you enlighten me on what happened this time that’s different from the times before?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. It has been noted within your culture that the season which is called your holiday season is one during which many find not the joy which the holidays are noted for but find instead a lack of joy and a sense of depression and despair. This is in general due to the fact that as our brothers and sisters of Yadda have mentioned, the relationships that you know with your family are relationships that exist for the purpose of growth, and growth most often occurs as a result of utilizing catalyst that may be of a difficult nature. Yet, if families can withstand the difficult times there is a strengthening that occurs of the individuals and the bonds between them. However, in your holiday season that is noted for its joy, it is likely that those suffering the difficulties within the family structures are more fully reminded that the joy of the season exists not in their experience, and [as] the joy of the season is advertised widely, the entity so disillusioned becomes constantly reminded that it has fallen short of that which is possible

In your particular situation, we may speak briefly and in general and may suggest that the difficulties that all face have been noted carefully by those within your close family, have been acknowledged openly and have been met with the full responsibility of each, thus there has been little taking for granted that which has been before. To clarify. As the difficulties have been acknowledged, there has been less opportunity to be disillusioned, for the light of truth has shined somewhat more clearly and the ability to respond to what is seen has been activated and each has thus taken strength from…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and am once again with this instrument. May we ask if we have answered your query sufficiently my brother?

Yes, it helps. It’s… several years ago I became aware that I’m following along in a line of entities who have been trying to work out the same problem for years and years. I know my father has the same problems I’ve had and his father also. And just by feelings that I’m able to pick up, I know that A is also part of this line. I know that you can’t assume a lesson for someone else, but I sure would like to get this line broken, and I appreciate yours and the help I receive from the other members of the Confederation. I have no question at this time—I just want to say thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my brother, for the opportunity to share our humble words with you, and would only comment that the difficulties one may encounter in the relationships in one’s incarnation are more than one might imagine them to be in that there is contained within such seeming difficulties great opportunities to learn service and to give love, for it is not easy to love within the circumstances where one finds the misunderstandings passed on from person to person. Yet when one can break the chain of misunderstanding and bind all in love and compassion, one has used the opportunity provided by difficulty and has transformed that which lacked love into that which is full of love.

May we attempt any other query at this time?

Okay, just a little follow up on C’s because nobody’s jumping in. Is it because that we, our physical bodies, used to be second density and turned to the light for growth, that the dark days, the short days of winter are the most difficult for so many people or is this something that’s cultural?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. We find that though there is some degree of correctness within your assumption, it is perhaps more accurate to look at the effect of the season upon your mental and emotional complexes as the root of the difficulties which many of your peoples suffer during the shortened and darkened season of winter. If one will observe the plant world in the time of your winter, the leaves from most trees have fallen, the sap has moved down into roots and there is a dormancy that approximates death in appearance.

There is a similar occurrence within the mind and emotion complexes of most of your population during this winter season in that the elements of nature, the wind, the clouds, the cold, and the snows tend to drive one’s focus of consciousness deeper down within one’s being in order that the introspective faculties might be awakened more fully to review the harvest of the season of learning just passed. As the harvest is frequently not understood and the seeming difficulties are easily discovered, one then on a most basic level becomes aware that there are those lessons not yet well learned remaining within one’s being.

In many instances this awareness of lessons yet to be learned is upon the subconscious level if the entity has in some fashion in some time during its experience consciously ignored or removed the awareness of these lessons yet to be learned because it did not yet wish to face this responsibility. Thus, during the winter season of one’s incarnation, the cycles of learning and seeking are enhanced by the driving of one’s focus inward. When there is difficulty in meeting the lessons yet to be learned, the state of the mind tends to remain in the depressed condition not having fully processed the catalyst of the previous season, shall we say.

May we answer further, my sister?

Yes, just something that I thought of while you were talking about how this season mimics death. I was thinking about the fact that we celebrate the holy day or holiday of Christ mass or Christmas in the very darkest, almost precisely the darkest, within four or five days, day of the year. It’s almost like the birth of Christ or Christ consciousness is the hope that comes after the little death of winter. And I was wondering whether the historical Jesus just happened on that date or whether it is placed at this point because it is more needed at this point of the year than any other point of the year. If that’s the case, then it seems to me that one big problem that people have at this time of the year is that they’re not paying any attention to the “holy” part of the holiday, and therefore they don’t get the hope of the baby being born within them—there’s a question in there somewhere, I think.

I am Latwii, and from the statements and the comments that you have made, we draw that which we feel is the query desired. Please ask again if we are mistaken. The birth of the one known as Jesus the Christ was planned for this season in order to present the symbol of birth and re-birth to those for whom this entity lived and died. The season of your winter is indeed as the small death, and may be again repeated in the meditative state where one looks within for the harvest of one’s experience and seeks to find love where love was not. Thus, the experiences within one’s incarnation which have seemed devoid of love may be transformed and born again when seen in the crystal-pure light of the Christed or Christened moment, the moment christened with love.

Thus, the one known as Jesus made entry into this illusion at the time of your year when the darkness of the season would represent the darkness of knowing, that is, the fabric of your illusion, and was born as a light unto your world as each may look within to that same light and see all experience within that light so that the love that gives birth to that light may be found in each experience thus christened.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

Latwii, my name is M. Is the Confederation aware of a planetary sphere named Kreeton, K-r-e-e-t-o-n?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. We find that although the query is simple in construction there is some difficulty in giving clear response, for within your people’s culture there are various names given to various planetary bodies and we find that this name, Kreeton, is one name that has been used to describe a certain planetary influence of which we have some knowledge.

May we answer further, my brother?

Yes, Latwii. Of what density is the planetary sphere Kreeton?

I am Latwii, and feel that we may best answer your query by suggesting that this sphere is one with the activated densities of one through five, with the remaining densities in potential form, shall we say. May we answer further?

Yes, Latwii. Can you approximate a time frame in age of this planetary sphere Kreeton?

I am Latwii and am aware of your query, my brother. We find that giving this information in understandable terms is not within the limits of your language. For a planetary entity which has progressed to the point which this one has achieved, it is necessary to move through a great portion of timeless being before entering a great portion of what you would call time. Thus, our answer would be quite meaningless.

May we attempt another query, my brother?

No, thank you, Latwii.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

Latwii, is the planetary Kreeton of a thought-form nature?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. We must respond by suggesting that it is of the same form of manifestation as are the planets within your own solar system. However, one must realize that all forms, be they planets or atoms, are a form of thought, the thought of the one infinite Creator. The use of the phrase, “thought-form” as we believe you intend it is more of the briefer duration, that created by a mass consciousness or the consciousness of individuals such as yourselves, and in this instance we would suggest that this planet is not of the briefer duration but of the more substantial manifestation.

May we answer further, my brother?

Latwii, approximately how far is the planetary sphere Kreeton in distance from the planetary sphere Earth?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. We find a difficulty in giving this information, for once again the means of measurement are most difficult to translate. The general means of describing distance among your scientific community would be the light-year or the distance that light would travel in one of your years. This distance is somewhat difficult to approximate and transmit through this instrument, for our contact is not of the precise nature that would allow an easy translation. The distance is roughly two hundred and forty thousand light years. We believe this is correct, however we are not adept at using your numerical system.

May we answer further, my brother?

No. Thank you so very, very much.

I am Latwii, and we thank you once again, my brother. Is there another query?


I am Latwii, and as it seems that we have exhausted the queries for this evening, we shall thank each profusely for offering not only the call for our presence, but the queries for our service. We hope that we have been of some small aid in the seeking for truth that each has brought this evening as the great gift. We shall be with each upon request in meditation in order to aid the deepening of that state. We leave this group at this time in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are those of Latwii. Adonai my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Carla channeling)

I am Nona, and we come to offer our healing love and light. We would offer it for the entity known as R, and also for the far less serious but still significant discomfort of the one known as M. We also would be offering our presence to the one known as C and the one known as M because these entities have vibrational patterns which are very compatible with our contact. We bid you adieu in love and light.

[Vocal healing melody channeled through Carla.]