(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet each of you in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. We thank you for the great privilege of being allowed to share our thoughts with you, for you are of great service to us by requesting our presence, for as you listen, so we learn and so the Creator continues to know Itself. Because this instrument is being overshadowed by another member of the Confederation, we shall first transmit the information which our brothers and sisters of Q’uo wish to transmit. There has been a request for the spelling of this entity’s name, and we say to the one known as J that although naming is unimportant and therefore the spelling likewise unimportant, our brothers and sisters wish to share the spelling: “Q’uo.” Those of Q’uo thank each of you that you were patient enough to allow remarkably uninteresting information to be received.

As the night sky opens, and as you come together in circle this evening, we find that there are questions upon some of your minds concerning a certain aspect of love which has to do with the interaction of entities who wish to express love for the Creator and to each other.

There are many, many ways in which separation betwixt one entity and another or one group and another can be apparently seen. There are differences in appearances between what you call your races. There is the difference between male and female, there is the difference between young and old, and there are many, many finer or shall we say, less obvious differences having to do with personalities, as you call them.

One of these differences especially has been the subject of much pondering by some within this group and by many others of your peoples as they contemplate the most appropriate way to share their lives with others. We speak of the various dimensions from which wanderers, as you call them, come. We shall elucidate.

Those of fourth, fifth and sixth densities, those being the densities of love and compassion, light and wisdom, and unification, all have some representation amongst your peoples at this time as there is a great call, my friends, a call which cannot be ignored, which comes from this planet in travail which you call Earth. Because wanderers are most often far different in their internal modes of thinking and their external modes of expression from those native to the third-density experience, wanderers feel and express a kind of loneliness which is born of being the stranger in a strange land. At times this difference seems almost nothing and the daily life flows quietly and with a nearly imperceptible difference from that of the native to this third density planet. However, it is the nature of the wanderer to find itself homesick. And out of this homesickness is born the desire for companions who more closely approach the native ways and modes of thinking and action of the density whence each wanderer has come.

The fourth density, being one full of love and compassion, has as its native way of living the banding together in groups within which are often many more than one mated couple. Many fourth-density wanderers moved within the Earth planes during those years which this instrument calls the baby boom years, thus many of the young of your peoples who were known within your culture as hippies who dwelt not in couples but in communities and who through memory yearned to reproduce the love and compassion that is a larger reality than the reality whose illusion you now experience within third-density incarnation.

Likewise, there have been wanderers from the sixth density which have been among your peoples for a more extended period of time but in far fewer numbers. Within the dimension of unity the common practice again is to dwell in large families whose members are related not by blood but by a commonality of thought.

At the same time, my friends, you have begun being visited by those of fifth density, the density of wisdom. The native of fifth density seeks solitude, for being wise, it is also without need for the company of others, for the essence of wisdom, my friends, is the knowledge that that which is to be sought is a grasp of the unity of all things. This part of the journey of the seeker must needs, then, be a solitary one. The most clearly understood and easily accepted forms of companionship within fifth density are those of teacher and pupil and those of respected equals.

We are aware that as each of you has thought of community, there has been the puzzle which did not seem to be able to be put together, some wishing one kind of community, some another, with no guidelines offered that seem universally acceptable. My friends, this is due to the mixture of fifth-density entities with those of fourth and those few of sixth, each of whom find a mated relationship somewhat confining, not because each wishes greater experience in mated relationships, but because each half-remembers the depth of friendship, companionship and caring possible, and indeed right, among groups larger than the mated pair. And yet those of fifth density must needs seek solitude within community; those of fourth density—loving, joyful and generous—have hospitality to offer as do children who play and welcome all to their games. Those of sixth density, though somewhat more reserved, nevertheless carry the half-forgotten and half-remembered memory of the larger family and the comfort found therein.

In addition, of course, my friends, there are many very close to graduation within third density who have come to grasp the possibilities of deep friendships and true companionship not limited to the husband and the wife as it is known among your peoples but instead offered to those of like mind. The chief reason for failure of larger communities among your peoples is the inability to bring the disparate memories of fourth and fifth and sixth-density wanderers into alignment, and further, the inability of all those who dwell in the present incarnational experience in third-density bodies in confusing love offered by the Creator from the Creator to the Creator and that love which among your peoples is termed romantic love.

My friends, we cannot offer you solutions, we can only offer a sort of diagram of the causes for miscommunication that contribute to that which is considered the failure of community when it occurs among your peoples. However, we feel that it is important at this juncture to speak to you about that concept of failure. My friends, each of you seeks the far country, if you will, the grass which is the greener. Each of you has gone to at least one far country and has been disillusioned. There is a kind of feeling of death, a death of spirit, of heart, of emotion, when the journey of community and of companionship seems to fail and there is the turning toward what seems to be a journey backwards, a journey to one’s home, a journey to safe ground. And yet we say to you that there are no failures, for it is the attempt about which you shall be concerned. The attempt to share love is far greater than any manifestation which may seem to fall short of the ideal. And the journey home is not a journey backwards, for you cannot go backwards, and the home to which you come is eternal. And each time that you visit that home, you have been transformed. You have been dead but again you live and your spirit begins to soar once again and have hope for the morrow.

Those of you who feel that you are wanderers, take heed, for you came not only to share yourself with each other, you came primarily to share yourself with those of third density who may be helped by the sharing of experience with those whose consciousness includes a belief, a faith, and a hope in the ideals of love, compassion, wisdom, service to others, and the seeking of the truth. If you are indeed a wanderer, let it be incumbent upon you to remember why you offered yourself in service to the infinite Creator, and if some are sociable and others solitary, know you that each has the nature of its experience, of its memory, and of its birthright.

We close by speaking to those who approach graduation from third density. Look you, my beloved friends, not to the seeming failure of any ideal of love or community, any expression of family, tribe or clan, but look you instead to the ideal which has been shared. Manifestations shall die; the ideal which spurs man’s spirits on, ever onward shall be, as they have been and as they are.

My beloved, have you any conception of the word “forever”? Beyond any dimension there is that which binds all in One. And we ask you to cease pondering your differences. Have you white skin and another black? Are you male and another female? Are you old and another young? Are you solitary and another sociable? Are you compassionate and another wise? My friends, this is all illusion. It is reality to you so that you may learn. And those within your midst who are wanderers among you are dealing with not one but two illusions: the illusion of their native densities and the illusion of the present incarnational experience. How easy it is to be the accountant and separate the lists of entities who are all the one Creator by this or that difference. We ask you instead to rest and be quiet within yourself and find that within you which is one with all that there is. We ask you to have eyes of trust that you may see the oneness of each other, of yourself. We ask that you may attempt the impossible, for we ourselves are still those unique, still those aware of our differences, although our differences are more easily made harmonious because of the vision given us by the density of love.

Yet, how can you exist as spiritual entities if you seek only that which is possible with this illusion, recognizing not the great mystery of the creation? We say to you only that mystery is a unity, though it is far beyond your comprehension. Just as the star is far beyond your reach, that reaching, that seeking for comprehension, that love of what seems to be impossible—the unity of all things—shall give you joy and power and bring you peace, not the peace of one who is dying, but the peace of one who is full of the Creator and fearless in the face of change, for as you interact with each other, whether it be between mated couples, between companions, or between friends, much shall occur which shall seem to be disharmonious. The peace of that which we speak is retained in the face of all disharmony, and indeed grows stronger and more powerful as experience seems to go awry.

Those who seek, my friends, place themselves upon a road which seems strewn with boulders and yet is very, very narrow. And as you clamber over the boulders and attempt to stay upon the path, many, many differences seems to present themselves. Count you then the coins of this plenty of difference and toss those coins away, for such riches shall only cause you unhappiness, and seek you instead that coin within yourself, that unity of self which is in little, the example of that which is in the macrocosm. You are all one, my friends. Please dare to love each other. We assure you that though you shall fall, you shall always be helped up again, if only you keep your heart and your mind in the belief, in the faith, and in the hope of unity with the one great original Thought of love.

We shall leave you now, greeting especially the one known as B. We confirm that we have been with this instrument at times, and it has been our joy to be one with this faithful instrument as it is our joy to be with each of you at your mental request. We leave you as an inspiration…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. We shall continue. We leave you as an inspiration that has no value except the value that comes from the resonance within you with the thoughts that we share. If there are any thoughts which are not pleasing to you, we most earnestly request that you ignore them and erase them from thought, for our only hope is to be of service to you and we do not wish to be in any way a stumbling block in the path of your seeking. We leave you, although we cannot leave you, for we are all One, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Hatonn. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and we greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. We are honored again to be asked to join your group, and we thank you for this privilege of blending our vibrations with yours. It is our hope that we might be of some service this evening by attempting to answer queries which those present may have value in the asking. Without further delay, then, may we attempt the first query, my friends?

M asked me to ask a question. He wants to know if there is any light you could shed on the phenomenon that he shares with some other people, of affecting metal and other materials so that they bend, and of affecting electromagnetic fields. Basically he wants to know why this happens and what he can do about it, as he has inadvertently managed to bend a portion of his brand new car, which he did not intend to do.

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. We find in this instance that there is a general rule, shall we say, that applies to those who are able to demonstrate this type of phenomenon. The entity who seeks the nature of truth will in some fashion pursue this seeking in a disciplined manner. The discipline often is that not as much consciously constructed in some cases, especially [with] those known as what you have called wanderers, but that which is subconsciously remembered, shall we say.

Thus, there is in the electromagnetic force field or aura of such entities a certain configuration that is the result of latent talents having been tapped in some degree and having manifested by the contact of what this group has come to call intelligent energy or that energy which forms the matter or manifestations of the illusion which you inhabit. Thus, when this talent, shall we say, has not been consciously pursued but has become the outgrowth of a more general conscious pursuit and expression of a subconscious ability, the talent is often, shall we say, channeled in an uneven fashion, thus the occasional interference with the electromagnetic equipment that your society has developed within the last few decades and the occasional bending of the metallic substances that are in, shall we say, the range of an entity’s unevenly surging abilities at the right moment.

The means of controlling or affecting these talents upon the conscious level involve conscious discipline of this unevenly surging energy through whatever means of discipline the entity may find value therein. The meditation upon the sensations that precede such surges is that which is helpful in all cases. The direct control or manner of control of this phenomenon is that which must be left to the free will of each entity.

May we answer further, my sister?

Does this also apply to the inadvertent disrupting of electromagnetic equipment which I experience frequently?

I am Latwii, and this is quite correct, my sister. We would add that the ability to discern the approaching surge of such manifestation is that which requires the subtlest of perceptions and sensitivities and may in many cases be more of a distraction than the pursuing of the heart of seeking the truth, and may be considered simply a nuisance, shall we say.

May we answer further, my sister?

No thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, as always, my sister. May we attempt another query?

I’m curious. I went to a fiftieth wedding anniversary party last Sunday afternoon and thought about a couple that was still as romantically in love as it had had been when they were first married. This is not the norm among our people. Why is that?

I am Latwii. My sister, why is it that any excel in any field of study? There are those who seem to have talents in one area or another. Is it then not natural to expect that within the area of relationships there would be those who would excel in utilizing the relationship as a vehicle for sharing love, experience and growth more efficiently than do others?

May we answer further, my sister?

In other areas, some have to work very hard to get even a competence, say something like piano playing. Others have a natural or God-given or native talent that makes it possible for them to become concert pianists. Does this analogy carry over into the ability to love not only well but over a long period of time?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. This is in general correct, and to be more specific, it is often the case that such studies as the piano and even relationships may be undertaken through a series of incarnations. Thus one or two, in the case of a relationship, may find the fruit of the endeavor at a time within an incarnation that is the culmination of many, whereas others may be beginning the lessons at a relatively newer, shall we say, time within their overall experience of the lessons which your illusion offers.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?


I am Latwii. We find that the minds are quiet of queries as the hearts are full of peace and the enjoyment each of the other’s company. In this enjoyment we are happy to join this group and shall only in name leave this group in that love and light in the hearts of each and of the One Who Is All. We are those of Latwii. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu.