(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos, and I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We are once again privileged to be able to join your group this evening. We greatly enjoy the opportunity to work with the one known as K in order that she might continue the process of becoming a vocal instrument.

We have listened with appreciation and affection to the conversation which you have shared prior to this meditation and we wish to express our gratitude at the careful consideration of this kind of service by each present. It is quite true that it is not a difficult service to perform, but that there is indeed a certain kind of caring that is difficult to find in many who would seek to perform this service. It is the desire to be of service to others and to do so in a manner which serves to the best of one’s abilities, that is the most appropriate motivator, shall we say, in our opinions for this service.

For many of your people it is a service which seems somewhat glamorous, for it partakes of that which is unseen and yet felt by many of your peoples to be a portion of the underlying truth of the illusion that they see as the daily life. To many it speaks subtly yet convincingly of a greater reality, shall we say, that towards which all move in heart and mind, and to give voice to such a power seems to many to be that which must be reserved for the few. And yet in truth we say to you that each in some way contacts this same source of energy and power each day of the incarnation and chooses in one fashion or another to channel that power in a manner which may or may not be conscious, may or may not be understood, and yet surely is a reflection of the One through a portion of the One.

You who have gathered here this evening have chosen a more specific means by which this transmission of the power of what we have called love may be accomplished. It is no more or less better or worse than any other choice. It is simply a choice which will be useful to some and less useful to others. That it is offered in the desire to be of service to others is that which truly matters, shall we say. Thus, this desire is that in which we rejoice this evening and we share it with you.

At this time we would attempt to make our vibrations known to the one known as K, and after a few moments in which any needed adjustment may be made by mental request by the one known as K in order that our vibrations not be uncomfortable, we should then speak a few words through the one known as K. We shall now transfer this contact. I am Laitos.

(K channeling)

I am Laitos. I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. I am with you now in order that you may understand what it is that we are doing.

We are adjusting our vibrations to this instrument.

We are here [inaudible] continue this contact.

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos, and I am again with this instrument. We are very pleased that we have been able not only to make contact with the one known as K, but to reestablish that contact on the two occasions that she felt she had lost this contact. We feel that there has been great expansions of this new instrument’s abilities, and would continue to encourage this new instrument to persevere with moving further and further out on the limb so that the contact might continue and further concepts be generated and it be truly found that the limb has no end.

At this time we would pause in this working in order for any queries that might be upon the minds of those present might be asked. May we respond to any queries at this time?

I’ll give K time to think, and ask a question of my own. I’m writing a book on channeling. Not on the mechanics of channeling, but on every aspect of it that I can think of that might be helpful to people who want to channel and people who are channeling. Any comments or suggestions that you have would be appreciated.

I am Laitos, and, my sister, we are aware of the work upon this subject that you have undertaken, and in our way would choose to show our appreciation of this effort by observing that the process which you are utilizing in writing this book upon the topic of channeling is a process of channeling itself, and is one in which you are, again in our opinion, utilizing the most valuable tool of the instrument, and that is the personal experience of the instrument itself, for to speak upon any topic it is quite helpful not only to be familiar with the topic in an intellectual fashion, but to have made such a close identification with the topic that one truly draws it from the depths of one’s own experience and responses to that experience.

Thus, the work takes on a life that is obviously of its own and is represented in a fashion which then is dynamic and in motion within the author so that the words might then convey this life force that is shared without reservation. That, in our experience and opinion, is the heart of any channeling process and we rejoice at the work which you have chosen to share in your own way.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, but I’d appreciate your help if you would please tell whoever is channeling this to me to use better English. I will too.

I am Laitos, and we can assure you, my sister, that the message has been received. Is there another query?

I have a question. The contact feels to me very tenuous and faint. I don’t know if it gets stronger, but I was getting the feeling that I was supposed to be listening for it, somehow. Do you have any comments on that or suggestions as to how I might do that better?

I am Laitos, and we might comment by suggesting that, again in our opinion, you are perceiving our contact with unusual clarity for a new instrument, for, indeed, in the beginning of this practice it is usual that a tenuous feeling be associated with the perception of our thoughts. As you are able to quiet the inner conversations, the over-nervousness and any doubts that you may carry with you into the meditative state, you will discover that the signal, shall we say, seems amplified, and will eventually be as easily perceivable as any of your own thoughts. In the beginning of this practice we can suggest none too frequently that the new instrument simply be patient and continue with the process as if it were practicing its scales upon the piano. There is a certain amount of exercise that is necessary in order to develop the concentrative muscle, shall we say.

May we answer further, my sister?

When I start to feel like I’m losing the contact, is there anything that I can do at that point, other than to just continue to quiet my mind?

I am Laitos, and am aware of your query, my sister. We again would suggest that the quieting of concerns, thoughts and analysis is the most helpful thing that one might do in order to again begin to perceive the thread of the contact, and to, once having perceived it, await the next concept or phrase. Again, we might characterize this state of mind as a simple and quiet confidence, realizing that one is partaking in an event which is, as it has been observed, actually occurring.

May we answer further, my sister?

As you were contacting me during these practice sessions, is there a way that I would know when you have finished transmitting to me?

I am Laitos, and this query, my sister, we find quite easy to answer, and do not need to be facetious, but we will tell you when we are finished by suggesting that we are finished.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, thank you, that is very helpful.

You’re such a wag.

I am Laitos, and we thank you, my sister.

I appreciate your sense of humor.

None from me—thank you, Laitos.

I am Laitos, and we are happy that we have been able to share a bit of the humorous nature of these beginning sessions, for the ability to laugh at oneself and the process of learning any new experience is an attitude which greatly enhances the learning of that new skill or experience.

We at this time would attempt not only to transfer our contact once again to the one known as K, but would attempt to close this contact through the one known as K, and in this manner she will know that she has finished the contact. I am Laitos.

(K channeling)

I am Laitos, and I am with this instrument again. We find your humor to be refreshing as well. We thank you for this as it is enjoyable to us. We wish now to say that this instrument is progressing satisfactorily. And we will now close this contact. I am Laitos.

(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos, and I greet you once again through this instrument in love and light. We were attempting to recontact the one known as K, and then the one known as Jim. However, we found each to be somewhat puzzled.

We wished not to give any further message except to note to the one known as K that it is well to observe carefully when the naming is done, to discern the sentiment of love, peace, joy, light and blessedness in some close conjunction with greetings and farewells, for we do not wish to leave any with a name alone, but rather with the name of that principle, as this instrument would say, in whose service we come to you, for we are but messengers, bearing news, news of complex things and news of the very simple things that underlie the complexities. We greet and bid farewell of that which is simple, that which is unified, that which we worship and are—love and light.

If those concepts do not rise in your consciousness, challenge immediately, my sister, for the source is questionable in that event. That is, it is certainly not necessary to question that it is not the Confederation which speaks. Thus settling into the night and enjoying this added few moments to hear the sounds of your katydids, we do bid you farewell in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Laitos. Adonai.