(W channeling)

[Inaudible] wish to reassure them that she is responding well and to relax… We wish to allow her the opportunity to serve… without those feelings from… we are having some difficulty and wish to request that she refrain from analysis at this time. We would like to… define our source challenging. She is tuning much more… toward that which is essential. Request that she allow more greater contact and this is simply accomplished by removing her thought processes to allow more greater love through… channels. We would like to thank the one known as W for allowing us to use her as a vocal channel. At this time we will leave her in… the infinite Creator and transfer to the one known as Carla. I am Laitos.

(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos, and greet each again in love and light. Through this instrument as well we thank the one known as W, for the presence of mind necessary to initiate contact represents quite a substantial step forward in the process of learning to discern personalities within the universe of unseen personalities. The ones known as Jim and Carla were somewhat puzzled by our obvious presence yet their inability to hear our words, for the initiating of contact is not often done with this little previous experience. Thus, we are pleased with our disciple and thank the older instruments for not speaking what they did not hear and the new instrument for speaking what they did hear. With such simple honesty might all entities become magical!

The one known as W shall be offered our assistance not only in the training, which we of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator feel able to offer in the area of vocal channeling, but are also willing to put ourselves at this new instrument’s disposal at the point at which this new instrument decides to explore some of the deeper motivations for the decision to learn this somewhat unusual gift and service. There shall be things which we are able to offer by our presence during this process, however, there is much work in thought which must [be] accomplished before this portion of our instruction may transpire.

Due to the necessity in contacting other contacts which may desire to speak, that the one contacting such entities must needs be single-pointed as a plane, and, in the sense which this instrument has read in spiritual literature, a warrior able passionately yet dispassionately to participate in the present moment with utmost appreciation and grace. Thus, this is a period in which the work of meditation shall be most valuable, for it is in the relaxation of the everyday personality that the more metaphysically alive portions of the subconscious mind and spirit complex may grow and reconfigure patterns and designs in order for an ever-improving subjective balance of personality.

Thus, we acknowledge to the one known as W that it is possible and perfectly acceptable that at the end of our tutorage and assistance this entity may well desire to be in relationship with a non-Confederation contact. We have the most cordial relationship with many of your so-called inner plane entities whose intentions towards incarnate individuals of your planetary influence are identical to our own, and thus we ask the instrument to channel what of our ideas and concepts it can by virtue of its own biases of mind, heart and spirit, knowing that there may well, if the entity experiences all appropriate stimulus, be more comfortable and more highly efficacious channeling [of] an entity which of its own self desires to speak through the one known as W.

We shall release this information, asking the entity to ponder it not because we are right or telling a great truth, but because were there no circumstances leading to a further eventuality of other channeling, yet still the practice of meditation and the careful seeking for the center of one’s being are occupations which cannot fail to aid and improve the circumstance of any seeker.

Again, if this series of thoughts is not helpful, please leave it behind. We would at this time transfer to the one known as Jim for the purpose of answering any questions that those present may wish to ask. We now transfer. I am Laitos.

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos, and greet you once again in love and light through this instrument. We are happy to be able to offer ourselves in the attempt to speak towards those concerns which you may have this evening. At this time may we ask if we may speak to a query?

In regard to the information which you just gave us, I would like some clarification in that to make sure I understand correctly what you just said, and by continuing to work with you through this weekly meditation group and by continuing on my own in terms of just meditation that I can learn to be an effective channel, and that if I so wish I could channel what entity feels most comfortable for me. Is this correct?

I am Laitos, and this is basically the thrust of our suggestion, for you are, as you are aware, able to engage in the service of vocal channeling with greater ease than most new instruments due to a preparation, shall we say, which has become more visible and usable within your incarnation at this time. We are aware that there is the possibility that the kind of contact which you have now begun to enjoy through our working with you is that which may continue in your future experience and that which also may be added unto as you discover further abilities to expand your service with entities which may or may not be members of the Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Creator.

There are many entities who are a part of what we find is called the inner planes of this particular planetary sphere who also seek to speak through instruments for the purpose of not only inspiring an instrument but of sharing information through an instrument with those who may seek in a fashion which is congruent with the entities making the contact. Thus, in whatever manner you choose to continue this service, we wish you to know that we appreciate the opportunity of working with you and we join you in expressing the desire to be of service to the one Creator and to those about you through this kind of service.

May we speak further, my sister?

[Inaudible] know that I appreciate your willingness to work with me. I’m curious about the entity that channels through [inaudible], Brother Samuel, in that I was wondering what density he is in and in relation to what density the Confederation is?

I am Laitos, and to begin with the latter portion of the query first, those of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Creator are composed of a variety of vibratory levels, including some of your own planetary sphere of late third density who have for a great portion of what you call time been able to appreciate a fourth-density vibration of love and understanding. Our membership includes the densities of love, of wisdom, and of unity, numbering four, five and six.

The opportunity for densities beyond the fourth to speak through instruments upon your planetary surface is greatly less than it is for those of the fourth density for it is towards this density of love and understanding which our planet—we correct this instrument—toward which those of your planetary sphere now move in their evolutionary process. Thus, it is these types of messages that are most often called for and able to be appreciated by the population of your planet.

The entity of which you speak is an entity which we find to be of a great desire to be of service to others, and beyond this point we feel that it is well to reserve comment, for to comment further in describing this entity’s vibratory frequency could seem to be to judge, and we do not wish our words or comments to serve as any kind of stumbling block to any other seeker of truth. In the final analysis, shall we say, the source or origin of any particular contact is far, far less important than the content of the information which any contact may have to offer to any seeker. Thus, the seeker shall determine the information that is of most value to it.

May we speak further, my sister?

On that question [inaudible] very much appreciate the information [inaudible].

I am Laitos, and we thank you as well, my sister. Is there another query?

To get back to the information which [inaudible] is there in terms of my meditations, are there any suggestions which would aid in developing communication or receptivity?

I am Laitos. At this point in your study of this particular service, my sister, we find that the ground work is well accomplished and the foundation is laid carefully. When a new instrument has been able to open itself to the contact which we offer to the degree that you have been able and to speak those concepts as clearly and freely as you have spoken them we can only add that the perseverance and the effort is the point most in need of focused attention. The daily meditative time which has been set aside is that time in which the desire not only to seek the truth, as you call it, to serve as an instrument through which portions of that truth may move in inspiration to others, is most helpful in the continuing deepening of such dedication. It is in these moments of communion with the one Creator that one may double and re-double the intensity of desire to seek and to share the truth. Take those times, then, and within the boundaries of your meditation seek to know more and more the heart of your own being and to continue the intensification of the desire to know and to be and to share greater and greater portions of truth.

May we speak further, my sister?

I’ve come to greater awareness of the lack of love for self with this awareness. I guess where I’m not quite sure and am inclined to ask, I have feeling that this has been what has been lacking in my conscious thoughts, what I have been in contact with on a subconscious level, that being my higher self and whatever other contacts have been made. Is this correct, and with this new awareness is this something that we can really [inaudible].

I am Laitos, and we might comment by suggesting the perception which you have shared is in its own way relatively accurate, although there is another way of perceiving the lack of love for self which we would suggest at this time as a method, or portion of a method, for finding greater and greater love for, and by so loving the self becoming more and more able to love other selves about one which reflect to one the nature of self. And that perception is that the lack of love for self may be seen as a means of preparing the self for greater service. As one becomes aware of the lack of love and acceptance of the self, and turns to work upon that quality, one begins to build a stronger framework of the heart of self, and through the strengthening of the core perceptions of and feelings for the self, so is laid a firmer foundation for services that may then be offered to others.

Thus, one may see various imitations, obstacles and blockages not just as hindrances to one’s progress, but means by which one’s progress may be accelerated, for these areas are what you may call the food for growth, the catalyst, which, when processed, will allow the constant transformation of the inner being and its radiance into the entity and those about it.

Thus, a concentrated effort at working upon one’s perception of self can allow one not only to achieve the broader point of view of the self by the self, but also allow one to then move the point of viewing further into the environment about one, and, indeed, to the smallest portion of the daily round of activities, until the creation about one begins to take on the feel and appearance of that which is sacred, unified and full of joy and perfect motion.

May we speak further, my sister?

Is it also that by experiencing certain challenges one in service to the other one is able to understand their situation [inaudible] service or help?

I am Laitos, and, indeed, we find this to be quite correct, for within your illusion, most of the purpose and means for fulfilling purpose for an incarnation is hidden from the seeker of truth, even from one who seeks most diligently and constantly. Those times of difficulty are the times during which the greatest growth is possible, for no muscle, be it physical, mental or spiritual, grows stronger through lack of use but only through greater and greater use. In the times of difficulty you are using all that you have of the spiritual, the mental, the emotional, and perhaps even the physical complexes in order to survive and to retain the balanced view. Thus, in truth, one may rejoice in difficulties, for at these times one is offered the opportunity to expand one’s limited ability to perceive the Creator in all portions of the illusion and to be of service to those portions which seem unlovable and unacceptable.

May we speak further, my sister?

Is that where the concept of letting go comes in, allowing the Creator to guide as opposed to the self trying to manipulate?

I am Laitos, and we find that this is one fundamentally important portion of the opportunity for learning that presents itself in the times of difficulty. The entity suffering the difficulty will, by its very nature, respond in a fashion which is spontaneous, unrehearsed and perhaps even quite out of control as you would call it. Within these responses there lies the reflection of the limitations of the entity which are now presenting themselves for the opportunity of being stretched and expanded to the point where a greater view of the creation and of the self and the relationship between the self and the creation might be observed by the entity.

As the entity is looking upon its own experience and is in the middle of things, shall we say, it will find if the test be true and intensely enough experienced that there is a point beyond which the entity has little effect upon the movement of experience and the outcome of events. At this point the entity, perhaps in meditation, contemplation, or prayer will find it most helpful to surrender the smaller view of the conscious mind and its analysis of what to do and not to do to the greater self, which some call the higher self, and to those forces of light which guide and protect each entity within the third-density illusion.

In this way the entity is brought face to face with its own limitations and its need for inspiration and transformation of its point of view by surrendering the smaller point of view and belief system. The entity is making a path or channel through which aid may be offered by greater portions of the self, including the higher self and those guides and teachers which are drawn to an entity by the nature of its seeking. In this way the intuition may feed and nourish the conscious mind and aid in its expan…

[Tape ends.]