General question concerning the story in the Bible of Adam and Eve, whether it is an actual story of people that existed, or a symbolic story supposed to show us certain principles, etc.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a rare privilege and blessing to be called to this seeking group of pilgrims, and we are honored that we are guests at such a banquet of love.

The one who wishes to study the creation may fruitfully study what is popularly called the archetypical mind. Indeed, we know of no better name for this informational treasure house than the mind of the archetypes. It is archetypes, rather than individuals, which the stories of creation seek to illuminate, for creation of self-consciousness begins, subjectively, after creation. The consciousness [which is] conscious of creation is only that of the Creator, and within the illusions which all of us enjoy there is no direct road to clear perception.

It is necessary that expression be general, for the witness to creation is mute and lies within the infinite mystery of the potential intelligence of the uncreated and created Creator, whose mystery is whole and entire and has not and shall not be disturbed by the puny and petty ponderings of our kind. We are seekers, not finders, my friends.

And so within us lie the deepest hunches of what you may call your races. Upon some planets, all have the same archetypical mind. Some of the confusions about creation lie in the various stories of creation, generated by the archetypical minds of those from different planetary influences. There are many such upon your particular planet. It is well, in considering the archetypical mind, to work with a system which is found instinctively by you to be evocative of the rich fruit of suggestion and inference, for each image is designed to center one within a portion of deep knowledge about one’s origin and definition, one’s way of progression and hope for the future.

Let us look at the most well-known myth within this group of entities. In this story, the first man is made greater than all the animals and able to talk to the Creator. Now, my friends, there is rich food for thought in this image, and, indeed, one of your teachers makes fruitful use of the theme in what you call the parable of the prodigal son. Each of you has an Eden, a time of untrammeled and untroubled beauty, a golden time when the body, soul, mind and heart felt good, at home and well. The sun was happy and even the rain hardly noticeable. And yet somehow, somewhere, through the process of all the years of incarnation, as you call them, you have left the garden—and how alone you feel!

Yet, both in and out of the garden, there comes the second archetype—the helper. Each entity has within it the lonely warrior and the helper, the fount of all wisdom and solace. Your Logos has created a strongly biased sexual differentiation so that although each male and each female experience both needs, yet still to the male is given the striving for the freedom by nature; to the female, the centered feeling of untold riches of happiness, solace and peace.

Neither males nor females experience enough of freedom without an emotional bias, and neither males nor females experience most purely the joy of being of total service. Yet by the sexual choice of a chemical body at the beginning of incarnation each of you has chosen to experience the male archetype or the female archetype as regards that which is demanded by the culture. It is to be noted that only in highly cerebral cultures where education has been carried far does the idea of interchangeable roles surface, for it is not an idea which fits naturally with the genetic disposition of the third-density body which has been issued to each of you.

This is one small example of the archetypes which may be studied in the creation myth. Also of interest is the introduction, very early in the myth and with repeated emphases, of the eventual and inevitable fall, for repeatedly the archetypical male and female choose freely to disobey the Creator to whom they can talk. Each of you may feel a desire to speak directly to your Creator, but perhaps if the Creator’s face were familiar the Creator might be taken for granted. Perhaps the Creator which is a mystery is the more understandable Creator and the more to be appreciated.

When the female archetype known as Eve met with the instrument which removed the couple from the garden, it was at the behest of a very important figure. It is to be noted that in the Tarot the serpent is the image of wisdom, and so it is intended in this creation myth which draws heavily upon the same cultural material. It is wisdom which can be the most effectively negative creation, for an over-abundance of love is more difficult to twist entirely. The habit of over-stimulation of the intellect is far more likely to end in a negative movement. Yet, does not all of your experiences as a race and as individuals depend almost completely upon the presence, the enthusiasm, and the action of the serpent in your lives, those seemingly negative forces which cause one to be experiencing life outside the garden, where each day has challenges and it is difficult to express or even feel faith and passion, hope and joy?

Yet is it not, when you look back upon those times that you see so often the greatest of progress made during those difficult times? What to praise and what to blame about the creation of the Father? It is difficult, nay, let us say impossible, to call any portion of the creation bad, for the debt of the pilgrim to the negative population upon your planet is great. You are experiencing life both in and out of the garden. Each portion of that story is a portion of a complex series of archetypes. The study of the archetypical mind is most helpful, yet we would not encourage you to study to the extent of mental and spiritual indigestion in order to feel that you are progressing along the spiritual path.

We would at this time make note that those things which are most important to learn, to grasp, and to make a part of the life are those things which are simple and devoid of the complexity of language and ratiocination, for you seek that which is found in silence and in eternity. You seek, therefore, in a foreign language and in an alien land, yet it is your native tongue and your native home. The language of the heart shall speak for you in the kingdom you now seek. We await you there and are with you there this moment. As your consciousness points and wills and meditates itself to be, so you shall be.

Be careful what you desire. Be assiduous in your meditations, and may you have our greatest thanks for asking us such an interesting question. It has been our pleasure to talk upon the subject and we hope that we have said a few things which may spark other questions or give you food for thought. Of course, we are fallible and prone to error, as is any seeker of mystery. If there is aught said that grates, please ignore our humble words and continue seeking, serene and confident in your own judgment.

We find that the there is a desire for one of our comrades to speak through the one known as Jim, and so at this time we shall leave the group, thanking it for the blessing it has given us in being able to share time and thought with you. We especially greet those whom we do not see each week, for to us all times are the same, and it is a great joy to see each soul with whom our vibrations have learned to dance in rhythm. We leave this instrument now, and each of you, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and we are most happy and honored to greet each in love and in light. It has been quite a period of your time since we have been able to speak through this instrument to this group and we are very happy that we have been called this evening and we offer ourselves at this time in the attempt to speak to those queries which you may offer to us. May we begin, my friends, with a query?

Would you explain the relationship between Q’uo and Latwii?

I am Latwii. I am not Q’uo. We may suggest that the relationship is that of fellow seekers. As those gathered in this domicile are each seekers of truth, sharing that seeking and sharing the path, so we share with those of Q’uo and with many others as well the seeking for truth in the vibrational frequency of wisdom or light. We are similar to those of Q’uo in that we are what you have learned to call a social memory complex, that is, a grouping of mind/body/spirit complexes which seeks as one being the nature of truth.

May we speak further, my brother?

I understand what you just said. Normally in our sessions, the question and answer session is also handled by the same entity that is channeled during the session. Can you explain [why] Latwii has decided to come through for this particular question and answer session?

I am Latwii, and we are happy to speak to that point, my brother. As we cast our thoughts back in your time, we find that there was a time during which we also spoke in the capacity of those of Q’uo in giving the opening message and followed that service with the honor of attempting to speak to queries. This service has largely of late been offered by those of Q’uo, for this group has in its progression of experience attracted to it this group of entities now known to you as Q’uo which is able to speak to the concerns of this group in a fashion which is more closely aligned with the group’s seeking.

We have been called this evening to offer our services in the answering of queries by a member of your group which remembers us in, shall we say, our heyday when we spoke as the primary contact of this group, and we are honored to once again be invited to this group, for it has always been our joy to offer our services to this group, for this group has been able in most instances to grasp the ridiculous nature of our sense of humor when we have been able to express it through the rigid confines of this instrument’s mind.

May we speak further, my brother?

No, thank you, that cleared that up. To get back to tonight’s session, I would like to ask a question about the archetypical mind of… Let me regress just a minute. It was stated that wisdom, being the archetype of the serpent, was responsible basically for the ousting from the garden of Eden. Am I to understand from that our overindulgence in intellectual pursuits, rather than pursuits of the heart, does that lead to our ousting from the garden of Eden even today? Does that make sense?

I am Latwii, and we feel that we have the gist of your query in our grasp, and we shall respond with that supposition in mind. Please query further if we are mistaken.

The concepts, as we have listened to them being shared this evening, concerning the wisdom and the movement of the archetypical energies of the male and female principles out of the unity that was prevalent within the garden of Eden, as it is called, are a force; that is, wisdom, which allows for the gaining of experience by those portions of the Creator which comprise Its creation. This movement into experience is that which entities seem to experience from the state of grace, harmony and unity which is the nature of the garden of Eden in which all is provided without the need for seeking or striving or experiencing of any kind. Yet, it is the purpose of the creation to provide the Creator means by which It might know Itself in ways not available without the creation and without movement from the unity occurring within the creation by those who populate the creation.

Thus, those principles represented by Adam and Eve, the male and the female principles, present in each entity, are provided the necessity as well as the opportunity of gaining experience in order that the consciousness which they represent might become individualized to the extent that greater and greater experience is gained and greater and greater distortion, shall we say, or movement from unity results, thereby creating the need or the antithetical movement to again rejoin the unity of all creation, bringing with this movement back toward unity all experience that is gained in the movement from unity, thereby glorifying the Creator by the bringing of the harvest of experience home, shall we say.

The tendency of the quality of wisdom to individualize itself in consciousness is a tendency which can be intensified to the extent that an entity may so separate itself from all about it that it travels its journey of seeking upon the path that you might call the negative path, or that which separates self from all other self.

The compassion or love which the entities knew within the garden of Eden, and which seems removed from them as they journey from that garden, are forces which are most easily aligned with that quality that you might call the positive path or the radiant path. These qualities of wisdom and love are the representations of the nature of the Creator in creation, that any entity might choose as the path upon which it shall journey back into unity with all the creation and the one Creator.

May we speak further, my brother?

I think I understand most of what you said. Let me just ask one further question. Is mankind journeying back toward the garden of Eden, or away from the garden of Eden?

I am Latwii, and we assume that your query refers to the mankind that is the inhabitant of your third-density illusion, and if this be the case, we would suggest that your population within your vibratory frequency is that which is perfecting that quality of self-consciousness which is able to choose the path upon which it shall return to that condition of unity which is represented by the garden of Eden within your holy work.

Thus, the great journey that has been set upon in the creation has reached its culmination within beings such as yourselves who have succeeded in individualizing the consciousness to the extent that to most of your population it seems that each entity is quite separate, one from another, and that there is very little that connects beings in the creation, and that the creation itself, indeed, is that which is many things, each separate from the other.

Thus, at this time, those of your population of third density are beginning the process of making the choice which shall allow the return through much of what you call time and experience and the refining of those choices made within your illusion, back to the unity of all things and beings.

May we speak further, my brother?

No, thank you. That’s all the questions I have tonight.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

Yes, I guess I’d better ask S1’s question. This is from S1. She sends her love and realizes that this is not precisely philosophical, and realizes that you do not infringe on free will, and anything you can say will be fine.

She says that in her sleep she’s been going up against a glass wall, and when she wakes up, she’s coming back through the wall, but she can’t remember what she was doing on the other side. She wonders if she will ever be able to remember, and what the nature of the wall is?

I am Latwii, and we find that with this query we move quite close to the potential for infringing upon free will, and shall do our utmost to walk that line carefully. We may assure the one known as S1 that the process which she is now undergoing is one which is the normal outgrowth of her own inner seeking. The experience which she is able to remember will continue to expand in detail according to her ability to utilize in a conscious fashion the information which is contained therein. We may not speak as to the content or quality of this information, for this is that which is of necessity reserved for the exploration of this entity within her own experience in contemplation and meditation.

The protection that she has provided through ritualized intention is quite sufficient to give this entity the assurance of safe passage during her sleep and dream periods in which the passage through the wall occurs, and we commend this entity for its diligence in taking the time to provide itself with this quality of protection.

We can recommend to this entity that the focusing of the attention at the present time upon the feeling tones [that] are present when she is able to recall any portion of this experience is that which shall be helpful in tracing the path that now is only dimly lit, and which will, with time and intention of seeking, become more discernible to her subconscious and then conscious mind. The contemplation and meditation upon these feeling tones will prepare the conscious mind to accept more and more of that which is available to it through the subconscious mind from the experience that occurs beyond that wall of forgetting.

May we speak in any further fashion, my sister?

No, I’d just like to thank you for S1, and to tell you that I know she’ll be very happy with the answer and really appreciates being able to contact you. And if she has another question, she can write me back and I’ll ask you then. It’s nice to hear you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you both, my sisters, for we take great joy in having the opportunity of speaking to each such seeker, and we are especially grateful that this instrument has provided us the opportunity to utilize its abilities at this time. We were about to make a somewhat less than serious comment about its abilities, but refrained at the last moment, for fear of causing too much giggling within a mind which needs a firm center at the moment.

Is there another query at this time?

Yes, I have a question. It harks back to the answer you just gave, one portion of it which is a small portion, but probably very important. I’ve always had a kind of thing about worrying about negative influences, when I meditate, entities that may be negatively inclined influencing me. I’ve always basically, and I know Carla and I have had discussions and she has chastised me lovingly a few times for my views on this, but I’ve never worried about negative entities influencing me or messing with me in any way. Sometimes, I used to think, well, maybe I’m just popping off, maybe I really do worry about it, or I’m afraid of it deep down. But I don’t think I am, and I’ve never been one to back off from, if someone had something new they wanted to try, even something as silly as getting stoned and meditating real heavy or something. But, whatever, I mean, this would seem this would leave me open to a negative influence.

And my question, after all that is, you said that you appreciated that S1 protected herself against a negative influence on her journey. Can you, if—would a strong or a firm belief that you can’t really be influenced by these negative entities be the same, sort of, and adequate protection against that? I don’t really doubt they exist, but…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii, and we are again with this instrument. We may agree that the attitude of which you speak is of great assistance in providing the self with the armor of light that sings of radiance and service and of the sure step upon the path of seeking. This is a most helpful attitude for most entities who seek the nature of their reality. The more intensely one desires to be of service to those about one, the brighter does the light grow. This light is of a metaphysical nature, seen in these realms as a source of power, the power of radiance, the power of service.

There are those entities who travel a darker path who also notice a source of light and power and are attracted by this light so that they might continue upon their journey of gathering power for their own use, and will, if the light is powerful or bright enough, attempt to infringe upon that light in the attempt to gather it for their own use. This is a process which provides the natural balance, shall we say, within all life patterns, for the opportunity to taste of the positive polarity must be balanced with the opportunity to taste of the negative polarity. The entity who seeks within your illusion is one which faces choices at each step along the journey of seeking. That which is learned, then, creates within the entity the need for putting that which is learned into practice within the life pattern. Thus, the life must equal the learning.

If an entity has begun choosing in a purely positive fashion the path of radiance, and within its life pattern from time to time makes choices which do not reflect that which has been learned, and in fact become disharmonious and perhaps injurious to those about one, there is created within the life pattern an opening which may be accentuated by those of the negative persuasion, shall we say.

This is a natural process of testing that which has been learned, and may be used by the seeker of truth to reinvestigate and strengthen those qualities that have been found to be less than perfectly integrated into the life pattern. Just so, the qualities of the positive polarity may indeed be intensified by those of the positive path in the same fashion, so that one finds oneself usually in a manner which is not consciously noticed, traveling a path which has, shall we say, opportunities or tests which will allow the entity to demonstrate its ability to live that which has been learned, and to continue refining this ability until it is consciously moving itself along the evolutionary path in a fashion which perceives more than the outer nature of things.

Thus, there is no, shall we say, negative influence which is possible without the invitation or opening being created by the seeker. The attitude with which the seeker greets all such possibilities is the attitude which will increase or decrease the efficiency of the seeking.

At this point, we would ask if we might speak in any further fashion, for this is a field which is quite large in scope, and we do not wish to move too rapidly across it without asking for further queries.

I believe I basically understand what you’ve said so far. And that’s sufficient. I sometimes wonder if I were really consciously tested in a real heavy manner, that is, if I did see a ghost, what would I do? Maybe I don’t have… I wonder. I guess I question my conditions. Maybe I’ve got my light under a bushel basket and I haven’t attracted anything for that reason. I’m not sure. But at any rate, I believe your answer is sufficient for me at this time. Thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my brother, and would only add that this process is one which is not usually noticeable within any seeker’s life pattern, but is part of the great mystery of seeking, which each of us attempts to unravel as we continue in our journies.

Is there a further query at this time?

Latwii, this is not really a question—I’m hoping you can give me one of your confirmations. I saw several, what we erroneously call aliens, apparently working on R, and I wanted to know if you could confirm for me that that was indeed what was going on?

I am Latwii, and we choose at this point to speak in a fashion which shall not be overly specific and therefore risk the infringement upon free will. We scan your recent experience in order to discover the nature of this experience. It is possible for us to affirm that your vision is that which has seen the aiding of the one known as R in a fashion which is congruent with this entity’s belief in the state of what you call health being a function of the attitude of mind and the attracting to the system of belief of those qualities of mind which have been lacking, shall we say, and which have provided the opportunity for the balance that will then set the stage, shall we say, for the regaining of that quality that you call health.

May we speak further, my sister?

No, I think I’ll have to read that one first. But, I wanted to ask you. Could you tell me why, whenever you show up, I get this really wonderful happy feeling? And I don’t ever get it when anybody else shows up. And I was just wondering if you can tell me the reason for that?

I am Latwii, and as much as we would like to inform you as to the particular reason why you find our humble vibrations helpful and happy-making, we must refrain at this time, and are only able to give our gratitude in response, and we thank you for your happy reception of our vibrations. We look forward to all such opportunities of sharing, my sister.

Is there any further query?

I’d like to follow up on S2’s. Is what you were saying was that S2’s vision was a materialization very much like psychic surgery where it was a manifestation, an illusion, but a manifestation, symbolic of the inner healing that R and his higher self or some overshadowing helper or helpers, an inner healing that they were effecting, and that what S2 saw was a materialization which symbolized the inner process. Is that what you said, basically? I thought I caught that.

I am Latwii, and we find that you have nearly grasped the nature of that which we spoke. We would only add that the qualities which the one known as S2 has perceived are indeed representative of the inner work now ongoing with the one known as R, according to this entity’s system of belief regards the concept of healing and health.

May we speak further, my sister?

So you’re saying that the manifestation was for S2, but the inner healing process is ongoing and is for R?

I am Latwii, and this is correct. Is there another query at this time?

I don’t have a question, I just want to say, I think it’s a heyday every time you show up.

Hey! With a call like that, he’ll be back.

I am Latwii, and we have appreciated both the query and the shared silence. We rejoice at the opportunity of blending our vibrations with yours, and we hope that our humble words have had some assistance this evening to your seeking. We are, as you well know, quite fallible in our opinions and we do not wish any word to be overly weighted in your perception. Take those which do have meaning and leave those which do not. We shall leave this group at this time, rejoicing always in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Latwii. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.