“L/Leema: For we wish to speak this evening of a kind of gem which is not found under the earth, the kind of star which is not found in heaven, a one-of-a-kind item which cannot be purchased. Indeed, we speak of the most beautiful and rare, indeed, unique, of all treasures—the treasure that knows it is a treasure—the self-conscious seeking entity.”

(Carla channeling)

I am L/Leema, and I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. It is a blessing and a privilege to be speaking with you this evening, and our hearts are full with the joy of sharing this occasion with you. We wish especially to introduce ourselves to the one known as B. We find this entity quite sensitive to us, and we bless and greet this entity with appreciation and love, as we greet all whom we have had the privilege of meeting within this circle of seekers.

We find ourselves able to proceed in quite a leisurely manner, due to this instrument’s recent training with the channeling, and would thank the instrument for continuing to work upon the clearing of the mind. It is not remarkable or amazing that the mind is so cluttered among your peoples or that so much unnecessary attention is placed upon unspontaneous creation of sense, for the spontaneously created meanings, symbols and manifestations are those which carry the most life and vigor; those long-pondered, becoming increasingly artificial in feeling. Thus, the most helpful channeling is usually done in a clear manner with the channel [not] analyzing. This is to be noted, for we could not speak this evening through this channel in the way which we shall were the instrument attempting to predict our paragraphs.

For we wish to speak this evening of a kind of gem which is not found under the earth, the kind of star which is not found in heaven, a one-of-a-kind item which cannot be purchased. Indeed, we speak of the most beautiful and rare, indeed, unique, of all treasures—the treasure that knows it is a treasure—the self-conscious seeking entity.

All things are treasures to the Creator, for all things are of the Creator, thus the Creator is in all things, yet there is one kind of created thing which is conscious of itself. The jewel-like quality of self-consciousness is not immediately apparent when viewing the crowded and cluttered lives of the jewels that live about you and the one which lives within your frame, thinking your thoughts. Indeed, although one can easily see the theory of humanity’s divinity, it is designed to be quite impossible to perceive divinity in a steady state within most of the living jewels upon your sphere.

The crowding and cluttering of the mind has been placed there so that the self-conscious seeking entity will find itself to be alone. This is, of course, the deepest of the illusions of your planetary sphere, and it is the work not only of eyes, but of all senses of the physical vehicle. The senses of the physical vehicle are designed to convince one of an illusion, to see certain things and assume that unseen things are not real, to feel certain things, and assume that there is no other feeling, and so forth.

Thus, separation, the illusion of separation, is designed into the structure and function of your physical vehicle. Also designed into your physical vehicle are senses which allow you to see that which is unseen, remember that which has not happened, feel that which is impossible to feel, and so forth. However, in most of the entities among your peoples, these senses are not activated. You will find if you will gaze about the younger population of your planet, that more and more entities are being influenced heavily by the new vibrations of your increasingly strong fourth density and are beginning to be able to have access to the finer senses and the manifestations of ability in those senses. There is, therefore, much more connective work being done among your people’s work in channeling, work in healing, and work in attempting to become more oriented towards living the life in a conscious manner.

Why have you worked so very diligently and carefully to place yourselves in solitude? This is a question to ponder again and again, for the treasures which come from the exploration of this series of thoughts makes always for a strong meditation.

We shall give some ideas which we have come to perceive upon the subject and offer them to you, knowing that you are aware, but wishing to remind you that we do not have an access to ultimate truths, and are sharing our humble opinion with you for your discrimination. We ask you to use this discrimination.

The greatest use of living in perceived solitude is the extreme artificial emphasis placed upon apparent relationships with other entities. For the third-density seeking entity, the importance in experience tends to lie in perceived relationships and the manifestation and continuation of those relationships, especially those which are the more intimate. If each entity were secure in knowing that all entities are truly one, and that all are children of the Father, the need to work upon perceived biases would be very much foreshortened, and there would not be the great activation placed by nature to improve, harmonize, equalize and coordinate two or more lives which are intertwined.

If two entities are quite sure that they are undeniably one, there is not the need to take the care with the words or actions, to take the thought with personal motivation and moral significance of whims, wants and desires. Further, being perceived by the self as a solitary entity makes it very difficult to assume a relationship with the perfect, the divine, the eternal and the invisible. Yet, within the mind is placed an ever-onward driving urge and instinctive desire to climb the upward-spiraling line of light to the Infinite.

Thus, you have arranged with creation to be incarnated into an environment in which that which you most desire to know is unknowable; that which is most deeply important to you is not to be had. You have placed yourself in an environment of perceived spiritual hunger. You have intended that this hunger will move you forward always, seeking the highest and the best of questions, gazing into the face of mystery without blinking at the shadows which hide all things. You have arranged to perceive yourself as known and the Creator as unknown, not to perceive yourself as unknown or the Creator as known. Most of all, you have hidden from yourselves the perception of yourself as divine, whole, graceful and godly. This is due to the fact that you cannot perceive with any outer sense any of the attributes of divinity.

Why has so much been hidden from you by yourself? Why has the Creator been moved afar off? Why have you armored yourself so thoroughly against a true and lasting understanding?

We may say glibly that you have done these things to prevent yourself from assuming intellectually based divinity, for as the third-density entity seeks love, it has not yet refined its grasp of compassion’s great responsibility, a responsibility that equals the joy of actual perception of love.

Let us say that you are a gardener, and you plant and you sow, you till and harvest, and as you reap, you rejoice in the unconscious rhythm and sure deft bloom of each plant. Much, indeed, almost all of your work has been done by rote and without true understanding. Yet, by cooperating with the Father, you are able to perceive that which is deeper than the physical manifestation of bloom, for you have touched the earth, the plant, the beauty and the essence of each plant, touched the creation itself in its divinity. And as the creation, except for you, is not self-conscious, it laughs not at you, nor does it make fun. It feeds you with love, it touches you as you touch it, and it blesses you with all of its consciousness, for it does not believe itself to be alone.

There is, in the relationship with the Father, a dependency, a perceived dependency which angers, or at best, irritates most third-density entities, unable because of perceived solitude to see that you and the Father are one, that there is no difference in identity between yourself and the divine, but only a difference in the degree of blindness of all the inner senses which may be available to you, but open and viable to the Creator within. For if the Creator is far away, yet is the Father also near, far nearer than your breath or your bones, far more able to speak than your own limited self, equipped with a far wider and wiser grasp of actual priorities, advantages, disadvantages and right action.

Given the need to make an important decision, as indeed all moral decisions are, one would seek the advice of the wisest friends before deciding what should be done by the self. Yet, when one is faced with the need to seek the will of the Creator, the need is perceived as an enslaving and limiting one. Yet this perceived clash between personalities is an illusion. The choice—since each seeker is truly divine, in potentiation, and to a large degree in physical activation—the actual decision is whether to operate with most information removed from the process of decision, or to operate with as much information as possible, even though the conscious solitary self is usually not very aware of these facts in any conscious manner, after seeking guidance from the higher self, angelic entities, guides, what this instrument calls the Holy Spirit, or the Creator in whatever form you may understand it,

We ask you to experiment with breaking the chains of your solitude. It is a fool’s work, and the world will tell you so, as will your own sense of perceived freedom. Yet, as each entity is a seamless portion of an infinite creation, is it not better, upon the pilgrim’s path, to take each step with a feeling, a hope and intention of being one with the Father, whether the way be difficult or smooth? Yet, the greatest degree of freedom upon the path is not in the avoidance of the stones alone, but rather in some instinctive understanding which comes from a sense of where one is proceeding, whither one is going. For if the way is rough, yet it is known in some deep part of the unconscious soul that it is necessary to move this way to avoid deeper and rougher roads. If it is known that this is the way which must be gone to reach the end of the next adventure, to reach the next oasis of consciousness, then shall not all useless delay be stopped, and all energies be placed efficiently in the going?

Why were you born in a body which tells you you are alone? Where shall this question take you? We hope it takes you deep into mystery, deep into some attempt to grasp the relationship betwixt yourself and others and yourself and the divine within you, and most of all, yourself and the Father, for if you interpret the illusion through the eyes of the Father, you shall see a kingdom unavailable to those who see only with the eyes of the world. For all who are solitary, are sad, and see all of the darkness as if it should never lighten, all the despair as if it should never fade, all doubt as if it shall never stop, why do you feel solitary in such a crowded universe? Why do you feel lack and limitation when there is naught but love? Beings of light, we rejoice upon the path with you, and are most, most happy to be speaking with you.

It is not our forte, shall we say, to do the work which the one known as Q’uo does. Thus, it has been some time since we have been called to this group, and we are again most happy to be sharing with you. At this time, we would transfer to the one known as Jim, in order that any questions which any may have might be answered. We thank each, and offer ourselves as those who would join in meditation if mentally called. We do not wish to speak with any which are meditating alone, but only to be and to share the meditation vibrations in such a way that we may perhaps deepen the meditative state. We leave this instrument now, again with thanks, and move on to the one known as Jim. I am L/Leema.

(Jim channeling)

I am L/Leema, and we greet you again through this instrument in love and in light. It is our privilege at this time to offer ourselves in the attempt to answer those queries which each may find of value in the personal seeking. We remind each that we give but our fallible opinions, and do not wish to place any stumbling block in the path of another. May we begin with a query?

Well, if we are divine, how come we screw up all the time?

I am L/Leema, and, my sister, we look upon the query as that which is contained within a certain point of view which is the property of the illusion through which you move, for if you had but eyes to see beyond those veils which hide your own divinity, you would discover that those times of difficulty during which you seem to miss the mark and miss it yet again, are times in which you prepare within your being the opportunity and potential for enlarging your experience not only of yourself and your illusion, but your experience of a portion of the Creator, and by so doing provide the one Creator an opportunity to gain the knowledge of your experience in a manner not possible should you not be providing the avenues of exploration that your consciousness devises.

Within your illusion, you measure yourself and your activities and your thoughts, your responses, and every portion of your illusion that you can see and touch and about which you may contemplate, meditate and pray upon, for your illusion is one of seeming limitations, and within this illusion of limitations, the measurement of each portion is of great interest to those who inhabit your illusion, for it is the beginning effort to explore the creation about you, that has told you you have come a distance and experienced many things, and have yet a great distance to go, a distance which knows no apparent end. And as you measure yourself against your growing concept of that which is infinity, you will find that you constantly fall short of equaling even your small concept of infinity, and, even further, your concept of the illusion in which you exist and the accepted manner of moving through the illusion that is recognized in your own philosophical and religious constructs.

Thus, to take a portion of the whole, and to look upon it with the eyes which see only dimly and for the most part rest upon the exterior appearance of things, is to guarantee that the self, which you feel that you are, shall continually fall short of that self which you intuit that you truly are or can be. This falling short and the frustration which comes from it are most valuable assets in the drawing forward of the self and the focusing of the attention so that there might be a progression of experience through which you come to know greater and greater portions of the creation and the Creator which lie all about you and within each portion of the creation.

May we speak further, my sister?

Only on the related point, because it was in the message. I didn’t understand what the channeling meant when I got the part about the physical body being godlike in activation, mostly, or something like that. There was some aspect of the actual physical body that was divine. I just wonder what that might be?

I am L/Leema, and we feel that our response might be most direct if we suggest that the physical vehicle which provides the means of locomotion through this third-density illusion for each of its inhabitants is a conscious and intelligent portion of the same Creator that creates all experience within and beyond your illusion. Thus, the physical body is a being with a type of concept system which operates in what seems to be an independent fashion from the mind and spirit complexes, in that the physical vehicle is nourished by the constant application of direction, movement and the qualities of fertility, shall we say, that are associated with the root or base energy center, those related to the sexual reproduction, the nourishing of the vehicle through food intake, the rest and exercise, and the preservation of the integrity of the vehicle.

Thus, the physical vehicle in its own right perceives the illusion in which you find yourself at this time, and rejoices in the aliveness that propels it, and in the direction of the conscious mind which focuses this vitality. Thus, its divinity is pure in its beingness and its uninhibited expression of the life force which moves through it.

May we answer further, my sister?

Just so that I can understand you. What you’re saying, then, is that, as instinctual animals, as second-density animals, the human animal as well as all other animals without self-consciousness, is divine. I know I’ve read a good deal about the strength of light and the strength of the Creator being in each cell of the body, so I can accept that okay. Is that what you’re saying?

I am L/Leema, and this is the basic thrust of the information which we have attempted to share with you upon the topic of the divinity of your physical vehicles. The divinity of all creation is that which is represented in a dynamic fashion within the…

[Tape ends.]