From L and A: As the harvest approaches, and the difficult times that come with this harvest occur, how can each person be of service to others and proceed along the personal evolutionary path?

(Carla channeling)

[I am Q’uo.] I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, and I greet each of you who are, in miniature, perfect creations of the perfect Creator. I greet you in mystery and illusion, in love and light, in seeking and in faith.

It is a great privilege to be with you this evening, and we would not wish to allow the opportunity to go by to greet the one known as L, and to offer our love and blessing within this entity’s vibratory patterns. It is indeed a great pleasure to share meditation with each, and with the entity as a group. We ask that each word that we say be taken as what it is, the concepts of seekers upon a path, offered through an instrument, nothing more. These are our opinions; we are no ultimate source. We thank you for allowing us to be of service to you, and yet the greatest service that you may do for the Creator, for us, or for yourself is carefully to discriminate. Thus, if that which we say does not ring true, we ask that it be dropped from the mind, for we would not wish to be a stumbling block to any.

The question that you have asked this night is perhaps one of the central questions which faces what this instrument would call the pilgrim in his progress. We shall answer [this] question in two parts. Firstly we would address the concept of illusion and reality.

Each of you awakens and sleeps. The activity during the waking hours is considered reality, whereas the occurrences dimly remembered which occur within dreams is considered illusion, interesting perhaps, but not a true history of actual events within the inner being. Yet it is difficult from a metaphysical standpoint to decide which experience might be the richer, except by saying that one could not exist without the other, for both are the portions of a greater illusion which enfolds and encompasses you and the world about you.

Because the entire planetary sphere dwells within one local illusion which is regular in its habitual rules of physics, it is assumed that that which is perceived by some sense means constitutes reality. Within this model of the world, then, you allow yourself to be less real than the world about you, for although you are a part of the world, that which is without is greater than that which is within.

You, then, are the illusion, seeking to react appropriately to the various realities and circumstances of physical existence within third density upon your planetary sphere. The moods, the irritations, and all the frustrations of dealing with what is termed reality keep the pilgrim constantly off balance, constantly seeking the center point once again, constantly searching with one timid toe for the true fulcrum of beingness. We must admit that your illusion is difficult indeed to pierce. As one gazes upon the night sky, and upon all the things that have been discovered thus far by your peoples, and they are but a fraction, of course, of that which shall be discovered, it seems impossible that such a seemingly limitless and regular universe should be anything but reality.

Let us take you back to the third grade, as this instrument would call it, within the school. The world was small; there was a desk, crayons, a teacher, a few friends, home, entertainment and bedtime stories. The soul within was young and growing. You are that soul now—young and still growing. Growth does not lie in reacting to the circumstances about one, but rather in becoming more real than the illusion which you see all about you.

And why are you more real than any other part of an illusion which includes you? My children, there is such a thing as consciousness, because consciousness is that of the original Thought of love, the Logos which created all that there is. This Logos dwells within, and subjectively speaks to consciousness. Through consciousness it speaks to the illusion, but without the pilgrim’s becoming aware of the need to remain unattached to the illusions of circumstance, it is very difficult to become an actor, a dramatist and a critic, rather than one in the audience which reacts, laughing and crying as the scenes pass, the actors play their parts, and the flat, painted scenery slides up and down.

The source of reality must lie within the self, because reality is subjective—as consciousness is subjective. You are the Creator, knowing Itself. You are also a pilgrim on the way to seeking the face of that Creator. Yet, where do you seek? Do you not seek within? Where is buried the life within you that is unaltered, the consciousness that is infinite, the spirit that is eternal, but within your own heart and mind?

Thus, the greatest service which a pilgrim can perform at any time is to be, that is, to be a conscious being, an actor, seeing circumstance as illusion, but illusion rich in spiritual possibility. It is one of the clichés, shall we say, of your culture, “There but for fortune, go I.” There are needs which may be met, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, in almost any situation, if the observer is patient enough and careful enough in precise observation. Certain things, such as starvation, are easier to spot. Far less easy to spot are those spiritual possibilities which arise from personal discomfort of one form or another.

Yet to live within an illusion is to experience discomfort. We might observe that many of your peoples react to circumstances in an inappropriate way. For example, this instrument has what she calls a canker sore on her tongue. It is sore, and we are aware of certain nerve endings which are activated when this instrument moves its vocal apparatus. Many of your peoples would avoid speaking because of the canker sore. We do not mean this literally, but as a parable. There is in almost any helpful spiritual activity, discomfort. It is the discernment of one who retains and maintains the consciousness of the love of the one infinite Creator that is able to adjudge correctly what possibilities lie spiritually within circumstances.

We would now move on to the second portion of the question.

We are aware that each is concerned, as well as hopeful, about the coming of a new age, the arrival of fourth density, and the beginning of a new spiritual climate of love and understanding. May we say that the probabilities are that in the last decade of third density within your planetary sphere there shall be some discomfort from one source or another. Yet the greatest discomfort of all shall be the agony of those who, not knowing where the source of being is, have not sought it, and, more, thirst for that which they know not but would have.

It is in those times that entities will remember the one who smiled and exhibited the lively grace of peace and joy. Simple lovingness is perhaps the greatest gift which man can give to man or God. It is appropriate for the beginning of fourth density that those entities which wish to be of help in the harvest allow the natural formation of communities and groups in order that the source of consciousness may be sought by a group which then encourages each other, thus beginning, just beginning, the establishment of group mind. It is not to be expected that in third-density physical vehicles entities will achieve other than momentarily the consciousness of total oneness.

However, the feelings which many among your peoples have of forming close alliances with a few and being in communication with many, these impulses are good. They speak to a reality which has its source in the perfect nature of the unfoldment of creation, which is ongoing. It may seem at times as if every entity was a seeker, and the world, which you know, is populated far too thickly with various believers in mutually contradictory things. Nevertheless, all of these entities are too few. We do not yet feel that there is a decisive strength of consciousness in a group sense. Thus, we encourage those who are drawn to groups to be aware of the possibilities and advantages of spiritual work together, for encouragement is very helpful to the faltering wayfarer. This is especially true because the single greatest source of centering, learning and transformation is that which is the hardest for your peoples, the stilling of the physical body, the mind, and the heart in order that the seeking will may open the door to the one infinite Creator in meditation. It is most important that this be done as regularly as possible.

Your monasteries are built for just such purpose, yet you will notice that they are walled, and do not permit the entrance of strangers for the most part, but rather live a self-contained life, praying and offering in service to the Creator. Some of you have been called to such a solitary and worshipful existence. However, it is well that each consider what he or she may feel encouraged within to attempt or accomplish, for not all who are, shall we say, spiritually oriented as most, would wish to manifest as such, but would rather instead manifest without the identity, the authority, and the respect that is given to those who are considered to be more devout. Many are called to be parents, homemakers, mechanics, factory workers and all the other careers, professions and jobs, all the ways to sustain life with your money and to enrich life with love. There is no circumstance which is better or best for the furthering of service to others at this time. You must listen, each to his own subjective consciousness, with discrimination and with care, but also, in the end, with trust and faith.

Thus, we say, in order to best work as harvesters in the valley of the shadow of death, it is best to behave, within limits, as you would if there were no valley, no shadow, and no death, for all these are illusions, and only beingness actually exists. You contain that beingness, your eyes, your mouth and your hands manifest it to others. Every look, smile, word and touch conveys to those about you that consciousness which lies within, and through all the illusion, within illusion, within illusion which passes for conversation amongst your peoples, the thread of consciousness sings its true song betwixt each two people.

And in the sensitive one, the one who is ready to be harvested, that shall be the gift that shall have infinite meaning, that shall be too dear for any price. Thus, meditate, find the center, and be who you are. The rest shall occur one moment at a time.

May you look upon all things spiritually, which is to say, without prejudice and with humor, for if consciousness delights in one thing, it is itself. May you enjoy and rejoice in your consciousness. May you throw open the door to gladness and creation. May you live in the present moment and be, before, during and after each thing that you do.

You will notice we said nothing whatsoever about survival. There is much material in this entity’s mind upon that subject, and we find that it colors the question within the questioner’s minds also. Thus, in closing, we would briefly address this.

We ask that you realize that there is no such thing as survival, for the entire incarnation is an illusion. You are at this moment deeply, deeply asleep, and attempting to sleep-walk, that in your somnambulation you may struggle in the darkness to see a chair for a chair, and not a bear, a mirror for a mirror, and not a flame.

May your hearts be light. We would leave this instrument in order that we may transfer to the one known as Jim. We thank each for sharing with us this energy. We are known to you as Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. We are honored at this time to have the opportunity to ask if there may be further queries to which we may respond. Is there a query at this time?

I have one that I didn’t want to ask as a group question, but I’ve been wondering about because of M’s objections to marriage. Is there something intrinsically negative in a marriage contract? And if so, is it possible to transform the energy into positive energy?

I am Q’uo, and we look upon this query as one which reflects the attitude of the culture in which you find yourselves pursuing your evolution. It is within the confines of the gathering of goods and affections and promises in which one who desires to enter a mated relationship will bring the conditioning which it has learned, and in the mated relationship will continue to pursue the gathering of obligations and collecting to the self of that which is considered valuable or desirable.

We find that within your culture there is the basic gathering instinct that has been somewhat distorted, so that the giving unto another freely and joyfully is not that which is naturally exercised. Thus, there is within many cultures of your planetary sphere the desire to better the self, with secondary concern for others. This basic desire is that which is worked upon by all who seek to move the self along the path of evolution, for it is the turning outward of the focus of the attention that allows an entity to widen the point of view to the degree necessary for embarking upon a service-to-others path in an harvestable fashion.

Thus, if it can be held uppermost within the mind that to give of the self in each situation which is shared with the mate, and others as well, this basic condition which focuses upon the self may become transmuted so that the radiance of the self becomes apparent.

May we speak further, my sister?

No, I’ll study that when I get the transcript back, thank you. But I have another question on another topic. It was just a follow up to the channeling before. As I was listening to myself channel, I kept waiting for the part where it got to what the person did for his own personal spiritual evolvement. Everything that was said was about service to others and being and meditating so that you could be there so that you’d smile and people would remember and they would come to you when they were disturbed by signs of the end of the age. But you never said anything about how to move ahead in your personal evolvement. Did you mean to assume that if you were serving others, you would…

[Tape ends.]