(W channeling)

I am Quanta, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. This channel was having difficulty in assessing whether this contact was viable or simply a so-called figment of her imagination. We wish to reassure her that this is not simply a figment of her imagination but that this is a real contact, and ask that she simply acknowledge and accept that which is coming through her at this time. It is good to be skeptical of events which occur in the process of channeling so that one is not taken by lesser or inappropriate information. We wish to reassure her that she has made a good contact this evening and we are pleased with her progress. We would like to address the issue of contact by means of vocal channeling.

There are numerous contacts available to those who seek to become vocal channels. We have worked only with this group at this time, and therefore it is inappropriate to consider or associate the one known as Quanta with any other form of vocal channeling. We would like to continue with the teachings which we have initiated with this group the last time we gathered, the time for joining together the inner plane entity and the vocal channel known as W, so that they may begin to associate if this is desired. At this time we will leave this entity and transfer to the one known as Jim. I am Quanta.

(Jim channeling)

I am Quanta. I greet each again in love and in light. We have chosen to take this opportunity to speak through this instrument and to offer ourselves in the capacity of responding to those queries which those present may provide for us while the one known as N becomes more comfortable with her physical vehicle [N has been coughing.] and is able to attempt our contact. Thus, if there are any queries at this time we would be happy to entertain them.

I’d like to ask, are you familiar with the term Wesak? And can you tell me—and can you give me some information on the Wesak moons which are occurring?

I am Quanta, and we must plead an ignorance in this regard, my sister, for we are not familiar with many of the customs and events of your peoples. This we seek to learn as we become more able to receive the information which is available in the experience of this planetary population.

May we speak to any other query, my sister?

I have a question. Then, what I would infer from that is that the group mind forms in a hierarchical fashion, first the upper or lighter or more shallow levels of the mind, which are the group mind, then the racial mind or archetypical mind, then the planetary mind, so that you’re not yet in enough contact to get into an information—I guess you’d say—data base, since you’re dealing with a biocomputer, the mind, the great mind that would have the information that W sought, is that correct? Could you comment on that if it is not correct, and correct my assumption about the way the group mind forms?

I am Quanta. We, in joining this planetary influence, are much as a traveler upon a journey in a distant and foreign land. We are familiar with the ways of consciousness and its association with itself in the manner that you have described as the hierarchy. We in our journey and visiting and joining of this planetary influence are attempting to correlate those general qualities of consciousness, and more specifically the third-density human consciousness, with the intricate and complex means by which this consciousness has expressed itself in the experience of the various cultures and nations, as you call them, in the history of this planetary influence.

Thus, we have, shall we say, access to a great store of records which provide an immense challenge to new students of this grouping of consciousness complexes. Thus, our study has to this point been that which has examined only the outline, shall we say, of this planet’s history, emphasizing and concentrating upon the means by which various groupings of entities have sought the one Creator in the distortion known as love and compassion.

Where there has been a significant achievement, shall we say, that has been related to various points of your historical past we have in those cases studied somewhat more carefully. We are aware that this study is one which will take a significant portion of your time to accomplish, yet we undertake with great joy and anticipation of learning the story of many peoples and races which have joined upon your planetary sphere in the pursuit of polarity.

May we speak further, my sister?

Then, from what you say it sounds as if the archetypical or the group mind that you experience is not hierarchical, but merely a computer too difficult to use quickly. Is that correct? That it’s all available to you at all the levels at once, but it is difficult to access any of it until you understand the computer, understand the group mind and its mechanical structure? Is that correct? I’m trying to get a picture of how the group mind forms in early fourth density, and you are a real godsend in that you’re the only contact that we’ve had that’s just beginning fourth density. Anything that you’d care to send would be interesting, I’m sure.

I am Quanta. The connection between individual experience and the larger groupings of mind complexes which eventually blend themselves into that great store of experience that many have called the Akashic record is one which is one-to-one, shall we say. Each entity which gathers experience that is significant in the personal evolution records this experience in its own conscious and subconscious mind complex. Each mind complex has access to greater and greater stores of information as the roots of the individual mind complex contain all that which has been gathered by the entity in all conscious experience and continues to move in an harmonic fashion with those of, you would say, “like mind” or in many cases the racial mind, in other cases the cultural mind, and in still other cases the unique groupings of mind that blend various factors, be they social and culture, philosophical or spiritual and religious, or racial or geographical.

Thus, there are many groupings of mind that serve as intermediary reservoirs of information and stand between the individual mind complex and the planetary mind or that which we have previously referred to as the Akashic record. This record or planetary mind is that store of information which shall be opened to all the population of the fourth density that is to reside upon this planetary sphere. Each entity then will look upon this planetary mind as its ancient heritage and that which is available to inform further thought and action as the various individual portions of the to-be social memory complex begin to seek further means by which the service of others may be accomplished.

May we speak further, my sister?

Is our Akashic record and social memory complex terms for the same referent?

I am Quanta. These terms have a close relationship in that the grouping of entities which shall comprise the fourth-density social memory complex of entities will have access to that Akashic record of experience which has been collected throughout the history of this planetary experience to date. Thus, the social memory complex is the grouping of entities that has as its heritage the Akashic record, not only of this planetary influence but of those planetary influences which shall also contribute a portion of the population of the fourth-density social memory complex.

May we speak further, my sister?

Only on another topic, and thank you for that. I hope that was not too long a digression—I was interested. Can you tell the name of—in this inner plane contact or any of the nature of this contact, what the contact is, what its desire is, and so forth, or does this have to—is it necessary for it to come through W alone, in terms of free will?

I am Quanta, and though it is not exclusively necessary that this information be transmitted through the one known as W, we are of the opinion that it would be best for the development of this new instrument if this information were discovered, shall we say, as a portion of the normal progression of a new instrument practicing its art, for we do not wish to overly prejudice the new instrument in this regard, but wish it to find its journey one of inner discovery and expression of that which awaits within.

May we speak further my sister?

No, that’s fine. Thank you.

I am Quanta, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

To digress back to the first question. The information on the Wesaks which I was referring to was something I heard from another channel channeling an entity named Samuel, who referred to the Wesak moons as being a time when the new moon acts as a mirror, reflecting greater energy coming from the source to this planet. Is there still something which you as a new fourth-density entity aren’t familiar with, or can you just say anything else about that to clarify it for me?

I am Quanta, and we are familiar with the concept of the alignment of planetary and celestial influences which provide windows of opportunity, shall we say, to entities seeking in a certain fashion at the opportune moment when the alignment of particular influences is favorable. It is as though the efforts of the student are increased by a lever, shall we say, so that at certain moments, if the student is alert and persevering in its seeking, it may at these moments experience a heightened—we search for a term within this instrument’s mind—perception of the art which it seeks to master.

It is for the cautious and diligent student that such opportune moments may be investigated and utilized, for there is, indeed, the magnification of power, shall we say, that is available in such alignments, and with the increase in potential power for the student, it must be realized that the responsibility of the student to utilize its art in as pure a form as possible is also increased. With greater opportunity comes the balance of a greater responsibility to utilize the opportunity along the chosen path, be it the positive path of the service of others or the negative path of service to self.

May we speak further, my sister?

Not on that topic, thank you. You have previously given me some meditations—you’ve given the group some meditations. Are there any other recommendations you can give to facilitate my developing so that—in preparing me to meet whoever the entity is that wishes to use me as a vocal channel?

I am Quanta. We feel that we have given that which is of most benefit for the present time. It is the perseverance that is most helpful for the student of meditation and the student which seeks to utilize the clarified mental attitude achieved in meditation for the exercise of the vocal channeling art. Thus, we may only suggest at this time that the dedication to the regularized meditation be continued. This type of perseverance shall prove to be the greatest ally, we feel, for any instrument, be it new or more experienced.

May we speak further, my sister?

Yes. I meditate on a daily basis on a specific meditation given to me from the other entity that was channeled that I referred to. Is that sufficient, or would an additional specific meditation with the intent of connecting with this other entity be appropriate?

I am Quanta. We feel that for the present time the manner of meditation which is now your practice be continued and added unto only as the opportunity presents itself in a fashion which may be repeated faithfully, that is, if the desire and opportunity to manifest the desire is present for additional periods of meditation, that these be engaged in with no dedication to making a contact with any particular entity for the purpose of vocal channeling without the presence of the supporting group, the goal rather being more general, if additional periods of meditation are desired, in that the calming of the conscious mind be that which is focused upon.

May we speak further, my sister?

No, thank you.

At this time we feel it would be appropriate to attempt to close this meditation through the instrument known as N, if this entity will refrain from the analysis and speak those concepts which it finds moving through the mind. We shall now transfer this contact. I am Quanta.

(N channeling)

I am Quanta. I greet you in love and light. This instrument had that which we would attempt to [inaudible]. This instrument wonders if the [inaudible] old or new social memory complex and we don’t have [inaudible] judged as [inaudible]. Although we are ever learning from the instruments which we are in contact with, therefore we are pleased and glad to be with this group as we learn from each entity and are pleased to be able to help each entity to learn and spread knowledge and [inaudible] to other seeking entities on this physical plane here.

We [inaudible] to leave this instrument with love and light. We are those known as Quanta.

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

I Yadda. I greet in love and light of infinite Creator. I say, “How about Lao Tsu?” This instrument say, “Jesus Christ.” “One Christ good as another,” I say, so we come. We speak about skepticism. Hah! You want to know about skepticism. Open your eyes. What do you know? You know nothing. Look around. Look at tree. You see tree. What you know? You got root, bark, branches, bird’s nest—and leaves! Hah! What you know about tree? Tell me how it grow there. Tell me how it began. Tell me anything about tree except name and wocation. Lo-cation. We gonna say it right!

Now, you look at any other thing, and tell me what you know. What is there not to be skeptical about? Nothing!

Now, let us take what we do not know. Is everything! Everything! What you gonna do? How you gonna think? You have to name names and pretend that you know things. But inside—what you gonna take?

Now, let me ask you another question. What you berieve—what you believe. We getting good with our l’s and our r’s. What you believe is far more important than what you know—because you don’t know anything. So, tell me what you believe in. What you say? How you declare yourself. We say one word—love! Hah! We said it right. This instrument think we crazy. This instrument not like to channel us because we mess up her face. Heh, heh, heh (giggle).

Now you know you not know, but you do not know what you believe, do you? Huh-uh. No. Why you wasting time on knowing things when you cannot know anything? We leave this instrument in love and light of infinite Creator. We know what we believe. We believe in love—for it created us and all that there is. What do you have to say that about? We can never ask a more basic metaphysical question. Adonai, my friends. We are those known to you as Yadda.