(K channeling)

[I am Quanta,] and I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. We are honored once again to be a part of this gathering. We are pleased to see your continued efforts in the art of vocal channeling and wish to assist in whatever manner we can. We would like to recommend that the one known as W begin to relax and deepen her meditative state so that further conditioning can occur. We are aware that she has begun to make contact with that entity which wishes to use her as a vocal channel, and we are pleased with the progress she has made to this point. We would recommend that she continue to meditate on a daily basis to help further the connection which she is establishing. We would like at this time to transfer to the one known as Carla in order to allow a stronger connection to be made. I am Quanta.

(Carla channeling)

I am Quanta, and greet you through this instrument. We would like to say a few words about contact with those which are not of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite One, for there are ways in which interplane contact is like contact with the Confederation and there are ways in which it differs. The challenging and tuning mechanisms of the instrument remain of the same importance, regardless of the nature of the contact, regardless of whether the instrument is conscious or in trance, regardless of whether the contact is inner plane or outer plane.

We strongly suggest that entities not agree to accept the contact which does not declare a name. Few among the Confederation have retained names in the sense that you know them, yet in order that we may speak with those who have names, in order that there be trust and recognition and companionship, we have taken those vibratory characteristics that are most ourselves and molded sound vibration complexes to create the most accurate name we could. It is not well to accept an unnamed contact, for that which does not have a name may indeed evade challenge.

There is a great variety of strengths and powers of personality among those dwelling in the inner planes of your planetary energy web. We say this not because the entity which attempts to call you is negative—this is not so—but rather because in the instrument’s present situation, it would be surprising if the new instrument were not greeted by more than one entity, the extraneous contact being of a less than desirable nature.

It is impossible to place the same standards of information upon inner plane masters and outer plane servants, for those within the higher planes of the Earth’s system are often agreeably pleased with themselves for achieving such a high level of understanding. This is because such entities often have put off the day when, for the first time, they move on into fourth density. Thus inner plane channeling can become most uninspiring due to the instrument’s encouragement of self-aggrandizing material, and [if it] is willing to channel such material.

We ask the instrument to remain faithful to that which may be more difficult to achieve than some contacts, in order that when that contact is established, it may offer much to those who may wish to ask questions of it. Be aware that only through practice does the inner ear become keen. Know, too, that inner plane masters, having by definition had at least one incarnation upon your Earth plane, have the right, and to various degrees the ability, to offer personal material, that is, material concerning someone who wishes to know about previous lifetimes or the efficacy of future actions. It is in the instrument’s hands to direct the contact in the most helpful fashion, that is to say, not as we see a helpfulness nor as anyone else sees helpfulness, but in the one known as W’s mind, in that way of seeing helpfulness, visualized clearly, shall the one known as W attempt to encourage the contact.

We would at this time leave this instrument in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. I am Quanta.

[Long pause.]

In the name of divine love and the service, I ask the entity who wishes to speak through W to clothe itself in the name and make that name known to the one known as W. May that name be acceptable and right [for her]. I thank you, spirit, and leave you in love.

(W channeling)

[The transcription is approximate because of the quality of the recording.]

I am [sounds like] Christine, and I have met with your challenge for the name. We feel that names are but labels which do not [clearly] represent that which we are, however it has been necessary to continue at this time. However, this is merely a [inaudible] version [inaudible] and that which we own. We find at this time that the name Christine will best serve our needs. However, there are those of us who feel this name [inaudible] that which we are and make further modification or expansion as we further establish a working contact with this entity.

We recognize the efforts on the part of the one known as Quanta in preparing and establishing the connection which we have been able to develop with the one known as W. We are most honored and pleased to have the opportunity to work with this instrument, and we recognize the efforts of the one known as Jim and the one known as Carla in aiding this instrument in her endeavors to establish contact. We are happy now that we can begin working on greater portions of the carrier which has been established now that this entity has begun vocally channeling that known to you as Christine. We are preparing for further contact with other portions of our complex, and shall expand the answers, for we wish to proceed as rapidly as possible in attaining and refining that which we have begun.

In order to further establish this contact we request that the entity known as W [inaudible] the [inclinations] toward the more healthful lifestyle, such as practicing the art of yoga meditation and internal cleansing which she has begun to feel directed toward. We wish not to require or demand such procedures, but merely to suggest that through these practices the connections which she has begun to establish and the strengthening.

We are most pleased with the progress she has made over the past year and recognize that much has accrued and there has been great change within her. We are aware of the difficulties which this entity is having as we further condition and establish contact. Therefore, we will end this vocal channeling at this time. Again, we are most pleased with the progress which she has made and wish to send to [inaudible] that we are one in the love and light of the one true God we all serve. I am Christine [and now we leave you].

[Tape ends.]