What is depression and how do you deal with it?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. I come to you from farther away than usual this evening, for we are engaged in some light work of a planet in the star system—we have difficulty transmitting the name to this instrument—Regulus. Yet, still we maintain connection with this instrument as it is our privilege indeed to have any opportunity to address this light group.

Your question about depression and what to do about it is a difficult one for us to answer, in that what we would do about depression would be very different from what the people of your planets consider the practical and efficacious approach. However, we will share our views with you and thank you for the privilege of doing so.

It has been written in your holy work known as the Bible that the master known as Jesus is a vine and his students branches thereof. If you consider yourself as a cosmic citizen, you and all other consciousness in the universe are rooted in one vine, that is, the life-giving vine of love. We use that word, although it is inadequate to express the mystery of the Creator, because as ill-used as that word is among your peoples, it nevertheless evokes knowledge of the most extreme of human emotions. Pure living love, stemming directly from the Uncreated in perfect order, in perfect love, is a force of unimaginable magnitude, a force which has propelled into being all consciousness, and a force which wishes to assist each portion of consciousness in its full circle through experience and back to the Source of love, that which is uncreated, that which is always the same, the one great original Thought.

Depression is one of many human experiences, as you would call them, in which a branch of the vine is damaged by the cutting off of the supply of food from the root. The invisible strangling of love can come about because of many circumstances. In its worst cases, one may observe in its results those personalities which do not have an emotional bias against murder, theft and so forth. When one looks for the invisible garrote that has so strangled love within such an entity, one cannot see it, although earnest scholars equate the loss of life-giving emotion with lack of love or even lack of a home in the murderer’s early years.

With the emotional experience of depression, we may see a person which is experiencing a strangulation, to a certain extent a loss of love from the root, and when the person looks to see what the source of this strangulation of love might be, again it is invisible, for it has taken place within the mind itself.

If this material concerning what depression is is not satisfactory, we gladly invite your queries after we have concluded the opening discussion.

Now, it is not merely an illusion to say that you are experiencing depression. Indeed, we feel that over-emphasis on all being an illusion is perhaps detrimental to the balanced progress of a seeker.

It is well to attempt to gaze at and consider the self and all of its vagaries. The one who attempts to change depression by denying negative feelings is perhaps on the right track, however, that person has little chance of creating an easement of the strangulation of love simply by speaking it so, for in depression, that which ties the cord too tightly around the vine, that which holds back the supply of love, is a desire to hold in the mind circumstances which seem unacceptable. This desire, whether quite conscious or relatively unconscious in nature, has a very adverse affect upon the supply of the life-giving energy of love which is falling constantly into each of the portions of the Creator’s consciousness.

Thus, large portions of the subconscious mind begin to be distracted from processing the catalyst of the present in terms of the present, and begin to process catalyst in terms of an unacceptable portion in the memory of the one who is depressed. It is as if there were a drag upon an engine, so that the engine had to work harder and harder to produce the same amount of work. Or perhaps even better as an analogy, it is as if in a depressed person the unacceptable thing creates a blockage in the fuel line so that the engine of the mind is ultimately unable to function.

Since the entity who is depressed can blame only itself, a disassociation almost inevitably begins within the mind of the depressed person, which then adds to the inertia that is dragging down or to the block in the fuel line that is keeping fuel from the engine of consciousness. It is as if there were two consciousnesses, one healthy and free and thriving, which exists in our dreams and at the core of all illusion, and that consciousness which has come to a standstill, getting, instead of love, a fueling supply of fear and anxiety.

Because the rupture lies within the self, it is most efficacious for the depressed entity to call upon two general archetypes. First, it is well to call upon the archetype which you have in essence conjured up in the process of self-strangulation, that is, your consciousness has made the self its own scapegoat. Some there are in your illusion which go through a lifetime of incarnation never blaming themselves for anything. These entities move in a sleepy existence and do not trouble their hearts or their digestions with a conscience. We speak to those who are sensitive and creative enough to pay attention to their consciousnesses to ask themselves questions and to seek in whatever way they can.

After gazing at the scapegoat and considering how little you truly wish to make yourself such an archetype, it may then be efficacious for the one who is depressed to consider the archetype of the unfed consciousness. We have spoken a great many words about consciousness in the opportunities we have had to communicate with this group. You know that to us it is a synonym for your words “spirit” or “soul.” You know that consciousness is almost never seen without some distortion. Depression is merely a very disturbing distortion.

We say to you that depression is impossible in a consciousness that is new. If an entity gazes about itself at any point in the lifetime experience, it will see some things which are pleasing and some things which are not. The consciousness which has been your source of life sees the creation with eyes of love, for it is love, and in this love all things are as they should be.

Contradistinctive to undistorted love is the operation of free will which moves within each particle of consciousness in such a way as to make choices possible. Thus, the new consciousness, by the operation of free will, would turn each moment, like a stone, to see each facet of beauty, unity and love, or perhaps to marvel at those balances which are particularly unusual in those about it. This new consciousness is that which the depressed entity may acquire not only through meditation, but also through remembering at each moment when it is first noticed that the experience of depression is becoming active.

There is another portion as well to new consciousness, and that is its insatiable curiosity. Let the curiosity of the unfed consciousness sink into every thought process that has been stultified by the distortion of depression. Curiosity is that which can unblock…

[Tape ends.]