(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet each of you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. It is truly meat and drink to us to share consciousness with you as you sit in the circle of honest seeking, together unified by desire and by love. How fortunate we are to have been called to share this experience with you and to share a few thoughts. We would especially like to welcome the one known as H, who is new to us, but not by any means new to this light group or to the persistent seeking of the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We love and bless each of you and ask that as we offer opinion, you take what is useful and leave the rest behind.

This evening we find within the group questions upon the mind, questions of time and purpose, money and suffering, questions of how best to pursue the road of learning, of seeking that point of view which may yield contact with love itself, with that fuller consciousness that embraces, accepts and grasps the unity of all things.

Time seems to be inexorable in its demands upon the seeker’s time. Busy time upon busy time seems to flow within your experience, and there seems to be no respite from the chores and the details to be seen to which constitute the mundane day-to-day living experience. Were it not necessary to house and clothe and feed the physical vehicle which manifests for you within this illusion, time would be your plaything, utterly free. Yet that which is utterly free is often discounted.

Yet there is a way of gazing upon the day-to-day experience which can create a double perception within the self, that most complex of entities. The time in its mundane river-like existence of earthly things moves on inexorably, rhythmically, cyclically and sweeps all of immediacy before it. Yet there is another kind of time. It is the time of the timeless moment, a moving vertically upward and downward upon the moment to feel the echoes of love, meaning and manifestation in one moment that removes from time its horizontal inexorability, its forced progress, and makes for the seeker opportunities of timelessness.

One may seek through meditation to still the inexorable march of moments and minutes and minutes into hours, hours into days, and days into years, for within meditation vertical time, or time/space, is available. Time itself may be stopped within the consciousness of the deep mind, and in that moment of timelessness, that within you which is real beholds the mystery—face-to-face. What matters it if the face of mystery is dark and the mystery only deepens as one spends more and more time in communion with the absolute?

The practice of timelessness begins, after many repetitions of visits to this point of view, to unfold for the seeker an unlimited point of view, a point of view that sees the mundane limitations and necessities of the everyday life, yet dwells as a native son or daughter in that kingdom where love abides without the mask of illusion.

Time is a difficult subject upon which to speak, yet those within the circle seek knowledge of how better to use their time, of how better to dwell with ultimate reality, even within the illusions of third-density life. Therefore, we tackle the subject. Perhaps the crux of pondering upon time lies in one’s conclusion about the absolute. It is a principle by which we live that there is an absolute and unchangeable reality which undergirds and holds together all creations, all of the infinity of illusions and all consciousness. It is our opinion that we came or were created from the very stuff of reality—absolute, infinite, unchanging, unpotentiated, passive and final reality. This reality has seemed to us to bear a certain character: that character is love.

The reality which indwells each created consciousness is of a nature which is infinitely creative, infinitely free, which retains in its original and undifferentiated form that quality of love which cannot be given or shared in words, but only caught as a shadow, a hint, an insinuation by inspired turn of phrase or sudden realization within the seeker’s deep heart or mind. It is our opinion that it is possible and profitable for seekers of the truth about the nature of creation to seek persistently, comfortably and with the light touch that mysterious reality which undergirds all the myriad of illusions of which your Earth plane is but one.

The challenge which you face within third-density illusion is the challenge of one whose eyes are covered, whose ears are stopped, whose mouth is without speech. By persistent and loving seeking, by the desire to know and to feel the love of the infinite Creator, the seeker may experience timelessness and the strength of the ultimate reality of perfect love. Yet what fruit can the seeker produce as a result of this contact? For he has seen things which he could not see, he has heard that which no ear has heard, he has spoken in communion with love which is always and always creative. And so you find entity upon entity attempting each in its own to describe the undescribable, to move into horizontal time the vertical timelessness of the awareness of the infinite Creator.

We urge each of you to value those moments of inspired verticality when you may seize one precious moment and gaze up and down and all about you, knowing that at that moment, by desire you stand upon holy ground. And you may hear and see and feel infinity and be overwhelmed by the joy of that one moment. What may that moment be—the call of a bird, the striking of a clock, the red light in traffic, the moment with a fellow seeker when a glance is exchanged and mutual gifts given.

Within the everyday life there is no moment which does not contain the possibility of this union with timelessness, and the more you hunger for that which is real, the more motivated you may be to take with rejoicing those moments which are yours, gifts from the hullabaloo of a busy life, and in that one moment, by will and faith, see and acknowledge the contact of the small self and that great Self which is love, love undivided, love coherent, love creative, love unending.

My children, may we say each of you has gifts to give to each other, gifts to give to humankind. There are those things which you before your incarnations have planned to do in the service of the one infinite Creator. Please know that the very first of those things which each seeking soul hopes to do while in the manifestation of human consciousness is to become a channel for love, that others trapped in the mire of earthly time may have their despair turned to hope by seeing and sensing what they cannot explain: that light within your eyes which speaks of a happy and sweet union with infinite love. The light from the eye of one who has spent time in the presence of that mysterious and unknowable Creator can be startling, but always is that which is a channel for renewal of hope and faith in others.

It is a paradox, yet it is true that when you seek to advance in knowledge of the one infinite Creator, the progress of that seeking is marked not so much by one’s own realizations, but by the degree of generosity with which those moments of companionship with the divine source have been shared in the life experience with others. Think over your experiences of this day. Were there times when a realization of love could have been shared by a smile, a touch, an understanding ear, a caring heart, that were missed? “Lay up for yourselves,” it is said in one of your holy works, “treasures in heaven where moth and rust do not corrupt nor thieves break in and steal.”

You, my children, dwell in two realities—the apparent reality of time and the immanent and overshadowing reality of timeless infinity, an infinity made of love. How we with our free wills have distorted that love, yet in each moment there is the same complete possibility for intimate contact with infinite love. We urge you, then, not only to meditate within each day, but to choose moments within the most busy of your hours wherein you sink into the verticality of timelessness for one instant and see that each entity and thing which you behold is beautiful, perfect and lovely.

With this point of view, the knotty and insoluble problems of one day or another may be seen again and again in timeless moments as configurations of energy wherein there is a challenge to learn a lesson about love. Sometimes the lesson seems simple, sometimes heart-rendingly difficult, yet with the point of view available to you of timelessness, you may see at the very least the inner reality of infinite love within troublesome entities with whom you are in relationship and within situations which seem troublesome. This means not that you can become a happy person with no problems, for it is not for this that you chose to come into incarnation at this time, but rather it is that you may begin to feel the deep celestial rhythms of a cosmic point of view which sees patterns extending from incarnation to incarnation and from creation to creation. The generosity of the infinite Creator we feel to be overwhelming in offering with each lesson that is to be learned about love that cleft in the rock, that safe hiding place where one may dwell with the Infinite and fly with the wings of immortality. This you may do in but an instant. This you may do because your deeper nature is already timeless.

My children, we ask you to love one another, for it is in the practice of offering love to others, to situations, and to life itself that you yourself become aware of the incredible sea of love in which the universe swims. It is those who keep the love inside that never experience infinite love in its fullness. Thus, you may be the bringer of a sense of wonder and love and peace to another, and though you wish only to be one who serves and gives love, it is then that you shall receive in overflowing measure the reflection of your service, for love returns and becomes a marvelous infinitely complex circle or net of shared energy.

Each of you has the opportunity to form the bond of infinite love with all portions of the illusion you experience, that which you call the natural world—the world of unseen things, wind, thunder, intelligence without bodies. And you, having taken on the physical chemical body of illusion, move into worlds and can reach into the Earthly world as a light bringer, a love giver and a love sharer.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We thank this instrument and each. We now transfer. We are those known to you as Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to offer ourself in the attempt to speak to those queries which those present may offer to us. Is there a query with which we may begin?

I have a question that’s been on my mind for awhile, and it has to do with channeling. I have a student who got channeled information eighteen months ago that he was to be a very important channel within six months. This man I have taught now for about a month, and can honestly describe him as a person who has no natural ability, no native gift for channeling, and therefore it seems to me that he has suffered rather cruelly, because he’s really taken it to heart that he hasn’t been able to channel. I do have him channeling a bit now, but he is unsure of his gift, and it’s certainly going to be a hard pull for him just to be the kind of channel I am, much less a very important channel, although he is capable of that, of doing as well as I can do.

I realize that entities which have dwelled on Earth have the right to give advice and prophecy, but it seems to me that it is and can be very destructive. I wonder if you could comment on what I call inner plane channeling, channeling from people who have at one time been alive. Is there anything that I might write to people who ask me about this…

[Side one of tape ends.]

…advice that I could give that would help curb this kind of damage done to someone who believes simply because it was channeled, and then knocks himself out with guilt, simply because he has not been able to do what the channel said he could?

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. As we look at the query upon its surface, we find that there is some portion to which we may respond without infringing upon the free will of various entities involved within the situation described. Those who seek to serve as instruments for information that may have value in the evolution of another offer themselves in various manners in order that this desire might be fulfilled. Because the art of serving as a vocal instrument is not that which is plain to all who seek to serve in this manner, the efforts of many are somewhat short of what is possible for these entities. Thus, the contacts are in many instances somewhat commingled with the personal biases and inclinations of the instrument. This is possible in any kind of contact and often confuses much of the information which is transmitted with personal opinion.

It must also be recognized that any contact which attempts to look into that which you call the future of another entity, sees many possibilities which may be described with more or less precision, but which cannot be determined to be inexorable. And when such information is given that such and such an event will occur in such a fashion upon such a date or within a certain span of your time and experience, there is a greater possibility that liberty has been taken with the interpretation of what has been seen upon what you would call the inner planes, for the free will of each entity is always in motion and is that primary factor which determines the shape and time that events shall manifest within.

Thus, it is our suggestion to each entity which looks to this kind of inspiration for information and guidance that that which is looked for be of a more general nature that may be applied as a principle, shall we say, within the life experience rather than be described in a certain and limiting fashion which offers only a portion or glimpse of that blending of energies which shall eventually be experienced by any entity; that a certain kind of channeling, in this instance, the channeling of what you have described as inner plane entities who have previously walked as third-density beings within your illusion, may fall prey to this difficulty. For many who have served valiantly and frequently within your third-density physical illusion seek, after moving to the finer planes of your third-density illusion, to offer themselves as sources of inspiration and guidance for those who yet remain within the boundaries of physical illusion, and in this offering of themselves as servants, give that which is theirs to give. Yet it must be remembered that each such entity yet works within its own boundaries of limitation, though these boundaries may indeed be more spacious that those which you now enjoy. The words of those who cannot be seen by the outer eye must be weighed as carefully as the words of any which ring upon the ear, within the mind, and in the heart.

There is much that is learned by the process of what we find you call the trial and error method. Discrimination is that which is hard-won, my sister, and in this process much of tolerance can be achieved as those lessons requiring finer and finer discrimination are encountered. Thus, we would not wish to warn all away from this or that source, this or that kind of contact, for each has much to teach which may not be apparent upon the surface of things, and oftentimes that which is learned is not that which was attempted, but proves to be far more valuable.

May we speak in any further fashion, my sister?

Yes. The same fellow was told that he had guides. I am capable, because I’ve been through Silva mind training, of putting him in contact with his guides, yet I’m reluctant to offer him something which he may find unsatisfactory later on, as he himself has expressed a feeling of dependence upon the guides in the same way that he has expressed dependence upon what the channel told him to do. In other words, the request for guides is also a request to give up discrimination and do whatever he feels the guides direct.

Consequently, I find the ethical question to be, “Should I do this?” knowing that it’s very possible that this perfectly good technique for seeking the deeper opinions of the deeper self—knowing that he may well put himself in bondage to what he considers the guides have to say. If you can’t comment on that specific question, you’re welcome to comment in general on how to be of service to people that want guides.

I am Q’uo, and with this very concern for most mystery in our thinking, we wish to offer that which enhances your own ability to exercise your free will in order that your steps be taken in full responsibility, and the benefit from such journeying might then truly accrue to your total beingness. That which you offer another is offered most efficiently when given with a whole heart and in the joy of serving another portion of the Creator in a manner which rings of truth to your own sensibilities. Thus, we would not wish to speak in a definitive manner so that a rule, shall we say, would be laid out which would be seen as being inflexible.

However, we again turn your query back upon your own ability to discriminate, for much you have offered in the query which may be placed within its answer. This, my sister, is our way of suggesting that you know that which is most appropriate as a means for your sharing. And that choice may not be fully clear to your conscious mind, but may be discovered by further searching within. We do not wish to seem to ignore that which you ask, but wish instead to reaffirm your own ability to respond to your query in the fashion which is most appropriate for you.

May we speak in any further fashion, my sister?

Yes, Q’uo, just one more question. Jim and I have been increasingly pleased with your contact and find it to be a clear one, and perhaps one which we should be taking with a more careful point of view, and had conceived the idea of either having additional sessions to Sunday, or simply on Sunday evenings, pursuing a line of questioning from one Sunday to the next, or if we wanted to leave Sunday spontaneous so that whoever came in could affect the meeting and have that meeting be more for them. Do you have any comments on our thoughts about setting up a continuing group where we ask carefully thought-out lines of questioning which extend over more than just one session at a time. Is this something that you would see as an additional service? Is this something that is compatible with your desire to serve?

I am Q’uo, and we are happy to serve in whatever manner we are asked that does not infringe upon another’s free will.

May we speak in any further fashion, my sister?

No, thank you, that’s all.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you once again, my sister. Is there another query at this time?


I am Q’uo, and we thank each for allowing us to speak that which is our opinion and the fruits of our own seeking. We again remind each that we wish not to influence overly much with our humble offering, and we hope that we have been of some small service this evening. At this time we find that we have offered that which has been asked, and in the comfort and joy of this knowledge, we shall take our leave of this group, rejoicing in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.