(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet each of you in love and light. It has been interesting to note the progress of the group operation, which so rapidly moved from the busy matters of the day when light was visualized. We appreciate the degree of focus and concentration which each brings to the persistent seeking with faith, trust and truth.

We would tell the one known as D the basics of our nature. We are those of the density of love, and as a planetary group offer our contact to those which may have some use for it.

This evening it is our desire to work with the basic visualization in the inner self by which the vocal channeling is transmitted. In order to offer a disciplined experience of this, we would like to tell a story in round-robin fashion, speaking only a short while through each instrument and continuing ’round and ’round until the story is done. This is excellent practice for the channel as the story is not long [inaudible] yet in the end it will be seen to have flown easily in meaning and texture.

We would speak of a young teacher—a teacher who wished greatly to offer his services to the children whom the loved. We shall call this young man “Jamie.” Jamie enjoyed children of all ages, yet he found no employment as a teacher for he did not have the background and education which the authorities of school districts demand. Jamie had been very ill throughout childhood and had never been able to attend classes, nor to receive degrees. Jamie could not move about with great ease. In fact, for all but four hours of each day, this entity was told that he must rest quietly.

We would now transfer to the one known as Jim. I am Hatonn.

(Jim channeling)

And thus under these conditions Jamie found it necessary to begin a process of educating himself so that he might obtain the kind of knowledge that he so treasured in the acquiring and in the passing on to others. His process of educating himself was one in which he partook not only of that which was offered through books—of which he had many; he was eager to seek more—but also through the conversations with those more learned than he. And in this manner, [he] began to gather about him resources which fed his desire to know and which illumined those portions of his mind which were awaiting the investigation of his eager curiosity. It was also in this manner that he first began to impart his knowledge to others who were drawn to him by the same eagerness, desire and curiosity which drew knowledge to him. Many of those were younger than Jamie and came, both upon a regular and an irregular basis, to Jamie’s home where he was able to set aside the short period of each day for the more formal portions of his teaching to others.

We shall transfer now to the one known as D.

(D channeling)

As Jamie stood before those who had gathered around him one evening, he was asked…

(Carla channeling)

Miss Judy asked Jamie, “What is the purpose of life?” Jamie said, “That is an interesting question, although it has little to do with that which we were discussing.” Said the student, “I have watched you, you are so greatly [inaudible] with literature and art, music and poetry, and I find all these things fascinating. Yet they do not raise questions which puzzle me as much as this one.”

Jamie lay down his books which he had spent so long studying and attempted to reflect on the purpose of life. “Perhaps life is a struggle,” he said, speaking to himself. How much he struggled through his hours of rest, chafing with impatience until he could once again rise up and be with people out-of-doors.

We shall now transfer to the one known as Jim. I am Hatonn.

(Jim channeling)

Jamie pondered long upon this question for it was one which he had considered frequently before and the answer, as before, was that which was slow in coming, for he could see many possibilities. There were considerations of service, of struggle, of adventurous moving into the unknown, of completing a larger plan of mysterious and unknown nature, and perhaps even the possibility of random chance moving places and people and ideas.

However, to the student who first queried him on this topic, Jamie could only reply that the wonder of it all was far greater than his ability to express in words what little he was able to glean [in a] coherent manner which could even begin to show a basic or simple description of such an immense possibility. Thus, he continued to seek the knowledge of various portions of human study that had been pursued by others before him and to impart this knowledge to those with whom he shared the relationship of teacher and student.

We shall transfer at this time.

(D channeling)

Years went by as Jamie’s studies continued in response on the subject of life, matured in the light of his own increasing experience and inspection. The students came and went, coming to know him as not only knowledge[able] but as kind, compassionate and patient—that is, wise—and in the eyes of more sensitive and [poetic].

Jamie came through these years of attention to him, questioning life—the meaning of life, and his meditations on the meaning of his own life. It seemed that his life had become [inaudible] as an answer to that question. He had lived through many years of enforced physical inactivity, transformed to deep meditation during which he had patterns of his own misfortunes and gifts to make sense of.

We will transfer now.

(Carla channeling)

It is generally [inaudible] in a service-filled life he pondered his struggle and his service [inaudible]. He was also self-critical, pondering why his limitation had been so great. He began to [inaudible] into that divine discomfort. An angel of light who spoke in clear vision [said], “Turn and look [inaudible] at the limitless number of hours you have had to seek deeply within.” And so Jamie pondered. Again the angel came and asked, “What is the purpose of your life?” Jamie said, “I can guess; it is to be of service.” “Perhaps that is a important part of it,” said the angel, and left to let Jamie ponder again.

After many sleepless nights Jamie became aware of something [inaudible], something that felt quite dangerous. His inward eye seemed to open and as he gazed about his darkened room, he saw the wild whirling of his bedclothes and a strenuous heaving of the [inaudible]. He saw the light whirling and swirling in infinitely various patterns [inaudible]. He saw his own skin leap and rejoice, for he had asked and had been given the vision of the purpose of life.

Again the angel came and saw Jamie. “Tell me now, what is the purpose?” And Jamie smiled, “The purpose is joy!” he said. “Joy in life and sharing.” “That is good,” said the angel, “but that is only half of the job.”

We shall now transfer. I am Hatonn.

(Jim channeling)

Again Jamie considered the question of the purpose of his life, for he had felt that the experience and joy and the liveness of the creation about him and within him and the service to others that he might render, comprised all that one might hope for as a purpose for any existence. And yet the angel had left him to ponder what further purpose there might be in not only experiencing and sharing joy but also pursuing that which was beyond joy and service to others.

This caused some discomfort within the very soul of Jamie for the joy that he had known in that brief but powerful vision seemed, in itself, far more than he could comprehend. And to look for that which was beyond such joy seemed a task far too great for him to hope to complete. Long and often did he consider further purpose within his own life, wherein again passed many sleepless nights.

And after yet another sleepless night, and just before the dawn was about to break upon another busy day—for he had continued his studies and teaching—the angel appeared once again to ask if Jamie had discovered further purpose to his life. And Jamie replied that he had thought of every possibility but could only return to his confusion and that which he had already discovered by his experience. And the angel said to Jamie, “That is a good beginning, for within such confusion and desire you will begin to find a greater expression, purpose. Continue to look within your confusion, and within your desire, and you shall find a nourishment there. And that shall reveal to you what now is hidden.”

Now we shall transfer.

(D channeling)

Jamie’s nights continued to be restless. He pondered the worth of his own efforts to fulfill the meaning of life, and he thought his efforts to understand that and gain a suitable understanding of the depth which men shall not seem to attempt [inaudible]. He saw his life as his best effort to fulfill his concepts and service, struggle and joy. But he enjoyed each step of his realization. Then, too, the path of his insights, though valid and rightly guided, were incomplete. He began to wonder if he could ever come to a true understanding in his life of its meaning. At this point he began to wonder if, in the truest sense, life had meaning. What could ever be summed up or put in human words?

He looked back at his life as a continual process, continual progress along a path that is soul-searching and self-knowing, and felt again the joy that the search had brought him. He thought back to his early manhood when he first had been directed along this search by a questioning student and he realized his own gratitude to himself for not having attempted then and there to answer that question or fail to recognize its depth. A search for the answer to that question had shaped his life and contributed much, he realized then, to its meaning.

After all that, for all those years of attention, concentration and meditation on this question, he knew that it had not brought him even now the complete answer. He knew that the meaning of life was even more than the search for its meaning and the discovery of its meaning in real terms than he could ever explain to another. He realized that with the asking of that question his life had been set on a course of [inaudible] nor did he wish it to. He knew at this point he had only once seen an infinitely long path. For a while the same joys and frustrations, his troubles and dead-ends that he had dealt with for years [inaudible].

We will transfer now to the one known as Carla.

(Carla channeling)

He drew near he was [inaudible] at the end of his life except the mystery of [inaudible], his trouble and his joy. Speaking out loud in great emotion, Jamie prayed for the first time in his long life. “Oh, God up there, if there is a God, I do not understand the purpose of this life or the capacity for all things, as in my vision, to be joyful.” Suddenly he felt an immense peace and feeling of connection betwixt himself and the mystery he had acknowledged. In that peace he gave up the struggle and saw only [inaudible] that is love of beauty and saw only the mystery.

“Well,” he said, out loud to no one seen, “I do not understand but I feel You listened to me and I know now that I should listen more carefully to You”. Suddenly he saw the many, many hours of enforced idleness as being a great adventure and he saw his struggle disappear.

We pray—we who used to aid in the ways of love—that each seeker may seek the peace in the struggle and the mystery in joyful service. We pray that the listening heart may come to know that it is not a common purpose of life’s beginnings that the creation grows in rejoicing, but rather it is the deepest consciousness of spiritual beings. May each dare to plunge deeper and deeper into our love which is the source of itself. We pray that each may sink like a star into the peace of the deep part wherein those depths are standard.

We thank this group for its desire to improve in the practice of vocal channeling. We know that much is upon the mind which may attempt to distract each from the chosen service and we appreciate that discipline which is the product of the holding discomfort and impatience which [inaudible] to move along the path of serial realizations, never continue to rest upon the laurels.

We would at this time transfer to the one known as Jim.

(Jim channeling)

I am Hatonn, and at this time we would offer ourselves in the capacity of attempting to speak to any queries which those present may have for us. May we begin with a query?

[Transcript ends.]