Reinvestigating the question of why it is so difficult for people to share the love and light good vibrations with those near and dear to family and friends, especially the mate.

(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii. We greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are most grateful to be with you once again and bless each and offer our love. We wish also to express gratitude to the one known as Carla for her reliance upon feelings which many among your peoples move aside, assuming that intuition is imagination, for we indeed did wish to continue upon the subject of the difficulty each seeking soul encounters in expressing the love and the light of the infinite Creator in an intimate relationship over a sustained period of your time.

You shall recall that we spoke of joy, of a kind of joy which had to do with the inward realization of an immediate relationship with the Creator and Sustainer of all that there is. This concept requires more careful consideration, for in the context of the question there lies the implication that joy is the very thing which eludes discovery. Entities would be only too happy to manifest joy, compassion and understanding, could they only feel it within the heart, the mind, and the soul. Thus, let us consider how it may be that the seeker may accelerate the process whereby an expanded and strengthened inner realization will bear the sweet fruit of a joyful peace.

Because each of you has five senses and must operate within an illusion designed specifically to register upon these senses, that which is unseen is often not abandoned, but simply undiscovered. Yet, when the search begins for love, we would like to suggest that in our opinion that search first has what one may call a vertical axis, that is, at the base of this axis is the self; let us put that value at minus ten. At the height of this line is a plus ten. Neutral ground for the soul is the middle, the zero point. It is about this point that the individual which is reacting to the stimulus of the environment without spiritual consideration will hover, first perhaps a bit up towards the peak of the line, which is the Logos, the Creator, divine love, then move somewhat towards concentration upon the self, hovering around and round the zero point of neutrality.

We point out that neutrality, or a lack of bias, is the one thing which this illusion is designed to lessen or eliminate, for it is the purpose of this illusion to create the consciousness which contemplates spiritual choice: the choice to focus more upon the self or more upon the Creator.

By the self in this axis we intend to convey not the whole self but that self which obtains and values tangible possessions, useful friendships, and advantageous arrangements of social, economic and political influences. It is written in the holy work known as the Holy Bible that the master known as Jesus, when asked what it was important to do, that is, which commandments were the greatest within this master’s tradition, the reply was, first to love the Creator with all the heart, the mind, and strength, and secondly to love the neighbor, the associate, the intimate, the stranger, the enemy as the self.

Those who attempt in all goodness of heart to achieve improved communication and a softening of heart, mutual expression, by going directly towards working upon the relationship have moved one step too soon and are very probably doomed to an unsatisfactory communication and an unchanged difficulty, for until one has achieved more and more consciousness centered upon the Creator, until one has lived in the immediacy of the very real love that lives between each consciousness in the universe and that great Consciousness of which each is a part, the results are bound to be disappointing.

Thus, we suggest that, as usual within an illusion, what apparently seems the difficulty is, shall we say a smoke screen to those who wish to meet problems seemingly head-on, for such problems are a by-product of a lack of closeness to love. The Creator is a mystery, yet like any unexplored land or person or idea, the mystery beckons, and through what you would call eons of time, many, many consciousnesses have come to what may be called the understanding that there are certain reportable aspects of divine consciousness which have been common to pilgrims upon the journey in planetary consciousness development time and time again. The reported manifestations emanating from love, when found within the relationship with the individual consciousness, are love, joy, peace and compassion.

Thus, the first mental, emotional and spiritual discipline of one’s seeking to accelerate the pace of future tranquility’s arrival is to dwell as much as possible upon that relationship with the Creator which may be honestly and sincerely felt within the self in times of meditation, contemplation, conversation with others, indeed, at any time whatsoever, although the quiet times are the best for invoking the discipline of seeking to feel at one with the Creator. This relationship is the most important and the most intimate within the seeker’s experience, in or out of incarnation. And if this be not so, then it is that the seeker has work to do in consciousness, moving into quietness, moving into a trust that can only be grasped by blind faith that there is a Creator and that the reports that you have had of this Creator are correct.

Each entity whom you may become intimate with is a portion of that Creator, and you must know yourself to be the Creator’s own son or daughter. You must grow up within the house of prayer and meditation, argue with the Creator, complain to the Creator, praise, thank, bless or curse the Creator; but accept for awhile the premise that you can have an intimate, lively, spontaneous, continuing and dynamic relationship with that great Self which is All That There Is. This Creator is not One which shall tamely do your bidding, nor are you one who shall tamely do the Creator’s bidding unless much time has been spent, much realization gained concerning the dependability of the Creator’s will. Therefore, there is work to do and much, much time to do it.

Now, you may see as upon the graph that you are attempting to move your point of contact with the Creator higher and higher along the vertical axis. Thus, if one were to draw a horizontal line through the zero point—also if minus ten being the self, plus ten being another consciousness—you start with indifference at the zero point. This is also a most important axis, one which is most sensitive to your good intentions, that is, great polarization towards love of others and service to others is possible whether the relationship bears fruit or not, for it is in the purity of intention and the wholeness of effort that the bias towards service to others is increased.

Now, if one were to put the most desirable of all possible mental, spiritual and emotional arrangements, one would, of course, gaze at the extreme right upper corner of this square graph. The one who is focusing upon the self rather than the Creator and manifesting love of self rather than love of others would find the point at the diagonal lower left corner of the graph. The goal, therefore, for those who wish to accelerate the process of spiritual growth is to find the meeting point of the seeking of the Creator and the seeking to do service in the right upper quadrant, moving more and more towards to the upper right hand corner.

It is in the intimate relationships that one is most prone to begin to expect from another a seemingly just or fair exchange of service for service, and this seemingly innocent and obvious assumption of fair play and justice is the mask behind which hides the difficulty, its root, its wellspring—that is, expectation from another consciousness rather than expectation from the Creator. The suffering spirit which is locked in weary combat with another consciousness is far less able to alter for the better or more positive the intimate relationship than to offer service to those from whom one expects nothing.

Therefore, we would commend to the consideration of the seeker the virtue and efficiency of turning, after the relationship with the Creator has been established, to those in need which come before your notice, those in whom you can seek to offer love, yet not seek be loved. It is comparatively easy to sit down with the prisoner, the orphan, the indigent, and the elderly in need, and share the fruit of that joy-filled time when the soul and its Creator were intimate together.

A further word concerning communication. The value, metaphysically speaking, of conversations from the heart is inestimable. It can be only on faith that these conversations may be had. Indeed, within the intimate, troubled relationship, there is often such a great burden of negative baggage, extraneous to the core of the difficulty, that communication may seem impossible, for at every turn there is blame upon both sides, and as each feels not only guilt but confusion, each becomes defensive and knows not the words or the ways to express or describe the pain, the need, the hope for peace.

We would therefore recommend that conversations be attempted only after the entity who wishes to improve the situation be grounded firmly within the primary relationship, that relationship with the Father, the Mother, the Sustainer which is often called God, but in reality is not separate, but rather All; for you are within the Father, the Mother, and the Father/Mother within you.

It is from the vantage of high upon the vertical graph, moving towards the Kingdom which is exemplified by ten, that one may look down upon a very small, very local, very foolish difficulty, where one may see the humor of two who love yet cannot speak, two who love but cannot help but contend. From the vantage point of love, creation is possible, and that includes the recreation of the self and the healing of relationships. From the higher vantage point, one may release the other self from all expectation.

The unthinking spirit naturally cries, “That is not fair, that is not just,” yet we say to you that fairness and justice are not absolute concepts related to a dualistic illusion. It is well for fairness and justice to exist as concepts and to be used carefully of the regulation of social intercourse, yet it is not well to gaze upon them as what they are not, that is, absolute virtues, for that which is fair and just is always a relative choice, cases being able to be made for each side.

It is in the interest of the serious seeker to be view all relationships from the same stance, and that is the desire to love, to understand, to forgive, to give. It is the choice of priorities for most that the one whom the seeker wishes to serve the most is that intimate mate of the days and the nights, the months and the seasons of a lifetime. Yet the joy bubbles forth more and more freely as the entity is able to retain the memory of who that intimate soul to you truly is. That soul is, as you, a student seeking after truth, a soul searching for the source of love, a wanderer seeking a home. This consciousness, as yours, suffers, attempts to change, fails and succeeds, and moves through all the private seasons of anguish and pleasure. This soul has been given into your care, as are all whom you meet, not in an absolute sense—that is, not in the sense that one soul can be responsible for another, far from that—we mean that one soul’s hope in contacting and blending with another’s life stream is that he may be able to be of service.

Once the expectations are laid aside, that is, once the barnacles of barter and expectation are removed from the hull of that entity’s spiritual vehicle, the waters betwixt your consciousness and theirs shall be far more peaceful. For if one calls another husband, one inadvertently within your culture thinks of a number of suppositions regarding the relationship. Yet when such a relationship is breaking down, it is well to go back to that which is in no way illusory, that is, the absolute principle that each entity whom you meet is a child of God, as yourself, to be loved as yourself, and to be served, if necessary, at the expense of the self if, in love’s opinion within you, that service is appropriate. That is, we do not wish to advise needless sacrifice, for that is martyrdom for no cause. We advise only that that person with whom you hoped to spend a lifetime of love is worthy, as are you, of the greatest service.

How difficult it is, my friends, we know, to see past the hurtful lack of communication…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

…to move beyond the harsh and seemingly betraying acts of one’s mate, how easy it is not to trust, not to nurture, not to stand firmly upon the two feet, knowing that one is completely and utterly safe and secure in a loving relationship with the Creator, and thus hold out the hand and say, “I love you. I accept you just as you are, I see and sympathize with your difficulties,” or even for those whose hurtful behaviors include still others, “I accept your needs to be happy, and wish you well.” These thoughts seem to be a way of subtracting the self from the relationship, removing the emotion from, and thus the intimacy from, the relationship. Yet, it is the best beginning of which we are aware for those who cannot read each other’s thought, to move into a situation in which the relationship becomes more trustworthy. It often takes a great deal of an incarnation to rebuild trust betwixt two which have hurt each other in heart, mind or spirit. Yet it can be done in a moment if each turns first to the Creator, and then, knowing a new world within the self, turn to each other. Turn and turn and turn, becoming more and more graceful as each conversation and confrontation is experienced.

We may say in closing that many, many incarnations have been planned by entities incarnate at this time to include very serious challenges to faith and a life lived in love and service. Before the incarnation, each of you considered well that which you wished to accomplish. Now that you are experiencing the actual classes which you chose for yourself, you may feel, in this instrument’s scholastic vocabulary, that you have taken too many hours, that you have enrolled in too many courses, and that you cannot possibly conclude and do well in this exercise of study and expression of the fruits of that study which is commonly called life upon your sphere.

When you become alive, as you shall after the gateway of death has been entered, you shall finally experience that which you think you experience now. Meanwhile, those of you who face a seemingly intractable intimate relationship, and yet have the feeling that there is something which has drawn you together, something which you must learn together, please know that it is possible, even probable, that you hoped for yourself that your mature reaction to seemingly negative circumstances shall be the recognition that as you are experiencing negative circumstances, so must your mind not be full yet of the Creator.

And so you must mount once again to the watchtower which gazes upon the kingdom of the Creator which dwells within that kingdom. It is something that you must do by yourself, yet that lover which you pursue, that divine love which you seek, sought persistently shall become to you real, intimate and very dynamic. And more and more as you seek consciously immediate experience of the love of the one infinite Creator, what you seek shall come to you. And as you seek that which is the highest of all things to seek, thus all else begins to fall into perspective.

And more and more, regardless of what happens in the intimate relationships, and in all areas of incarnation, your experience shall be that of joy, for the Creator has tucked joy into every atom of the infinite universe, has woven joy into sunlight and starshine, has plaited joy up in the leaves, branches and roots of your trees, the gurgling of the rivers, the busy hum of life. Each bee moves upon its way hearing the rhythm of the dance within. That great central sun which is the Creator in manifestation speaks as clearly to you and gives direction from within.

May you be blessed in your seeking. May you seek persistently the highest that you know, for that which you shall seek you shall find, and all else, once the highest begins to unfold, unfolds before you in reflection. Perhaps it shall be a sustained effort—as we said, some lessons are designed to be greatly challenging. Yet keep always the goal in mind, and seek not simply to serve others, but more to serve the Creator in others. And the reflections of life which come back to you shall more and more dance and sing with joy.

You in the watchtower, you who suffer, you who watch and weep and walk this day and night, you are not alone, for within you lies the greatest love, the only reality. Seek it in earnestness, experience in joy and laughter and lightness, and become the lamp set upon a hill. Not in and of yourself, but only as one in love, knowing the peace of the most intimate of all relationships—yourself and the Creator, your heart and love itself.

We would like to thank this instrument again for its insistence in following a quiet inner voice. We did have these thoughts to convey, and are most grateful for the opportunity to have the time to complete those thoughts which we felt might have some use to those who have asked this question. We encourage in this instrument close attention to such promptings, for through this means each answer may be given as we of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator may feel it is best, no longer limited by your time, for it takes much of your time to transmit these thoughts with words.

We would like to move to the one known as Jim, if this instrument would accept our contact. We are those of Latwii, and we shall transfer.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and greet each again in love and light. At this time it is our privilege to offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to any further queries which those present may offer to us. Is there a query at this time?

I received the impression that that was the end of the transmission on that subject. Can you confirm that?

I am Latwii, and this is correct, my sister. You have once again correctly perceived the nature of the inner response to our contact, and we again encourage this inner listening, for it shall be of assistance in many ways.

Is there a further query, my sister?

On a related issue. When I was challenging your contact—I do it the same way every time basically, and I always say, “Do you come in the name of Jesus the Christ, whom I serve with all my heart, all my soul, all my mind, and all my strength?” And you answered not what I’m used to hearing, which is something like “Yes, my child, I am pleased to come in the name of Jesus the Christ,” or from Yadda, “Of course.” You said, “We are with Jesus the Christ.” Was there a reason for the change of language?

I am Latwii, and we have used this phrase this evening, for it best exemplifies that state of our being which we have activated in order to continue the transmission of concept which was begun previously. This has been our choice for this topic, for it is one which deals most wholeheartedly with the concept of love or compassion, and it was our feeling that our own tuning or placement of focus of being would be most helpful and informative with this level of understanding available. Thus, we called upon that manifested by the one known as Jesus the Christ within ourselves in order to be of service to those gathered this evening.

Is there a further query, my sister?

So from your perception, the phrase which the fundamentalists use, “Christ is Lord, Jesus is Lord”—what you’re saying is that for you as well as for us, you see this Jesus consciousness as being the basic redeemer of human experience, the highest of compassion of love? Is that so? Or would you express your feeling about that phrase, “Jesus is Lord,” in the context of challenging. I don’t challenge that way. It doesn’t seem necessary.

I am Latwii, and if we understand that which has been asked, we would say that that which is loved and accepted is that which has been redeemed. Thus, it is within the heart of love that redemption occurs.

May we speak in a further fashion upon this topic, my sister?

No. I was off on a wild goose chase when I first asked the question, because I just wondered if your social memory complex was the one that Jesus went to when he got through his incarnation two thousand years ago on Earth. I know he went to a fifth-density complex, and I thought perhaps it might be yours, since you said, “I am with Jesus the Christ.”

I am Latwii, and our connection with the one known as Jesus the Christ is not as you have assumed, but is rather that which we may call upon and join with.

May we speak further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

Well, just one more, then. Do you find as a fifth-density social memory complex, trying to do your work here with us, that it’s better for us to ask questions and thereby give a focus, an overt focus, or to, as we call it, take pot luck, and receive whatever comes through? Which do you feel is more advantageous for fifth-density contact?

I am Latwii, and we seek to be of service. We do not know that which is most effective as a means by which we may serve in every case. We may in many instances assess the entities gathered in a circle of seeking and note great similarities in that which is sought, whether it be of a conscious or unspoken nature and thus speak upon that topic to seeming effectiveness. However, when we are offered a query which has been considered by the group, we then feel a greater confidence in that which we offer, for it has been called forth from us by those gathered in the seeking, and as a focus for the transfer of concepts is usually more efficient than the unspoken and undirected wishes of a circle of seeking.

May we speak further, my sister?

One last question that just occurred to me. I have no concept of being here, of time passing during that transmission. How close am I to being out of it? And is it safe and is it okay as long as Jim’s holding my hand?

I am Latwii, and it is our estimation that your condition is that which is within the limits of safety as long as the hand is held, for it is not possible for the untrained entity to leave the physical vehicle while the tactile pressure is exerted by another entity upon the vehicle, thus infringing upon the auric field and requiring the spirit or enlivener to remain with its vehicle. We find your state of meditation to be quite effective as one through which information may pass with minimal distortion, and are honored that we are able to utilize your instrument in this manner at this time.

May we speak further, my sister?

I want to thank you for the compliment. It means a lot to me. I just wonder, is a cat on the lap good enough?

I am Latwii, and it is our understanding of the relative effect of the electrical bodies or auric fields of the second density feline that its interaction with your own would not, in most cases, be sufficient for the causing of the spirit enlivener to remain with its vehicle, for the spiritual component of the second density creature is most usually lacking, as it is at the level of development at which the mind begins to emerge in an individual fashion with the rudimentary functioning only, thus the infringement that it makes upon your own auric field is far less than that made by another third density entity which has the spiritual component developed to the minimal degree that the third-density experience allows.

May we speak further, my sister?

No, thank you. Thank you very much.

I am Latwii, and again we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?


I am Latwii, and it is our observation that we have, for the evening, exhausted the queries, and we thank each for allowing our presence this evening. We have been most privileged to have been able to join this group of seeking. We are hopeful that we shall be able to continue the transfer of concepts to this group in its future gatherings when possible. We are aware that there are various factors which determine the most appropriate response, and indeed the most appropriate entities, to give response to the queries which this group offers to the Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Creator. It has been a great honor for us to join you this evening. At this time we shall take our leave of this group. We are known to you as those of Latwii, and we leave each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.