(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii. I and my brothers and sisters of Latwii greet you, as do those of Laitos, in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator, the Creator who has made Him ourselves and has made ourselves Him, the Creator whose presence is timeless and whose time is the present moment. We send to you greetings and love and offer our thankfulness to be honored by the call to work with the new instrument at this time. What a joy it is to be of assistance. We of Latwii have nearly equal calls from this group at this time, and therefore the presence of both energies may be felt by those present. We do not wish to cause anxiety on the part of any who may sense more than one presence. The one known as Laitos is most interested in pursuing the adjustmental work so that the contact with the new instrument may become ever more fluid and stable.

We would like to offer an exercise this day by the telling of a story. For the purposes of this storytelling we shall keep our identifications to a minimum that the story itself may continue to fill the minds and hearts of those who wish to be a part of its telling. However, we do ask each instrument always to challenge as the contact comes to you in the name of the highest and best unshakable ideal in your particular universe. We shall begin.

There once was a young woman of Lustra named Penelope. Penelope was brown as a berry and ran among the thorns and berries, the rocks and crags of her neighborhood like a young, happy foal or kitten. She was a sweet and perfect child, untouched by tragedy, secure in her mother’s and father’s loving arms. One day a catastrophe caused Penelope to experience for the first time a seeming separation, a seeming abyss betwixt herself and all in which she put faith and trust.

We shall transfer.

(Jim channeling)

The catastrophe which Penelope suffered was one in which a member of her family, that being her father, was killed in a manner which seemed questionable, shall we say, in that the entity was engaged in taking from another that which belonged to the other, and in this act was killed. This was enough of a catastrophe in itself, that being the death of the father, that the additional burden of the nature of the death caused many to speak ill of Penelope’s father, of her family, and, indeed, of herself. Her grief over the loss of father was increased by this ill speaking and feelings on the part of those in the surrounding environment. This situation caused Penelope to consider herself the taking of her own life, for she felt that without her father’s love and the family’s good name there was little for which to live, and for many days and indeed weeks, Penelope was distraught and on the edge of taking her own life.

After a period of time had elapsed and there had been some relief from the gossip of the neighborhood, Penelope encountered a young man who was traveling through the country and who needed assistance in the form of a place to rest and food to refuel the tired body. In the course of conversation with the young man, Penelope disclosed the difficult days which had passed and the source of the difficulty, sharing her entire story with the young man who listened quite patiently and compassionately to what Penelope related.

We shall transfer.

(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii, and interrupt this story to bring you a word from your sponsors. We realize that there is the block occurring in the new instrument’s analytical mind, and we would say to the new instrument who has recently had experience in the handling of the motorcycle, that the practice of channeling requires an ability which is common with that needed by the cycles, that is, that the roads are not always straight, neither is intuition straight. The roads bend and curve and so do the ways of intuition. Upon the curving highways and byways the motorcycle must lean into and aggressively attack each corner, not knowing that which is around the bend, yet trusting in the balance of cycle and rider, trusting that the way is clear ahead, and trusting the instincts of hand and foot.

When the new channel moves down the road which intuition has fashioned, there appear many turns uphill and down, back and forth. And again the new channel must learn to trust the basic vehicle of thought, the self, which the new channel has created to deal with intuitively perceived invisible entities. The new channel must be able to trust the clearness of the road ahead so that the channel may lean into and aggressively take those turnings and bendings, thus smoothing the way for the long straight roads that lie between each turn and twist. We urge the new instrument to boldly attack with intuition, just as the road is attacked and best use made of it by the aggressive yet careful cyclist. Once the being is tuned and the declaration of self given so that challenging may be done, it is best to keep the proverbial metaphorical hand upon the throttle, for momentum is gained by attacking intuitive curves, and the benefits which rise from a more self-confident foray onto the road of intuition are too numerous to mention, opening to the new instrument as it does in ever-expanding vistas of beauty and challenge.

We shall continue the story through this instrument.

Penelope was most grateful for the understanding of the stranger and developed a great desire to be with this young palmist, for palmist he was, working with the hand and seeing within each line the clear sketch of natural beingness and potential development. Little by little Penelope and the palmist, Jonathan, became greater and greater friends. Penelope grew to be a young woman and Jonathan was always there to aid her when otherwise her father would have done so. When Penelope was sixteen, all in her family besides herself were struck with diphtheria and taken from her life in a matter of days. Penelope was on her own, quite penniless, with no dowry, no station in life other than mother’s helper, and no prospects for the future. Again, Penelope in the darker recesses of her mind began to think more and more of suicide. Only Jonathan could comfort her, and comfort her he did.

We now transfer to the one known as D.

(D channeling)

Jonathan’s love and kindness was as a balm to the wounds and albeit suffering, and drew her even more closely into the aura of his spiritual strength. With his nurturing through a period of many months, her despair departed and was replaced by hope and determination to make the best of the situation these events had created in her life. Having neither property or status, but through Jonathan’s inspiration able to contact the spiritual strength deep within her, she determined to lay a constructive course in her life that would enable her to succeed without the benefits of inheritance or family support. She attained a position with a family whose head was a kind woman who had also succeeded in making her own way and entered into something of an apprenticeship. She also was able to acquire the experience of continuing a family life in the caring for the young children of her mistress. Through her own diligence and the infusing of the continuing strength and support of her friend Jonathan, she was accepted as a colleague and family member as well.

(Carla channeling)

We shall conclude through this instrument.

Penelope felt that she had every possible element for happiness, for although she had never married, yet she was nurturer to each child which played with those children which were in the care of those in the family of her friend.

But one day Jonathan came to offer what seemed to her another great piece of catastrophe. “It is time for me to leave,” he said. “I have sensed it and I accept it. I do not know what the road ahead holds for me, yet I go on a faith, knowing that to do the will of the Creator is the sum of all that I ask of myself or this thing that we call consciousness or life.”

To Penelope it seemed as though the nightmare days of her girlhood were again, for Jonathan had been her faithful friend. This she said to her friend, but Jonathan demurred.

“You have not lost me,” he said, “simply because I am not present, nor have you ever lost all those who have died in your family.” He took her hands and gazed at her palms. “I see much ahead for you,” he said. “Many lines are developing which were not there before.”

“Oh no,” cried Penelope, “I cannot live on without you, for to whom would I speak? To whom would I turn in a time of need? I shall be all alone.”

Jonathan looked carefully and deeply into her eyes. “Trust me,” he said, “that through the experience to come, you shall learn to trust yourself.” He went on. “I have seen your presence in the lives of many children as I gaze into their hands, for all have come to me, knowing that I am a palmist, in curiosity. I tell what I see, but not all of what I see, and one thing that I always see is that each hand has the mark of divinity drawn within the lines of the palm. You,” he said, “shall be as I. The day will come when some young one turns to you, and then you shall be a faithful friend as I have tried to be to you.”

Penelope cried, “Do you mean to say that you are not always sure, not always content, not always full of cheer and hope?”

Jonathan’s hands tightened upon hers. “I tell you the truth,” he said. “Each of us suffers, and in that suffering imagines we are alone. Yet within each, waiting for the asking, is the presence of the infinite, the unmeasured, the limitless Father and Mother of all.”

Suddenly Penelope could see that which she had not glimpsed before, the panorama of a life of giving and receiving love. “Perhaps,” she said, smiling for the first time in many days, “I shall be able to give until I have given all that I received and more.”

Jonathan smiled in return. “Peace and farewell,” he said, “I shall see you in the land where all giving and taking are one.”

We ask each of you as you ponder this parable to examine the assumptions…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

…under which you labor. If the assumptions include the feelings of solitude within the spiritual search, then we say this is a true perception. But if one of these assumptions is that one is truly alone, then we suggest that this assumption is grossly in error. For each Penelope there is not only an outward Jonathan, but an inward and compelling Jonathan, a presence to comfort, to love, and to aid and counsel when requested. These inner seers, these Jonathans of the soul, are called by your peoples such things as the higher self, the inner guides, the guardian angels, and it is largely in catastrophe, in times of peril, and in danger that the soul first becomes truly aware of the strength and comfort available from within the self.

We wish to aid by these thoughts in the positioning of the mind and heart towards, shall we say, the spiritual east. We wish to express the sanctity of that comfort which lies within, which has so often been externalized within your holy work, the Bible, as the holy city, Jerusalem. Realize that your physical beings are as the cave within which dwells the fragile and infinite spirit. And look upwards through the chink in the roof of the cave and see the blinding shafts of light filling, nurturing, comforting and informing the spirit within. May each of you become independent of the outer world, so that addictions end, excesses may be laid aside with more and more ease.

We realize that this has been a difficult session for the one known as D, and ask this new instrument to take strong comfort, for each time that we work with this new instrument we are able to express more and more of those thought which we intend to express. We would at this time transfer to the one known as Jim. I am Latwii, and with me is the vibration of Laitos. We transfer now.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and at this time we are honored to have the opportunity of speaking to the queries which may remain upon the minds of those gathered, and we would offer ourselves freely in this capacity with the hope that we may offer inspiration and information without the dogma or the over-weighting of our offering by those present. Is there a query at this time to which we may speak?

It seems to me that the point of the story was pretty much that in the end Jonathan shared his feeling of inner inadequacy with Penelope and was trying to say that even though we’re all very imperfect and scared and sometimes feel like not carrying on anymore, that we can still be of comfort to other people and to ourselves by seeking the guidance within. It was not the most hopeful message I ever heard, if I understand it, for it would imply that suffering is the universal theme in life. Can you comment on that?

I am Latwii, and we feel that you have given a quite substantial interpretation of that which we offered in the form of the story to this group. We do not mean to dampen those spirits which ever seek the hope-filled future and inspiration within the lives of others and the self, but wished by this rendition to illustrate the sustaining source of love and support which accompanies all travail and difficulty, for, indeed, within your illusion you shall find much that is difficult and hard to experience and accept, yet the seeker, and, indeed, all entities, is supported by a source of love greater than any outer difficulty.

And it is the seeker who avails the self most effectively of this love and support, for the conscious seeker is the one which looks beyond the outer way of experience in order to ponder the deeper truths and nature of experience, so that there may be gained from each experience, no matter how difficult, the seed or crystal of understanding that enriches the soul or inner nature of the being, much as the creature of your second density known as the oyster creates the pearl as the result of the constant irritation of the grain of sand.

May we speak further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

I was wondering today, I was wishing I had some more direction about steps I could take on my own, given my own individual status with regard to learning the channeling. When such periods go by as have just gone by when I’m not able to be here, or even during the week between sessions here, are there suggestions for work I can do on my own? I think that Laitos advised against specifically trying to channel when alone, but are there other solitary exercises that would be suitable?

I am Latwii. Indeed, the new instrument often seeks the manner by which the facility in the channeling process may be aided, much as the athlete seeks to strengthen the muscle by the exercise in a disciplined fashion. We may make a suggestion which sounds at once too easy and too difficult to consider, but the life experience in each of its many portions is channeled by each entity on a day-to-day, and, indeed, a moment-to-moment basis. This is realized by each which seeks to place the attention within a certain attitude or ambiance of mind which looks upon the day and the moment as a dance in which one moves gracefully with any partner or experience that is placed before the notice.

As this attitude of acceptance and graceful movement with those entities and energies about one is cultivated, the primary requisite for serving as a vocal instrument is also strengthened, for the attitude of the mind which allows an entity to move freely and gracefully within its daily round of activities is the same attitude or quality which the vocal instrument exercises when it practices its art. Thus, as you seek in all manner of experience to balance your total being that it might move effortlessly and freely in harmony with those about one, you practice that which allows each entity to serve most effectively as an instrument for the one Creator to move within your being and for you to move within the being of the Creator.

May we speak in any further fashion, my brother?

That was very helpful. I don’t think I have any further questions at this point.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my brother, as well. Are there any further questions at this time?


I am Latwii, and it has been our great honor to be with each during this session of working. Those of Laitos also send love and appreciation at being able to blend their vibrations with each and to assist in the practice of exercising the instruments present. We shall be with each in the meditations in your future. At this time we shall leave each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Latwii. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.