(Carla channeling)

[I am Oxal. We greet you] in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We greatly appreciate this instrument’s willingness to function, although in its own opinion it was marginal. We feel we have a good contact, and we thank this instrument for trusting the bond between us. We also thank this instrument for the extensive challenging which it did prior to our greeting you. It was indeed a well executed challenge and a needed one in terms of the service-to-others distortion. The opening in the group, and we say this for each instrument to hear, was that the instrument known as H in the beginning of the transmission was enough distracted by the experience, that the naming of the entity contacted by the instrument was not vibrated, nor was the source of all our desire and also its end phrase, “We come in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator,” and though we do not always speak these words at the beginning of each transmission, we did at that particular time, that is to say, the ones of Hatonn. We fear this instrument is going to sleep. We must pause.


I am Oxal. We wish to say at this time, for this call has come to us, that the love and light of the infinite Creator takes great measures of energy to probe into at any depth at all. The delicate balance between the positive and the negative move and turn, sway and twist within the distortions of each mind/body/spirit complex’s universe, within each heart and each mind. For every excellent ideal and symbol, there lies upon just the other side of the coin, terror, need, ugliness and violence.

The drama of your third density is the drama of discovering duality and beginning the long trek toward balance. In this the student, the journeyer, the worshipper must choose one path to move, one face of the Creator to worship; one, and not the other. This is a most difficult choice. It is so difficult to make within your illusion that most do not begin to make that choice, but rather remain dancing about the bonfire of neutrality, tossing their garlands to and fro within the ethical and metaphysical universe, laughing, crying, hating and loving and moving neither towards the one great stage or the other, the glorious heavenly universe, or the equally glorious negative, each strong in its own way, each full of the Creator which is all things. Yet only by strong feeling, only by that feeling which this instrument would call worship, is either path traveled to the end.

We are those of the service-to-others path. We find that each within this circle has also advanced the cause of the great drama in the negative sense. Each has danced close and into the flaming fire of the glory and of the beauty of negative emotion and feeling. Each has in the mind and heart judged him or herself, each has been convicted and has lived within what your soul wishes to call hell, and each has for that very reason chosen. For when one path or the other begins to be intense, begins to move forward, then it is that the choice must be made, never in the happy middle of things, never around the bonfire.

Thus, as each travels along the path of service to others, let us say again what has been said often upon your planet. Let us respect and appreciate those circumstances of suffering, of judging the self, and of despair which have produced hearts and minds set with determination and persistence, but better yet with passion, the passion of experience and lessons learned and choices made. We ask each to respect that within the self which makes such a choice, to know that each will inevitably fail from time-to-time but that, the choice having been made, the life shall be, if such desire continues, a walk hand-in-hand with the Creator, for there is passion in the Creator for each of you, such a passion as you cannot imagine. We exalt in the joy of the love the Creator has for us, and we answered it with love and thanksgiving, and turn ever again to service to each other, and thereby to the Creator. And then in the end we turn to the Creator alone and see the Creator and know the One

We leave you at this time. We have been with you in sorrow, all those of us, those principles, entities, teachers and powers which move within the world of thought about your planet, within your metaphysical realms. We are losing transmission with this instrument. We are those of Oxal. We leave you in love and in light. Adonai.