Concerns wanderers, the difficulty that wanderers frequently encounter being within the third-density illusion, having to go through the forgetting process, and having some kind of a memory of previous existence and purpose for the current incarnation, yet running into, perhaps, problems in making that happen or manifesting it. And so forth.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to be with you this evening, and we wish especially to greet those new to the group, new to the circle of this seeking, new to these particular vibrations. We bless and greet each. We would like to make a note at this point that we may have to pause in order to clear the breathing passages of this instrument. We hope you will be patient during these moments.

You have requested that we speak to you upon the subject of being wanderers. Perhaps we should begin by stating that the majority of your peoples did not arise from the planet, upon which you now enjoy existence, from second density, but have wandered in third density form to your planet, so that there is the archetypical or racial memory within quite the majority of those entities now incarnate upon your planet’s surface who have come to finish their third-density experience from another place, another influence, another circumstance.

With this said, we wish to acknowledge first of all our compassion for the deep ache and loneliness of those who feel that they are strangers in a strange land. It is in no way a cowardly thing to feel the pangs of being where home is not. It is not an act of cowardice to wish for the climate and the friendly faces of a family half-remembered. Yet we speak to those who wish not merely to receive sympathy for their plight, but to learn more about how to celebrate that challenge and to rejoice in the time ahead.

Each of you has in your past either the experience or the sincere wish to experience the form of hands-on aid to needy people, which works such as your Peace Corps offers. In this organization, those who have much to teach aid those who have much to learn, both being equals in the experience, both learning, both teaching. Those who have had this experience most generally feel that the tasks, while arduous, have been most worthwhile. Such periods, however, are intense. To a wanderer, the entire incarnation is this type of experience. You will feel life more acutely moment by moment than others [who] are more comfortably lulled and distracted by the various gadgets and toys of your culture. Wanderers remain more of the time aware of the energies which riffle the waters of peaceful consciousness and break down ideals into ethics and ethics into situations.

But, my children, you came here, glad with the challenge of serving the Creator, and the key to moving gracefully through a sometimes distressing illusion is trust, trust in the greater self that is you, for before this incarnation, when you chose the manner of your being within this illusion, you created a place wherein you felt you could offer your love to the environment about you. Those people which you have met and will meet, those combinations of circumstance and people which trigger new beginnings, all of these things you laid up as treasures that during the incarnation you shall mine.

Further, you carry with you on the other side of the veil of conscious thought a level of consciousness which is tuned to a fuller love, because of your experiences before this incarnation. Your unconscious self, therefore, is uncommonly rich as a resource. It behooves wanderers, then, to pay especial attention to regular daily meditation, for the true self, which is your gift to a planet in need, lies waiting for you behind the door of conscious thought, within that unconscious part of your being wherefrom intuition and passion for love spring.

The conscious mind of any entity incarnate in third density is dealt the same approximate hand, as this instrument would say. Regardless of intelligence, each consciousness bears certain identifiable characteristics and can manipulate the tools of the culture. It is within your greater self, which is available to you largely through meditation and dreaming, that the harvest of your previous experience lies. And, as wanderers, each of you have excellent intuitions. However, without the trust in the self and the self’s connection with the Creator, such resources forever lie a bit beyond the reach.

It is a difficult thing for one who is humble to perceive that each consciousness is a gift. Many are the times when one feels more like the before picture than the after picture, as this instrument would say, lacking in insight and seemingly powerless to aid a troubled planet. However, although we do not wish to interfere with your free will, we may say that as a general rule very few within your illusion are aware of just when they are working at their best in service to the one infinite Creator. You will find each time that you attempt to evaluate your service, that you have stopped the flow of that service. By this we mean not that it is not good to examine one’s actions, but rather that it is an excellent idea to withhold judgment from the self.

Perhaps we may invoke the law of relativity upon the question of wanderers, wanderers such as the one which asked the question. Wanderers may have a greater treasure of experience on the unconscious level to bring to the drama of living the life within the illusion. Whatever the gifts that you have been born into incarnation with, it is this amount which you have to make prosper within this environment. Some of those who have arrived as wanderers have perhaps a relatively small amount of love and light compared to others. Those within third density who have not yet been able to deal with the strength of light necessary to move into higher density may have less. But in the currency of love, it matters not how much you have, but that your intention be to increase the flow of that infinite supply of love which is the result of your constant awareness of your contact with the infinite One.

As the instrument has previously stated on her own accord, we also state that the work of the wanderer is to exchange love in a completely open manner with those entities with which the wanderer comes in contact. All other activities are derivative of this service, for what is one who wanders except one who wishes to serve. The serving may be done in a very humble manner, yet if you serve one entity with purity of intention, it is as though you served the planet in its entirety. The difficulty within your conscious mind is that it does not seem as much a service to love another unconditionally as to form new social organizations or create some consciousness-raising project. We may say that those wanderers who choose these more public and dramatic life scenarios suffer in accordance with the magnitude of loneliness which renown brings. For the wanderer, it is a great blessing to be obscure.

Now let us move on to the greater realization that all who are conscious of self and conscious of the Creator are moving upon the same path, gazing at the same challenges. We ask you to think of yourselves as seeds. All that is is the Creator. You are the Creator. You are love. You speak and gesture and move in love, and you see love from all whom you meet. The distortions of love are many, so that love expresses itself often in negative forms, yet all are on the path, by the side of the path, sleeping by the side of the path, or somewhere in the vicinity of the path. It is impossible for that seed to be lost. You are very young expressions of the face of the Creator. Those who are wanderers will find it easier than those who have been moving through third density for the first time to make the choice of service to others. It will seem more obvious.

Thus, since you have made the choice, instinctively you are in the position of the older son. Now, those who are in the third density of this planet are in the position of the prodigal son. We refer to that parable in that holy work called the Bible, where the master known as Jesus described this prodigal son, this son who went away, taking his share of his father’s wealth and disported himself in every desultory way, until he was penniless and humbled to the ground. The older son never left the father’s side. Years later the older son gazes at the prodigal, limping home, hoping to be a slave in his father’s house and happy for the chance. He has made the choice. He has come back to the positivity he left at birth. And the father blesses the prodigal with joy and laughter and feasting. But what about the older son? You wanderers, surely you can feel that plight. The older son says, “You never gave me a party, Father, you never made a fuss over me.” And the father turns and says, “But everything I have is yours.”

May we urge each wanderer to make the journey of the prodigal son in consciousness, not in action, to let the mind go blank, to start with a clean tablet and make that choice from the beginning, all the way through as a meditation, as a contemplation, as a prayer, and finally as a thanksgiving. For you shall not feel that you have come home to the kingdom of love until you have allowed yourself to experience the going away, the temptations, the failures, and the return as one who has had all assets of privilege stripped away. You see, it is fatal, spiritually, for a wanderer to put any particular emphasis upon this situation in terms of the expectation of increased closeness to the Creator or increased awareness of the Creator’s will for you. Indeed, you must work harder, for you are only prodigal in your imagination, and it is very near to impossible for you to deny your link with the Creator.

Narrow your focus, my children, when these puzzlements come upon you and the discomfort of this illusion lies heavy upon your shoulders. You have come here to work. You have come here to carry the burden, a burden which is heavy, yet which is not more than you can bear. You have encased yourself in a very necessary and useful physical vehicle which effectively shields you from the awareness of your companions. For you are not alone. There are invisible forces which are with you, and those people whom you need to meet, you shall meet. Those thoughts of which you need to be aware shall come in front of you. Indeed, once trust is established between yourself and your whole self or higher self, you need but do that which is in front of you to do, moment by moment and day by day. And at the end of each day gaze back over the day and see where a smile, a word, a touch, or a sincere loyalty to an ideal has lightened the road for others.

How we wish we could take you within our vibratory web, that you might feel for a few moments that love without the baffling impediment of the physical vehicle, yet we cannot do this for you. You may, however, through meditation, find yourself upon holy ground and share heart-to-heart and hand-to-hand with the infinite Creator. My children, the Creator is a love that is astonishing in its intensity. The imagination reels at the infinity of creation. Yet this love is that which built, created, energized and enlivened all that there is with only a tiny portion of infinite energy. This is a love which is awakening within you, the love of the co-Creator for the Creator, the love of the child for the Father, the love of the beginning for the Source and the End. Center yourselves upon love and compassion. Attempt to intend well and to be harmless and above all to love each other. And when you consider yourself to have failed, grieve if you wish, but not overlong, for the intention is that which is recorded spiritually, the action within the illusion relatively incidental. We ask you to…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

We ask you to nurture the relationship betwixt yourself and the Creator, tuning, honing and intensifying the joy and love that you feel in communion with the One Who Is All, so that you may tap into the bubbling, joyous, free ecstasy which love is. This exercise of homing upon the Creator brings each entity, no matter what its vibratory level, to the highest level possible for that entity at that time. Each of us has still lessons to learn, and the source of the answer to the questions we have to ask, at whatever level they are, is the infinite Creator which is within each and every piece of consciousness. Trust yourself more and more deeply. Woo your own unconscious as does the lover the maiden, gently, lovingly and caressingly, and respect those things which you receive in dreams, visions and intuitions.

And above all, know that you are doing that which you came here to do. You cannot get far off track, for those forces within you which you devised before incarnation shall forever be giving you the proper vector toward the action that is appropriate. May your communion with infinite intelligence be ever more wonderful, and may your trust in each morning, each noontime, and each eventide be sufficient for you to do the will of your greater self, of that self which is closer to the Father and Mother of All That There Is. Each of you shall shine from within. May you also shine to yourselves. May you love and respect the Creator within you. Wanderer or native, these things are so, in our humble opinion.

This instrument is informing us that we have been talkative again, and we are sorry. It is a great joy to share thoughts with such a receptive group. Because you are so receptive, we wish especially to caution each to know that we are not infallible, but only your brothers and sisters somewhat more along a path than you, knowing the terrain, where the potholes are, where the rockslides might occur, and we come back to you, wanderers of our kind, in thought. We wish we could take every boulder out of your way and fill every treacherous piece of ground, so that you could walk straight and plain upon the path of seeking. Alas, we must watch you toil uphill and stumble down, become weary and find despair. Yet we and many others are right there with you in that despair, and if you request aid from the Comforter, such shall be offered to you immediately. You have only mentally to ask, and you will no longer be dealing with pain without help. Some call these entities guides, some call them the Holy Spirit. Whatever the name, the function is nurturing. For a wanderer this is sometimes vitally important.

Wanderer, in your agony, you shall comfort many; in your loneliness you shall share love, and every tear, every ache, every pain can be, if you respect these feelings, a crystallized bitter-sweet gift to the Creator, a memento of a dramatic play which seemed to have an unhappy ending. Trust that it is only play and that your true life-stream dances and rejoices. So in the end may wanderers reclaim within the illusion their deeper selves. Mourn first and then rejoice.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim, with thanks to this instrument. I am Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and in light. At this time it is our privilege to offer ourselves in the attempt to answer those queries which may yet remain upon the minds, again reminding each that we offer that which is our opinion, offered joyfully, yet not infallibly. Is there a query with which we may begin?

Do we create the illusion by our own approach? Do we create the density that makes it hard for us to see the true light, or is it what we’ve come into?

I am Q’uo, and the answer to this query is one which is not easy to explain, yet it is that which you, as a greater portion of yourself—which is frequently called by many of your peoples the higher self—have created upon a cooperative basis in a specified and refined fashion, beginning with that which is given, shall we say, by the Logos, the creative intelligence of the one Creator. As you move into the incarnation within this illusion, you move into that which has been prepared for you by a greater portion of your self, and according to the way in which you have programmed your biases and attitudes for learning and service, you perceive and experience the creation in a certain fashion which is unique unto yourself. Thus, you are responsible both for the creation and the illusion within which you move and the manner by which you perceive it, in order that you might learn in such and such a fashion and also serve others thusly.

Is there another query, my brother?

Is it our job to untangle the illusion, or are we supposed to simply work within it?

I am Q’uo. That which is your responsibility within this illusion you have before the incarnation set for yourself. Thus, you shall move through the incarnation within the illusion in a manner which allows you to utilize each facet of the illusion in a manner which will aid those goals which you have set for yourself. A portion of each entity’s incarnation is given to the learning and is oriented towards the growth of the consciousness of the self. Another portion, which increases in ratio as the consciousness of the self grows, is given to the service of others, so that that which is learned by the self might be shared as the fruit of the incarnation with other selves. Thus as you learn and as you serve, you become yourselves transformed by that which is your awareness, and as your awareness and as yourselves become transformed, the illusion about you is seen with new eyes and is itself transformed by your perception of it as yet a greater portion of the one Creator knowing Itself through each other portion of Itself.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, that made very good sense. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another question?

[Carla has been coughing.] I know the physical reasons why it’s difficult to keep infection down in hospitals, but most people in hospitals are not sick with contagious diseases. It’s almost like comparing a hospital to a hotel, and people don’t get sick in hotels, whereas it’s quite common for patients to pick up a bug in a hospital. I was wondering if there was any metaphysical aspect to this, somewhat of psychic greeting going on when people’s immune systems are down and stress levels are high? I don’t believe that germs have any polarity, but can they be directed by unfriendly polarities?

I am Q’uo, and we feel that we might best respond to this query by suggesting that the ground for such infections is prepared by the mind which has fed certain concepts that then reflect within the body complex, often by means of reducing the immune defense system so that the condition of what you would call the disease of one form or another is able to find an opening and work in a fashion which corresponds to the pattern of thought expressed by the entity. Within the environment which you describe may be found many entities who have found the need to experience an imbalance of the mental complex to the degree which would then allow the physical vehicle to reflect this distortion in a manner which then would make it apparent to the conscious mind that certain distortions were in need of attention. Thus, the mind reflects to itself that upon which attention needs be given in order that greater balance and harmony within the mind/body/spirit complex might be achieved.

May we speak in any further fashion, my sister?


I am Q’uo. Is there another query?

Not from me.

I’d like to have a better understanding of what happens inside the consciousness of those that our culture has labeled schizophrenic.

I am Q’uo. It is difficult to give the general description to a condition which is quite unique unto many of those who experience this splitting of the personality. However, a few comments may be given that will hopefully add some understanding to this condition.

The entity which faces the challenges within the incarnation which seem to overwhelm the ability to resolve them may, in some cases, choose to face these challenges with a smaller and smaller portion of the personality, with the larger portion choosing an alternate means of experiencing the nature of the illusion which the entity would find more able to cope with. In some cases the entity finds the necessity of dividing the personality yet again in order that various portions of the deeper self may be allowed expression without the need to interact with other portions of the same self which are in basic conflict, each with the other, upon a certain point.

This conflict, then, is that which the entity has found it unable to resolve in the normal, shall we say, fashion. Therefore, the compartmentalizing of different portions of the personality allows the entity to express basic features of the personality without the need to bring these features into harmonious balance with other facets of the personality which are more aware of the basic conflict. Yet, in each expression there will be the distortion of the characteristics expressed that is due to the primary conflict remaining unresolved. Thus, in each personality or portion thereof thusly expressed will be found a faint trace or trail that will lead to the conflict for the entity to travel eventually in order that the conflict might be harmoniously resolved.

Is there another query my sister?

What would be the most beneficial way to help this type of person in the healing process?

I am Q’uo. Again, our lot is the generality, for each case is unique. The offering of the self in unconditional love and acceptance of the other self provides the basic environment of healing in which the entity experiencing the splitting or separating of portions of its personality might find helpful. The acceptance of such an entity, given in an unqualified manner, will provide the support that is needed to encourage the revealing of the primary conflict by any portion of the personality which is most vulnerable or moved or sensitive to the giving of the love. Thus, the one experiencing the separation of personality may begin through some portion of its personality to move into an harmonious resolution with other portions of the personality.

May we speak in any further fashion my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there any further query at this time?

Yes. Among the people whom I know there seem to be two theories, that is, that everything is going along fine as it should on the planet, and the other theory is that something’s horribly wrong, evidenced by the fact of torment in so many people, children included, especially in the third world, the poisoning of the planet and the disruption of the planet’s surface. Is something horribly wrong? And if so, are we supposed to do something about it?

I am Q’uo, and, my brother, we may suggest that the illusion, in which you find yourselves at this time, is one which seems most disharmonious and in need of great attention. We may suggest that the illusion has offered to many the opportunity to learn lessons great and small, intense in many ways, difficult, yet not without solution. By experiencing what seems to be the greatest separation of one entity from another, may each eventually find the bond between each that reveals the unity of all creation. It is for each within the illusion to take those opportunities for growth and service that will provide the further opportunities for expanding the realization of unity for each entity.

Thus, we look upon your illusion and those of your peoples which inhabit it as a child that is progressing through the lower grades of a school. There may be many disagreements among the pupils within the classroom and many, shall we say, bloody noses upon the playground, yet each shall learn much from the illusion and continue forward in the schooling, moving the boundaries further and further to include those about one, and eventually through the seeming separation of one from another, to begin to resolve those illusions of separations in order that each may look upon the face of the Creator, not only within the mirror, but across all boundaries which seem to separate nations and entities.

May we speak in any further fashion, my brother?

Well, what about the specter of atomic war? Is it not possible for our world to be obliterated in that fashion?

I am Q’uo, and we shall speak briefly here, for we find that there is the need to bring the session to an ending.

There is the opportunity for the resolution of energies set into motion from times far distant in the past of many races upon your planetary influence. The seeds of these difficulties have once again found their flowering within your current illusion, and are being worked upon in their current manifestation by those entities which have been responsible for their sowing in times and places far distant.

There is room within the universe of the Creator for all possibilities. The use of the atomic energy which you have described is a portion of the creative energy of the one Creator which can be utilized in many fashions. The destructive capability of this energy has been released upon your planetary surface within your recent past and is that primary concern which now offers the nations of your world the path by which the resolution of difficulties might be achieved.

We beg your indulgence at this time. We find that there is the need to bring this meeting to an end, for there is the energy which is being drained at this time. We thank each for inviting our presence, and we leave each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo.