(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. We greet each in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator and do apologize for beginning before your recording devices were engaged. However, we surprised this instrument, for we had been expressing to this instrument the request for the instrument to remain patient until the instant we changed our minds. This instrument chose to request again the status and we simply began to speak through her as she was tuned, had challenged well, and was ready to begin.

We find that there is a reluctance in the one known as D to channel at this point because there are deep portions of this entity’s being which at this time desire greatly to receive whatever thoughts we might have to offer in the way of guidance. The instrument known as D must be aware by now that we attempt carefully to keep to the right side of the boundary of free will. However, there are reflections we may make which are of a general nature which we shall make at this time through this instrument before we exercise the one known as D, for we feel that [with] this dual method of working first with the more deeply requested service and secondly with the second most deeply requested service that we shall, shall we say, be of a more satisfactory quantity of service.

This instrument and all those in the circle were engaged in a fairly realistic conversation about change, we thought, just prior this session. However, there are changes which have to do with circumstance and there are changes which fall within the category one may call genetic. Sometimes these two kinds of changes occur within your illusion at the same time. Consequently, that which is a physical manifestation of change due to happenstance becomes overlaid with a deeper and [more] organic change and the two kinds of change become linked within the mind so that that which is a less than important consideration is perceived as that which has a great deal of emotional weight.

It is well to sort out these two avenues of expression and experience to determine the level of change which one wishes to deal with at one time, for the changes of the body, which over a period of time reach, shall we say, a critical mass and create a necessary adjustment of programming of the biocomputer, are those changes which contain the, shall we say, inside track for the most available use in accelerating the process of spiritual growth. It is well to disassociate this feeling of fundamental shift in attitude from the circumstances which are occurring at the moment, and to view the circumstances which are occurring at any given moment as that which they are—a drama, an illusion, a lovely play, or perhaps a not so lovely play, depending upon the circumstances, put there not for your—the audience’s—total enjoyment but also, the author hopes, for clues, hints, inspirations and nuances which may function as parables or allegories for those more theoretical and general thoughts which concern the process of bodily change which contains the great emotional content.

Now, this great emotional content, when isolated, is quite neutral, having little to do with happenstance or illusion of any kind. And if it may be perceived in such a clear way, it may also be used as clear energy, thus functioning as a continuing catapult for a speeding up of the evolutionary spiritual process. The difficulty with linking the process of genetic change, shall we say, and the various vagaries of circumstance is that undue emphasis may be placed and inevitable bias formed by the nature of the illusion at the time it has had to carry the weight of such emotional load. Thus, the lessons are muddied and confused and the progress is slower, though, of course, it continues.

As we have so often recommended, once again we urge the practice in, and the trust of, the process of daily, spiritually directed, inner silence, the listening ear, if you will, that is tuned to those words which cannot be heard, those words which are not words at all but concepts far deeper than any clothing of vocabulary. This source of peace, in the short run, becomes the facilitator of strife in the long run, in that one who meditates is facilitating the process of genetic change, for indeed, your physical entity is finely tuned to respond to the needs of the integrated spiritual entity which, as a total being, each is.

We trust that this has been thought provoking in some small way and invite queries at a later time. However, we have instructed this instrument that this instrument is to spend some conscious time teaching. Indeed, had this instrument been more quickly aware of our request, we would have already been working with the one known as D. However, again, we do feel that in the end this has been the better pattern for this evening’s work. We would therefore leave this instrument and pause while this instrument recovers full consciousness and may do the work it has been encouraged to do with the one known as D. I am Hatonn.

[Conversation between Carla and D.]

[Transcript ends.]