What is the first step to open your channel and what does it mean to open your channel?

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. It is a great pleasure to be called to your group. We especially thank this instrument for removing from our signal that of our counterpart. The amount of subtlety necessary to disarm the negative entity is much appreciated. We wish to say to the new instruments how very happy and blessed that we feel to be able to work with two people with such determination to seek the highest and best path that they may travel through the “valley of the shadow of death,” for that is, indeed, that which life is. We realize that the topic to be discussed is channeling itself, what the first step is and what the nature of channeling might be. We shall answer the questions in turn, with great thanks for the strength in the circle and this great entity and unity of this great circle.

We are very pleased at the orderly way that these questions begin, for, indeed, there is a first step for which the instrument, perhaps, has not been giving a central enough place in its teaching in the past. The protection of the physical body is a very sensible and apropos caution to take before attempting any work whatsoever in consciousness, whether that work be that of the artist, the writer, the musician, the worker, the meditator, or the magician.

Anyone who attempts to do any of the improving of the self to meet one’s ideals needs to be aware this is the path of polarization of service to others, and the more successful one is at it the more one will run into instances of the negative, or groups, or entities which are delighted to attempt to undo the work that has been done or, even better for them, to change the polarity of the student to be of service to self by deception. This is often done, in fact, and when they see the service-to-self aspect of many groups which have formed so vital camps to survive the catastrophes to come, indeed, that is not the action of those who wish to be shepherds of the flock which shall be frightened indeed at that time. The sensible precaution is the protection of the physical body, and we shall gratefully go over one great way to achieve an acceptable physical aura.

Now, we are presuming, we ask you to understand that there is within each a determination that drives to live a life in faith. Without faith in the positive and in love, there is in the end no protection. It is the decision without any objective evidence to live a life based on faith, abiding peace, joy, freedom and hospitality that such words as a channel, saint, mystic, seer, shaman, so forth, can in actuality mean.

Here is the direction for a specific protection of the self. We shall do it with you if you will safely follow along, for the energies which are energized, shall we say, by this protection are universal, having to do not with the body which you know and have but the length of energy which is your true body.

Picture, if you will, yourself sitting in a cross-legged Indian position or in a lotus position, if that picture does not bring you acute discomfort as it does this instrument. Rest the backs of your hands upon your knees in a comfortable place. Curl the thumb and forefinger together, a trustful but somewhat defensive posture, and picture at the base of the spine, in the groin, and just above where the generation of the species takes place, a red fire. See it within yourself. If it is not bright, allow it to brighten. If it still will not brighten, ask that it brighten. Then watch it spin. If it is not spinning, ask it to spin. And ask it to be clean and pure that the energy of the Creator might move upwards.

Visualize, then, at the middle of the abdomen, an orange fire. It must be brightened and then spun into crystal colors, and the prayer that all be clear and clean, that the energy may move forward and upward, may be made. Help may be asked for any way you may deem appropriate.

Then upwards toward the navel area, the pit of the stomach, where there is a yellow fire, do the same with this energy center. Whirling it, and seeing a green energy center at the heart level. Brighten it, and then spin it.

It is this energy that you need clear, and clean, and pure. It needs to be this way that you may receive those messages or even information to the self about the self which will truly be full of the love and light of the infinite Creator. If these lower energies take from the supply of that prana or living air which the heart chakra needs to brighten and to spin and to move the energy upwards, then the channeling work is compromised at best. Consequently, you continue with the green light center until it is clear, flashing and brilliant.

Now, it is to be hoped for that the blue center, that is, the communication center, in the throat may be brightened and spun.

And so the indigo center above and between the brows or the forehead.

It is, however, not necessary to do this work for these energy centers to be crystallized and clear. It is safe to do this work as long as there is energy into the heart chakra of sufficient magnitude for the weaker energy centers to take the energy from the supply of prana and still have enough energy to change the energy of self to the highest and best, most energetic and deepest self, that one may be a citizen of the universe.

Once all of the energy centers have been energized, it might be imagined that there is an eighth chakra, the crown chakra, which is white. This energy may be seen as either a glow or as the white that brightens and then spins. It is part of the self but also part of all of creation that is the Logos, and therefore may be seen, indeed, in both configurations within the same energy.

Take the white energy that you have brightened—we correct this instrument. We must pause.


I am Hatonn, and we greet you again in love and light. We are sorry but this instrument was drifting from the tuning of which we were talking about, and therefore we needed to pause. The condition of this contact is again satisfactory.

Vision, if you will, the white color moving down the left side of the body and picking up the red energy of the red survival chakra. Mix these two colors.

Add in that amount of the indigo ray and the blue ray chakra energy which you consider you have upon a stable basis achieved by your tuning. That is, if you do not feel that you are perfectly clear in blue and indigo ray, then ask for a limited amount of these colors.

Take a mixture of these four colors—red, indigo, blue, and white—and move them about the body until the body is in your visualization painted completely.

Take, then, that center we may call violet. It is always as it is and is not visualized. However, it is that as you are. Therefore, after the physical vehicle has been protected as well as you can, visualize it for the condition you are in as a channel.

Then visualize yourself covered again with the violet ray that is your own indication of character.

Over that, draw then the white light of the one infinite Creator, not that which is from yourself, that may brighten and spin, but that which is as a cloud or nimbus about the self.

Visualize that as a shield of light that covers every portion of the outer physical vehicle, allowing no thing which does not love the light within the sacred confines of the temple of the one infinite Creator which is your body. This protection is important for both.

There is further protection which we will emphasize before the one known as C. We are concerned that this entity moves even in the phase of discomfort into a fairly deep state of meditation. The toll of the type of labor which this instrument does to provide for those he loves has taken its toll in the sense of enabling spiritual growth by allowing work of such a nonintellectual kind that the mind is free to move into a relatively meditative state at nearly all times since there is not a large portion of the intellect involved in challenges.

We would suggest that this new channel that is new for this particular time might improve the background state for active awareness by a variety of experience within the confines of those hours that can be spared for leisure. This would aid the channel somewhat.

However, we are concerned with the protection of the channel under any circumstances, and would suggest to the one known as C that the entity, when it feels it may have gone too deeply into a meditative state, when it feels it might be uncomfortable, it needs simply to count upwards first to ten, and then if that is not up enough, to the full measure of years which the entity has lived upon this planet in this incarnation. When the last number of years the entity has lived [is reached] the entity will be fully awake and need only remain in a thoughtless, loosening, alert mode, for this is the appropriate environment for this type of channeling.

We speak only vaguely on the nature of channeling itself, for we feel we have taken too much time for information and perhaps have gotten the new channel a little concerned about how long it will be before they channel a long time.

One step at a time, my children. It is enough for now that we are able to work with you and move a small baby step. If we may do that each time, then we shall progress many, many miles, as the tortoise beats the hare in the story which this instrument is familiar with.

The nature of opening one’s channel might be considered similar to beginning to understand a root system of consciousness which has geometry and form in a metaphysical sense, and which at the very bottom, just as the Earth has a molten core, of white air. So the center, the very, very deepest part of your consciousness, is what you might call a black hole. That small speck of water that is so heavy that it is gravity that somehow draws all things into it, only to have all things disappear.

That is your destiny, your omega, to be at one at last with infinite intelligence. Not to know God, shall we say, but to be. You are at this moment a portion of all that there is. You are a portion of the Creator. You are a unique portion of the Creator. However, you are skating upon the surface of your consciousness.

To open the channel is to open the door to approximately 98 percent of the content of your consciousness as a conscious channel, in the sense of being one who is conscious of a channeling process within self, has an opportunity to work within those times to deepen the understanding, to listen, to give self respect to those knowings. They are one’s own truths and that which is one’s given service.

One does not make up one’s mind to do this or that, rather, one’s feeling and one’s heart as well as mind are led to the service that is of the Creator, for the Creator speaks within with a small voice easily drowned out by one’s own small will. Thus, it is most important that the daily meditation be established and that, for the most part, at least adhered to.

It is not a disaster that one day is missed. We just ask that you do not allow that missed day cause the discouragement to lead to a second or third day. But allow each day to be itself new. Just as you yourself is made new with each dawn.

As you open your channel you shall find first those voices which speak only to you. That is your internal guidance. If you wish to receive internal guidance only we strongly suggest that the hands be crossed and the feet be crossed, that the electrical circuit of the body be closed so that one may carefully filter out any outside influence from the physical body.

This is not foolproof, however. If the guidance continues to be positive and helpful, then it is sufficient. It is, in the majority of cases, sufficient, may we say. There are some natures whose electrical properties as entities as such are that the circuitry of the physical body is changed in enough ways that this is not sufficient protection, this instrument being one of those people. This instrument has always wished to wear the crucifix about the neck, and the reason is simple. The instrument needs the protection and the reminder of the faith which creates within the instrument the love necessary to banish those influences which would speak of negativity.

When the channel is open anything is possible according to one’s gifts, and the possibility of serving the Creator becomes almost certain. The life pattern may be such that beyond the simple vibratory nature of the self no dramatic work is expected. Simply the loving of those which are hard to love, the smile to stranger as a charity to those who need it. Others have more dramatic ways of being channels of love and life. All ways of service to others are equal.

The importance given to some methods over others of living a life are false. The various reputations which one encounters because of various entities’ levels of schooling or other credentials are all false. When one is vibrating as a channel an infinite source comes through which sees the essence of all entities, that deep, mysterious Creator at the very bottom, at the very essence, at the very root of each organism which is conscious of itself and therefore has consciousness.

Within this state the nature of channeling is such it is well to choose, from the bounty of all that there is, one way of directing the channel. Some are healer, some are teachers, some are simply wise or loving. But it is well to focus one’s energy in the direction which feels most helpful, good, pleasing and pleasant, for the path of service is part of a life which must first of all be joyful. Thus, the tuning of the self becomes important, the knowing of the self and so forth. And of these things we shall speak again but we feel we have worn out your ears.

And now we shall give you some respite by speaking far more briefly through each of you. We shall attempt only to greet you with a sentence or two. But if, then, you instruments feel a further thought to come up after we announce our presence and give greetings and the love and the light of the infinite One, then we would be happy to continue sending. It is simply that we do not wish to do more than a very small bit at each working, for this enables the new channels to do quite a bit of thinking about what is occurring in the process.

We would first ask the one known as A to relax, to allow the rational mind to rest, to empty itself, as if there were pockets in the mind, of the small change of daily life. Put all these things upon the dresser and return to your meditation with an empty, new mind. And then, if you think, “I am Hatonn,” say it speedily and quickly and we shall offer another thought. The experience is indistinguishable while speaking your own thoughts, and we are aware it takes a certain amount of time to achieve a long enough contact to convince the self that it could not have, on its own, could not have created the precise message.

You will find in time that no matter whom we speak through our message is consistent and our points made in the same spiritual direction. You will be aware that you could not have created this pattern of thinking within the self because the self does not contain these particular patterns of thought in just this way. You would have said it differently or perhaps not thought of it. Then will come the time for each new channel when it puts aside the question of who we are. We do not wish to convince you before you are ready to accept the responsibility for knowing that there is an invisible world which is far more fundamental than the visible world. Certainly, there are many, many worlds but we are close to your own world, and speak to you from a relative near position, in metaphysical terms.

Please just let it all go, let the mind relax, and when we must speak, in you then immediately repeat the phrase in the parrot-like fashion, realizing that you are going completely on faith and will be doing so until that magical moment comes when the subjective evidence for our reality is clear to you personally. Each must earn that for himself.

We would now, with thanks to this instrument for the work upon the subject question, move to the one known as A. I am Hatonn.

(A channeling)


(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am delighted with the ability that the instrument had to put up upon the fairly subtle signal which we were able to give. We assure this instrument that it shall become clearer as we adjust to the instrument’s particular vibratory complex. We also apologize that we cannot offer this instrument words in the French language, that we were aware that you were receiving our contact in French, and we wish to encourage the one known as A to go ahead with the visualization of these words even though the other entities within the room will understand little of what you say, for the purpose of learning the mother tongue is, indeed, perhaps best, and the one who attempts the concept communication in a second language makes the precise handicap that it meets when it attempts to cloth any concept in the second language’s vocabulary. It is always easier to describe or relate a concept using the mother tongue. We thank the one known as A again, and hope this is of some help.

We would now go to the one known as C, with gratitude that this instrument picks up again that path which it has trodden so many times so faithfully. We are most humble before the persistence of this entity and wish to encourage the entity to realize the intensity of the desire for seeking for [that] which has sustained this pilgrim through the times when it knew not what to do or how to do it. It is a quality that is especially useful in spiritual work which is slow. This is why we so often encourage people not to be discouraged, for patience is most important in the spiritual search.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am again with this instrument, and again greet you in love and life. We will continue. We would ask the one known as C to realize the safety of his metaphysical position, to experience the feeling of safety about the person, for it is that realization or faith in one’s protection which validates it and intensifies it, and we are very interested in aiding this instrument in feeling safer and stronger in the face of the disturbing swings in level of trance.

We ask the instrument to remain alert and simply to relax, as we have asked many a time, my brother. We would now translate. We would correct this instrument. We would now transfer to the one known as C. I am Hatonn.


(Carla channeling)

Hi. I greet each of you in love and life through this instrument. We are very pleased with the progress of the one known as C, who has demonstrated this evening, and assure you that we are pleased to be with you. It is a matter of persistence in gaining the whole form, shall we say, of this instrument. At this time we would offer ourselves to speak to any questions that may remain on your minds of those here this evening. Is there a query to which we may speak?

I was wondering if there is an actual [inaudible] and if we add to [inaudible] experience to [inaudible].

I am Hatonn. We find that the condition of the headache is one which has a connection to these undertakings for you at this time as a result of a mental tension which you may describe as a worry that you will not perform the vocal channeling in a satisfactory manner. This quality of worry or mental tension comes not only before we exercise one of your instruments but is most easily in the form of a headache as you have the opportunity after the channeling to assess not only your progress but your likelihood of advancing your [art], shall we say, in what we shall call your future.

This concern or worry is that which may be seen as quite normal in any new or experienced instrument in some form in that each wished to offer itself in the purest manner possible with a strong desire to serve others. The desire to serve others may be stepped down or distorted, shall we say, into a worry that the service will fall short of what is possible. Thus, we commend the desire and recommend that the lighter touch of the taking the self less seriously be employed as the remedy of this aching of the head.

Is there another query, my brother?


I am Hatonn. Is there another query?

Yes. It is awfully good to hear you [inaudible].

I am Hatonn. And there are various ways of relieving the type of nervous energy which one may experience as a result of quieting the mind and the reaching through to a source of results that is find imbedded in the greater self, that in some cases may manifest its vitality as a kind of nervous energy. In taking part in the physical exercise which brings one to the physical exhaustion is as one means as simple as walking rapidly or jogging will remove this energy in a short period of time. The opportunity to do this not being present, one may also engage in conversation with those gathered about it and converse for a lengthier period of time. And if one is especially well trained, one may visualize the feeling of one’s energy and seeing it being dispersed as a kind of shotgun blast, shall we say, as the mind sees the energy moving through it and moving in a rapid fashion into the area by directly placing it into the field of [inner] vision, and [allowing it to] continue to move as would the fire hose expel the water through it, so that the energy is moved rapidly through the being in a mental fashion.

Is there another query, my brother?


I am Hatonn. Is there any further query at this time?

What about counting downwards? You said counting upwards should make you more alert. What about doing the visualization about it all going away and feeling calm? What about counting down a number at this stage and visualizing it again, and then counting down a number, and so forth, until it feels right. Would that work for this instrument?

I am Hatonn. It is a possibility that the counting down would be of some assistance. The instrument needs to be aware of that it will to find two balancing points, between the over-excitation of the physical and the mental complexes and the relaxing of the physical and mental complexes upon the point of entering the deeper states of the trance. We suggest that the entity utilize any of the aforementioned meanings that feeling most nearly correct at this moment in its trance.

Is there another query?

I’d like to follow up on that. Is there a downside to that? Is there a possibility to put yourself right back in the soup by being low in a trance real fast if you were counting down? If not, is there a possibility of that? Then it is not a suggestion I would want him to take.

I am Hatonn. There is this possibility. We suggest that the instrument take care in the utilization of the effect that he in order remain more liable condition.

Is one number safe? Going down one number from your age?

I am Hatonn. This is enough.

Thank you. I thought it might be. It was just an idea of mine. B used it all the time. I never knew why but it seemed to work.

[Transcription ends.]