Is there individuality in our lives, or are there forces that guide us that are beyond our perception—for example, astrology, predestination from previous incarnations—that goes into decision-making so that our lives seem to come out with relative order in relationship to the chaos? And how might all of this, in a general sense, relate to S’s current condition in which she feels a great degree of stress and would like to have some inspirational word or message that might help her make sense out of this all?

(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a great blessing to us to feel your call and have this opportunity to serve you. Indeed, it is you who serve us, as our means of learning further at this time is service to those such as you who would at this time wish for thoughts which we have to offer. As always, we ask that no word be taken as authority and that each person discern that which is its own truth for itself, for all that we have to say may not be the truth of one or another of you. We are those brothers and sisters who travel the same path. We share opinions. Thus, we ask that you do not take us to be without error.

Our plate is nicely filled this evening, my friends. We have more things to begin with than we know what to do with and we are most excited about the possibility of communicating with you, for those things which you wish to know are, indeed, central to the continuing search for your own truth.

You wish to know who you are. What part of you is yourself, and what part influence only. The answer will be a paradox, yet it is what we have to tell you. You will find that the nature of spiritual seeking is such that paradoxes occur quite frequently. You are consciousness, and within consciousness lies the total experiential series of illusions which make up the experience of the creation within this creation’s octave. However, these halls, shall we say, or temples of intelligence and information, inspiration and imagination are carefully guarded, and it is unlikely within the illusion you now enjoy that this portion of yourself would be available in any understandable fashion in its entirety. This is a real Self. It is also that which you call the Creator, for it is out of that which you call the Creator, out of that great singular consciousness which we find we must call love, since there is no stronger word for this feeling in your language, that is your being. Each [mote] of illusion is instinct with the Creator self.

This is not that which one hopes for when one asks a query concerning individuality, however, this is a portion and a most important portion of the individual self, and that is the Creator Self. It is this Self which must be reckoned, as this Self is the destiny of the self which at this particular time, as you would say, is indeed your individual self. You are both an individualized portion of consciousness and All That There Is. The important portion to focus upon within the experience of the illusion is first of all the self that you are within the illusion. The purpose of entering into this experience using this physical vehicle and moving through all the joys and sadnesses of an incarnational experience is to work toward decisions, biases within the mind and the heart. This individual self is the only self that may make those decisions within the illusion.

What we suggest that each entity does, basically, is to put the individual self back into perspective as a portion of the great unified Self, which is love. To say that another way, all are a portion of a consciousness that is beyond all intent or desire. Each of you through the action of free will moves towards desired ends. That from which you sprang, that one great original Thought of love, had, through the use of free will, made one choice, that being self-knowledge. Each individual portion of consciousness, thus, is offering to the Creator the experiences which it registers and the extremities of bias or intensities of feeling which its portions of consciousness can create and experience. The more intensity and color, shall we say, the more resonance and undertone one’s internal experience expresses, the better, as far as the Creator is concerned. Thus, the Creator is interested alike in all things.

However, there is a bias that has been set in place within this density, which does, indeed, tend toward a suggestion that the Creator, being a Creator of love, has created in the path of love for others, a path which is more easily and joyfully taken than the path of service to self and control of others. Thus, each of you is, indeed, an individual, each of you is here for one basic purpose, that being to make a choice between one path and another, and then, that choice being made, to attempt throughout the remainder of the incarnation, with dogged and continuing persistence, to follow that choice and to make other choices which support and undergird the first choice of service to others.

Now, when one decides that one is to be of service to others, when one commits oneself to taking oneself seriously enough to enter into meditation, enter into the silence, and make that link between the small self and the Creator Self, one is bound to expect an experience which is more than usually full of new ideas, new feelings, and therefore discomfort. For as the changing process—that is, the process of change within an individual which is the inevitable fruit of the spiritual quest—is happening, discomfort and pain are also occurring. It is uncomfortable to change, and this is what each who makes the choice to act in a polarized manner does. The choice implies a long, long list of other choices involving being of service to another.

We may recommend for those who are at the beginning of this path that the first step in such a path is not to be of service to others, but rather to know and love the self and come into communion with the self so that one becomes to oneself the individual that others are to the self, but the self seldom is. It is often the self which criticizes the self the most harshly, the self which has an internal voice which pulls and tears at one’s feeling of self-worth. These negative voices from within need to be reckoned with, need to gazed at and brought into balance. These voices are speaking to you of pain, and the pain must be investigated and all involved forgiven.

Most of the forgiveness that is needed at the beginning of the spiritual search is the forgiveness of the self, for one forgives others far more easily than one forgives the self. It is most centrally important to forgive and love and care for the self in a nurturing manner in order that one may love one’s neighbor as oneself, as it is said in your holy work, the Bible. How can service to others be performed by those who do not love the self, for all other selves are in truth as the self? All are beloved and intimate, for all are brothers and sisters of one infinite Creator whose expression to all of us is much, much love. This Creator is most interested in each, tastes and relishes the experiences of each, and we, in return, those countless brothers and sisters of the creation, move evermore intently toward reentering that same awareness, which is the consciousness of love itself.

As the choice is made, things rapidly become chaotic. Indeed, the method of experience for any entity within your illusion is that of alternating order and disorder. This is due to the fact that the consciousness which is used by the surface mind is a type of, what this instrument would call, biocomputer; its one function is to answer queries “yes” or “no.” It answers millions and millions of them each second, as the mind decides what it will apprehend with its senses and offer to the mind as information and what it will filter out as noise, rather than signal.

This biocomputer is programmed to accept certain information. When change is desired, the program of the computer itself must be written, or in many, many cases, concerning relationships especially, a program must be dumped and a new one written. This is the specific source of the discomfort of change. One is moving into the programming of one’s biocomputer, and one is having to use more of one’s internal character, shall we say, or will, in order to most beneficially reprogram the computer. Further, the act of meditation is a rapid accelerator to this process because it allows an opportunity for the higher self to work with what we may call a metaprogram, or greater program, which influences how one uses one’s various programs within the information.

The act of meditation opens one to the experience of the Creator in a worshipful or personal manner, that is, one awaits and listens for a dear friend or a beloved one, one has the feeling of intimate expectancy. This is the beginning of the listening process, a desire as if [one is] before a lover or one who would read a beautiful poem that meant a great deal. This attitude is that which opens the heart and the mind in a way which gives much energy and power to whatever it is that is willed or desired by the entity. If the entity wishes to move ahead quickly and learn, then the entity will, indeed, be changing quite rapidly.

Those who are in relationship with such an entity are advised by us to join with the mate in this endeavor, since the changing otherwise causes one of the mates to gaze upon the other and say, “You have changed and I do not know you anymore.” We find that the strongest and most comfortable or sturdy of the alliances that one may make in the spiritual search is that of the mate. The mated couple which has managed to clear away the many petty disagreements of everyday living and has agreed to work together may greatly intensify and accelerate the process of spiritual work in consciousness because one who is supported and loving, but truthful and honest, is a far better mirror than that one made of glass.

Many relationships between your peoples are those which offer the very distorted picture. Indeed, it is a great service to be a mate and offer an objective, loving and truthful picture of the other self. This is a worthy and service-to-others attempt. It may not sometimes please, but if it is truth to you, then allow it to be communicated, and in that communication shall you find unity, strength and more understanding, more awareness than was there before.

No two entities can walk the same path, and when mates attempt to walk a spiritual path together it must needs be seen that each is, indeed, an individual, and not an individual that can change easily, but an individual that is the result of biases gathered over incarnation after incarnation after incarnation. Gaze upon your babies and your youngsters and ask yourself, “Are these young souls possibly the product of their incarnational experience alone?” My friends, ask any parent, and it will explain to you that each entity is born an entity that knows upon its own rhythms from the beginning until the end.

Now we move to the question of influences. Yes, indeed, my friends, you are most influenced, and most of the influence is to distract you from the game at hand. For just as school is a game in which one attempts to pass the test at the end, so is life itself, and life after life after life part of the game in which an individual entity that is a consciousness or a soul, that is, in part, a part of the Creator, is intended to go through experience after experience after experience in each incarnation, testing the biases that have withstood the test of many, many, many experiences, so that by the gradual process of erosion of bad habits, shall we say, or habits that you decide are bad, and by the continual encouragement of that which seems to your deepest truth appropriate, you may change your choice more and more toward the polarization of love; love for yourself, love for the Creator, and love for all those whom you meet, all those who are alive and all things that are alive, or by being the product of man’s hands are in that way alive.

We are sorry to say that experience of chaos continues, and the more it occurs, the faster the entity is changing and the more uncomfortable the entity will be. Any sort of chaos in the metaphysical sense, that is, in the sense of unpurposeable energy, is an illusion, for in an energy there is an inherent purpose or else it would not move. Within the illusion which you experience, the chaos is, almost always, a question of the point of view. It is well, in the sense of being, perhaps, the most accurate of gaining the largest amount of clarity, to move away mentally from the side of the sphere upon which you now enjoy an incarnation, until you can no longer see either the planet or its sun. From that standpoint, things look somewhat different. The frame of time and space has opened up, and there are many fewer things which are of importance. Some things, however, are timeless. These are the principles and natural rules of creation which it is well to observe.

These rules are very simple. Free will is uppermost in the so-called Laws of Creation. That is, each entity is an individual and has complete free will to make its choices. That is the whole point of this entire process of consciousness from alpha to omega. Thus, encourage yourself to be ever more conscious and ever more self-conscious, without becoming so self-involved that one forgets that once the self is in hand, once the self is peaceful and meditating and ready to serve, then the hand needs to be turned to the present moment.

Many people feel that they cannot be of service if they are not of dramatic service. This is not so. Each entity is of maximum service in the exact moment in which he asks the question, “How may I be of service?” by opening the eyes and gazing at what is in front of him. There lies the first service. Usually it is not a new service, but, rather, one which has elicited from the self a somewhat less than totally positive service-to-others feeling. There is your first challenge, your first choice. Gaze at that situation and ask yourself what you need to reprogram within your biocomputer in order to express and manifest the love and the light of the infinite Creator to that entity in some form of service.

The basic service of each of you is to be in a certain way, and this is that which we would especially point to our sister known as S. The entity needs to be concerned first with allowing the self to become cheerful, merry, lighthearted and gay. If the experience is that of hardship, this is not unusual. Many are the prisoners, those in pain, and those in many other kinds of distress. No entity which is lonely, downhearted or distressed is ever truly alone, for it is as though there were a communion between each which is suffering and all others which are suffering. There is a commonality to this experience of difficulty, and in the face of seemed or perceived negative experience, it is often a great challenge to present an honestly positive affirmative and cheerful view of life, a smile or a light in the eye. If this is a difficulty for any, we recommend stopping any question of being of service to others, and allowing that to remain upon the list of things to do someday.

For your first service is to be the individual that you are, for you are unique. You carry perfection within you, but you have molded it and distorted it in an unique way. Each of you is as a gem. Each, perhaps, feels very flawed, and expresses itself in a flawed manner, imperfect in many, many ways, yet each is also the Creator. When this is seen, the difficulties of achieving peace, cheerfulness, a positive attitude, are made much, much smaller, and with the aid of meditation, affirmations and prayer, and for those such as this instrument, the use of some gift such as singing, the state of mind which may be called centered may be achieved without purposeful or pompous effort in a relatively short number of years, considering how many lifetimes that you have been working upon how to love yourself, your Creator, and those whom you serve.

It is not surprising that the acceleration of this learning process would take a bit of time. It is well to do that which makes one’s body, mind and spirit sing with joy. Failing such ideal circumstances, it is well simply to have hope, to be able to nurture and console the self and to wish to console and nurture others. Love, you see, is that which we come to speak about with you. It is too simple a thing to be drawn out by so many, many possible channels. That is why we always encourage those who wish to offer the vocal channeling as a service to others, for each entity is, indeed, an individual. Each entity brings to the channeling, which it corroborates with us on, its own unique experience, vocabulary and thinking processes.

We are aware that there had been a question earlier within the group concerning a trance channeling versus the conscious channeling and speaking only for the Confederation of Planets, we find that in most cases we do prefer that the instrument be in less than a complete state of trance. We enjoy the state this instrument is in, which is a, shall we say, medium amount of relaxation compared to sleep, but within the range which we find this instrument would call alpha.

We began with paradox, for as we say, we cannot speak of that which is spiritual without speaking in terms of paradoxes. We are a voice upon the wind. Are we this instrument’s wiser, deeper self? In a way, that is true. Are we those of an independent identity? We are indeed.

We are sorry—if that is the correct expression—to leave entities in a state of some confusion. We would like to be clearer, but there is only so much clarity possible within a limited language system. We find that one of your poets said if he contained multitudes, then so be it. My friends, each of you does, yet all of these multitudinous parts of the creation are part of your character, and that which we call character is expressed within your particular illusion by that which is called desire or will.

Once you have identified your goal, spiritually, seek it with persistence. Will to know that which you do wish to seek, whether it is a clearer idea of the nature of yourself or your situation. Whatever portion of experience you are working upon, allow the desire to be very clear and understandable to your conscious mind and acceptable in every way before you will it to be so, for that which you will to be so will come to you one way or another.

Sometimes one wishes and receives that which one has not carefully thought out aforetimes, yet still one receives that which was requested. We ask you to be careful about that which you desire and to review that which you desire at intervals to see if you do wish to change the programming somewhat in your biocomputer. We encourage you to be intent…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

…you may take one thing away with you and leave all the rest, that would perhaps be our first priority.

We would like you to get to know yourselves, and in the process of getting to know yourselves you shall know the Creator, you shall experience communion with the Creator in the way that you yourself may comprehend. And from that point onward, you shall have a feeling of yourself, a sense of yourself, a comfort within yourself which may nurture you and strengthen you and empower you when all around you does seem to be negative and difficult. We would ask each to take it very easy. If there is intensity that is causing difficulty, back away from it. If there is a sluggishness that you feel has paralyzed you, back away from it.

Move to something that makes you merry, that causes you laughter, that moves the rubber band about the soul so that you may breathe, so that you are not constricted. Let yourself have fun; let the child express itself. Then move back with a full heart and single-minded devotion to your goals. Let them be those of service to others, and let your efforts be the best that you can produce. And let there be no emphasis placed upon the outcome of your efforts, for your efforts may fail or succeed, yet it is not important to your own choice-making procedure, as long as you may see that the best which you could [do] is done, the outcome does not matter, for when you are expressing from a centered, loving portion of being, you are, in fact, acting as a channel for a higher self, still yourself, yet more beautiful, more focused, certainly more enduring. You are able to shine a light through yourself, and you are then a great blessing.

We would end by a word about destiny. You asked us many questions, my friends, and it was hoped that we would be able to say more, but we find that this instrument is telling us we must speak briefly and leave, so that there is time for questions. We would say a few words about destiny and the stars.

Very briefly, the understanding that we have of what you call stars is that they are entities, radiant with the love and light of the one infinite Creator, that they send into the energy web of each a certain energy which affects that higher or finer body which may be called the form-maker body in a metaphysical sense, so that certain subconscious feelings and biases are part of the geography or topology of the mind just below the surface mind.

Therefore, on a given day, the influences of what the instrument would call heavenly bodies may be noted and charted as astrologers, we find, do. It is very much the same as gazing at a map of roads which cover your nation state and saying that because there is a map of these roads, the journey is predestined. One may take any road which one desires, but upon that road, one will find certain things. One will find whatever one sees to be a certain way based upon the self that one is. There is always the subject bias which moves from total consensus reality to the individual perception.

Each choice is, indeed, made with free will, however, and the higher self, which is you also, had quite a meeting before this incarnation, my friends. Each of you knew this was an important one for you. Each of you knew that you were very lucky, and shall we say, more than lucky, that you had earned the right to this incarnation, for there are many more souls who wish to incarnate at this time than there are opportunities. This planet is in a state where much may be learned quickly, if one has determination and persistence, for it is a painful, difficult ordeal to move through the valley of the shadow of death and to look at each experience without attempting to make anything of it.

The basic kind of experience one has within your illusion is that of loss, as we find this instrument heard the one known as Joseph Campbell say, “Life is loss.” This meant a good deal to this instrument, and we use it with thanks. This is indeed so. It is the self within you which chooses to respond to the love inside which is felt within, to the love outside which is perceived by gazing at the creation without it.

It is that will and faith which has been developed within and without, not gazing at the affairs of the day, but by gazing within at consciousness and without at the world of what this instrument calls the natural world that one begins to develop a sense of the beauty and the goodness and the consolation and the light and the joy that is reality. For all that you experience in this third density, or in our density, is illusion. None of us sees plain. Yet, within may we experience more and more purely the love of the one great original Thought of love.

Thus, you have chosen to learn certain things, and those certain things will make up your incarnational pattern. If you do not like the pattern as it is at this time, make up the mind with determination to desire to learn the lesson which is being offered to you. Gaze at it. Find the love in it. Analyze it. Meditate upon it. Allow your intuition to develop. Yet, always, if it is too serious, if you are unhappy, if you are tense and troubled, back away and sing a song or play or laugh or move the body in rhythm or make something with whatever portion of yourself desires to create freely. The universe, as far as we know, exists at a steady level of joy. You know it when you experience that which you call the sexual orgasm. That is the steady state of reality. That is the intensity which created the physical vehicle in which you now express. That is the beginning of one way of understanding the Creator.

May you be blessed in your search, my friends, May you be comforted within and may you comfort and serve each other in love and in joy. We are those known to you as Latwii. I am a Latwii, however, and if I become confused, I may immediately ask any other entity which is within the complex calling itself Latwii to you this evening, and are able then to, perhaps, gain a deeper understanding of how we wish to be of service in the answer. Thus, I am Latwii and we are Latwii. We and I would wish at this time to transfer to the one known as Jim in order that we may close through this instrument. I transfer at this time.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii. We greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to ask if there might be any queries remaining upon the minds of those gathered. Is there any query at this time?

[Inaudible]… around the greatest or a significantly large part of our energy through [our food] yet there is great evidence that a greater part of the energy comes from without. And I would like your response to that question as it affects the vitality of all people. How much of the energy that actually drives our body and our spirit comes from without [inaudible]?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. Your physical vehicle is similar to the furnace which must be stoked in order that it might provide the means by which it shall move through your daily round of activities. The physical vehicle, therefore, is the primary beneficiary of the food which you ingest. However, the physical vehicle is also enlivened, as is the mental and as is the spiritual vehicle, by those energies which are not of the food description, shall we say.

Each moment of your existence there is fed into your energy centers or the system of chakras, as many have called them, a kind of energy which is described in many ways by many of your peoples according to their study of their culture and their religious or spiritual histories. Some would call this energy the prana, the breath of the Creator. Others would call it love, others light. Others a combination of these qualities, a kind of intelligent energy which is the daily and moment by moment gift of the one Creator. This energy enters into the physical vehicle or the electrical energy fields, the aura of the physical vehicle, through the soles of the feet and thereupon through the base energy center located at the foundation or base of the spine, moving upwards through the various centers of energy which represent the qualities of one’s character as a human being, thus allowing one to participate within the realm of the humankind to the degree that one has chosen previous to the incarnation and, increasingly, as the incarnation, progress as one has chosen in a conscious fashion to utilize.

The mental and spiritual complexes or bodies of each entity are motivated in large part by this intelligent energy, with the spiritual complex partaking also of a quality of energy that one may describe as unity, or, as we find some in this group would call it, intelligent infinity, which is the quality of beingness that the one Creator draws upon in order to create the creation and each portion of it. This quality of beingness, then, that enlivens the spiritual complex is the primary connection that the entity partakes in with all of the creation. It is that which ensures and sustains its very essence, the being that is never separate from the one Creator or from any portion of the creation.

The mental complex or body is somewhat nourished in what you might call a second-handed fashion, therefore, by its connection to the spiritual body and partakes of the quality or energy of beingness through that connection. The love and the light of the one Creator are the primary energy sources that are daily utilized in a conscious acting by each entity, as these energies move through the chakras or the energy centers, thereby, one, enlivening the need for survival and reproduction; moving upwards, two, the relationship with the self; moving further, three, the relationship with those of the family and friends known well to the entity; moving upwards further, four, the relationship of the self to all about one, whether known or unknown; moving further to five, the establishment of clear and freely given communication with all of those about one, sharing freely that which has been learned; moving further up the energy centers, six, to the quality of being that radiates without words; moving to the final center, seven, the reunion of the entity with the one Creator as the energies have been activated one upon the other by the conscious application of analysis, prayer and meditation upon the daily round of activities that have been made possible by the infusion of the intelligent energy, the love and the light of the one Creator, through the energy centers. All this in turn taking place because the physical vehicle has been energized by these energies as well as the food that powers its movement and its existence within your reality.

Is there another query, my brother?

It appears when I hear how you speak of your entity that you are part of this group which are communicating psychically, which means… First of all, is this true, and secondly, can you also understand our thoughts psychically, and those are the two preliminary questions. The main question I want to know—is it possible for us to communicate between ourselves psychically? Is this a skill that we can learn?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. Our communication is quite simplified by the fact that the nature of our illusion, our reality, is one which is quite transparent. We are both unable and unwilling to hide any thought or any quality of our being from another within our complex, for it is our nature at this point within our evolution to share freely and openly all that we have learned of the one Creator, of our evolutionary journey and of our desire to be of service to others.

To move to the second query, we could telepathically perceive those thoughts within your mental complex if we desired to, however, it is our desire to respect the privacy of each entity that calls for our service. Therefore, we restrict our abilities, shall we say, to those queries which are verbalized, in order that we may not only speak to the point, but may respect the privacy which those of your peoples value greatly.

To move to the third portion of your query. The means of telepathic contact and communication may, indeed, be learned by those of your peoples who have great persistence, not only in attempting to learn this specific skill, but in attempting first to explore the self to the degree that is necessary in order to provide a, what you would call, clear channel transmitter and receiver, for many are the thoughts and tangles and thoughts waiting untangling that serve as a kind of static, shall we say, that interferes with this ability to communicate in a telepathic sense.

We find that the Logos or that great Being of the octave level of intelligence which is responsible for this portion of the creation has found it helpful for those within its care and guidance to depend within the third-density illusion upon the verbalized and symbolized communication, rather than the telepathic type of communication, for this enhances the use of catalyst, shall we say, or the opportunity to learn that is the purpose of your third-density illusion.

To state this in another way, were the ability to communicate in a telepathic manner widely utilized and ordinarily utilized within your illusion, there would be far less mystery as concerns the unity of all of the creation and far less motivation to penetrate this mystery. Therefore, the added challenge of verbalized and symbolized communication is seen as a means by which the evolutionary process might be enhanced for your peoples, causing as it does the increased desire to know more of the nature of the self and of the creation.

Is there another query, my brother?

Just a verification. Does this mean, when we pray, if we’re praying to the Lord for help or whatever, [should we verbalize it?]

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. It is not necessary to verbalize such prayers or invocations, though it does not affect their quality, shall we say, for as one prays in a certain manner and to a certain entity or quality or concept, there is developed a certain, shall we say, pathway that moves quite accurately and swiftly to the source or focus of the prayer, and is as the ringing of the telephone within your culture, so that whether the prayer is mentally given or verbally spoken, the intent of the prayer and the content of the prayer are those qualities [which] are of importance and which will receive an answer of one kind or another.

Is there another query, my brother?

No, thank you.

I’ve increasingly become interested in a—been reading about a form of psychotherapy which has as its basis, I think, that the free flow of energy through the body is essential for human happiness and human function.

They contend that when the muscles of the body harden, as a way of reacting against negative situations, for example, that occur in your life, that are reacting the same way, certain muscle groups in the body become—“hardened,” is the only way I can say it—against this particular negative thing, and they claim that this hardening impedes the flow of the energy in the body. And I guess I just want you to comment on this. Indeed, is this true, because I’ve always thought of the energy of the body as flowing through the nervous system more than anything, but if the muscles are restricting in an abnormal manner, does this restrict the flow of energy to the body?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. This, in a general sense, is, indeed, quite correct. However, it is more the outgrowth of a more fundamental blockage of another energy flow. This energy flow is that which is of the mental nature, for the lessons of your illusion, the catalysts of your illusion, move first to the mental complex, for the process of evolution within the creation is primarily a mental process whereby the consciousness that is developing its individual expression of the one Creator slowly but surely widens its point of viewing until it is able to see, accept, love and forgive all about it as it would the one Creator, for, indeed, it eventually sees all as the one Creator, including the self.

When there is a limitation of the viewpoint, and the mental configuration of an entity is unable to accept some portion of its experience, some portion of itself or another self which represents itself to it, then that energy which moves through the entity is constricted to some degree according to the limitation of the viewpoint which the entity has placed upon itself.

This continuing blockage of energy of the mental nature, when allowed to be prolonged without significant movement in understanding, then is given to the physical vehicle in some symbolized manner that will be noticed by the mind more quickly, it is hoped, than it was noticed in its original mental configuration.

Therefore, the hardening of certain muscle groups, as you have called them, as well as many ailments which move into various of the organs and structural portions of the physical vehicle are representations in a symbolic fashion of the original blockage of energy which first took place within the mind complex.

Therefore, the removal of the physical blockages of energy and their various expressions or manifestations is most effectively undertaken first upon the mental level and then allowed to move into the physical level as a result of working first upon the source or root of the blockage. The focus upon the physical blockage only, or before focusing upon the mental, tends to work primarily upon the symptoms, shall we say, or the outgrowth of the root cause.

Is there another query, my brother?

No. Thank you very much.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

Yes, I have one. Actually, two, which in some way seem connected. The first is simple, and that’s to ask you whether all of the entities who exist within your complex or your density, whether at one time did they all live on this Earth? And the second part of the question is, is there one religion on this Earth which is more valid or beneficial than any other?

I am Latwii. To speak to the first query. We are not native to your planetary influence, but we have had the honor of sending many of our peoples to your planetary influence in order that they might partake within your incarnational process for the purpose of lending their light to your planet and its evolution. Each such entity which undertakes this honor and this responsibility of service goes through the same process of forgetting that which has come before the current incarnation as does each of your planet’s population. It is hoped that each entity which offers itself in this capacity of service will at some point within the incarnation begin to remember a portion of the reason why it has done what it has done, and will begin to offer that service which is its service peculiar to itself, to offer those about it in the attempt to lighten, shall we say, the vibrations of your planet. We offer ourselves in this capacity as a means both of serving those of planets such as your own and of moving our own evolutionary progress further along, for it is by service that we learn most effectively and it is a great honor and joy for us to do so.

I am Latwii, and we thank the one known as Carla for reminding us of the second portion of the query. We feel that each of the religions and philosophical stands which have been taken and followed in the history of the cultures of your planet each have a great deal to offer those which have the character necessary to follow each. This is to say that we do not find one particular…

[Tape ends.]