How does one decide what particular action to take in any situation where neither the culture, the religion, or any other normal means of deciding right and wrong or good and bad do not any longer apply. When one is able to see both sides to a question, and there is no obvious right or wrong, how does one decide one’s actions?

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. We feel most privileged and blessed to join in your circle of seeking to share with you the beauty that lies within each whose spirit thirsts for the truth. We are most pleased to be called to your meeting this evening. It is for us our chief way of being of service at this time in the world of action, and, therefore, tied to service to you is our own growth and development as entities. Thus, we are grateful to serve and we assure you that we are more than compensated for some few thoughts we may share with you, none of which is given absolute authority by us. We consider our ideas opinion and would ask that each take what is seen to ring with a personal truth and leave that which does not without a second thought.

We do thank the one known as M for the question concerning ethics. It is perhaps, should we say, our speciality, and it is the kind of question which strikes at the fundamental nature of those spiritual entities which you call human beings.

You see, each of you is an imperishable portion of the Creator, an immeasurable spark of divine creativity. It is, shall we say, well hidden within a material physical vehicle, which is an analog for the rest of the outer illusion, a series of electromagnetic vortices, making it possible for that which is the imperishable you to experience and learn within an environment which is illusory and designed to challenge your perceptions, your judgment, and your maturity. Over and over again you shall receive lessons about that one great subject which you all came here to learn, that is, how to love.

How to love is that which you seek to know, because the very nature of the Creator, as closely as can be defined by your words, is, indeed, love. Love made manifest is the creation. That it is manifest is an illusion. You are within this illusion to gaze upon it, to learn and to offer the best learning, the best thinking, the most beautiful spirit that you may, back then to the Creator, as you move into the larger and more spacious light of the spirit, within a much, shall we say, more light and agreeable physical vehicle.

We agree that many things within an illusion which is designed to be perfectly imperfect would appear to be moot questions, that is, endlessly arguable. The nature of the illusion is specifically this in order that each of you may make choices which will advance your own spiritual seeking and maturity. The way to move into a more interesting classroom, shall we say, than the one in which you now exist is to learn to love enough so that you think about the concerns of those whom you love just a bit more than you think about your own concerns. That is, the work you face in this particular classroom is the work of wholehearted and sometimes sacrificial love. Inevitably, then, you are constantly moved into situations where it is difficult to love. Love comes from within the self. That which is described as love, that which moves in and out of the pattern of light for each in relationship, is that poor analog of love which is imperishable, which is that which is possible to that human animal with spirit which you are. That is, you will be unable to love at all times; you will run dry; you will fail. This is inevitable.

Eventually, each spirit decides to seek a love that is greater than the love it has been able to manifest, that it may know it and thus manifest it. This is the true end of all ethical thinking and spiritual seeking. This is the true end of humankind—to learn well enough how to love that death from this illusion rises to life in a far more lovely and more challenging grade of study. You are here to make choices, and you are here specifically to make one central choice—to honor and worship the Creator within you and you within the Creator by serving others, moving towards unity of self with all others, moving toward peace, concern and passionately held ideals, or controlling others for the good of the self, manipulating those about one and making choices which separate one from the loved ones, from the society.

The way of separation, the way of fear and terror and those things which are called negative, has its own ethics and we will not explore those. But the way of service to others is very straightforward about its ethics, and perhaps these ethics may help as you seek to learn the lessons of love in this very difficult and challenging illusion of yours.

Cast your minds back, if you will, to the words, “In the beginning.” You have heard them many times, and many stories have you heard of the beginning of things. This is ours.

In the beginning there was the Creator. To the best of our knowledge, the first thing that occurred besides the Creator was that which is called free will. Thus, free will is that which is to be valued above all others things.

The second thing that was created by free will working upon the uncreated Creator was that which is called the name of Logos. We prefer to call it Love, to be careful in our delineation of our understanding of the nature of the Creator. The active principle of the Creator is creative Love, that which makes all that there is, that which takes all that there is back into Itself, that which is intensely curious about each thought and action and choice that you make, that each of you is the Creator, and through you the Creator learns about Itself. Thus, Love is the second priority in ethics.

The third thing that was created by the active principles of creation, love or Logos, was the photon, that so-called particle-wave of yours which light is created from. Its nature is mysterious to the scientists of your planet, yet this light may be considered to be the physical manifestation of what may be called compassionate wisdom. That is, the light of the Sun, for those who wish to be fundamentalists or literalists, is the nearest and most obvious manifestation of the Logos. Its consciousness has not moved from being one with the Creator, and its nature is that which may be seen to be the most understandable parable, shall we say, of the nature of the Creator: fiery, intense, compassionate and immensely generous and powerful and radiant.

Thus, in a situation in which there is no obvious answer, the first question one may ask the self is, “Where is the free will in this situation? Which choice would limit someone else’s free will? Do I have the right, by family or matedness, to express thoughts that might infringe upon the free will of this entity?” This is of the highest ethical consideration at all times.

In a situation which that particular ethic does not address, one gazes at the situation to discover how one can best express the love and the light of the infinite Creator. Some things are reasonably moot or arguable, yet a patient waiting and asking and listening within the inner realm of silence and meditation will yield for you the bias of feeling of compassion and love that will enable you to address the situation.

In cases where even this is denied you as an ethical basis for making a choice, one must simply rely upon one’s own inner compassionate wisdom or light. That is, one must allow creative possibilities to move about within the mind to the utmost capacity of the mind to be intuitive, loose and creative.

Each option, then, would be gazed at with an eye for compassion and wisdom. Some of your philosophers have suggested ways to evaluate wisely. Each way of evaluation has virtues and desperately dangerous faults. We would not advise any to be an “ist,” that is, what this instruments calls those which are Marxists or Communists or Creationists. We do not feel we need to go on. We suggest strongly that one interested in true ethical considerations be aware that there are no two situations alike, and that ethics are, indeed, personal. We do suggest, when one is dealing in relationship, that no matter what the status of the relationship with regard to those expensive pieces of paper—which we find this instrument calls the wedding certificate—the ethics of the native contract rely upon agreements made. Changes may occur if talks between the two within the relationship reveal to both that it is time to change. Thus, one is not permanently tied to an agreement, but one is tied ethically to an agreement one has made until such time as one has expressed the need to change the agreement. This is an ethical guideline which is very helpful in determining those actions in relationship.

We have, perhaps, said that which we would most hope to cover, and being told by this instrument that it does not wish to channel over-long, we hope we have given you something to think about, and if you have further questions, we will be very happy to answer to them as soon as we transfer this contact. We would like to thank you once again through this instrument for the most delightful chance to share our opinions with you. We would now transfer in love and light to the one known as Jim. We are known to you as those of Hatonn.

(Jim channeling)

I am Hatonn, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to ask if we might speak to any further queries which those gathered may find value in the asking. We remind each again that we offer that which is our opinion, but we offer it in joy and in gratitude. We do not wish to offer it as an infallible opinion of any kind. Is there a query at this time?

Yes. Could you speak a little bit about the different densities? I would particularly like to know about your density, the fourth density, I believe, if that’s correct. What differentiates you from us, and where are you bound?

I am Hatonn, and am aware of your query, my brother. The densities of this octave of creation are composed of light. This is that which is more or less dense within each succeeding density or dimension. The octave of creation itself may be seen as similar to the octave of notes in your Western scale of music, beginning with that which is analogous to “do,” ending with that same note at an higher octave.

Thus, that which is the beginning in this octave, the first density, has a certain vibration of the photon of light that vibrates at a certain frequency and with certain angles of rotation that provide a discrete environment in which simple awareness may exist. That awareness is what you would see as that of earth, wind, fire and water.

After a certain portion of time, as you know it, has unrolled its scroll of beingness, there is the increased vibration of rotation and angle of rotation of the photon that allows a quantum leap, shall we say, that is significantly altered or expanded, and which provides for an enhanced experience of awareness—that which seeks the light and that which moves and that which is identified by your second density of plants and that which you call animals. These entities, then, have their experience, during which they attempt to gather about themselves an individualization of consciousness, and move from that which is the group, whether it be the herd, the flock, the school, etc.

When this has been accomplished in the cycle of beingness, there is again the great quantum leap in possibility and potential in consciousness, until that which is the third density of creation, that which you inhabit, which comes into being by the increased rotation of vibration of the photon of light and the angles of rotation that again allow the greater experience of consciousness as each portion of consciousness of the one Creator moves from that complete unity with the Creator into the individualization that allows the gathering of experience that will allow the Creator to know Itself in each of its portions, and which will allow each of Its portions to know the Creator through this experience.

When consciousness within your third density has been individualized to the point that the choice can be made in either the positive or the negative sense—that is, to be of service to others, to give of that energy of the Creator to others, or to absorb that energy of the Creator in the negative or magnetic sense—when either of these two choices have been made as to how the further seeking of the Creator shall be experienced, then it is that another leap, shall we say, in consciousness is possible.

This is the movement of consciousness into that density of love and understanding which it is our honor and our privilege to inhabit. Within this [fourth] density of creation, the form of the body that has been chosen in the second-density experience of plants, of animal, to be invested, then is again used, as it was in the third density, but is used in what you might see of a somewhat different form, that is, what your peoples frequently call the astral body, that body which is lighter in your material gravity, shall we say, but is more densely packed with light. This body, then, is far more responsive to thought, and may move far more freely in time and in space than your bodies move.

Communication within our density of creation is most frequently in the form of what you would call telepathy, but in an expanded form of telepathy in which complete concepts or gestalts or pictures or information may be transmitted instantaneously. There is no ability or desire to hide any thought at this level of seeking the one Creator. We who have the honor of inhabiting this density of creation have found it helpful to join together with those of our kind, such as your planetary population might at some point in its future choose to join its seeking in service to the one Creator, each offering to the group or social memory complex that which it has learned in its journey of seeking, so that the entire complex of entities has at its disposal a great wealth of information, each experience of each entity becoming available, then, for use in decision making and in the attempt to continue the evolutionary process in service to the one Creator and each of Its manifestations.

When we have been successful in turning our beings entirely to the service of the one Creator, then that particle of consciousness that moves within each cell of our being as light shall again be offered the opportunity to leap forward to an expanded potential for awareness. This potential within the fifth density of light is that which offers the opportunity to gain that which you might [call] wisdom, so that the great compassion that is gained within our illusion of the fourth density might find a means of being focused in a manner which is most helpful, without interfering overmuch within the evolution of any other entity that we seek to serve.

Thus, the wisdom density, the fifth density of light, is that which seeks to create a form through which service might be offered in both a wise and a loving manner. When this lesson has been learned, there is again the opportunity to experience the leap in consciousness and the potential for greater perfection, as the point of view is widened to take in a greater portion of the Creator and the creation and to see it as the self.

The density numbering six is that density in which the unity of the Creator is again approached as love and wisdom are balanced, each with the other, and that which might be called a spiritual power is gained, the power to be of service without the infringement upon the free will of another. The sixth-density experience of light and of the creation is one in which those who have traveled both the positive, or radiant, and the negative, or absorbent, paths are again joined, so that seeking after this point within the sixth density continues apace without the great polarization in consciousness that begins within your third-density experience and continues through the fourth, the fifth and into the mid-sixth density.

When the lessons of unity have been completed, then it is that entities move into the seventh density, that gateway density of foreverness which allows the movement towards the complete reunification with the one Creator which is completed within the eighth density, as you would call it, thus completing the great cycle of experience, with all experiences gained by each entity offered to the Creator as means by which the Creator has been able to know Itself offered as that which shall become the seeds for the next great octave of experience.

The eighth density is the complete reunification with the one Creator, and is seen by your physicists and astronomers as that which is called the black hole, for within this level of being, all experience, all light, all matter, all of creation is indrawn into the one Creator, so that the fruits of the great journey may be gathered and become the foundation for the further experience and expression of the one Creator.

Is there another query, my brother?

I’m trying to clarify as to your density, the fourth density particularly. From what I understand you do have the physical form, and you also have said that you continue to have polarization, perhaps even greater polarization that we have here. Does this mean that you have dissension? Does it mean that you have problems? What are the problems that you have in this density? And what are the things that make you happy? To me those are very basic. And what are the things that make you fulfilled in your existence between yourselves, not in dealing with us?

I am Hatonn, and am aware of your query, my brother. We must first preface our response by suggesting that the experience of each succeeding density beyond your own is difficult enough to describe in words that at some point it becomes impossible within the confining boundaries of words (to describe) that which is quite beyond description. However, we shall attempt to speak to your query.

We, indeed, inhabit physical vehicles which, as we mentioned previously, are those which were derived from the second-density creatures within your own illusion. The ape form is that form which was chosen by the Logos to invest with the potential for completing the evolutionary process through the octave of densities. This form is chosen in approximately 5 percent of the planetary influences within this galaxy of which we are aware. There are other forms chosen in other planetary influences. This form is maintained through the fourth-density illusion and into the fifth-density illusion, at which point the mastery over one’s own being proceeds to the point that it is possible within the fifth-density illusion to create whatever form is most helpful at the moment, as the service that has been requested is offered.

That which enriches our being and brings the greatest joy to our hearts is our ability to offer service to other portions of the creation which seek or ask for that which is ours to offer. We have within our social memory complex of entities a great variety of experiences upon which we may draw to decide how best to offer our services. There is not dissension as you know it amongst our beings, in that we do not seek to gain advantage over others for our own gain, but there is frequently difference of opinion as to how best to offer our service to others, for in offering service, one must be most careful that the free will of those whom one wishes to serve is not abridged, which is to say, that we do not provide specific directions as to how an entity should move in its daily round of activity and how specific choices in the life pattern should be made. Rather, we seek to offer the principles of the evolutionary process which we have found helpful in our experience, that those whom we wish to serve may interpret in their own way and in their own life patterns.

May we speak in any further fashion, my brother?

Do you have wars? You said that you have negative polarization entities that go into the fourth dimension, and positive. Once they get there, everybody’s so happy to get there? Do you have wars in fourth dimension?

I am Hatonn, and am aware of your query, my brother. This is a topic which is quite difficult to enunciate with enough clarity that confusion may not be brought about. We again shall attempt to respond. In a situation such as that which pertains to your own planetary influence, your population of entities…

[Tape ends.]