“The soul is the essence of remembrance.” What is the meaning behind that phrase?

(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii. I greet you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. May we say what a great blessing it is for us to be called to this circle of seeking. We thank and bless each for the privilege of sharing the beauty of your vibrations and your meditation. We join you in honoring and praising that infinite Mystery, whose face is love. We are most happy to be able to work through this instrument, for this instrument has the inner characteristics which make it possible for us to more easily express ourselves humorously, and we always appreciate the ability to express our opinions upon the most serious of subjects with a light touch, for there is great frustration in seeking the truth within an illusion as complete as your own. No word and no concept of which we now know can encompass the great mystery of the infinite Creator. In the face of such a complete unknowing, it is well to have a sense of humor, to feel free to be merry in one’s search, for long faces are not good environments for the rapid growth of spirit. And as each within your often painful illusion must wear the long face from time to time, we hope to encourage in one’s spiritual seeking that most blessed quality of joy.

One other introductory remark is a caveat. We are your brothers and sisters, not those who are infallible. We would not give you an erroneous opinion knowingly. However, we are still learning, and even our teachers express their own lack of final understanding. Consequently, be aware that this is a note passed from a group upon the road of spiritual seeking to another point of light upon that same road. See yourself, my children, as candles, lit, vibrant and moved by the wind of spiritual guidance. And in each meditation, seek to listen to that wind which contains that still, small voice, as your Holy Scripture puts it, within which lies all those things we cannot say, all those memories which are your birthright and which, when you hear them again, you shall recognize.

And this brings us to the question of this evening, that being a request to comment upon a statement received in meditation by one known as R, that “the soul is the essence of remembrance.”

Let us move first to ground that of which we would speak in the earth of metaphysical structure as we see it. Each of you is a portion of the infinite One, which has been sent forth by the infinite One as Its free choice to learn about Itself. Through each experience that you have, through each bias that you gain from responding to the experiences that you have, you become, through many, many life experiences such as the one you enjoy at this time, more and more aware of yourself as an unique entity. Eventually, all that you have learned and found beautiful moves with you of your free choice back to the Source and the beginning, and the prodigal sons and daughters, as this instrument would call all upon the spiritual path, come home at last. It is a very long pilgrimage, extending through many dimensions and illusions, through many kinds of experience.

This particular experience which you enjoy at this time may be considered the dimension of choice, for if the face of the Creator is love, then a response of that created one to love is also love, yet it may be love of others or love of self. It may be the path of service to others or the path of service to self. In this illusion, where focuses of energy appear to be solid and thoughts that are stronger than those energies cannot be seen, the stage is set for a choice to be made in complete free will, for within the illusion the truth cannot be known in any objective fashion, but must be sought within through guidance and inspiration, through meditation, contemplation and discussion with others upon the path.

The choice is to radiate the love of the one infinite Creator or to so magnetize the self that one draws into the self-control, and becomes as the Creator, using each other spirit as power for the self. We are aware that each within this dwelling and this circle at this time has chosen the path of service to others, the path of radiant love. These foundation stones of the structure of your experience we thought were necessary before moving to a direct discussion of the statement concerning the soul as the essence of remembrance.

Let us define that which is called the “soul” as that portion of your being which is imperishable, that portion of your being which was before your world was formed, which was before earth and sky appeared and which shall be when all that you know now has become naught. This imperishable being which is earned as an unique consciousness, your soul, is at all times a gift to the Creator, from the active principle of creation, which is curious, which learns and which goes through a process called remembrance.

Let us gaze at the word “essence.” That which is an essence is not that which meets the eye. It is not that which is usually particularly easy to determine from inter-group acquaintance with an individual among your peoples, for part of your illusion is the veil which has been dropped betwixt the conscious and unconscious mind, for by rendering your inborn capacity to communicate by concept and thought useless, you are forced to communicate with words and point, thus, constantly away from the essence of your self, which lies far too deep for words.

Let us now gaze at “memory.” We find that this instrument’s conscious approach to this question is much the same as if two Neoplatonists, a Stoic, a Sophist and a follower of Anaximander were wrestling within the instrument’s mind. This is true, not only of this instrument, but of the great majority of those who attempt intellectually, logically and pragmatically to consider philosophical and spiritual questions.

Memory is thought to be a time-bound phenomenon, that is, an event occurs, one observes the event and registers it in memory. This, my children, is not the case, not at the beginning and not during the entire process of memory.

Each perception, moment by moment, which each seeker has is the product of many, many choices, made upon a subconscious level, according to programs, shall we say, in the biocomputer of the brain, which were often set so very, very far back into the young days of incarnation that the seeker simply does not know its own program of perception. You see, because of the nature of the illusion of time and the limitations of the biocomputer given each, it is improbable that an entity will use more than perhaps 5 percent of that which is perceived by raw senses and fed into the biocomputer as raw sense data. You do not know that which you are throwing away, that which you are overlooking, because you have already eschewed it. Thus, if there are difficulties in remembrances within this incarnational experiences, it is well to move back to the time that the programs were set in place.

Now, as you may deduce, the biased amount of information which you have received from the senses—that is, biased in accordance with conscious, and most often unconscious programming—then goes through a complex procedure of choices. The choices concern how or whether one will respond to that which has been perceived. Perceptions are hierarchical, in terms of survival being the first consideration of any entity, concerns of the self being second in importance, concerns of relationship being next, concerns with society being next, and all of these things coming before that which is the first purely spiritual concern, that of opening the heart, not to one or another thing, but in terms of strengthening, empowering and [crystallizing] one’s authority as a channel for the love and the light of the one infinite Creator.

Thus, one’s memories have no chance of being objective at any time. They are biased from the beginning, and as your memory becomes older and dimmer, it moves through one of two simple processes. Either it is gilded with a loving hand, to emphasize its beauty, its depth of meaning, its poignancy and its truth, or it is simply blocked and segregated as that which seems too self-destructive to allow within memory or to be healed at that particular moment in space and time.

At the end of an incarnational experience, you, as an imperishable being, have changed because of this illusion which you now enjoy. It is not that your intelligence has changed, for you do not carry that with you from incarnation to incarnation. It is not the personality, as you may think of the personality as the social butterfly or the teller of the jokes. It is that imperishable point of view which has been biased or polarized, either towards service to others or service to self and domination over others.

We are upon the servant’s path. We do not deny that there is an opposite path. We simply do not teach it. Through many, many lifetimes, beginning with experiences as earth, air, wind, fire and all the elements, you have built your biases, your uniqueness, as a spark within the infinity of the Creator. You have experienced everything that you see in the world about you and from experience of rock or sea or cloud or blooming flower, you remember, not the entire experience, but its essence. And that essence is to you unique, for you are not anyone else. You are perfectly your own self. Each entity is correct for itself, for it is the sum of what it has learned. That you each wish to accelerate the process of learning is much to your credit, for there is much to do, and the world that cries out for more lightened consciousnesses will now have the essence of remembrance of the elemental density and the density of plant and animal as part of your imperishable self, as part of your gift to the infinite One.

Now you sit in the midst of the greatest decision you shall make within the entire octave of experience of what you would call men and angels: the choice to love or to be obeyed. Once you have made the decision, it then becomes your task, “if you wish to complete it,” as “Mission Impossible” would say, to choose ever again to give, when you could receive, to console, when you yourself need consoling, to care and feel and love when others turn away in scorn and dislike. Each small choice is, in fact, a larger and larger choice, for as one positive choice builds upon another, so your spirit and soul grow in strength and power, and you begin to be, in feeling and in conscious thinking, that which you truly are—a metaphysical being, alive eternally in an infinite universe, peopled with nothing but yourself in the guise of many, many mirrors. Gaze into anyone’s eyes—they show you yourself. Gaze at the trees, the skies, the stars—they, too, are yourself.

When you have graduated from this classroom, learning the first lessons of love, then shall you, in what some have called heaven, and others, paradise, enjoy a somewhat more comfortable atmosphere, yet you shall not be without your work, for you shall be learning. That is the essence of the soul, for the soul is the stuff of which the Creator is, that being love, combined with free will. And free will is ever-curious and ever-restless. And free will truths do not last forever. Only the mystery of that which is unknown is as truly imperishable as are each of you.

Thus, that which you are at this time, which may be called a soul, that is the imperishable part of you, is the kernel, the feeling and tone left behind by catalyst, the stain that remains from the spillage of experience. And these things you hold in an ever-shifting remembrance. Thus, the quality of your soul, to some great extent, depends upon the quality of your remembrance, that is, your ability to abide in faithfulness to the truth that lies within you, which you may know only through experiencing your own biases and seeking ever in daily meditation to dwell with the infinite One, and so open the door to your birthright, to your memory of all that you truly are and all that you truly feel.

We would direct your attention to that portion of the Christian faith whose liturgy is called the Holy Eucharist. Common to almost all Christian denominations is the inclusion within such a service of quotations from the holy work you call your Bible. The one known as Jesus the Christ took a simple, homely article, the bread, which was the bulk of a meager meal. This entity gave thanks for the plenty of his bread. He then broke it and offered it, saying, “Take and eat this in remembrance of me.” And so, too, with that wine which was the usual libation in that less than cleanly age, “Drink this in remembrance of me.” This entity did not wish to be remembered as an entity, but as a channel for that which flowed through the entity and transfigured it, the love and the light of the one infinite Creator.

Each of you needs a Eucharist, a way to focus upon a remembrance of those things which are beautiful and true, that your soul may be most faithful in remembering. Again and again we suggest the daily meditation with silence and the listening. And we offer in this case a simple rationale: “Do this in remembrance of me.” And by me, we mean we ourselves no more than did the teacher known as Jesus, but rather we mean I AM, that is, Consciousness Itself, the one great original Thought which created all that there is. It is this we call to remembrance. It is this which centers our memory, it is this remembrance that ennobles the essence of memory.

To remember the small change of a lifetime is not altogether helpful, for there is not the focused power and a singular path for one’s daily experiences. The effort needed to put into place a structure whereby one may give daily thanksgiving and remembrance to the one infinite Creator is a structure each must choose for himself, yet we say to you, that if you wish your imperishable self to rise as quickly as possible into the light of what you would call the Kingdom of Heaven, the greatest tool is daily remembrance of that great Thought, whose name in your language is love. Love has created you. Love sustains you. Love that is alive and caring and with you, guides you, aids you and protects you.

The words that you hear at this time are a very humble part of the system of discarnate spiritual aid that is available to those who seek it. There are many, many channels, many various ways of offering the information of the Creator [to] the children of the Creator, which are yourselves, and the eternity and full knowledge of yourself as Creator, which is ultimately your birthright. Yet, this birthright shall come to you not because you become more and more powerful and, therefore, are able to wrest it from the arms of the Almighty. This power descends upon one who has surrendered the free will of variousness to a far more impersonal kind of will, that deep will found within the self for good or service or love.

The desire to learn and the will to persevere may seem like those things which are taught to one in business school, that one may be a better salesman, yet we say to you that the faculties of desire and will create your experience. That which you desired to learn before this incarnation you set in place, not specifically, but in kind. You allowed yourself any number of attempts at each lesson. Thus, if you are seeing the same pattern over and over again, you know that there is a lesson of love in this pattern, and that the answer to this pattern lies along lines of the seeking of love within that pattern. Once this has been done and love has been found, the pattern is balanced, and one may go on to the next lesson one has offered oneself for the learning. Thus, you may see that your soul is, indeed, in your hands. You may learn, you may polarize, you may reclaim your birthright. You may advance as you wish—slowly, moderately or quickly. We would advise each never to run, but to take the careful steps, building slowly, nurturing the spiritual self, nurturing…

We must pause. I am Latwii.

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii, and am again with this instrument. We find the recording devices somewhat humorous, but we understand the necessity of recording this deathless prose in some way.

To continue. We encourage each to nurture the infant soul within, for, indeed, each of you, in terms of the full spectrum of experience which you shall have within this octave of creation, are very young souls. You are doing your most important work at this time—not your hardest work, by any means, my children, for refining upon the choice is a challenge that takes, in your measurement of time, millions and millions of years. We hasten to encourage each by saying that we do not perceive time in our dimension as you perceive time in your own. We are most emphatically not bored, as one would be at the thought of spending millions of years in the same physical vehicle.

Soul is the essence of remembrance. What have you impressed in memory upon the essence of things that shall bias your soul this day? What do you wish for your soul? How and what shall you remember?

We very much thank each again for asking us to speak upon this interesting question. We would, of course, note that it is always so that there is a measure of meaning in any communication betwixt one’s own private guidance and one’s conscious self, which it would be an infringement upon free will to express. That is a portion that [is] unique to the self asking the question. The generalities we may offer, the twist or quirk that makes the information personal to one person is not ours to discuss. We hope that the one known as R grasps this and is able to, after assimilating this information, move forward in the freedom of its own choices, its own study and its own progress towards a more perfect, true and whole essence of remembrance, to a more entire identity with the Creator, the Soul of souls, the Self of selves and the Love of lovers.

We would at this time transfer this contact, with a merry heart and thanks to this instrument, to the one known as Jim. I am Latwii.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to ask if there might be any further queries which may be upon the minds of those gathered this evening? It is our great honor and joy to entertain any such queries at this time.

It would be logical to figure, if one person is its memory, that the Creator, in its active principle, anyway, is Its memory. Is that true?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. That which you call the active portion of the one Creator is, indeed, not only that which is Its memory, that which is the memory of each of Its portions, but is also far more this, for even the active portion of the Creator has that which is the potential and which has infinite ability to be. Thus, that portion of the Creator which has moved Itself into the creation and which experiences all that is experienced is enriched not only by all such experiences, but by the potential which awaits the free will choice of any portion of Its being. Thus, there is a great waiting beingness, shall we say, almost, if we may so surmise, an eagerness to be and to know.

Is there another query, my sister?

Would that suggest that the Creator has emotions? Besides love?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query. The emotions are not properly present within the mind of the Creator, if we may use these terms, for terminology in this area is somewhat mythical, too [fancifully] constructed. However, there is a desire on the part of the Creator to know Itself in Its fullness, and as It knows Itself through Its creation, to love that which is created, that which is experienced. Thus, this desire to know and this great, overwhelming feeling of love may be seen as the equivalent of emotions, in your terms, on the part of the one Creator, as far as we can ascertain. We do not claim to have full knowledge of the great mystery which the one Creator embodies.

Is there another query, my sister?

Just a final one, logically following that. Would that desire spring from the free will which is a part of the active principle of the Creator? Just as it springs from the free will in us, that we’re curious to know more?

I am Latwii. We do not wish to play with the word, shall we say, but it is more nearly correct, in our opinion, to say that the free will provides a means by which the desire of the Creator to know Itself may be fulfilled, for it is the desire of the Creator which comes before the means for its fulfillment. Thus, free will follows desire in this particular case.

Is there another query, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?


I am Latwii. At this time, therefore, we shall again offer our great gratitude to each of those gathered this evening for inviting our presence. It is a great joy for us to be able to share our opinions, our desire to know more of the truth and our joy with each. Again, we would remind each that we do not wish for any word that we have spoken to be seen as infallible. If any word does not ring of truth, please do not hesitate to forget it at once, keeping only those words that add to your own understanding in a way that is harmonious with it.

At this time we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Latwii. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.