Concerning how our (most importantly) mated relationships are perhaps a manifestation of our love for our self. And to carry this further, how all relationships that we might come in contact with, however brief or long, intense or shallow, might also be some kind of a manifestation of our love for our self.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, and rejoice to be called again to work with your thoughts and offer some opinions that we may have. We are honored to join in your meditation, and we do thank you very much. We must be sure that you understand, as always, that we are not infallible, and that each truth that is your own truth is that which is recognized rather than learned. You already know the truth—it is at a level of your mind complex which does not use words. However, when the truth is clothed in words, the deep self remembers and recognizes that personal truth. Truth is, as far as we have learned, subjective, in that all of experience is subjective.

This leads to discussion of the thought offered by the one known as R that the mate is the gift of love of the self to the self.

Firstly, we would like to remove one aspect from this commentary quickly, and that is the always challenging difference betwixt the male and the female entity. Although it could equally be said, for instance, that each mate is an accurate reflection of the subconscious of the other, yet still, to the female energy is given the freer access and the greater energy and power of intuition and the half-knowledge of that which is veiled which is called intuition or inspiration. And to the male is given the reaching for that inspiriting.

To look at it in another way, one might see the quandary of a Creator which creates a companion for Itself, only to find the companion is not happy spending all of its time with the Creator, but rather feels alone without his own kind. We are not saying that this is the way creation in your density began. We are simply saying that the concept there embodied in the female being the artifact of man and man’s desire not to be alone is far different than the original statement of the loved one as a reflection of the love of self for self. For in this debased picture, the two perfectly dovetailed species, male and female, are offered less than equal roles in a creation. Thus, we must pluck from the concept of the outer world of experience being created by the self’s love for the self, we must broaden the horizons of this concept, as the author of this concept rationally had already begun to do, so that it includes all that there is.

Now we may gaze at the nature of the entity within third-density incarnation, and we say that this statement is a statement of an ideal nature of a certain kind. It is a spiritual ideal which is invoked. Indeed, the greater Self or the Creator is invoked in this concept, that is, the sense in which this statement is correct and literally accurate, is that the self, which is in the end the Creator, somewhat young and confused within third density, and certainly remaining confused by our fifth-density experience, somehow still contains that perfection which created all that there is. And in that sense, the Creator gazes at the Creator and knows that all has been created because of love.

All that is is a reflection of the Creator’s love for Itself, and further, Its desire to know more about Itself, to communicate with Itself for the enlargement of Its personality and to learn that which seems to be subjectively true, beautiful and perfect, that which, unlike the physical vehicles of your density, is imperishable. In the sense of the God-self residing within the many layers of distortion and confusion that abound within third-density experience, the statement is accurate. However, we would quickly add that it is misleading to consider to oneself that one is capable of living in the God-self for any length of time and having this experience be a steady state. It is not that this is not possible; it has been done by those who ruthlessly remove themselves from anything but the sitting, the silence, the meditation, the breaking down completely of the self. When one resides, acts and reacts within the societal structure which is your best environment for learning, one cannot remain the God-self. Thus, as one gazes into the eyes of the loved one, one may upon one level try to remember that one gazes at the gift of love of God for Itself.

On another level, it is well to remember that you are gazing at yourself. You may well not love yourself. Therefore, you will not be pleased with the face of another, the conversation of another, or the actions or thoughts of another. The more disturbed or upset that face is able to create the catalyst for you to become, the more that self has to teach. We do not suggest that any learning difficult lessons attempt for any length of time to remain consciously the God-self, for it is a dangerous choice of personas, a risky choice of masks. The risks to one who walks incautiously upon the path of learning [are such that one] finds that one has been waylaid almost inevitably, for one’s energy, unless taken from what you may call the world full time, is most usually not equal to the task of remembering who you really are.

Now, you are here to learn, rather than to dispense information and learning to others. The learning is primary; the fruits of that learning, secondary. Thusly, that which comes to a seeker from the faces of those around the seeker will reflect various facets of that seeker to itself, as a mirror may reflect accurately or in a most distorted fashion. Indeed, all of the mirrors are distortions, in some way, of love, yet the catalyst that this distortion of love may bring is far from a joyful experience.

We would like to take a few moments to talk about a very basic subject, that subject being meditation. It may well be said of those of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator that we sound one note very often, that note of meditation—daily, constant meditation. The reason for that is not one thing, but many, all concerning, however, the progress which each of you, the pilgrims that seek, may make.

As we allow these pauses, we are hoping and asking that you may begin to feel a presence, a presence called to this group from beyond us. We practice at this moment the presence of the one infinite Creator. Allow your heart to open to the greatest amount it may stably open. Do not ask it to become brighter or more crystalline than the power that is moving into it, but allow that to bloom. Allow the feeling of being in the presence of the Creator to bring to you praise, worship, adoration and thanksgiving. You sit with the Father and Mother of All, infinitely available to all, infinitely loving and infinitely unable to speak.

Each of you, then, by the changes made by meditation, may begin to perceive differently throughout a lifetime of sincere and openhearted effort in love, not duty. The viewpoint may change and widen and deepen and strengthen greatly in balance. As one meditates, one is intending to experience firsthand the Creator and the environment of the Creator, which is love, light and eternity, all of those in infinite quantity. With enough repetitive, impassioned silence and listening, one’s reactions begin to change because one’s consciousness has begun to change.

Meditation does other things as well. One great aid that it brings to the meditator is simply the strengthening of the bridge betwixt conscious and subconscious, intuitive and rational; all the parts of what a medical person would call the encephalos, working together and not at odds. We find often among your peoples that there are many voices within, each with a different viewpoint, each with a different program, if you would speak in terms of a computer, and all together having mutually opposing agendas. Meditation, taken daily, systematically and without the long, long meditations, but, rather, short meditations followed by the feeling of being strengthened, the mind begins to remake the basic metaprogram of the biocomputer mind in order that it may complete the process of integration so that one may become more and more a positive, unified entity, capable of a singleness of heart, a singleness of purpose, and a singleness of passion and love.

That which works—that is, that which functions within meditation—is not much affected by the meditative state achieved. The meditative state may, for most of your peoples, never be satisfactory in a subjective opinion, the self of the self. This is due to what this instrument would call your lifestyle; that which is full is ever a little fuller and details clog the arteries of inspiration. With meditation, intention, desire and passion are all, for the process is not a physiological one, not unless what you are attempting is the relaxation of the physical vehicle. Meditation is spending time with the infinite One and with Infinity Itself. It is a completely metaphysical act. Indeed, it does aid a person to be relaxed in order to meditate, but even the strong desire to meditate, pray, contemplate or worship has the desired effect; it opens a door behind which stands a Creator who will not knock, who will not ring the bell within the head, who waits patiently to be asked to come in, to join with the seeking soul and to offer it light, love, healing, peace and joy.

Yes, indeed, my friends, the Creator loves, and all of you are part of what it loves, for all of you are part of Itself. It desires to know each of you with a passion that is incomprehensible. All of the reactions which one has in love, about love, with love are shadows of the Love that created all that there is, the one great original Thought that is the Creator. We encourage you, therefore, not to see love in every face if you do not, but to take it into meditation without judgment, for you are as you are; each pilgrim, with its self-perceived strengths and weaknesses is unique. The Creator does not judge, but loves. Thus, we urge each never to force or push the spiritual seeking, but to allow it to occur naturally. When the seeker finds itself impatient for more knowledge, more truth, the seeker needs to realize that this is not a means to an end; this is the end desired. The Creator’s hope is one thing more than self-knowledge. It is self-love.

We urge and encourage and exhort each to love each other and to see the face of Love in every face. We equally urge each never to judge the self or to become discouraged when this is not occurring, for that which is occurring is that which needs to occur at the very moment you experience that which is occurring. It is the raw material which, when refined, will become the gold of compassion, wisdom and humility.

We find that there are assorted concerns, and would transfer to the one known as Jim, that if any wish, they may query further of us. I am Q’uo, and I leave this instrument in love and in light.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to ask if we might speak to any queries which yet remain upon the minds of those gathered this evening.

Well, if nobody else will kick it off, I’ll ask a question you can’t possibly answer, but I was curious. I sensed another presence here and patrolled the perimeter and found it, and was having a lot of trouble dealing with it for a few seconds. I was holding up an imaged cross. So, instead, I put this cross down and put my arms out and let the cross be big enough for me to be on it and challenged again in the name of Christ, and the entity vanished as quickly as I’ve ever seen one go. If you can make any comment on that, I’d be interested to know what was occurring with the challenging process?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. The effect that was accomplished by exchanging the small visualized cross for that upon which you might place yourself was to magnify the intensity of your challenge to the point that the purity of your desire to serve in the positive aspect was overwhelming to the entity towards which the challenge was offered. Therefore, the entity found the need to take its leave of this group.

Is there another query, my sister?

No, thank you. That was a lot more than I’d hoped for.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

What did that entity intend by its presence?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. This entity of negative polarization was hopeful that it might be able to make some inroad into the channeling process, as is the habitual desire, shall we say, of those of the negative polarity, hoping that by their insertion of their philosophy into the positively oriented of a group such as this one, that they might in some degree partake of the power that is generated when entities of a positive nature gather together to seek more of that which they call the truth.

Therefore, this entity was hopeful of being able to, shall we say, bleed away part of that power, and, if successful in that first step, then be able to take a larger and larger role in the contact with this group, hoping that, perhaps, its information might become more predominant as a focus or concern for this particular group.

Is there another query, my brother?

What density was that entity?

I am Q’uo. The density was that of four. Is there another query, my brother?

Not from me at this time, but I would like to thank you for an extraordinarily illuminating answer, from my perspective, to the question that was originally posed.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother, for posing this query, for it has allowed us to speak upon a point which we felt was of some importance. It is by queries of this nature, and, indeed, by the seeking of each heart gathered this evening that we are able to have a beingness at all within your illusion, and to serve in the humble way in which we have the opportunity to serve.

Is there another query?


I am Q’uo. Again, may we thank each for inviting our presence to your group this evening. It is a great feeling of joy that overcomes us when we receive the invitation to join your circle of seeking, for with the invitation comes the opportunity of walking more fully with each of you and feeling your presence, your desire to know and your desire to serve, which when generated within the heavy chemical illusion that you inhabit is all the more precious for the great spiritual effort that has gone forth on the part of each of you to create these desires of a positive nature. We appreciate the illusion in which you dance and realize that it is not an easy task to continue your daily round of activities, which seem so burdensome so often, to then move the concerns from the daily round of activities to that which lies behind each activity, to that which lies within each self and each beating heart, to look for those clues of the Creator, to follow that trail of love, no matter how trying the journey. We salute each and share with you that which is our love for the Creator in each. We are those of Q’uo. At this time we shall take our leave of this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.