Taking potluck questions tonight.

(Carla channeling)

We are Hatonn, and we greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. May we say what a blessing it is, and an honor, to be allowed to share your meditation and to join your circle of seeking at this time. May we ask that each in the circle realize that there is only one being, one consciousness, amongst all seekers. Each is unique, but each a part of the same movement, the same process, each of you companions on the road from the Creator to the Creator. We ask that you settle down, perhaps, a bit deeper in order to serve as batteries for this instrument. We ask that this tuning procedure be enhanced if necessary by visualizing a small globe in the midst of the circle, and it moving until all are within that globe, all within the light, all protected and united in their seeking.

We have been called to your group this evening by the thoughts and desires of those who are here. We come gladly because it is our method of service to others to be with you at this time. We would perhaps recognize the motives of service to others that moves some among your peoples to go to those other peoples upon your sphere which are needy and teach the ways of using the environment to their environment. So, too, we wish to aid entities in another environment than that of the physical bread, the physical food, the physical existence. Each of you also is an awakening spirit, and each of you begins to awaken to the need, not only for food of the spirit, but for tools and resources, that one find the means of growing the wheat, of removing the chaff, of grinding and breaking that which is hard within you, that the newborn spirit, that the wheat, that the gold which you have made and found within yourself may glow and become a channel for the love and the light of the infinite Creator. This is what all of us seek to do, and this is the adventure at the beginning of which you now gaze with a fascination that this instrument would say would be shown by Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. She knows she is not in Kansas anymore, but she does not know where she is.

We feel that it is a kindly universe, a most loving and loving and beloved Creator, and we find that our fates, as far as our teachers know, are most benign, and that our end is never; that we are imperishable beings, created to be the active portion of the one Creator, cells of an infinite Mind, which learns about Itself because of the interaction of all of us, all of you, all those of your sphere, all of your galaxy, all those of the billions of galaxies that you may see, all those in the infinity of the illusion of this octave of experience.

We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator come to you with a very simple message. We come to you with what may be said to be a message so simple that it cannot be heard. We come to say that there is one great original Thought; that thought is Love. Not a love as you know it, but a full and complete love, a love both beautiful and terrible, the love of the Creator to know Itself. In that love, It created by using free will that which is called consciousness, self-consciousness, shall we say. Each of you is a mixture of the very stuff, shall we say, of the active principle of the Creator, that is, you have a God Self. However, to it was bonded free will, and in the immature, shall we say, seeker, that free will shows as willfulness, variousness and unpredictability in choice making. Indeed, many do not see that each day and, perhaps, each hour a decision that is to be made, that may seem very small, actually bears upon a spiritual principle. One could be working upon one’s development as a polarized service-to-others entity. Many, many times, one misses the opportunity because one is far too much involved in that illusion which you call the everyday life.

We come to speak of a love that is so great that it does not run out. It is infinite in supply. We come to urge each to participate in that great original Thought of Love, for the more that one participates in the great original Thought, the more one’s point of view regarding the mundane and everyday experiences of the life experience become infused with the light of the one infinite Creator and the compassion that is felt by the Creator for Itself, all parts of Itself, those who love the dark as well as those who love the light.

The greatest and most powerful pathway to an experience of the infinite Creator that is available in a way which will remain with the entity is persistent daily meditation, for in meditation one moves oneself through the door into the inner room in which stands waiting the Creator. The Creator is most willing to dwell and abide with each entity, but it is each entity’s decision to open that door to the inner room of silence, meditation, contemplation and listening. If you may do one thing to accelerate the pace of spiritual growth, it is simply to choose a place and a time in each diurnal period where the meditation may take place in silence, and the listening within may be uninterrupted.

The process is most difficult to judge, we find, from those within the illusion, for within your society the mind complex is requested to be very active at all times and the body usually also. This makes it rather difficult for what this instrument would call the western or Occidental entity to participate in a passive meditation with much true quietness of mind. We ask you not to be discouraged on that account, for the work that you do in consciousness by meditating and listening is that work of the will, the will to discipline the personality, to change willfulness into that phrase from your holy work, “Not my will, but Thine,” in other words, not the will of free will which is various, but the will of the Creator Self which is a will to love. To this, we ask you to surrender, as the finite surrenders before the infinite, as the past and the future surrender to the resonance of the present moment. Intersecting with the present moment at all present moments is eternity. One may think of it as, shall we say, perpendicular to all things. It is enmeshed with you. You dwell in heaven at this time.

Oh, my friends, we urge you to open the eyes and gaze about at the creation of the Father. We ask you to see the cooperation and the joy that there is in the green cathedral of nature. We ask you to seek the trees and the bushes that breathe out that which your species must breathe in, that breathe in that which your species must breathe out. The cooperation is great, yet completely without thought. Again and again within the world of nature, one may find not only beauty, but cooperation, harmony and a way of living in which each may exist and be wild and free and beautiful. That is still your heritage.

You see, you carry about with you a second-density creature. This creature is your body. You yourself have the consciousness of third density, but you must walk about upon this particular heavy physical density of illusion, and so, you carry about with you a certain kind of animal. This human animal is a delightful thing, and we ask each to honor it, to understand its needs, to harmonize and cooperate with that which some have called the temple of the soul. We would prefer the term physical vehicle, for you use it much as you would use a car; it gets you around, and through its senses you perceive much. But please reckon with this animal and know that it, including its ability to reason and to have instinct, is not informed in the same way that one which has chosen to become conscious of one’s hope of accelerating spiritual growth is. You must realize that part of the willfulness that must be regularized so that the will may be turned to work in consciousness is that of the outer illusion, one’s relationships, both in society and most especially with those with whom one is intimate, one’s family.

It is well to do the very best one can to place one’s creature in a good position for survival, so that one may go about the business of polarizing in consciousness. Do not allow the intellect or the instinct to rule the behavior, but turn again and again to the glory, the unity, the peace, and the joy of the presence of the one infinite and mysterious Creator, that Thought of love which created all that there is. Do not choose to be that which carries you around. Do not choose to be willful forever, but choose instead to will to surrender to that greater Self within. Ah, my friends, what a jewel rests within you, what light, what love! You are unique, each of you, unique as snowflakes. You have experienced much. You would not be here upon this planet within an incarnation at this time if you did not have a good chance of choosing to be of service to others to the extent that you polarize enough to graduate from this density to that density of love and understanding where the veil between the conscious and the conscious mind is lifted, and much is seen and understood that can never be understood within this illusion.

We do not mean to suggest for a moment that there is any hurry about this; it is one’s choice completely. We do not mean to suggest for a moment that the fourth density is easier than the third. This is not so; it is simply different. The fourth density is a density in which one refines one’s ability to love and one’s knowledge of love, one’s ability to be love and one’s knowledge of being love. However, because there is a fourth density negative, there is a dynamic tension, and both those of positive and of negative persuasion may speak to your people. We ask you, therefore, to discern and discriminate carefully with each piece of information that you hear, including ours. We are fallible. What we have to say to you is, we believe, helpful. We hope it is. But if it is not, my friends, we ask you to let it go, for we would not be a stumbling block before you in any way.

We would not ask you to meditate for the long periods of time, for we find that the process of spiritual growth among your peoples causes a good deal of change. It is well that the change take place slowly enough that one’s mate may deal with it as well as one’s self. The process of change is sometimes painful, and we urge each to be extremely courageous and pick oneself up after each and every self-perceived failure to turn one’s face again to the mysterious face of the Eternal One. We join you on this journey. We hope that you will meditate each day for a short period of time, not the long. We hope you will enjoy the changes that you perceive in yourself. We hope that you may again and again and again choose love and serving others over that love which takes, controls and manipulates.

See those activities and behaviors within yourself and start making other choices. These things you can do—not out of your own strength, but because you spend time with the Creator. May we say to you, the basic, single, most thorough-going advice we may give to you is to meditate on a daily basis, for one moment with the Creator can make one feel joyful, peaceful, centered and ready to meet that which comes later. Then when one is in a difficult situation, one may cast one’s mind back to that centered place and in some way draw eternity into the most difficult of situations. It simply is a matter of spending time with the Creator. This mysterious Entity created you. It is infinite, It is intelligent, It is invisible. This much we know. The Creator is still a mystery to us as well. But the Creator intersects with your life at this time and at every time, for each moment is the present moment, and each moment is eternity. May you spend your time with the Creator so habitually that this becomes a resource that you may become a channel for the love and the light of the infinite One. And then, my friends, you shall shine like a lighthouse, like a beacon, for you shall be a channel for love, that which does not stop, that which is infinite. It is the lightening of the consciousness of the planet Earth that is our hope at this time.

With this thought, we would leave this instrument, and transfer to the one known as Jim. I am Hatonn.

(Jim channeling)

I am Hatonn, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to ask if there might be further queries upon the minds of those gathered this evening to which we may speak? Again, we remind each that that which we offer is our opinion, offered freely and joyfully, yet with no desire that our words be seen as anything other than our opinions. Is there a query at this time?

I have one. I believe that my higher self has created the illusion of my being here on Earth at this time. I believe in incarnations, since all time is one. Do I have all of my incarnations simultaneously working together now in and out of my being that is here in this room?

I am Hatonn, and am aware of your query, my sister. The simultaneous nature of time is a difficult concept to express in your words, for the nature of words themselves is that which works against, shall we say, the understanding of time at its heart. For within your illusion, time moves as does a river, with that which is past, that which is present, and that which is future moving sequentially in order that the mind complex may grasp in a specific or narrowed function certain lessons, shall we say, or concepts that shall require this focused attention in order to be realized within the depths of one’s being. Therefore, time, as you experience it, is greatly distorted for a purpose, that you might learn intensively and with focus and purity. However, the larger view of time and of your own being includes a great deal more than this concept, than this illusion, and more than our humble words can begin to approach, though we shall attempt this process.

Your, as you have called it, higher self is what you now would call your fully potentiated self at a point in time that you would call your future. This higher self has what you might see as a road map laid out for you that has the beginning point, the ending point and many possible avenues of journeying between these points. The higher self has resources available to it upon which you may call through your desire to know more of the mystery of yourself, of this illusion, of the creation, of the Creator.

As you begin to request information of this nature, you are guided, shall we say, by your higher self to meet the various entities, activities and resources that are necessary to satisfy your desire and to allow you to continue upon your process of evolution. One of the resources which may be called upon in this process you may see as your various incarnational selves which exist within your being as probabilities or possibilities, infinite in number, and which contain, within their realms or boundaries of being, information gathered through experience within these incarnations which may prove useful in your current incarnation. It is more accurate to see the incarnational process in the simultaneous time framework as a kind of parallel existence which has no beginning or no end, if one explores carefully one’s own connections, not only to one’s present self or those that one might consider past or future, but also one’s connections to each portion of the creation of which one is aware. For as you have become familiar with the concept of unity of self with all of the creation, this concept indeed begins to make itself more obviously apparent, or shall we say, apparently obvious, as one sees the connections between the self and each particle of the creation, and begins to see that there is that of value in each portion of the creation and is that which might teach or inform the self as the self moves through its currently perceived experiences.

All this is to say, my sister, that your supposition, though correct in its foundation, is somewhat oversimplified, as is our explanation in response to it with the words we have used, for the nature of one’s being at the heart of one’s being partakes of this unity which is unshakable and is the primary foundation stone upon which all of the creation is built.

Is there another query, my sister?

I had an unusual experience that all of a sudden I had an insight, as if everybody that I was with in this particular room at a given time was me and I was them. I zoomed into them and they zoomed into me. Is everybody in this room tonight and everybody I come in contact with “other me”?

I am Hatonn, and am aware of your query, my sister. At the heart of each being, this is, indeed, true for each. Indeed, each entity which one meets in the daily round of activities is an other self, not just because each entity projects from its own conscious and unconscious mind a certain image of the self that serves as a kind of filter or eyeglass through which one sees one’s universe, but even more profoundly, each entity is, indeed, the one Creator, and as the One exists in all, then all exists in the One, and, indeed, in each other. Therefore, the experiences that each entity accumulates in each incarnation are available as a resource to all, if each entity is able to move through the deeper levels of the mind complex to that place within the subconscious mind where this unity is more obvious and more profoundly in effect within each incarnation and each portion of each entity.

Is there another query, my sister?

Not at this time.

I am Hatonn. Is there another query?

Well, I’ll jump in while everybody else is thinking. I’ve always wondered about simultaneous time. If some past life version of you does something differently, like have another kid or die early and doesn’t have kids or whatever, does the future all change? I mean, simultaneously?

I am Hatonn, and am aware of your query, my sister. This again, though correct in its basic premise, is somewhat oversimplified, for there is not just one past or one future; there are many, many of each, each with a different response, perhaps in degree or in quality, to those events which are occurring in a simultaneous fashion for the entity in one portion of its being that is seen within a certain framework of time. As we are sure that you begin now to see, the process is one which is dynamic in its interaction and the connection with not only deeper portions of one’s own being, but with the entire creation about one as well.

Is there another query, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Hatonn, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

There’s been a lot of study going on in life after death experiences of people that have come back, and from everything that I’ve understood, people go to a light, the source of God, as we believe it to be, as I understand it. There have been some that have not gone to this light. Is this not just in your own thought of what life is? And once you have passed through this period of time, are you not with God at that point, even if you have fear, even if you have a sense of evil or bad, do you not spend the time and still return to God? Instead of, for instance, hell? Is there even a hell?

I am Hatonn, and am aware of your query, my sister. Indeed, each entity, whether within the incarnation as you experience it or moving through the door of death, as you call it, to a different form of existence, each entity always is within the presence of the one Creator. That presence is perceived in a fashion which responds to the, shall we say, beliefs or structure of beliefs which the entity has formed within the current incarnational pattern. These beliefs may again, to use our former analogy, be seen as the spectacles, the eyeglasses upon the face through which the entity views its environment.

Thus, that which is experienced immediately following the process you call death partakes most fully of this distorting factor of belief that filters that which is, so that it is seen and experienced according to the beliefs of the entity having the experience. Thus, there is much of confusion for many, as each entity has formed a unique system of beliefs to some degree during the incarnation and must, at the time of the death process, first view that which is to come through this structure of beliefs. As the entity becomes more accustomed to its new environment, it begins to allow certain of the more distorting and obviously less useful beliefs to fall away as a natural function of the continuing process of transferring consciousness from one illusion to another less distorted illusion. Therefore, the entity begins to see…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am again with this instrument. Is there a further query at this time?

As I, in this physical being, pass into death, and I take all of my biases and my prejudices and my learnings with me, and certain distortions fall away on the other side, whatever period of time I choose to stay on the other side, does a refined spirit come back through to the next incarnation in body?

I am Hatonn, and am aware of your query, my sister. As you begin to penetrate the realms of what we find called Etheria or the higher realms of the astral planes after moving through the death process, you become aware that there is a greater self towards which you move, until this “self” which has completed one incarnation, and the “self” which has not only lived each incarnation but has served as a repository of those lessons and experiences gathered in each, then becomes the [new] self, so that you are again unified with what may be called the essence of the self, or as most of your peoples call it, the soul.

This being, then, with the aid of others who have served as the guides and the teachers, and with the aid of the higher self, reviews the incarnation which has been completed in order that that which has been gained of learning and of service might be compared with that which was desired and planned before the incarnation. Where there has been less efficient learning, there is the renewed desire to pursue that which was left undone. Where there has been the completion of lessons, there is then the addition or refinement of these lessons so that the experience that is to come within the following incarnation might offer to the self an enhanced opportunity to know the self and to know the Creator, and also to allow the Creator to know Itself through the self within the new incarnation in a fashion which is also enhanced or refined, shall we say.

Thus, one may compare succeeding incarnations to the succeeding grades or classes within your schooling system, so that that which has been learned previously begins to form a foundation upon which the structure of the greater self might be built.

May we answer a further query, my sister?

Is the greater self ever-changing, as God is? I mean, is there no—since there’s infinity, is the greater self still going to expand and expand and expand for all eternity too?

I am Hatonn, and am aware of your query, my sister. As there is a limit, shall we say, to the dimensions or densities within one octave of being, there is a definite opportunity provided to each entity or portion of the one Creator to know the self, the creation, and the Creator. This progression of opportunities to know the Creator, at a certain [point] within the process many, many, as you would call them, millions of years in what you would call your future, moves to a point at which the unification of the small self with the great self with the higher self and with the Creator becomes so perfected, that, indeed, the self becomes the Creator and returns in a fashion that might be likened unto the workers bringing the harvest home, in order that the Creator, then, at this point might be able to utilize those fruits of the harvest, those experiences and lessons and services gathered as the seeds for a further octave of beingness that will begin as this one began, with the most basic elements of being: the earth, the wind, the fire, and the water blowing and burning incandescently in what would be seen as a chaotic fashion until again there is the beginning of the organization of consciousness and the moving forth into a new octave of experience that will allow further explorations for the Creator within the new creation, this process being infinite in nature, as far as we are aware.

Is there another query, my sister?

Thank you, no.

I am Hatonn, and we would ask if there is a final query for this evening?

I have one. If a person is, in their heart, interested in helping others, and the particular area they’re trying to help in is dangerous, is putting their mind on the level of a criminal mind, is following in those directions to help our society from becoming victims, so to speak, of these people, what does a person need to do to protect themselves or to look at?

I am Hatonn, and am aware of your query, my sister. We find that this query is far more complex than its simple statement would presume, for within the query are various presumptions, some of which work against others. We would suggest that the greatest protection for any entity in any situation is to see the self and all other selves as the Creator and to have as the foundation stone of any interaction between selves a true and heartfelt love for the other selves. Whatever actions may then depend from this basic attitude of love, compassion and acceptance may then proceed within the boundaries, shall we say, of the greatest protection that is possible. For to those who move within the ways of love, there is no fear of any other self, for all is seen as the Creator.

Within your illusion this attitude of total and unconditional acceptance is not common. Indeed, within your illusion, most entities go through the daily round of activities in a fashion which is far removed from such an attitude of acceptance, and within this separation of self from other self, there is room enough for fear to grow to the point that one would feel the need to shield or armor the self in a more practical or physical fashion from others. These activities of shielding and armoring the self are those activities which provide the potential within the being practicing them for the swinging of the pendulum, shall we say, so that the attitude, through a series of testing and trials, becomes more amenable to the removing of the boundaries and the recognition of shared existence within your illusion.

In order to accomplish certain mundane or more worldly goals, it is often necessary to form the boundaries and the narrower ways of viewing a situation. This is well for the entity engaged in such activity, for each such activity will provide the entity a further step along its journey of seeking, yet shall not be the end of the journey. Each entity within your illusion, then, has as one of the primary goals the dissolving of boundaries so that there might be seen and experienced more and more of the unity of the self with all other selves, with the creation, and with the Creator. This is a significantly long journey, and oftentimes there is much of trial and trauma, in your terms, that must proceed before each step must be taken upon this journey. Yet, the steps are taken, and the journey is successfully accomplished in some degree by each entity within each incarnation.

At this time, we will make our gratitude known again to each for allowing our presence within your circle of seeking. We feel that we have exhausted various of the entities within this circle with, in some cases, an overabundance of information and, in others, a paucity of information. For this we apologize, but will attempt in succeeding gatherings to refine our ability to share our opinions and our joy at having been invited to your circle of seeking. We are those of Hatonn, and at this time we shall take our leave of this instrument and this circle, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.