The question this evening has to do with the issues that exist between the Orion, or the so-called renegade UFO type of entities, and the Confederation entities, both of which seem to be [in] contact with the population of our planet. What are the issues between them and how does our planet fit into the scheme of things and to the scheme of issues between the Orion and the Confederation entities?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. In this service we come to you. We greet and bless each and thank you with our whole heart for allowing us to blend our vibrations with your own, and we thank you for calling us by the energy and intent of your seeking and the nature of your questions.

We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are those who wait for the call, for we are those upon the path of service to others, and where there is no call for service it is not within the bounds of our free will to offer it. Therefore, we rejoice at this opportunity to share our opinions with you through this instrument, although we do wish you to remember to discriminate carefully in all that you may hear, for all that you hear through this instrument are our opinions. We have moved through many more experiences than have you. We have been where you are and we have gone forward, yet we do not know precisely the end of the road ahead nor do we feel the end of our identity, and we know that these things will occur at somewhat, shall we say, the same time.

Thus, we are as you, pilgrims upon a very, very long and rewarding road, the road that seeks the mystery, the road that is the mystery of the one infinite Creator. You are all energy; that which you see as form and manifestation is, instead, an higher organization of energy fields. This will be helpful to remember as we speak with you about your question of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator and its possible differences from the so-called Orion or Orionis group.

There is an energy that radiates outward, blessing, shining, warming. The sun that you experience is a good example of such radiance. This is the radiance of unity, and in its promise lie the bloom of many kinds of qualities that may be considered positive and radiant—love, peace, unity, consolation, hope and joy. There is another sort of energy which may be worked upon to empower it, that is magnetic or attractive energy, in which the entity creates the self as the Creator and controls the creation about it as would a king his kingdom.

These two energies manifest in many, many different ways; they are two sides of the one coin of the infinite intelligence that created all of the densities of space and time through which in this creation we shall move. The trip may be longer for some than for others because the basic choice that this particular density asks the seeker to make is the choice of which energy to use in order to further understand the mystery of the one infinite Creator, the one original Thought or Logos that created all that there is. This choice may seem a simple one to make when gazed at theoretically, however, this particular illusion is designed to confuse and befuddle and trap, fool and mystify any and all attempts to make black and white out of the warp and woof of speckled gray that is this illusion.

Thus, this choice must be made with the only real evidence pointing in the direction of personal power as more effective than the radiant path of acting as the servant of all shining upon all freely, spontaneously and generously. Therefore, the person who has not thought deeply upon these matters moves through his life doing one good turn for a neighbor and then cutting another off in traffic, feeling murderous toward a fellow worker, and then noticing how beautiful is the sky at sunset upon the return home. The net result: dead zero; the changes in consciousness have moved back and forth in the gravity well of indifference.

Now let us describe these paths from this point of choice until the point at which they move together again in the density beyond our own, that is, the sixth. The positive polarity in fourth density is learning how to love completely, manifesting that love by creating a social entity of itself, that is, a single group memory. Thus, we call ourselves Q’uo to you, I myself who am speaking to you am an individual within that population which has chosen to serve at this time in this manner. However, I have access to the experiences, ideas and thoughts of all of those who work with me at this time.

This is the work of positive fourth density; it is work that is not as difficult as the work you do now within the heavier illusion, for we can remember that which you cannot. We remember the long, long line of choices that has brought us to the point at which we now find ourselves; this is in forth density. Therefore, although there are many disharmonies, the disharmonies are understood. It is more possible by far to communicate and disregard differences [in] culture, sex and race. Full concept communication, or telepathy, is most often used in this density, thus eliminating the need for comparison of symbols which because of different racial archetypical minds can never be translated from one culture to another.

There are those of us who in this fourth density turn back toward the third to offer themselves as teachers. There are those of the fifth or wisdom density that do the same, and we are one of those groups within the Confederation. There are very few sixth density entities which still attempt to communicate, for much happens within the sixth density, you see. The fourth density is a density of love or understanding. All the lessons that you are learning now have to do with how to love the unlovable, how to accept the unacceptable, how to remain radiant though all of the negative seeming experiences of the illusion, how to refrain from armoring the self.

These are very, very difficult problems to deal with within your heavy illusion. Therefore, there are those of us in the love density and in the wisdom density which turn back to aid as teacher. But, in the sixth density, wisdom and love must be combined and it is wisdom’s final conclusion that we all are one. This creates within the negatively-oriented entity the terrible, tragic, unbelievable knowledge that it can go no further in its seeking for the one Creator unless it sees all others as the self. It can no longer manipulate others and fool itself that it is being otherwise all-compassionate. This is a great crisis for those upon the negative path, for those upon the negative path in fourth density create the social memory complex in a very rigid pecking order. Thoughts are shielded whenever possible and no one is truly trusted, for personal power remains that which is sought in order to use the Creator’s light, and much, much learning is available to those willing to think only of the self at all times.

In our opinion, the positive path is much, much to be preferred. The other is, however, a viable though somewhat more difficult and certainly longer path. In fifth density the negative entity remains very much by itself, learning from its teachers and remaining completely solitary. It is in the sixth density that the negative entity must come face to face with this terrible difficulty, for the sixth density is the density of unity, and in this density those who have worked so hard to develop negative polarity must, as quickly as a magnet could switch from South to North, move to positive polarity of the equal strength. This is a supreme act of will and is the unification of the children of the Creator.

You may consider all of yourselves as those involved in the polarity betwixt the positive or radiant path and negative or magnetic path. Now, in the fourth density there are many who are on the negative path who move into this density during windows of opportunity which are allowed by the one infinite Creator under the premise that one with free will shall make a choice far more powerful than one with only partial information.

Therefore, you may hear, perhaps, even a majority of negatively directed information pass through your hearing apparatus. This is not an indication of the Creator’s opinions; this is the stuff of an illusion made of energy. You are to make a choice in a seemingly negative atmosphere to be radiant and positive and loving, to offer the self as servant for all, to humble the self and surrender to that Self within, and in this you have help. You have us who have been called angels to you. There are those upon the inner planes that have refused to go on, although finished with third-density work, concerned that so many sit at this time upon the fence unwilling or unable to bring themselves to that final cornerstone decision, “Yes, my life will be service to others in the name of the infinite Creator, in the name of the mystery that I shall seek imperishably.”

We hope that each that is in incarnation at this time will realize the opportunity of free choice within such a heavy chemical illusion. It shall make a far deeper etching upon the picture, shall we say, of the self. It shall delineate more biases of polarity done in incarnation than can ever happen outside of incarnation, when all is known and choices are obvious. Those upon the positive side, seeing that the negative entities attempt conquest at this time upon planet Earth, do in thought [join] battle [with] what one may fancifully call the forces of darkness.

However, that Armageddon, shall we say, has been raging for two hundred of your years already upon the spirit plane and seems to be that which has no probability either way, for the good [in] winning loses its polarity and must fall back to regroup, at which time the negative moves forward to take light. The battle is a delusion of fourth density, which fourth density entities learn for themselves the wisdom or folly of. However, you are more than pawns in this game. These entities are not more powerful than you, not in the metaphysical sense. That is, perhaps they might, in some negative manner, cause the entity to cease living, cause the discomfort or the pain, the embarrassment or the humiliation or the fright, but they too are bound by the basic laws of free will and prey largely upon those whose minds are not complex in their thinking processes.

You are the kings and the queens and the knights upon the board. You are the players in this game. The game, my friends, however, is too simple for most entities to grasp—to love, to smile, to have the light touch, to consider cautiously to reserve judgment, to encourage each other, to care for those whom you know who may need it. These are simple things, yet each act offered in humility increases your polarity in just as much power as does the more obvious power of the entity who gains power by his charisma and his skillful manipulation of entities about him.

All of those within the Confederation are not within one galaxy. All of those in the so-called Orion group are not within that galaxy, and all about you you will find some positive and some negative entities, some positive and negative planets. This is part of the plan of this particular creation laid into place and moving as smoothly as the working of a clock. Please understand that both space and time are illusions and that each of you is energy, a thought, or consciousness, if you will. Do not gaze at the phenomena of negative and positive. Gaze within the self in silence and pray that your energy may be always radiant and never that which sucks, like the vampire, the energy of those about you. When you need help, radiance is in accepting it, and in the one who gives, it in giving it. These is no circumstance whatsoever in which one cannot be of service by the cheery smile, the light touch, the gentle word, and the listening ear.

We are all pilgrims, and in talking with each other do we encourage each other to move onward and to seek the Father’s house. Oh, prodigal daughters and sons, whatever your condition your Father awaits you and all of us with rejoicing, and we are all hungry for home. Yet, let us vow in whatever place we may be to pay attention, to see, and observe, and perceive that which our catalyst is attempting to give us in the way of lessons about love. Do not lose any opportunity to ask yourself in difficult circumstances, “Where is the loving thing to do; where is the love here?”

Yes, negativity and positivity exist, and it seems prudent to both positive and negative entities to form alliances in the positive sense so that we may share in one higher self which is a common memory of us all. In the negative sense, there are various reasons, shifting and restless, for combination. They all have to do with conquest. About those things which are political we wish to remain silent, simply reminding each that phenomena are manifestations of energy. The energy may be understood very simply. Gaze at any phenomenon and ask yourself, “Is it radiant and giving and loving and unifying or is it frightening and painful and difficult to bear?” Are you requested, or are you told and commanded? Judge for yourself the polarity of entities and situations, and know that armies will clash until entities tire of that game. The mystery of why the Creator chose to offer us these challenges and these ways of learning remains unknown to us. It is as well to accept, for now, that such is the case and to move always upon the positive path, thinking of others more than you do the self, giving more than you receive, understanding more than you are understood, being content to love. You are loved, loved most passionately and imperishably as the imperishable and unique soul that you are. The Creator is fascinated with you and wishes to know the tapestry of your feelings and thoughts and ideas and intentions. Offer to the Creator a passionate life, a life filled with caring and giving and loving and sharing. Let the colors be true and rich and let yourself have those periods which are the desert times, for those colors, too, must be in a truly beautiful painting or tapestry. Know, as you go through the dark times, of all the life that awaits to burst forth through the soil at the first drenching of blessed rain, and know that you shall as a soul receive that rain and walk once again in the lush oasis of joy.

We thank you for allowing us to come to you this evening. We are being told by the one known as Carla that we have, perhaps, talked long enough for this evening. We, therefore, at this time wish to transfer to the one known as Jim, that that entity may conclude this session. I am Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to ask if there might be further queries to which we may respond before leaving this group. Is there a query at this time?

Where do the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions exist?

I am Q’uo, and I am aware of your query, my brother. Each portion of the creation vibrates in complete harmony with the one infinite Creator which contains within Its being all the densities or dimensions which are the means by which each portion of the Creator shall know himself and shall know his Creator and, conversely, shall the Creator know Itself through each portion that It has created. Thus, each portion of the creation, your own planetary sphere, for example, has within its force field each density of light vibrating completely and fully. However, within your planetary sphere there is the activation of only the densities one through four at this time, with the fourth density that which is in the process of beginning its cycle of evolution as your third density illusion completes its cycle. Thus, the fifth and sixth and seventh densities of your planetary sphere remain, for the most part, in potentiation, serving only as vibrational frequencies to be utilized by those of like vibration from elsewhere, shall we say, at this time.

Is there another query, my brother?

Those of like vibration who are for going to the mind of the One versus those of the like vibration who are moving towards material. How do their vibrations differ in feeling and aura and sound? How do we recognize those who are different vibrations here on this planet?

I am Q’uo, and, as we understand your query, those of your population, that is of the third density, would be for the most part unable to recognize the vibration of entities of densities beyond their own, whether the entities were of the positive or negative orientation, unless these entities chose to make certain portions of their being known to those of your population. However, there are many among your peoples that have awakened the abilities of the initiate and have become somewhat sensitized in a manner which would allow them to perceive with finer tuning, shall we say, some of the qualities of entities of advanced densities.

For the most part, the aura of the negatively-oriented entity will have in his field a predominance of the colors of the lower energy centers, those being the red, the orange, and the yellow. The positively-oriented entity, on the other hand, will exhibit the colorations of the higher energy centers, beginning with the heart and the green, the blue, and the indigo. The entities of the negative orientation will, when making their presence known to an entity of your third density, exhibit the feeling of coldness and will set in motion a subtle feeling of agitation or fear. The positive-oriented entity will seek to engender only those feelings of brotherhood, of inspiriting or inspiring those entities that they touch with any portion of their presence.

Is there another query, my brother?

What about those who have gold auras, and those who have gray auras, and those who have triangular shaped auras? Are these walk-ins or inter-breds?

I am Q’uo, and I am aware of your query, my brother. To the first query, we may respond suggesting that the aura that is of gold or the aura that is white with the gold appearing within it as a living color are entities that are, shall we say, from elsewhere of a positive orientation who have chosen to return or to come for the first time to this planetary influence for the purpose of offering their service in whatever way might be possible for them. The entities that exhibit the more unusual configurations of the aura of which you have spoken, being the grayish aura and the triangulated aura, are entities that have become, shall we say, a portion of the play between the forces of what are called light and the forces that are called darkness upon your planetary sphere, and have become, shall we say, influenced in a way which we would rather leave to the free will thinking of those who are interested in such riddles, for there is a line beyond which we may not move in giving information without infringing upon the free will of those to whom we speak and, in some cases, the free will of those about which we speak. For this we apologize, my brother.

Is there another query?

The auras that are triangular shaped and people who have triangular marks on their body, what does this signify and where are they from?

I am Q’uo, and I am aware of your query, my brother. As we were speaking previously, these entities are those who have had contact with entities of an origination other than your planetary sphere, who have, shall we say…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. We shall ask if there is another query?

How do we know if we are walk-ins, inter-breds, hybrids or we have been tagged? Must this information be protected from us or is there a way to discern?

I am Q’uo, and I am aware of your query, my brother. For a general response to this query that does not risk the infringement upon the free will of those who seek the mystery of their own being, we must suggest that one look within one’s own being within the state of meditation or of prayer and for those who are accomplished at working with their dreams within the sleeping state there might be sought information in these areas that is not readily accessible to the conscious mind. The part which desires with great intensity to know the nature of its own being and the purpose of its being shall, with dogged persistence, continue to seek within the meditative or prayerful state this information which the subconscious mind contains in full and which it will release in symbolic form to the conscious mind in order that the conscious mind might be informed in the manner by which it has sought information.

This is the means by which one knocks upon the inner door that it might be opened and there might be an exchange of information and experience between the conscious and unconscious minds. The masks, shall we say, that each entity wears within an incarnation are placed as they are by the entity and its free will choices prior to each incarnational experience in order that certain potentials might be offered for learning certain lessons and offering services as a result of these experiences. Thus, each entity has the mystery that surrounds it that offers to it the constant opportunity to penetrate the veil of forgetting, as it is called, in order that a glimpse of that which lies beyond shall inspire the seeker to continue on this journey, finding a glimmer of light here, then there, then here and there, and, putting together these pieces of illumination, might begin to understand the nature of its own being and its connection to all of the creation about it.

Is there another query, my brother?

The people, the beings who come in from the Confederation, do they contact and take people for experimentation only with their permission? Or do they feel that they have a higher ethical imperative which overrides those of us of the lower dimensions?

I am Q’uo. It is the desire of each entity and group of entities that comprise the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator to offer those services to the population of your planetary sphere that are requested, as long as these services do not infringe upon the free will of those requesting the service. Thus, the interaction between those of the Confederation and your planetary population is one which is carefully guarded for the benefit of the population of your planet, for if there is interaction that is too, shall we say, open or blatant and which gives answers too easily, the student will not benefit from the interaction. Though it shall know the answers to the, shall we say, test of life, it shall not be able to move upon its own direction without the assistance of those who are more informed. This is not a situation which is desirable for the entities on your planetary sphere or those of the Confederation of Planets.

Thus, the positively-oriented contact will be one which is most subtle, in most cases. There are, of course, anomalistic situations in which these general guidelines may not apply, however, there is always the great desire to insure the exercise of free will by those of your population so that there is no infringement of this free will and no interaction that causes undue fear, if this can be avoided at all. Thus, most of the contacts that occur between the Confederation of Planets and those of your population are contacts which occur upon the, shall we say, inner planes or the astral level of experience which is accessible through the sleep and dreaming process or the meditative state. There are few contacts of a positively-oriented nature that occur in the face to face encounter, as we find you have called it.

Is there another query, my brother?

Yes. Those who are renegades, do they have a different ethical imperative that allows them to override the ethics and values of those of the third dimension? That is, do they work against our will without us having a say?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. Those of the negatively oriented polarity have chosen the path that is magnetic or absorbent in nature, shall we say. That of light, of power, of energy or of fruitfulness of any nature which is about such an entity shall be controlled, shall we say, by that entity, in order that its own power might be enhanced. Thus, the entities of the negative orientation have chosen to travel a path in which the subjugation of the will of others is a natural part of that path, enabling those who gain power over others to exercise that power in a manner which does, indeed, infringe upon the free will of those who [are] brought under the control of the upper, shall we say, echelons or ranks of this polarization.

The interaction betwixt these entities and the population of your planet has as one of the cornerstones the engendering of the emotion of fear in order that the population of your planet might look with a feeling of fear and separation at the entities that comprise your population and at the concept of contact with extraterrestrial beings in general. The concept of fear then can be utilized to divide, shall we say, the desire of your peoples to travel the path of seeking the light, if that path can be shown to be strewn with difficulties and the unknown and fear-filled quality of beings that populate it. Thus, with the ignorance that is engendered by such fear and separation can the population of a peoples be controlled and utilized as what you might call the slaves that produce endlessly that which is desired by the master.

Is there a further query?

I have a final question. Those who seek the light, is there a way we can protect ourselves from those who seek the darkness?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We are most grateful that you have queried in this regard, for there is, indeed, the means by which any seeker of light might provide itself with a protection from such influence. Though it seems quite a foolish thing to do, the means is to enter, within one’s own heart, within the state of meditation or prayer and to find as much heartfelt love as one can generate and offer it to those that would wish one less than well, and to bathe these entities in this love and in that light and to offer to them that unconditional love from the heart which is so sweet and delicate to those of the positive polarity but which has the opposite effect upon those of the negative polarity.

However, we must remind each that it is necessary that the intention for such a protection be not to resist or to cause the entities of negative polarity any discomfort at all, but to simply offer the heartfelt love to such entities and then to bathe the self in the armor of love and light and to offer this love as often as is necessary in order that the protection and wall of light be constructed about the entity in a pure and heartfelt manner. Thus, the positive and negative poles offer a natural boundary, shall we say, or resistance, each to the other, for a certain portion of time and experience before the unification of these polarities is accomplished within the sixth-density illusion, as we spoke previously.

Is there another query, my brother?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query for the evening?

Just one small one. If someone has an implant, is there a way to remove it?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We shall offer this response as the final response for the evening. The implant that has been utilized so frequently in the contact betwixt the negatively-oriented entities and some of the peoples of your population is a device which is not readily responsive to the technology of your medical profession at this time…

Um-hmm. I was wondering about radionics, actually…

…for it is that which has properties that are, shall we say, multidimensional in nature. The ability to affect or remove these implants is present in those who seek to work in the metaphysical realm using the techniques of visualization and the, as we find you have called it, the laying on of hands in order that the healing touch of love and compassion might be directed according to the visualization which sees the implanted substance being dissolved by the intelligent energy which moves through the one serving as healer to the one seeking the healing.

This means of dissolving the implanted particle may be enhanced by the prayerful attitude of the one seeking the healing and any other entities of an harmonious vibrational character which would offer themselves in the healing circle at the time that the healing is attempted. Whether the circle is in the same location as the healer and one to be healed is unimportant. The important quality here is that the assistance is given at the time that the healing is attempted. There is the necessity of preparing the place of working for this healing in order that it is of a purified nature and offers only the most positively-oriented vibrations possible, so that the healing energies might be attracted and channeled with as little obstruction as possible from the lower vibrational nature of any place of working before it has been purified.

The purification of such a place of working might be accomplished in whatever manner has meaning to the one serving as healer and the one seeking the healing. Whether this be by visualization of light filling and cleansing the room, whether it be by the reading of sacred words, by the singing of sacred songs or chants, or by the physical cleansing that will symbolize the metaphysical cleansing that is desired is up to the discretion of those partaking in the healing service. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully prepare the place of the working and to prepare those that shall partake in this working in order that the energies provided might be enhanced as much as is possible.

May I ask a simple yes or no just to end? Would this by any chance be what Jesus meant when he said some demons can only come out by prayer?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister, and this is, indeed, the basis of the instructions which we have shared with you this evening. There is no greater healing power than that of true, heartfelt compassion given without condition and offered as a prayer to the one Creator which exists within one creation and which responds to the heartfelt plea for assistance.

Thank you. God bless.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister, and thank each within this circle of seeking this evening for inviting and allowing our presence. It has been a great joy and a great privilege to be able to blend our vibrations with yours and we cannot thank each enough for allowing this great experience of blending our vibrations with yours this evening. We at this time shall take our leave of this instrument and this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.