The question this evening has to do with dreaming, the use that we can make of dreams in our lives and the various kinds of dreams that we might experience and how each might have something to offer us.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I greet you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator in Whose service we answer your call for information this evening. We thank you for calling us to you and giving us the opportunity to share our thoughts with yours. It is most kind of you and most helpful to us, and we hope that we may in some humble way offer you a thought or two that you may use. However, we do warn you that we are not infallible, and, as always, we ask for you to use careful discrimination in absorbing any information, using your discernment and your own inner remembrance and recognition of what is true for you.

There are several types of dreams for all entities and for some there are more specialized types of dreams. We shall go over what this instrument would call the garden variety of dreams first, and that is the typically half-remembered, somewhat chaotic dream which has elements within it which are recognizable from the recent past. That which occurred within the recent past was not the appropriate solution for your mind or your emotions or your physical vehicle or your spirit and thusly a proportion of your mind is working out different ways of experiencing the situation which was not satisfactory to you or which held a meaning to you that was subconsciously recognized at the time. Thus, in the non-dramatic dream where the images are scattered and do not seem clear, it is important simply to recognize that you are more than casually troubled by something within the experiences which are being rehearsed within the dream experience in whatever distorted form. These are new items of distress and have not yet descended to the level of deep dreaming. These are the easiest dreams to work with, therefore, for although they may not seem as clear or as important, that small change which is dealt with in a daily manner, when balanced, becomes a very, very large amount over the long run.

It is important to remember the absolute necessity of the dreaming process. Therefore, even if you cannot remember the dreams at all, at least at first, never fear that you are lacking in the dream experience but assume that there is some other reason for the dreams to be removed from the ability to recall. In some cases, perhaps it is not well that the conscious mind deal with that which the subconscious mind finds conflicting and difficult. This will, however, cause the one who does not remember the dreams finally to experience a clearer dreaming process, perhaps in a more dramatic manner, say, than one who remembers dreams in a regular fashion and works with the images and their impact upon waking reality and what your own spirit has undergone in order to withstand or bear the catalyst that you re-experience in the dream.

The other, shall we say, garden variety type of dream is the so-called clear dreaming where one feels one is conscious within the dream. It is unusual for an entity to be able to cause the dream body to move and accept the living consciousness of the living self, therefore it is difficult, for instance, to cause the self in the dream to move limbs, eyes or mouth, however, it is perfectly possible to observe the self and these dreams are normally easier to remember. These dreams of clarity come to you after a certain amount of suffering.

It is not always relationships that cause one to suffer. One’s progress through life may be a course which is causing suffering. One’s lack of excellent equipment may be holding one back from what one feels to be one’s true career. There are many, many things, beginning with those experiences within your younger times, that are linked in a chain throughout the years, where you as an entity have continually avoided balancing some certain disappointment, difficulty or challenge. These dreams often recur. Common themes are loss of control, lack of preparation for a test; basically those feeling times which indicate some sort of fear or negative emotion which the self is attempting to deal with while maintaining the integrity of the conscious mind. Dreaming is to be welcomed as it is an absolute spiritual necessity, an absolute physical necessity, [and] emotional and mental necessity. Therefore, not only the sleeping but the dreaming is to be valued for these two simple things alone.

Yet there are other types of dreams. There is the prophetic dream. This is caused by a sensitive instrument’s picking up the simultaneous time in the future—which is actually simultaneous with right now—when something usually disastrous may happen. If it is a very clear dream, do not be surprised if it comes true. This is not a particularly common occurrence but is common enough to be mentioned. Also to be mentioned in this regard, with more interest, is that sort of clear dream which prophesizes in a parable or extended metaphor concerning choices to be made in the near future. These are dreams greatly to be valued and carefully to be studied.

There are two very esoteric types of dreams, which some have at some point within their lives, and some do not. It simply depends upon where that particular spirit is in its evolution. If one has come to this plane of existence from another in which memories are retained at some level, it is not surprising that some who call themselves wanderers would dream of adventures and heroics of one kind or another in the service of those who are desperate for help.

This is an experience which those who choose the path of service to others will inevitably go through. Thus, you are remembering that which has happened to you in another illusion and you need not expect it to make sense except as a fantasy; let it be a fantasy to you.

This is not an important type of dream, for you see you are now an Earth person. You have incarnated and are just as much under the planetary, natural law as any third-density Earth native. The real work of living a life in faith is living it within this illusion, at this time, with no evidence of glory or perfection outstanding. The challenge is to feel the glory and the majesty of creation, to feel the life that is lived now, to feel oneself opening as a flower to the Creator. These memories of aid do not truly help the émigré to Earth, for it is here that each spirit has chosen to make—once again—that great choice, of service to others or service to self. And we have all come with balanced karma, but we will not leave unless that karma remains balanced. Consequently, we urge each in this sort of dream experience to acknowledge that you, perhaps, had unusual adventures. But remember always that you are here to love and to accept love, to be wise and accept wisdom, to feel the time, to feel the space that is the appropriate time for each thing.

There is one more type of dream that some do have who are very intensely working upon the indigo-ray center, that is, who are doing work in consciousness. Such will remember being with a teacher but will not remember what is taught. This is, of course, as it should be, for those things which are of true help in taming the unruly spirit of mankind are far below the conscious level of control.

The aggressive impulse that has come to you through the type of body which each chose to inhabit, the variousness of free will, all of these things cause you to experience a normal, human experience. However, within the dream state, it is possible to receive instruction that may, over a period of time, aid in the instinctive reactions to challenging situations in order that your spirit may be calm and untroubled while the concern is put aside and the problem at hand approached as an enjoyable challenge. With this type of dream as well, it is very unlikely that you shall be able to remember that which you have been taught. On some occasions there will be one thought or one sentence which you are left with. It is well to write that down, for these are your teachers, these are those who are with you always, these are the Comforter which vibrates in that vibration which comforts you. So bless and welcome your teachers, they have much to tell you.

We have not touched upon the nightmare for the nightmare is not a different kind of dream. A nightmare can be that which was caused by the happenings of the day, that which was caused by repeated trauma in childhood. The classic, shall we say, nightmare is simply that type of dream which is very, very useful to examine, for what is feared, how it is feared and what the situation that is feared is actually like, this sort of working with the dream is most helpful.

Now, we are aware that it is felt sometimes that there is some help in offering difficult images in the dreaming process. However, we may suggest that you protect yourself by praying as you sleep, that is, as you enter the state of sleep. A simple prayer, the Lord’s prayer or a simple childhood rhyme, thus surrounding yourself with the love and the light of the Creator which you remember instantaneously and Who instantaneously sheds grace abundant upon you.

The psychic greeting dream does exist but is so very specialized that it is extremely rare. Realize that your own lives have shown you abuse, terror, shame, humiliation and many extremes you would much prefer not having experienced. All of this is catalyst and is dealt with largely on the subconscious level. So your nightmares are actually attempts to heal and are to be valued as much as the happiest dream, for they represent a valiant and courageous subconscious mind which is quite determined to see you through that which has made you fear something or someone.

There is a waking dream which is identical to a sleeping dream in terms of the brain wave pattern of an entity. This is called the day-dreaming process and is closely linked to dreaming. It is recommended that this process be monitored, much as the dreaming process is monitored, that you may discover what it is that your mind is focused upon, what your true desires are. This is what you wish to know from within yourself.

So, as you approach your sleeping time, ask yourself inwardly to dream truthful dreams and to remember them well, and, if you can, write them down. We think you will find this most helpful. It is to be remembered in analyzing dreams that a principle this instrument has learned from psychology is true. That is: each character in your dream is an aspect of yourself. This is a very large key to the analysis of many dreams.

That which you do not realize, do not remember, and will never know, that which makes sleeping and dreaming utterly necessary, is that heavenly food and drink which each sleeping entity receives by the grace of the one infinite Creator. Much healing occurs in sleep, much forgiveness is engendered in sleep. Sleep is rest not only for the body; it is food, nourishment, absolutely necessary for the Spirit within. For you starve that Spirit, my children. You do not give that Spirit its wings in the daytime hours. You do not become excited passionately about what you are doing often enough. You have not enough zest. We encourage you to learn from your dreams, to grow from your dreams, and, taking one step at a time, to allow reality to become that which you, by analyzing your dreams, have found to be the peaceful, appropriate way of joy and dance for you.

At this time we would transfer to the one known as Jim in case any have questions at this time. I leave this instrument in love and light. I am known to you as Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to those queries which may remain upon the minds. Is there a query at this time?

One question. I have attached a significance before to people in dreams that are new to me. People that I don’t know who appear in my dreams seem to be very significant. Would you please talk about that?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. The significance, in general, for entities which appear in the dream are—we correct this instrument—is that the entity represents some aspect of the self. That this can be the case with a stranger underlines the quality of the self that has been seen, or as you might say, projected, upon the entity that is the stranger. In this instance, we would suggest that the unconscious mind is able to perceive a quality within the stranger that is obvious enough in importance to the conscious mind, being a significant aspect of the self, to bring to the attention of the self this quality. The quality may be felt rather than defined by the unconscious mind, therefore the strange entity, one unknown to the conscious self, is chosen in order that this feeling tone might be easily made apparent rather than finding this quality within a known entity and risking the coloration of the quality with what is already known in the familiar friend.

Is there another query, my brother?

I feel like the question that I have has already been answered so I won’t ask it again. I appreciate the answer, that makes sense.

I am Q’uo. We thank you for your query, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

How, in a few sentences, could you tell someone that writing down dreams would help the spiritual life? I would like to interest some friends in doing it but I don’t know how to tell or explain how it could be useful to them.

I am Q’uo, and we will do our best, my sister, to be brief with the description of the value of the dreaming process.

The conscious mind, the conscious entity, moves through its life observing itself and its interaction with others. This, many have called the Observer, that which talks to the self, critiques, motivates, reacts. Just so, the unconscious mind has such an observer quality that has a far broader point of view and a greater wealth of resources to offer in its commentary upon the conscious life. Thus, through the dreaming process is this commentary made available to the conscious self in order that both the conscious and unconscious portions of the mind—that male and that female quality—might be utilized in a fashion [that] when well done is of a balanced nature. Therefore, to rely only upon the conscious mind and its analysis of the life pattern is to utilize only half of the resources which are available to each entity within your illusion.

Is there another query, my sister?

No, thank you very much… I had a question, it may not be interesting to everyone. I often have a dream where I see someone asking for help and I wonder if that is me asking for help?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. The possibilities begin, of course, as we have said, with the self. One may see various aspects of the self painted into the dream landscape so that one may see each portion of the self as a piece in a larger puzzle or portrait. The utilization of other entities and situations may well make correlations between a portion of the self and the environment outside of the self and how the self relates to that environment. It is well in viewing any dream or portion of a dream to ask the self—we correct this instrument—to ask the self, if it is not obviously apparent, what each portion of the dream represents.

When there is uncertainty, it is well to begin a process of, shall we call it, “What if… ?” What if that is so and so? What if that is myself as I relate to this person? What if that is this portion of myself from childhood? What if that is a portion of myself that had a certain experience recently? Ask any question which you can think of, for the conscious and unconscious mind will at this point feed likely possibilities to your conscious mind as you consider the dream and its meaning. Imagine as you consider each possibility that this is true for the time that you consider it. As this is done with each possibility, each “What if… ?” examine the feeling within your heart so that when there is a recognition below the conscious level that you will be aware that the unconscious mind has resonated in harmony with that possibility. Thus, you may utilize both the conscious and unconscious mind in the analysis of the dream episode.

Is there another query, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

If it wouldn’t detune the instrument, I’ve often wondered why some people dream in black and white and some people dream in color. Please don’t answer that if it would detune the instrument.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister, and appreciative of your concern as well. We shall do our best to speak to this query, though this instrument is somewhat dubious of our ability.

The dreaming in the color as is the life experience is a quality or ability which is not as widely utilized as one would imagine since it seems logical that the dreaming process would faithfully reflect the day-to-day experience and the record made by the eyes. However, for many, the process of dreaming contains enough filters, shall we say, that may be utilized for a variety of purposes that some dreams are remembered or rendered in more simple qualities, that of the black and white as you have called it. For some, this is the result of the distance one feels not only from the dreaming process, but more importantly and saliently, the distance one feels from the life experience. When there is little of the—we look for the correct words—élan vitale or gusto as you may call it, the zest that enlivens the daily round of activities so that there is little of the numbness, little of the lack of feeling, but great feeling and motivation from within the self to partake in the life experience, thus the filters that one has put in place, shall we say…

[Tape ends.]