Has to do with what we might call a spiritual kind of coincidence in our lives, which ranges from how the various events of the day that aid our learning and understanding occur, whether it might be we meet the right person, the right book or the right travel agent, or whether it might be that the entity that incarnates through us as a child comes into our lives. It is said by many that there are spiritual entities of various densities and degrees of understanding located within various of the realms of the astral level and of the devachanic levels of our Earth plane that are attracted to us by our current vibrations or understanding or seeking for information. How are all of these entities and ideas, peoples and events brought together in our lives in what seems later to be an appropriate configuration so that just the right learning occurs and just the right service at the right time?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet you all in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. May we thank this instrument for removing from the group’s atmosphere the negative entity which could have confused this contact. We appreciate this instrument’s care in challenging spirits.

It is a beauty and blessing to us to be called to your group this evening. Joy washes over us as we enjoy your combined vibrations and the light of seeking which together you build, which comes through the ethers as a call which we may answer. For we are of those who desire to be of service through contact with those of your people who serve as vocal channels.

That which we have to say is opinion, and we ask you carefully to beware of authoritarianism in us or anyone, for all is opinion—nothing is known. This is not important in a final sense, for there is much to learn before the spiritual gravity within us calls us away from identity and back to the uncreated oneness of the Creator. Consequently, that which we have to say to you, if it is inspirational, please feel free to use it. If it provides for you a stumbling block, remove it without a second thought. We thank you for your discrimination and encourage it.

The question this evening concerns spiritual coincidence. It is a subject that may be approached from many ways, and we have debated how to approach it. We have decided that perhaps the best way is to express the grand principle of free will among all your peoples, all of humankind and third density upon your sphere. There is free choice at all times. There is that which is called faith or destiny, in that each of you with the help of the higher self decided what lessons you are to attempt within this life experience. However, there are many, many plans made because entities do not follow the dictates of their deepest free will, of their happiness and bliss, as the one this instrument is fond of—as Joseph Campbell would say.

Thus, let there be no talk of destiny disrupting free will, for free will is paramount. Each of you has the choice at all times of which voice to which you may listen, which instinct feels correct, which hesitation is born of fear and which of wisdom. The comforting thing about spiritual coincidence is that it continues as long as one is upon the spiritual path. As humankind misses by misunderstanding spiritual coincidences, patiently, carefully, the higher self organizes a probable series of actions which will teach the same lesson. It tends to have more force each time it is repeated so that the seeker may recognize the problem more easily.

To some, it may seem as if the Creator is progressively against them [to] these or those who have not awakened to the catalyst being that which is borne as fertilizer to the ground of faith and love and service to others, that fruit may appear from the suffering endured and learning the lesson. Why is there suffering, my friends? It is very simple. Suffering is a natural concomitant of change, and when something new is realized and put into action within the self and the self’s thinking and behavior, change occurs. The energy of programs which have become useless may now turn to new programs, and so the student progresses upon the path of seeking the infinite mystery of the one Creator.

At any point, an entity may say, “This I cannot handle at this time,” and may walk away from the catalyst. There is no loss of free will, nor is there merely one conclusion that may be drawn from the same catalyst. Each entity will experience a common catalyst in an unique way.

Therefore, we ask that you be aware that spiritual coincidence is not coincidence, but planning. Before your birth—and we may parenthetically add here that each of you upon this sphere at this time is capable of graduation into fourth density—has had the opportunity to make many, many choices, to see catalyst in a way that can be of service to self and others or in a way that is self-destructive and destructive to others. These coincidences are so that the one who is working along the spiritual path may be cheered and strengthened in faith. It takes nothing away from the free will of the entity to have a situation presented in which this lesson may be demonstrated as learned, this particular lesson that you interpret in this particular way. But if you walk away from this opportunity, this catalyst, you shall again encounter a similar catalyst, in different circumstances, in a different spiritual set of coincidences, so that you may further recognize that lesson you came to express and manifest.

We ask you to think of yourself in a symbolic manner as the Christ upon the cross. Each suffers; each dies. Each spends the life, no matter how happy, in some degree of psychic, spiritual, emotional, mental or physical pain. This is the road of service to others. This is the sacrificial road which each of you has chosen as service-to-others entities. Each of you loves each other. Each of you would step in front of the other to stop the bullet. This is service-to-others polarity, and this entire vibratory nexus which you call third density is that in which you make the foundation choice which each of you has already made to be of service to others and to live a life in faith. Your basic contribution is living the life in faith; not in being happy or melancholy or useful or productive, but in being a certain kind of entity, an entity that is able to shine through the windows of the eyes and the smile upon the lips with the light of the one infinite Creator.

While you are doing this, you are carrying the cross to which you are nailed. This is, shall we say, the valley of the shadow of death. To put it in completely another context, this is your boot camp. This is a difficult time for each seeking spirit, for you must begin to learn your true value as a child of the one Creator. You must begin to choose your service and to make that service so much a part of your life that it becomes your freedom and the inability to serve becomes enslavement.

Therefore we ask you, even though it is difficult, not to fear the pain of change or the sometimes bewildering energy that may accompany it. For change you will, if you meditate each day, and if you attempt to choose always to serve the one infinite Creator.

It was part of the question that there were many upon your inner planes which were at all times available and might aid the entity. This is indeed so. None is alone ever. Each is beloved not only by the Creator but by those who have chosen to be companions within the life experience of this spirit. Thus, the second thing which we would encourage in each is a program of daily, humble, simple, listening, silent meditation. There are voices deep within you of the Creator, of what this instrument would call the Spirit, and many others, the higher self, of guides, of the inner planes, of the deeper recesses of the self, which in a subjective sense is equal to the description of the outer spirits above, that can give information to you which you are unable to reach or have access to while in the normal waking state.

Thus, to put oneself in a state of listening is most important in opening the intuition and strengthening that rainbow bridge betwixt time and eternity, betwixt the past, present and future and now, the eternal moment. For all of you, you see, experience an illusion called time, and an illusion called space, that the great tapestry of your life may be woven by you, warp and woof, color upon color and pattern upon pattern, as a gift to the infinite Creator. In silence, these deeper voices may speak to you, and you find what you truly and most deeply wish to do.

We do not suggest that because you feel that you have heard this or that, you obey it. We encourage always the discrimination. But we encourage each to listen to the clear dream, to the sudden realization, to the result of meditation. For, my friends, your consciousness uses for its subtle spiritual work that portion of the brain which is called the frontal lobes. It is faith that creates the rainbow bridge betwixt the waking, thinking and creative self and the spiritual wilderness of most entity’s frontal lobes.

Each of you which is doing work in consciousness needs to be aware that there is a simple physiological movement of the consciousness which is the cause of so many of the teachers of meditation advising the gaze upon the third eye within the forehead. It is not the gland itself that is so important; it is the physical matter of the frontal lobes which, when given attention by the deep mind, may open by faith that one may cross into eternity and look at situations from the standpoint of now, a now which is ten thousand years later, a now which may give the planetary view, a now which gives the eternal view.

It is said that all roads lead to Rome; we find this within this instrument’s head. We assure you, you cannot make too many detours to move through the densities. It merely is up to you as to how fast you wish to progress. The faster that you progress, the more uncomfortable that you will be. If you truly wish to progress quickly, it is best to do it with another entity at least, for the energies released are strong. The revolution around meditation and balancing of the day’s experiences or analysis of the day’s experiences is most important. The taking of the life seriously is helpful, and the viewpoint of laughter, merriment and seeing the life as [a] cartoon is equally helpful. Both viewpoints are needed to form an accurate picture of that which occurs within the catalyst of your life experience. All that is tragic has the edge of humor. All that is happy and humorous has an inner side of tragedy. Polarity is a portion of third density.

We encourage you not to be concerned as to how fast you move along the path to spiritual enlightenment, for, in truth you are not seeking a specific gradation of light, but are seeking merely to progress. There is, indeed, a resistance point betwixt densities, a point of light which becomes suddenly of a different nature, so that those which truly cannot move into fourth density at the end of the life experience will be placed upon a planet which is having third-density experience. Those who are able to cross the threshold to the fourth density upon their physical death may move into a larger life, a life of glowing colors and harmonious entities, a life where all the lies and deceptions and the schemes and attitudes are known and loved and forgiven, and therefore are no longer needed as armor and are dropped; a density of understanding of each other, of being able to see which mate is truly associated with you and is truly to be with you, and in this instance we would refer to the query of the one known as P.

The choice of a mate is most important, for one who seeks may seek much more stably, much more objectively, and much more creatively if that spirit is, shall we say, in harness with another entity which likewise is dedicated to carrying the cross of humanity and suffering to learn the lessons of love. We are not specifically Christian, anymore than we are specifically Buddhist or Taoist or Shintoist. We are those who speak of love and light, and we wish each to realize that those who speak of a life experience as the proverbial bowl of cherries, as this instrument would call it, have in one way got it right, because this is an illusion, my friends, a complete and total illusion.

That through which you are going at this time will not leave a mark upon you—that is, your spirit—unless you allow it to. This and that shall happen with difficulty to your mind, your emotions, and your body; all which is born, shall die. You are perishable, yet you are also imperishable, and the spiritual coincidences of this illusion give to you information, subjective personal information, not of use to others, not of general importance, not of proof, shall we say, but that which is subjectively interesting to you.

In daily meditation you sink into your intuitive mind, into your subconscious, and you build that rainbow bridge of faith. Above all things, we urge you to live a life in faith and love, faith that what is happening should be happening, love for all that moves and breathes, love for the elements themselves, love for the Creator, and above all, love of each other. Listen increasingly, as your intuition becomes more able to communicate with you consciously. Keep the dream notebook, keep the notebook of that which comes to you when awake, and see what your concerns are, what the pattern of your difficulties may be. Your so-called brain is a biocomputer which is of limited use. It is very useful as an employee of your spirit, and we urge you to place that ability to think and discern upon those things which have already happened which need analysis, though we urge you to keep the intellect in abeyance while experiencing intuitional information.

My friends, there is not a lack of free will, but each of you has a destiny. Each of you has come here hoping to fulfill some job, shall we say, some change in attitude, some feeling, some bias that before you were born you decided needed strengthening. Therefore, that which is happening to you is happening to you because you chose to be strengthened in a certain way. Let your intuition speak to you concerning the catalyst of the day and especially the spiritual coincidences that occur. For much information, in fact, all that there is, resides within your own consciousness which in itself is a portion of the one infinite Creator in its active state. Trust in your birthright, and do not be fooled by this little life that you live at this time. You cannot make a mistake within this illusion if you but shoulder your troubles and carry on, having faith that you have arranged for yourself in a perfectly simple and understandable manner that which confronts you. No matter how confused or difficult it may seem, there is a heart to it and in that heart is a lesson of love.

Do not berate the self as you fail in your own eyes, but simply start again, look again, meditate again, and persevere in the desire to know. For if you desire to know the truth, the truth will repeatedly come to you, some truths useful for a small period of time, some truths useful for all of eternity. When one truth changes to another, do not be afraid, for the basic truth is love, and its basic expression within your density, faith. You were born as part of the Creator and part of free will. You have within you love and variousness. As you move through the variety of experiences that your free will chooses, allow that Creator-spirit within to recognize the spiritual lessons which you are to learn. Allow that rainbow bridge to form, allow, shall we say, in a mechanical way, the use of the frontal lobes in which are stored all of creation.

At this time, we would transfer this contact to the one known as Jim, thanking this instrument for its effort upon our behalf, and especially for the ridding from the group of an entity with which we would have difficulty in keeping a clear contact. I am Q’uo. I leave in love and light and transfer at this time.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to those queries which may yet remain upon the minds of those present. Is there a query at this time to which we may speak?

Yes, I have a question. Earlier, Q’uo, in the channeling you spoke of if a person decides to go rapidly in your spiritual seeking and take the hard path, I believe you said, it is best to have a kindred spirit making the journey with you. I think I understand why, but could you elaborate just a little bit in case there’s some things about that I’m not thinking of?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. As one progresses upon the journey of evolution of mind, body and spirit, one will discover that the catalyst which aids in this progress is most usually configured in a manner which will present the challenge in order that abilities of the entity may be stretched, shall we say, to the limits and the possibility of enlarging these abilities then offered. If one chooses to progress in a more rapid or conscious fashion, this in the mundane world of your daily experience may well mean that the difficulties will be enhanced.

Thus, it is well upon such a journey to travel with a companion of similar desire that wishes above all else with you to make this journey of seeking, of learning and of service, for those who are of a like mind will far more surely find those clues within the catalyst that point the direction for the next step, and those who travel together will experience their catalyst and processing of same in an unique fashion, with one utilizing the intensity of experience at a time, perhaps, when the other has less intensity, so that there might be assistance given from one to another. The support of one seeker for another is crucial in those times during which the night of the soul is experienced and despair descends upon the perception of the one who is experiencing the battle of learning and of service. For there is much to untangle within each incarnational experience and when one seeks to speed this process, one is asking to suffer in the mundane world in order that the limits of ability might be enhanced and enlarged.

Thus, there is much of comfort and of solace and of support that each may provide the other as the goal of learning and of serving is achieved.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thank you very much.

I am Q’uo, and thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

Could you speak on the reprogramming of the mind?

I am Q’uo, and we shall speak but briefly…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. We shall continue. The term “reprogramming” has some misdirection within it to which we would first speak. It is possible to assume by this term that one would change the program that has been set in motion in some fashion due to conscious desire and specific efforts. We would rather focus upon the completion of programming rather than that which would change programming which has been chosen previous to the incarnation’s beginning. For the preincarnative choices that have allowed certain biases and tendencies to manifest within the incarnational pattern have the purpose of allowing a greater point of view or perspective to be achieved as the preincarnative biases are experienced, analyzed, meditated upon, and consciously worked with in a manner which draws unto them their appropriate complements, in many cases these being the opposite of the original bias.

Thus, one may experience a good deal of frustration and anger pointed toward the self within an incarnational pattern as a result of various what an entity may call mistakes and ineffective application in order that a greater love and compassion might eventually replace the anger and frustration which were the first distortions or biases with which the entity began. Thus, the continued experience of this anger pointed toward the self may eventually attract the attention of the entity to the degree that the entity begins to consider why such anger exists and what use may be made of it, all the while building the potential for eventual acceptance and compassion for the self and then for others about the self.

Thus, it is our recommendation that each entity seek to understand and to identify those biases or programmings which are prominent within the life pattern and to trace these behaviors of thought, of word, and of action to their deepest source within the being and to then note the effect that these programmings have brought about within the point of view or attitude of the entity. It is well to enter into the daily round of activities without pretense or predisposition to, shall we say, clamp down upon the self certain behaviors due to their being felt to be of an unhelpful nature, but rather to allow the natural response in each situation to find its expression within the self and to work with that response at a later time when the emotional coloration has left the mind and to work in the contemplative or prayerful or meditative state with these spontaneous responses in order that they might be enhanced to the point that their logical conclusion is seen and felt within the being.

At this point it is then possible that the appropriate complement that is meant to be drawn to the entity through these spontaneous experiences will make itself known as well within the field of vision of the inner eye. When this has occurred with equal intensity, then, at the deepest level of awareness possible for the seeker, it may be seen that the life pattern has the purpose in this instance of allowing this range of experience to be had in the life pattern in order that certain opportunities and lessons and services might be made available.

Thus, it is our recommendation that the conscious working with catalyst, that which may be called the reprogramming, be done as a function of the natural experience that forms the life pattern and be done in a conscious fashion with the desire to penetrate to the heart of the experience so that the surface appearance is soon left behind and the deeper significance is discovered, buried layer upon layer within the symbolic formation of this programming within the entity’s life pattern.

Is there another query, my sister?

It says in the Bible, “By their fruits you shall know them,” and that’s sort of a biblical equivalent of the work ethic which Americans have. It sounds to me that you’re saying that worldly ambition and the work ethic work, or can work, against living a life in faith or living a life by spiritual principles. Is that correct?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. If one’s focus of attention remains solely upon the surface of experience, that which you call the worldly ambition, then, indeed, it is so that such can retard the progress of one upon the path of evolution. For it is truly said that it is an illusion in which you now dwell. “It is far more than it appears,” is another way of stating this point of view. Thus, there are various levels of realization that one may obtain from any particular experience. One may remain upon the surface of experience and realize only that which is mundane and worldly in your normal round of activities. One may chose at some point within the life experience to seek further the meaning of the experience.

At this point the entity will begin to see beyond the appearance of the illusion and the daily round of activities so that a pattern of purpose begins to form itself within the conscious seeking entity. Thus, the journey inward has begun and may continue for as long and as far as the entity wishes to pursue it.

May we speak further, my sister?

But you can do a job and make a living, as long as you don’t take it home with you. It wouldn’t matter then, right? You could still progress spiritually?

I am Q’uo. One may, indeed, complete the job, as you have called it, and provide a living for the self and the family and yet be able to take great strides of evolution. For all that comes before the conscious seeker of truth in the daily round may be utilized in a higher and higher sense, shall we say, once the mundane level of experience has been accomplished.

Is there another query, my sister?

Is the opposite true? Can one who does not do any physical service find a way to progress spiritually?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. Within your illusion it is quite possible to progress in a spiritual sense without physically doing any particular thing, for the entity which is consciously aware of the process of evolution may utilize any experience, thought or desire in order to advance the ability to feel love and compassion for the self and for all other selves. Thus, it is only necessary that the desire to learn and to serve be present within the entity for these goals to be realized within your illusion.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, Q’uo, thank you very much.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

I have another question. I don’t want to be a hog, but this has been bothering me the whole time we’ve been sitting here. It goes back to when Carla was channeling at the very beginning. Before she was channeling, just before we said the Lord’s prayer, I was running a real negative trip in my head about a common friend and our experiences, and it was really just bothering me, because here we were about to start praying together and I was running all this real heavy negative stuff. And then Carla came and channeled and said and was thanked by Q’uo for challenging a negative entity. My question is, was this negative entity in any way involved with the intensity of my thoughts, my negative feelings? If this doesn’t infringe upon free will, could you comment upon it, please?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. The entity of which we spoke through the instrument known as Carla was an entity which was attracted to the desire to be of service that was present within this circle of seeking. This desire is seen upon the metaphysical planes as a light This light is seen in its intensity to possess a power to transform. The negatively-oriented entity desired to influence this light in as great a fashion as possible in order that the light might be brought within its domain, for this is the nature of the negatively-oriented entity, to gather from whatever source possible as much light power as possible in order that its own power might be enhanced at the expense, shall we say, of others.

The thoughts of those within the circle of seeking, inasmuch as they would deviate from the harmony normally present within such a positively-oriented group, may be utilized by such an entity to provide a chink, shall we say, in the armor of protective light that this group or any such group provides by its desire to seek information in order to be of service to others.

Thus, the thoughts that were present within your mind complex were available as a resource for this entity which would have been happy to utilize them by enhancing their intensity and removing your positive contribution to the circle of seeking. This was in potential and was not yet a possibility for the entity, however, the entity was aware of such possibility.

Is there a further query, my brother?

In other words, from what you just said, this entity hadn’t really focused on me, but was just aware, because this is not the first time this particular thought had been entertained by me. But you’re saying that it really wasn’t a focus at this time of this entity on my particular thoughts that made them so intense?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. Without infringement, we may suggest that the notice of the thoughts of which you speak was as far as the entity was able to proceed, though the normal process for such an entity is, indeed, to intensify such choices freely made that deviate from the harmony possible for an entity. There is no ability of negatively-oriented entities to plant, shall we say, such a thought within the mind of another without the other first creating that thought of its own free will.

Is there another query, my brother?

No, thank you very much.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you once again, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

Would you address the difference between judgment and discernment?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. The hallmark difference from our point of view between the judging and the discerning is that in the act of judging an action, a thought, or an entity, one in some degree removes that thought, action or entity from the loving compassion that one would feel in a normal sense without the judgment. In the act of discerning, one looks at a thought, a word, an action, or an entity and attempts to describe what is occurring without removing this thought, word, action or entity from the heart, shall we say, and attempts to relate to that thought, word, action or entity in a fashion that is consonant with the feeling of compassion and love that each portion of the Creator has as a natural birthright.

May we speak in any further degree, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there a final query at this time?

I guess I’d like to ask the one that was brought up about the sevens. There were a lot of seven densities and seven sub-densities and so forth. Have you any comment to make on that particular arrangement?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. Each density of light provides a certain vibrational possibility for learning and for service. Within your third density, as is true with each density before and after the third density, there is the primary division of the density into seven levels of vibration, each building upon the previous level in the possibility of obtaining experience, of learning through experience, and of serving through utilizing that which has been learned. There is within each sub-density a further division of seven that proceeds yet into further division of seven, until one may assume that the division is infinite.

Thus, possibility for learning and serving through the gradation of experience is also infinite. The divisions of each density and sub-density are not arbitrary or created by any particularized entity or group of entities, but are rather a function of the nature of the creation itself which has certain vibrational characteristics that naturally fall into those areas which in your numbering systems correspond to that which equals seven.

Thus, within your illusion, there are many mystery schools, shall we say, which find meaning in this division of sevens, so that in a mathematical sense there is the possibility of creating the model or the analog which approaches the deeper levels of understanding of the very nature of creation. Thus, one finds that the pursuit of the understanding, shall we say, of the mysteries of life, as you would call it, may be described in a general fashion by the application of the qualities that are associated with the seven levels of vibration of light which form the creation or the universe as you know it.

Thus, each entity within this circle of seeking and within the third density in general has reproduced within its energy systems, or those areas which you have called the chakras, the seven levels of vibration, each energy center or chakra containing also a division of seven levels of apprehending the basic nature or tone of experience that is possible within each energy center, with each succeeding center providing a finer or more refined application of the basic energy which enters through the root chakra and proceeds through the system of chakras or energy centers in the form of light, so that the entity is able, or potentially able, to apply its own level of understanding to its daily round of activities and discern those experiences which have significance in the journey of evolution.

Thus, the system of sevens provides each seeker of truth the ability to penetrate beyond the surface appearance of any thought or experience so that there might be gained from each a variety of levels of experience or symbolism that will enhance the evolutionary process.

At this time…

Could I ask just one more question? To follow up? It’s just this. Excuse me—I didn’t mean to interrupt you, but I was so curious. Would it be correct to say, then, that the peculiar plangency and heartfeltness of music, especially sacred music, is due to the fact that music is the physical analog of that spiritual truth, since it moves in octaves—seven notes and then the next note is the same as the first, only an octave higher?

I am Q’uo, and this is correct, my sister, for the vibration that is felt within an entity as a response to the musical notation being reflected through voice or instrument is a vibration which sets up the possibility of viewing the present experience of the entity from that level of vibration created by the music. Thus, certain music, as you call it, will excite certain centers of energy, and through that excitation the entity will feel various levels and qualities of inspiration. Thus, the perception of the entity will blend in an harmonious fashion with the music and provide the entity an experience that would not be possible without the presence of the music.

Thank you, Q’uo. I’m done now, and I just want to thank you for being with us tonight and invite you to join us afterwards for our merriment and laughter. Be with us, and we thank you so much, all of us. Adonai.

I am Q’uo, and we are most grateful, my sister, to each present for allowing our presence this evening, for without your invitation we would have no beingness within your circle of seeking. We are most grateful for the opportunity to speak those words which we offer freely and which are the fruits of our own seeking. We remind each that we offer that which is but our opinion, and we do not wish any word to provide a stumbling block to any seeker. Please accept those words which have meaning to you and use them as you will. If any word does not ring true, please forget it at once.

We at, this time, would leave this instrument and this circle, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.