Most people feel that the spiritual journey should become easier, happier and healthier the further and longer that you travel. This doesn’t seem to be so. In many cases there seem to be more difficulties or challenges, shall we say, that are put in the path of the sincere and persistent seeker. Why is it that the path does not necessarily become easier or happier or healthier the longer that you travel?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We of Q’uo thank you for the desire which has come to make you one circle of seeking, one desire for truth, one unity of spirit. The question that you have asked this instrument to channel upon is one which this instrument will find interesting because this instrument has immediately previous to this read a similar message to a similar question. It is a good chance for those who have been channeling to see that there are nuances and subtleties to questions within a group that are personalized by the group so that although the end result is hopefully an inspiration which may be universal, it is carefully shaped to the questions between the lines of the question.

Within your culture, you have a condition of emotion, spirit and body which is called burnout by this instrument. The cause of this is that you have not given over those portions of yourself which are not good fruit and, therefore, that within you which is not good fruit tries to take over the good vine, as your holy book would put it. Now, we are starting from a spiritual standpoint, because we feel that to this group meditation, inspiration, integrity and singleness of heart are already in place. This is [the] spiritual atmosphere in which we urge each to come. Each of you comes already in this mode, centered by meditation and contemplation and a burning desire to serve the Creator and all of your brothers and sisters. Therefore, we shall move into the subject from the secular standpoint.

When you face a challenging task, it is often exciting, and if you are given the opportunity to finish the task before beginning another, there is much satisfaction. If you begin another large task while in the midst of finishing the first, the stress and anxiety of time allotment occurs, not because there is not enough time, but because you are depending upon yourself. This is a secular world, a secular culture, an unchurched culture. The offering of unity and unconditional love that the master known to you as Jesus offered has been so subverted and contaminated with doctrine and dogma that it seems that there is no longer the possibility of what one may call Christian worship.

Yet I say unto you, my children, this is an untruth. You may, in opening yourself to the less personal side of yourself, find the strength, find the time, and find the grace to know the will of the Creator and to do it. This cannot happen to you secularly or in a human fashion, for you are, in your waking consciousness, very, very little aware of the fact that all of you are channels. Therefore, you attempt to channel your own deepest love and service to others. And at some point, you reach your own limits and can go no further, and this seems to you to be a great failure.

We ask you first of all never to judge the self. That judgment will come, and you yourself shall be the God-self which evaluates this lifetime experience for you. As you well know, you are your own hardest critic, your own most difficult audience. To please yourself with what you do is the greatest challenge. Paradoxically, in order to maximize one’s service, there is much of oneself that needs to be burned away, as the chaff from the wheat, so that the wheat may be gathered as it springs green upon the hillside, and then golden, and then ripens unobstructed by the weeds of daily concern.

So our focus, perhaps, to you this evening would be to suggest that a time be set aside, and, if possible, a special place where one may go to listen within one’s heart, having opened the door behind which stands the consciousness of Christhood, the consciousness of Love. This consciousness is infinite, and one who trusts it and has faith in it is able to tap into that overflowing, beautiful and ineffable stream of the Creator’s love. You tap into it, it flows through you, and you are not weary or disappointed or saddened, for you have done your best, you have done your work, you have prepared yourself, you have challenged each spirit and found that spirit to be true to your own beliefs.

Then there is no burnout, there is no tiring, there is simply to do more and more because of the joy in the doing of it. We may say that this is equally true of healing. Those who attempt to heal by the power of their own inner being, by anomalistic electromagnetic fields, or by any other means will soon find themselves beleaguered and truly unwilling to act anymore as a healer, for there is great heartbreak in working as a healer. Sometimes the healing involves the end of this particular physical body. Sometimes the answer to your prayer is a simple no. Always, you are asked to sacrifice the personal self in some way.

Now let us look at the process. You have given over yourself to the ideal of service to the Creator by serving as the Creator. You have opened that inner door, that closet within, and metaphorically knelt there in listening reverence. You have spent time worshipping in your own way. You have not begrudged those things which fall away from you, because they do so naturally to someone who is meditating daily.

At this point we feel each of you is at this time. Now what lies ahead of you is what one of your poets would call “the road less traveled.” For we are not here to evangelize. We are not here to ask you to believe in dogma or doctrine. We are here because we are those of the consciousness of love, and we come to you as called for this particular kind of information which we give you in love, asking you always to remember that all that we say is opinion and not gospel. If anything that we say disturbs or disquiets you, we urge you to put that aside immediately, for you will recognize your own personal truth. It will be as if you remembered it.

After the first several years of an intensely lived spiritual life, some good habits and some bad habits are in place. The good habits tend to be that of dailyness and regularity and intensity in worship. More time is spent thinking about the one infinite Creator and Its loving nature; less time is spent considering the treasures of this particular illusion. Yet, there are always teachers which will urge you onward, and the primary teacher which always urges you onward is yourself, for you came into this incarnation blazing with zeal to do the Creator’s will in whatever way it has been laid out for you to do. By faith alone can you silence each day, “What is there for me to do?” and find a feeling in answer. We advise that you sit in meditation until you reach the point at which you are illumined, may we say, and lost in the Creator, so that each cell of the body and mind and spirit-if spirits may be said to have cells-is comforted, strengthened, sustained and blessed.

Gaze about you in your mind’s eye at the beauty of the surroundings that you have just traversed. It is a fragile beauty, blooming one day and dying the next. And yet each perfect bloom in its moment of glory is ineffably beautiful to the Creator and to those with the eyes to see. We ask you to see that nature itself, the second density upon which you so depend, works hard to renew itself, to heal itself of the wounds that mankind has inflicted upon it. We would ask you in your daily meditation to pray for the peace and the integrity of your planet, for as each of you does so, the consciousness of this planet is lightened and more and more entities are ready for graduation into the next density.

Now, you have already experienced that things become harder as one goes along throughout an incarnational experience. It may seem simplistic to you, but we ask you to think of your school system: first grade, second grade, third grade, and so on. Such is the classroom in which you are now in terms of the way we measure dimensionality. You lie at the very cusp of third and fourth density, finishing the old and beginning to feel the new vibrations. Those who are negatively inclined will be more negative. Those who are positively inclined will be polarizing more and more towards service to others, for there is no one upon this planet at this time who does not have a chance for graduation. Each of you has earned this incarnation, this precious experience, by seniority of vibration, by being able, by learning the lessons of this incarnation to make that step from thinking more about the self than others to thinking more about others than the self. If one were to be given calculus in the first grade and reading in the tenth, it would be rather chaotic, would it not?

Therefore, we begin slowly. The creation, first density of rock, sea, fire and air; the second generation or dimension of plants and animals, all of these are connected intimately with love. This is why many of you experience such a deep peace when surrounded by wilderness of nature, for it sways with the rhythm of creation and has an open heart for all beings around it. It even offers to each of you the oxygen that you breathe, just as you offer it the carbon dioxide which it needs.

So you learn the beginning of things first. You learn to turn towards the light in second density, and by the end of second density you have become an individual, whether you be an animal, a plant, or a rock formation. If it is invested with enough devotion and love from third-density entities such as yourself, it too will become ensouled within a physical body which is able to be self-conscious.

The third density, in which you now enjoy experience, is a density in which one thing is raised high before everyone’s eye. And that is the choice: faith or doubt; light or darkness; hope or despair. Each time that you pass through the fire and find that you have learned something very difficult, you wipe your brow, metaphysically speaking, and say, “Ohh, I hope that is all I need to learn right now.” My friends, your higher selves are ambitious for you. They are not content with a little of this and a little of that. They ask you for your life, and in return give you the sense of life eternal, which is the imperishable truth about each of you, for each of you is a consciousness which was before the world began. Each of you is a spark of God-self with a matching and appropriate amount of free will, set loose to make your own choices, to decide whether you shall serve others and serve the Creator, or serve yourself and so serve the Creator.

There are two reasons why things become more difficult as one goes along. Perhaps the most characteristic reason is that of the unlearned or incompletely learned lesson of love. Each lesson which comes to you, each challenge and difficulty and demand, holds a lesson of love for you. If you do not successfully work out this particular lesson through the aids of meditation, contemplation, inspiration and analysis, you may not learn the lesson in front of you. You may decide instead that perhaps you have a more glorious ministry, a more exciting gift to give to the world. You are impatient. Yet there is no room for impatience in timelessness, and, my friends, all of your spiritual growth takes place in the timeless present moment. Until you have removed yourself from today, yesterday and tomorrow, you have not contacted infinity, and it is infinity for which you yearn, for that is your birthright.

Any lesson, then, which was not successfully observed, analyzed, intuited and acted upon will in another way, but with the same dynamics of feeling, repeat itself in a more intense fashion so that you may hear more and more clearly the internal urgency of making the choice between the positive path and the negative path. One of the most terrible misconceptions of any group of seekers is elitism, the fallacy that because one is seeking, teaching, channeling or learning, one is better, elect and special compared to those who gaze upon your television sets and consume your alcoholic beverages.

Your higher self is very patient. It does not mind how long it takes for you to learn a particular lesson. It is gazing at you from the prospect of several million years. It is helping you as its gift; your gift to yourself from what you would call the future. Learn to trust in that gift. Learn to trust your own advice. Tackle the job. Talk it through and work it out the first time. There then need be no two-by-four applied to the forehead with a more stringent second lesson or an even more stringent and difficult third lesson.

Gaze at the pattern of your incarnation. What do you suppose the lessons were that you came to learn? What has your life been patterned like? All lives are a patchwork quilt when seen up close, bewildering to the eye. Yet when one backs off, one sees a pattern, a beautiful, carefully sewn pattern. All the pieces are stitched together, making the truth of love complete. And quilting is placed beneath the coverlet that you may be soft in your zeal, gentle in your speaking of the truth, never intrusive but always ready to witness to that which is in your heart when someone asks.

Therefore, the first and greatest cause of the feeling that things are getting harder as one goes along is that one is resisting a change. For in order to be of service to other people in a truly compassionate manner, one must stop making assumptions about what, in a human term, one would think this or that person needs, this or that person desires, this or that person should hear. You may drop the seed now and again. You may suggest a thought, but toss it as if it were a lighthearted shuttlecock in a badminton game. Let it flow gently and freely over the net of another’s resistance. And if it is caught and hit-very well; you may move on. If it is not caught-very well; you may move on. It is not your responsibility to change anyone’s life but your own. It is no one’s responsibility that you have difficulties or joy. Each of you is a completely independent, metaphysical, equal being, equal in stature to any being in the creation, for that of which you are made is the Creator, and that of which all things are made is of the Creator.

We suggest to you, therefore, that whatever your strong point is-intuition, analysis, meditation, prayer or contemplation-that you focus upon this in a daily and earnest manner, seeking to know how you may offer love, asking that the opportunity be given to you to share that love with others. If one does this, the lessons will still become harder, but they will at least have the interesting factor of being different. It is when one resists the pattern that one must repeat the lesson again and again.

There is another reason that the road becomes stonier and rockier as one moves along. What you are seeking to do is to take a bipedal animal with self-consciousness and so far integrate that bodily self into the consciousness that every cell of the being may listen to the secret, small voice within the closed door of the closet of your heart. You shall not ever be satisfied with yourself. This is one of those facts of the illusion which may seem to be sad, yet there is no sadness here, for you are wanting to lose those odd little parts of yourself that do not serve in any way, and wanting to fill the places that you have made with the choices of service to others.

The third reason that the lessons become more difficult is simply that there is a great subtlety to the art and the craft of service to others. Very many of your people confuse this with pleasing others, and if they please others, they feel they have served. We suggest that this may not, indeed, be the case, and that each request for service be gazed at, not from the standpoint of pleasing the self or the other self, but from the standpoint of where the love is in the situation so that you may fasten on to that lodestar of love and light and act accordingly to those principles which stream therefrom.

How we admire you. We remember third density. It is the shortest of the densities, the density of choice. You are here to choose to serve the Creator by serving others or by serving the self and manipulating others. As you serve others, you may be asked to do outrageous things, to go beyond your limitations, to do what cannot be done yet which shall be done because it must. And in those situations we strongly advise that you release your personal personality and move to an impersonal portion of your deep self, that God-self of unmitigated and straightforward compassion. To determine what is pleasing as opposed to what is serving another entity is sometimes difficult, especially on the spur of the moment. Therefore, we ask you to steep yourselves as you would immolate a tea bag in the teacup in the love and the light of the infinite One, that what needs be done for you to polarize, for you to choose, may be done with what this instrument would call singleness and gladness of heart.

Much of the illusion is based upon the feeling that you are not all right, that you are imperfect, that you are flawed. In a human sense this is true. Each of you has free will and that free will causes you to act variously at various times. Some of those times are successful, some of those times are disgusting and failures. We do not ask that you succeed, nor does your higher self ask that you literally and in a worldly sense succeed in service to others…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

…you spirit, this polarization as the steps between the polarity you experience and the polarity you wish becomes smaller or shorter but much more intense, for you are burning away a great deal of what people may call personality. This is not to say that you should not be merry, full of laughter and joy, comforting and exhorting each other always in love. Each of you was put here for each of you. You have the freedom to be one with everyone or to single out the self as more important than everyone.

Now, there is a trick, which we may shamelessly call that, for aiding the floundering spirit, and that is this. The Creator, if asked, will give you what you desire. Indeed, this is so much true that in a way we fear to say the truth, for that which you wish you will surely get. And many of you wish sometimes for very self-destructive things because you are unhappy with yourself. Let no illusion trouble you, but remain in your heart, in your spirit, on your path, for all paths lead to the one infinite Creator.

Now, as you gain experience and service to others, you may find your work with other people in service changing, because you are changing. Change, of course, is painful, yet it is what you are desiring, each and every one of you. If you do not wish to feel pain, refrain from the meditation, refrain from helping others, be secure and safe within your own four walls and live your life. Perhaps in the next incarnation you shall take up the quest once again. You have all the time in the world, and we mean that literally. There is no hurry; there is no judgment; there is simply a large portion of the Creator which has separated itself by the action of free will that it may know itself, that it may know itself better and better.

This is not the first creation, nor shall it be the last. Each of you is old, older than you can imagine, wiser than you can imagine. But these attributes are very deep within the subconscious mind. When you desire to seek the true service as opposed to pleasing entities, it is well to spend time in silence, allowing all the situation, the feelings, the expectations of others and so forth, to wash through you, and then to tune yourself to the highest and best that you possibly know and can carry on a stable basis.

We speak simple truths. There isn’t anything new about what we say. It is just that we have, shall we say, no ax to grind, no churches to build. All we care is to serve one person, one soul at a time, and we are most, most happily content, for each of you, my friends, is worthwhile, imperishable, perfect and beautiful. Now, the process that you go through in becoming a less personal servant and a more impersonal servant through which things come involves more and more sacrifice, adjustment, understanding and laughter. If you are not laughing and feeling merry at some times as you meditate, then it is time for you to learn to laugh, for you to release the spontaneity which is your birthright.

You see, each of you has complete free will. You do not have to follow the path of the Creator. You may stay in one place, or you may move in a negative fashion, controlling others and manipulating them to serve yourself. The choices are yours, and as you make one successful choice the strength is then given to you to try again and again and again. You will many times feel that you have failed. But remember, you cannot judge yourself, not until this illusion is gone from you and you can see the truth face to face. The very desire and zeal to be faithful and loving to one another is a light for the nations, a lightening of the planetary consciousness and the hope of your planet [at] this particular time.

Let us reckon with free will before we close in this instrument. You have an equal measure of free will and of God-self. This is your makeup. When you are small in stature and have not learned you are very self-involved. You are hungry, and you cry; you are wet, and you cry; you wish to be comforted, and you cry. Communication is very easy. The free will of the mother and father who nurture is not given many options, for it is in the nature of the relationship of parent and child that nurturing will in some way be done or at least attempted. But now all of you have passed that stage of living a free-will life and have found that the only true free will is the will to serve.

Thus, willfulness becomes willingness, and difficulty becomes a smoothly running river of love and light that cascades you know not where. You do not know whose lives you touch, but by faith your life itself may touch many and give them the light that they need to make their choices.

We urge each neither to proselytize nor to refrain from witnessing to that truth which is yours personally when asked. This is simple, solid, metaphysical information which has been written down many times in your holy works. But it is always new, as each day is new and as each day you are new. And so we turn to that which breaks the back of willfulness, and that is forgiveness. In willfulness you want to do this and you want to do that, and you will do this and you won’t do that. And the God-self sits in a corner with Its hands folded in the closet of your heart, waiting for you to open the door. One day you open the door, but you see nothing. You go in and you seat yourself and you prepare yourself and you find nothing. Perseverance brings awareness, a subtle awareness of the God-self, the Christ-consciousness within.

It is inevitable that each grade, shall we say, is going to be more difficult than the last, more challenging, more interesting, for that which is before you now is based upon that which you have learned so far in this incarnational experience. Perhaps the key to being able to distinguish that which you wish to do is the letting go of the decision and the allowing of inner wisdom to inform you in your free will what seems the best service to perform. Then one can turn the will with a glad and merry heart to the task at hand, wasting no time in doubt, but only tuning yourself always to the highest and best that you can be, moving again and again to the center of your being, and, no matter how harsh the failure seems to you subjectively at any one time, to refrain from the judgment of the self.

Learning has always been a painful task. It is exciting, and when one looks back upon it, it is wondrous and adventurous. One feels as a voyager would, going to conquer new lands, going to embrace the world with love and light. Just about the time that you feel this way, the next lesson shall begin. This is what you planned for yourself for the utmost polarization for service to others.


We paused briefly, simply to enjoy the beauty of this circle of seeking, and we thank and bless each of you for calling us this evening to your meditation to share in your vibrations at this time. It is most blessed to us to be able to share our thoughts with you, our most hoped-for event, and we thank you, for as we speak with you, and as we share in the anguish and joy that each brings this evening, we re-experience the third-density illusion, the heaviest of all illusions, and we see and are inspired by the bravery, the courage, and the determination of those who wish to do the Father’s will, regardless of what it costs.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim, thanking this instrument and each instrument in the group and all in the group, indeed, for acting as batteries for this instrument. We leave in love and light. We are Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. Before we take our leave of this group for this evening, we would offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to any queries which those present may have remaining upon the mind. Is there a query at this time?

You spoke just now of how we act as a battery for the primary channel. Could you say more about that process?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. As each has entered this circle of seeking this evening, there is the desire that is paramount in each heart and mind to partake in the seeking for some portion of truth, some portion of light that might be utilized to inspire the service to others within the self, to inspire the greater understanding within the self of how service is rendered and how one might evolve in the sense of mind, body and spirit.

Thus, the desire that each brings into this circle of seeking which has been enhanced by a lifetime of service may be seen as a kind of food or energizing force that, when taken cumulatively with each other entity’s desire, provides a sustained level of energy for the one serving as instrument to draw upon. The desire, then, of the entire group might be seen to be likened unto the antenna of one of your radio devices which is able to receive a signal from a distant source in direct relationship or ratio to the amount of power or energy that is available to that antenna. Thus, each of you provides a portion of that energy, and for this service we are most grateful, my brother.

Is there another query?

I had a question about the concept of a dark force, an evil force, and the light force. I’ve heard it said that the evil force is an illusion, and the only evil is between your ears, that it doesn’t really exist, and we are in this illusion, learning, leaning towards the light. And my question is that, in that leaning, should one even acknowledge that there’s darkness, that it is illusion?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We would first begin by reminding each that the creation itself is a finely wrought and intricately designed illusion which gives each portion of the Creator a means whereby it might come to know the Creator through experience, and the Creator might come to know each portion of Itself though that same experience. Within the illusion of the creation, there is that which is of the positive or radiant and that which is of the negative or magnetic. There are many terms that are used to describe the duality of forces which together form the dynamic tension which holds the creation in place as a manifested thought that might be utilized for growth and for service.

Within the illusion of this creation there is that which is not illusory, that from which the creation has been made, the one Creator, that which is beyond thought, beyond mind, beyond consciousness. There is that truth, then, of unity from which is created that which you know as the creation. There is That Which Is-unity-and That Which Is Not-and that is separation. From these two paths, then, come the two viable paths that might be traveled to the one Creator. That path which attempts to see the unity of all creation, to recognize it in each face that comes before your own, this is the path of service to others, the path of radiance, of giving and of positivity. Far more travel this path than travel that path of negativity, that path which enhances the concept of seeming separation and takes it to its logical conclusion, the path of service to self that attempts to gain for the self the power of the light and use it in subjugation of those about one in order that the power of each might redound to the one exercising control.

Within your illusion of the third density these two paths have been seen as good and as evil. This is a distortion, as you may be aware of the true nature of these paths. The more difficult of the path is that of the negative polarity, that which is called within your cultures, evil, for the attempt to bend the wills of others to one’s own desire meets the difficulty of the dissipation of the power thusly gained as the ability to blend one’s seeking with another is blocked by the separation that has been enhanced and pursued.

This path finds its conclusion within that density numbering six, where it is of necessity required that each entity wishing to proceed further in the path of unification with the Creator see all about one as the Creator. This is not difficult for those of positive polarity, for the path of positive polarity attempts as the fundamental quality of that path to see all as the Creator. It is difficult enough for those of negative polarity that the negative polarity must be abandoned at that point, and an immediate shift in polarity, shall we say, is then accomplished, for the power is the same, from the same source, and might then be reversed, shall we say, with some difficulty, in order that the seeking then proceeds with the eyes looking upon a new world and a new creation and a new sense of self.

Therefore, that which has been called evil or negative might be seen as that journey which turns upon its head all that is positive and in reverse fashion finds its pleasures in that which is dark and that which is hidden, in that which provides the opportunity for advancing the self at the expense of others. However, the end point and the final goal of each path is the one Creator, for there is no other goal, there is no other source, there is no other journey. There are, however, two means of apprehending this journey and of accomplishing its end.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

Another question. I was curious about what you said was the energy, as I understand it, showering down on the planet at this time. You said something about the negativity increasing or the energies that people are working with, if they happen to be of the resistant path, they’re going to be increasing. I guess that is true on the positive path, also? And it will continue until the fourth density comes into completion?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We find that you have in essence provided the answer to your query, in that it is, indeed, our observation that as your planetary sphere moves into a new sector of time and space that the increased love and light of that sector is felt as it streams through the web of energy vortices of your planet by each entity upon your planet, much as would the print on the written page be enlarged by the magnifying glass. Therefore, the directions which have been chosen, either to the positive radiant or the negative and magnetic, be enhanced in their direction and vector.

Therefore, it is a situation in which there is more energy as a resource to call upon and therefore becomes a natural portion of the everyday environment, shall we say, so that each individual within your planetary cultures has available the stepped-up level of vibrational energy that is affecting the daily round of activities and the perceptions of the individual, so that there is an intensification of experience.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you once again, my brother. Is there a further query at this time?

May I ask a question of a personal nature?

I am Q’uo, and we will be happy to entertain any query that is presented to us, however, we are bound by the desire that we not infringe upon an entity’s free will by giving responses that would affect that entity’s future or the personal interpretation of experience that is, of necessity, best left to the entity. With these caveats, we are happy to respond, my brother.

I understand. I experience from time to time jolts of energy coming through my body which cause my head to jerk or tremble, even when I am not intending to channel healing energy, although it is quite prevalent at those times. And I am desirous of knowing what exactly that phenomenon is. What am I experiencing?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We find that we may speak in a general fashion, leaving the specific application to your own discrimination. For one who has offered the self in the capacity of serving as healer to those who are broken or incomplete in some fashion, according to their own perceptions, there is over a period of time and the experience of serving as a healer, a buildup of a certain kind of energy that is of an healing nature. There is within some entities the need to discharge a portion of this buildup of energy which has, in what might be seen as a consciously unbidden manner, moved into the energy pattern of the healer as a kind of natural reflex, shall we say, the path of energy having been traversed many, many times previously. Thus, the buildup has the need of discharge in order that there not be a, shall we say, back-burning of the circuits within the electrical body.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thank you.

I’d like to follow up on that. Is that like… Never mind. I know the answer. Forget it. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank each. Is there a final query at this time?

Tell us about our fondness for and our attraction to felines, particularly of the Siamese societies like these.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We look upon the second density which you have called within your culture the cat, the member of the feline family, and see an entity that has from ages past within your third-density illusion served as that which might be seen as the guard, that which watches carefully the path that is traveled by the seeker of truth. There have been many cultures within your planet’s history that have revered the cat for this particular quality of serving as one which watches, as one which guards, and gives a certain nurturing care to the seeker of truth which travels the path of the positive polarity. Thus, there is the general attraction to this particular creature by those who feel a sensitivity towards the inward seeking.

There is in many individual cases a further attraction to the cat, having been established within previous incarnations in a culture which did, indeed, revere the feline creatures. We look especially to that culture of ancient Egypt which found great use for the form and the function of the cat, serving as guard to many of the rooms of the initiation chambers and rooms used for the learning and service to others. Thus, the cat is old within the archetypical mind of all of your peoples, and is especially placed upon a cherished point of focus for many individuals upon your planet who have had previous experience with these nurturing creatures.

At this time we would like to thank each within this circle of seeking for inviting our presence amongst you in order that we might share some of our thoughts upon some of those topics which are of greatest interest to you on your journeys of seeking. It is a great honor for us to be asked to such a circle, and we cannot thank each enough for this privilege. Again we would remind each that we offer that which is but our opinion, that which we have learned upon our own journeys. We do not wish any word that we have spoken to be a stumbling block for any present. Please disregard any words which have not rung of truth to you, and use those which have in that way which serves you most. We would leave each at this time in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.