It is said that our main goal or lesson is to learn to love, to serve, to give of the self to others. Is there a point beyond which one should not give, because it damages the self too much? For instance, giving one’s free will to a dominating person or giving health to unreasonable demands of non-supporting family members or destroyed self esteem to the constant criticism by a mate.

(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii. I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are most blessed to be able to share our thoughts with you and to be called to this circle of seeking. We are aware that the question you have asked is multifaceted. And we shall do our best to look at the question from various perspectives so that rather than deciding for anyone what there is to do, we may simply lay forth the choices as we see them to be within your illusion.

The question has to do with the mistreatment of one entity by another, the second entity being unaware that he is mistreating the God-self within, that person which is hurt and the person himself. Therefore, though an entity may suffer from the vagaries of a domineering mate, one is not part of the difficulty that constrains the mate which is confused and striking out.

The situation in many, many cases, when mates begin to seek, is that one will seek truly, the other upon the surface; one with the heart and the other the intellect. Therefore, the one moving from the heart center will be changing and growing and the pace of growth accelerates as the journey moves along—not that you are aware of the milestones that fly by you. But if you are persistent in doing what you feel you should do, then you are the light of the world.

Perhaps we should say before we say anything else that it is time once and for all to banish any idea of inequality of any souls whatsoever. You cannot find a degraded, drunken person sleeping in his own vomit, for that person has consciousness and holds Christ within. No more can you misjudge those near and dear to you. Their behavior may be appalling, but you are still dealing with the Christ in each person.

Consensus reality within your illusion and your particular culture at this time suggests and, indeed, encourages the option of separation when one person has been traumatized by another. This is actually a perfectly good solution. There is only one problem. If the termination of the relationship occurs before a full understanding of the dynamics of that relationship have been reached, then that situation will come up again and in a more intensified way, so that you may learn the lesson you have set for yourself to learn. Therefore, in all but the most drastic cases, it is well to work with that which challenges the seeker at the present moment rather than seeking to change the circumstances so that the entity may feel more at peace.

You are all divine individuals. This is the key to your thinking about yourself. You view yourself in failure after failure, in disappointment after disappointment; but you do not see that free will within you has distorted that Creator-self into ways that were inappropriate, and it is from those failures that you have learned much, and it is from further failure that you will learn more. Consequently, though it seems paradoxical, if you suffer from being misunderstood or from not understanding the motives of one who seems to be abusing you, that is perfectly satisfactory. It is only necessary to continue to keep the heart chakra open and to refrain from judgment on any level.

Now, with that said, we would address the question of free will. The questioner posed a situation in which one mate has completely taken over the life, the thinking and the mentality of the spouse, and the spouse has become a kind of slave. The law of free will moves against this organization of illusion with the utmost compassion and force. The ways of natural law always tend toward the balancing of such situation. However, this balancing may take many, many years. Therefore, we may say very simply, it is extremely unwise to let anyone do one’s thinking for one. It is unwise to allow another entity to belittle you and believe it. All insults should be shed as if there were a raincoat around your heart, so that they may be considered and analyzed with no hard feelings by yourself, and if the criticisms have merit, then you may use them. For the most part those who criticize others are those who are truly criticizing themselves.

When an entity has lost its free will to the point that it seems paralyzed and unable to move further, then that entity must needs go within and tabernacle with the Creator and listen very closely to the silence. Within that silence there is a love and imperishable beauty, a compassionate wisdom and an ever-comforting pair of arms that will rock you gently through the cradle of this incarnation until the chrysalis that you are becomes, in fourth density, the butterfly. The butterfly now is within you, waiting to occur. Honor yourself and let no man or woman take away from you your own knowledge of your own nature and birthright, for you are all made of love.

We encourage people to love each other. This is a blanket statement that has nothing wrong with it. However, we find that within your culture people confuse pleasing people with serving people. To please someone is a never-ending struggle, because no entity can be pleased all the time. Each entity will have its cycles of inward mood, regardless of outer circumstance. It is not your responsibility to take care of the mood level of those about you, but rather to maintain your own centered joy and peace.

In extreme cases such as you have queried about, there are options concerning communication or a simple action for the good of the entire family unit. But we cannot decide for any person where that point is. We can only say that if one perceives that one is at the point where one cannot go on in partnership, it is not a negative thing, lovingly to separate. It is also quite likely that if it is done with no rancor that the couple may be together once again on an entirely different footing—the footing of equals.

The great problem in most of your male/female relationships is the problem of inequality. This is a false and illusory concept, that is, that one entity may be worth more or [be] more important than another. We live in a completely, as you would call it, democratic creation. All souls are equal, for all souls are of the same Creator-self, mixed with free will.

The query then revolves in the end about free will itself and choices that one wishes to make, and there are no clear and hard and fast reasons and ways of thinking that can move one to right action. Sometimes the right action is to remove oneself and one’s children from the situation. Sometimes the right action is to move along within the strong and persistent will of the self, doing in a difficult situation what needs to be done, and feeling that this is indeed the peace that you have found within yourself.

That is the important thing: to discover joy and peace within yourself. If it is being robbed from you, you must cut that cord that tugs your good times away from you. This does not necessarily mean that you physically no longer see the mate, the friend, or any entity that may hurt you, but that when you do see that entity, you are corresponding with that entity in the language of the Creator-self and not the language of free will. Realize that your own free will is completely predominant. You may decide to accept a very sacrificial environment because you have decided to learn a very difficult lesson about love, that generally being that one loves the ideal, but one sees the shallowness and foolishness. It is difficult to love shallowness and foolishness, yet this is the incarnation in which you must make the choice to love and be of service to others.

Therefore, if there is the strength within to continue loving despite the challenges of a troublesome mate, a good spiritual line of accelerated growth will spiral forth and you shall shine brighter and brighter. It is a myth that certain circumstances create more spirituality than others. Spirituality is that which is recognized within one’s self.

Therefore, you have yourself, hampered only by your free will, which in the beginning is willful and moves you in various directions, and, indeed, in the case of one mate trying to dominate another, it is normal that the dominating mate not be aware of Christ consciousness in the other, and the one dominated being aware of the total democracy of spirits, and therefore being unwilling to be less than perfectly gracious, considering that each entity is the Creator.

Various entities may evaluate this data in different ways. The important thing to remember, we feel, is that you are responsible for your own thoughts, your own ideals and hopes and aspirations, your own prayers, your own consolations and your own peace, for Christ is within you; not far away, but a friend when there is no other. Open the door to your heart, reach out your hand and that consciousness that is you and the Creator is there.

So, in solving a riddle that cannot be solved, such as the riddle of how to deal with someone who is despitefully using you, it is well to take into meditation this dilemma, not urging one or the other way, but asking, seeking, hoping for an answer that may be more unitive, more loving and more effective in making loving gentle relationships occur.

There is that among your people which is called ambition. Perhaps the most destructive of ambitions is the ambition to save the physical world. There are many who fall from a very high state of consciousness because they are not content with working with one person at a time, but rather wish to manipulate the entire planet for its entire good. We do not have this bias. We simply ask you to evaluate carefully whether you have learned the lesson that this difficulty has given. When you have learned that lesson, you will feel a peace and a release from the situation.

Trust that meditative process. Trust that asking and seeking, and when you hear the answer, find the grace and the will to act upon it with a singleness of heart. For you wish to give glory to the infinite Creator, and no matter who you love, that you love is the glory of humankind. It does not matter if that love be twisted by another; it does not matter if that love be unknown or thrown away or despoiled. It matters only that you radiate the beauty, the peace, and the joy of a life centered in faith.

Turning to those about you for help will inevitably confuse. Yet, each person may have something interesting to say. It is always well to listen, for after all, all have opinions, just as we do. But in our way of thinking, we would simply suggest that in this very difficult illusion the main focus be upon centering oneself in love and acting out of love rather than reacting out of negative emotion. If in your evaluation of yourself you find that this is completely impossible, it is then time to attempt communication to work such difficulties out.

If these difficulties cannot be worked out, possibly being apart will effect some healing, so that when you come together again there is more of a realization upon both parts of the true nature of mated relationships. Mated relationships are a true adventure and ordeal. They are the sacrificing of two entities to become one. In addition to each entity, there is an “us,” and that us does many, many things: raising children, running a house, living a life together, walking across the carpets and stones of daily life.

Thus, you cannot, within the illusion, see what is to be done with someone who is holding you down irrationally, who is mistreating you, who is abusing you, and who is taking away your self-respect. These are things that in the end you have allowed to happen, and it is, if you wish to change the situation, yours to change. Each is capable of looking at options, gazing at them clearly and choosing.

We ask only that you remember at all times that you are choosing as Christ would choose, that your mind is the mind of Christ, and if your willfulness moves your mind instead of your mind your will, you have put the cart before the horse, and you will go nowhere. Therefore, sit in silence and patience day after day, week after week, and allow the process of acceleration of growth spiritually to occur in a natural manner. When you receive an impression as to what would be well to be done, act upon it in a loving and compassionate manner, for truly you are dealing, no matter how else it may seem, with yourself, with the Creator.

Therefore, bring a sense of honor for the one who causes you pain. Rather than causing him pain, you may witness unto him of the light and the love of the infinite Creator by refusing to be beaten down, by moving from love imperishable into action, by reacting not at all to the negative things that move about one, but, rather, to put oneself in a protective shell and move through the life as one who is not quite of the life or the illusion.

It is a matter of the point of view. One cannot help or decide for another entity what path that entity may take, what thoughts that entity may think. You are the only guinea pig you have the right to work upon. Therefore, we ask that you gird your loins in situations of this kind, put on the armor of light and move out freely against any and all wickedness, knowing that love does overcome all things, and that all things besides love are distortions of love, no matter how depraved.

The situation the question describes is not a pleasant one. It seems full of anguish, sadness and even horror. It is absolutely unacceptable metaphysically for one person to enslave another, either by criticism, by keeping the entity within the house, by any kind of mental or physical force whatsoever, so that if this is happening to you, then you are aware that you are in a situation which is unacceptable. At that point we would suggest that you consider deeply and take into prayer and meditation the possibility of being the one who makes the compassionate change, not closing doors, but opening them, finding a situation that will be better than the one that exists at this time.

In conclusion, we would like to say that there are many angelic spirits upon your Earth who live with entities most difficult to bear and who are untouched by any pain or grief or frustration or anger, simply because they do not identify what the person says with who that person is. We would not want to lead you astray, and so we wish to state at this time that we are not suggesting that any leave a mate because of difficulties. We are simply suggesting that a thought process available to the analytical part of the mind may come in useful as the life experience moves into a pattern.

Once you see that you have found the basic lesson of love which you are to learn, then it may become clear to you why you have been associated with this difficult spouse in the mated relationship. This difficult spouse is breaking natural law by interfering with your free will. It is indeed difficult not to reciprocate. We urge you not to. We urge you to continue at all times to look upon each person as the Creator, but we do not urge masochism upon anyone, and if, after meditation, there is peace about the leaving of such an entity, then so be it. We find the idea of the so-called sin of divorce or separation to be misunderstood among your peoples. Mates are very rare. Many marry upon your sphere of existence, but few form strong teams. When one has a mate which is willing to work with one, one is blessed and should be humble before that and offer thanksgiving each and every day.

If one has the challenging relationship that tests one day after day, exhausts one, tires one, confuses one, then we suggest time alone, a walk, a meditation each day, a retreat to a beautiful place for the weekend, times when you—the entity who you really are—may sit down and contemplate the entire picture of your incarnational pattern that you may see a lesson of love you are to learn. Once you have seen that, the “slings and arrows,” as this instrument would quote, “of outrageous fortune,” though still hitting you, cannot penetrate, because you understand whence these negative feelings arise. This is not an easy task. This is not a task in which it is at all easy to be successful, for those who are in constant negativity tend simply to become too tired to do other than react to any situation at hand. We urge each never to become too lazy, too tired, too hopeless, too despairing to center in on who you really are and to move ahead that day as a child of the one infinite Creator.

We are aware that we have given little instruction, but merely pointed out some options and some thoughts about them. Because matedness among third-density entities is so completely misunderstood as being a kind of business partnership, it is no wonder that many relationships are emotionally bankrupt. We do not encourage cruel or unfortunate behavior upon your part in retaliation for what has happened. We do encourage prayer on behalf of the one which is disturbing you. But most of all we ask you to step back and look up at night at the infinity of the heavens and find within yourself that place which contains all those heavens. The tabernacle of creation lies within your heart. This you may seek again and again, and if you have courage and persistence, you will still seek again and again, but you will be moving more quickly.

Many entities at this time have chosen to come into relationship with entities which challenge them. This is because it is easier to push against a force to polarize than to polarize from internal pressure. That is to say, it is easier when there is a bad example to be a good example than when all there is about you is good examples.

One more thing that we would mention is the involvement of children in such difficulties of relationship between mates. The disharmony that is tolerable to a grown being is often painfully intolerable to a younger soul who is more sensitive. Find the nurturer within yourself, that you may nurture those young ones who are in pain.

Before you lie two realities. One is small. It contains things like garages, houses, relationships, jobs, chores and time. It is the surface of your life. But behold, underlying that surface is an incredibly beautiful, perfectly manifested God-self within. Seek that light that is brighter than light. Seek that love which ravishes and makes one whole. Seek to be with the Father. This is the most important thing which any entity may do to improve the level of vibration of your planet. The good deeds are helpful, but no more so than good intentions. That is the metaphysical rule: thoughts are things. So look at the infinite creation. It is a blessing, a beauty, and a transcendent joy and gauge yourself in the life of life around you. Be your own person with your own resources. Hold your head high in the face of challenge, resting in the mercy seat of the compassion of your heart, for if you have the will to tame your willfulness to the service of the infinite Creator, there is no kind thing which is beyond your ability to do.

May we say at the end that that which seems broken may be whole and that which seems to be lost may be found, for the Creator did not cause one to have a certain path throughout the incarnation, but rather placed certain lessons for us to learn. It is to those lessons we encourage you to look. It is the pattern of your incarnation we encourage you to analyze, but most of all, we encourage you to spend time tabernacling with the Creator and knowing that the place whereon you stand is holy ground.

As always, we of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are with you at your mental request to aid you in your meditations, to urge you on and exhort you in cheer and joy and laughter. There is much to be let go of in a life which focuses on the spiritual. Much personal that must become impersonal that one may become a better channel. Sometimes relationships are created for apparently no reason whatsoever, but when one examines the dynamics of the relationship, one discovers the lesson that one needs to learn the most. In some cases, that is, “I am worthy.” You are perfect, unique and ultimately worthy.

We would leave this instrument in love and light and transfer at this time to the one known as Jim. I am Latwii.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to those queries which may yet remain upon the minds. Is there a query to which we may speak?

I just have one. I have a need to feel you. Will you touch me?

I am Latwii, and it is our great joy and honor, my sister, to pause briefly and to make our presence known to you. We shall pause.


I am Latwii, and am again with this instrument. We have enjoyed the blending of our vibrations with yours. Is there a query at this time?

[Side one of tape ends.]

I just have one, and I just want a validation. When I patrolled the perimeter before I started challenging, I found low level negative vibrations surrounding our entire group, and I wondered if it was because it was important to L/L Research. I banished them all, but it took awhile. They couldn’t stand up to the Christ challenge, but I was just wondering why the unusual gathering at this time? And the validation I would expect is, because it is S and S is very much a part of us and we hope to stand as close to the light as possible. Comment?

I am Latwii, and we do indeed affirm the presence of these entities of which you have spoken. The reason is much as you have surmised, that being that the gathering of this particular group of entities is that which has a spiritual significance, shall we say. There is a great deal of desire to be of service amongst those presently gathered. There is, therefore, the notice upon the metaphysical of this light. This light attracts the attention much as does your electrical light attract the attention of the night creatures which fly about in your air. Thus, there are many of the negative orientation that are interested in this light, but for the most part have little other than curiosity to bring them to this light, for it is that which is of the moment at this time.

Is there a further query at this time, my sister?

I just have one, and you can skip it if you don’t want to tackle it, because it’s personal and long, but I have been struggling to accept my disability for a long time, and I really don’t seem to have succeeded. And it’s hard for me to feel useful or worthy. I find myself feeling the opposite of it a great deal because of the things that I can’t do, and I wonder how best I could nurture myself so that I could stop dumping on myself. I can work so little in a day now that it drives me crazy.

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. We would wish to relieve such suffering if there were not great rewards from the overcoming of such suffering that might be achieved by your own efforts which we also acknowledge are being made with a whole heart at this time. The fact that you have not succeeded to your own satisfaction in discovering the value within yourself of your existence and of the part that you play of this incarnation and of the planet at this time is that which would again remind you does exist. However, the finding of that treasure of great value within is a part of a journey which must be seen as a whole, for when you began this incarnation, there was much that you set before yourself to accomplish, and we would affirm that, indeed, much, much has been done in this regard.

However, the greater task—that being larger, shall we say, than the service which you might offer others—for your own beingness has been to discover that the self which is within that focus of energy that serves others has a great value and integrity of its own. That you look to that which remains to be accomplished, and that which cannot, due to limitations, be accomplished, is a portion of the means you have used to advance your own seeking, for that angst which seeks to complete that which is begun is a great motivating force.

However, as it has been a strength, it can also become that which is the weakest link, shall we say, in the chain of your own beingness, and we would advise your careful contemplation and prayerful consideration of the over-emphasis upon that quality of your being, that driving force to complete that which remains to be done, and look at those times when you do feel the need to do one thing or another.

Look then at that which has been accomplished and give praise for that moment to the one Creator for the opportunity and the privilege of accomplishing that which you have indeed accomplished. Look also at the Creator which gives those gifts of opportunities to serve in the manner which you have served and give praise for the ability to look with a longer view upon your own life pattern that you might see the wholeness and the completeness of this pattern.

Therefore, we have given you, my sister, we are afraid to admit, something of the old adage that it is well to count one’s blessing. Such a simple reminder, however, when taken to heart, might be of great assistance in this regard.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Latwii. Is there a final query for this session?

I just have a thought, going back to the three of us meditating and the low level of service-to-self entities, and I, too, felt those, and I went through some unusual things I usually don’t have to hear. A thought came to me that perhaps that if we all lived in one location, a group of us, and why we haven’t done it sooner, but why we think and hold on to the faith that we will in the future is perhaps the imbalance we would put on a larger location because of the concentration of one path, service to others, and that as long as each one of us have other drains on our energy that to—such as I with my children and Carla with her singing, Jim with other expenditures—that when we choose or when it is time for all of us to be together that the concentration of our energy in that one path is going to draw the other side and that we will need to be fully ready to support the battle that might develop or the strain of the two sides pulling? Does that make any sense or would you like to respond to that?

I am Latwii, and we believe that we have the grasp of your query, my sister. Please ask further if we are incorrect. The fact that when entities of a strong polarization towards service to others are gathered together and join in a seeking, whether it be for a short or a long duration of your time, that there is an attraction also of the, shall we say, loyal opposition of negatively-polarized entities, is a situation which is true for all positively-oriented entities. It is not a situation which, in our opinion, needs the, shall we say, alteration of plans of any kind, for it is simply the natural response to a given situation.

We would suggest that for each present and others which are also members of this particular grouping of entities, that should there come the feeling within the heart of being that there is now a need or an opportunity for blending the energies in a closer configuration in order that a service might be offered that would not be possible should this blending not be so close, that this possibility at that time be explored, but that there not be the over-concern given to such before this feeling has arisen within each entity or within those entities that would feel the need to alter their conditions of existence in order to bring about the joining of energies.

What we are hoping to convey through this response is that there is not the need for concern either that there is a great distance or time, in your measurement, separating entities or that there would a greater responsibility placed upon the group or any individuals within it should there be a joining of entities and energies at some point within your future. There is within each entity, and indeed within this group in its larger definition, a thread of, shall we say, logical existence or a preplanned design that has its outlines well in place, and there is always the opportunity for realizing a fuller description of that design for any entity that would wish to meditate carefully and sincerely upon that design, shall we say.

We wish to affirm to each that all is indeed well with the pattern as it has been and is now being lived. There is the fullness within each moment, even though that fullness may yet escape the conscious detection of any particular entity within the group at those times when the illusion is heavy upon the mind and strikes sharply to the heart. All is indeed well, my sister, and there is great opportunity that awaits each.

Is there a further query at this time?

No, thank you.

I am Latwii, and we are most grateful to have been asked to join this group and are especially grateful that we have been able to sit in silent and spoken meditation with the one known as S. We are never absent from this entity’s presence, however, we do rejoice at the opportunity of speaking in a more ordinary, shall we say, way to this particular entity.

At this time we shall take our leave of this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Latwii. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.