The question this evening has to do with catalyst and the use of catalyst in the seeming synchronicities or coincidences in our lives where there is a change in direction or attitude or content of the life pattern. How do we utilize catalyst in this way? Do we draw it to us by our previous work? How do we prepare ourselves for it, and when it shows up, how can we best take advantage of it so that we actually do move ourselves along the evolutionary path?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet each of you this evening in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator, the one original Thought of love. We thank you for the generosity of your spirit in asking for information upon subjects which seem abstracted from the daily pattern of mundane activity. Yet by calls such as yours, we recognize those who have committed themselves towards accelerating paths of their spiritual evolution, and we salute and greet each as colleagues upon the path of seeking the knowledge of the truth.

The question which you ask this evening is many-faceted. There is no error which an entity may make during which an opportunity for growth and learning is forever past. Each seeker has an infinite amount of time to learn the lessons of this density, to grasp the illusory nature of all that is born, blooms, withers and dies. Each of you hungers for a food which is spiritual, for part of you is an imperishable being of light and that portion of you is your reality. That consciousness is not only your consciousness, but within it, largely in the deeper portions of the mind, lies the entire creation.

The process by which each of you has chosen in an incarnational pattern for this incarnational experience, is one’s own judgment of oneself. We realize that much has been said in spiritual literature about judgment, however, it is impossible within the illusion to judge in any way the effectiveness of what is being done. You cannot know what your score is. You cannot count up wisdoms or number strategies of meditation until you reach enlightenment. You merely put one foot before the other before a very long and dusty road. It is the road less traveled, as this instrument would say, and it does make all the difference. You have decided to seek in a theoretical and abstract way the nature of the composition of your consciousness. We find that this concern moves to the heart of the reason for third density being as intense an illusion as it is. It also explains the necessity of continuous spiritual coincidence, which some may call synchronicity.

When one first comes into the realization of one’s own self-consciousness as being something more than the brain of an animal which carries you around, each responds by moving towards knowledge, seeking to know the answers to questions. Where one begins seeking is largely a matter of free will, for in few cases do the very young remember anything of the undistorted images of light which express a spiritual entity. So, each of you has planned before this incarnation, with the aid of the higher self, those things which are needed to be learned within the incarnation.

Now, each of you also came primarily to serve, and by focusing daily upon the Creator, you have served and served well. And each moment that you spend consciously aware of your relationship with the Creator is a moment in which the consciousness of the planet upon which you abide [is served]. You have no clear idea of the kind of light source that you can truly be and that each of you is from time to time.

Now, there is destiny, let us say, but there is not predestination, that is, in no way is an entity’s life fixed. It is malleable as a soft piece of new clay. The entity begins the incarnation forgetful entirely of all its good reasons for choosing this parent, that sibling, this situation, that relationship. Rather than wasting the time of pondering these things, we might suggest that it is an act of faith to trust that whatever is happening at the moment is what should be happening at the moment, and the only important thing is that you approach the moment with the resonance of eternity within your consciousness so that the mundane and grimy world cannot touch the light being that you are, nor can it touch your ability to act as a channel for love and light to those who suffer in one way or another.

You and your higher self, before the incarnation, have chosen what in most cases is a difficult incarnational pattern. The reason for this is that each entity to whom we speak has the capacity to graduate to the fourth density, to accept more love and more light, and to live in a denser light within this illusion, each of you. Nevertheless, each of you came first to serve, and then only secondarily to work upon the personal consciousness. This is a situation such as your Red Cross might answer in case of peril on a large scale.

We visit you by thought because there is a great call for information of this type. As when people attempt to move into the established forms of doctrine and dogma of religion, they simply cannot any longer accept symbols that have become meaningless to them. Thus, you may find yourself creating a personal philosophy, religion or myth. The words are interchangeable. For it is important that those who walk the spiritual supermarket look carefully at each choice on the shelf, each path to the Creator, and then choose one and follow it persistently and deeply. Those who never begin to move toward the center of things, those who continue walking around the rim—we correct this instrument—the rim of the wheel of life, cannot polarize in either direction, and therefore will not be able to express the joy and the passion and delight in the light that is necessary for movement, comfortable movement into fourth density.

Let us speak now of spiritual coincidence. As we have said, there is destiny but not predestination. You are co-creator of your life. The portion of you that is co-creator is the portion of you that began the incarnation as complete, chaotic, unruly willfulness. The portion of you which remains ever the same is the Creator-self within. Now, because of this sameness, this complete congruency betwixt all individuals in their most basic makeup, the universe may be seen to collapse into a field of unified consciousness. This is the very long and slow movement back to the source which each prodigal son and daughter decides to take.

Spiritual coincidence is often used in order to offer proof of a subjective nature that one has hit upon something that it is important about which to think, or has somehow blossomed and begun to manifest in a new and different way, and signs are there for you alone, to reassure you that your job is being well done. Likewise in sadness, in grief and in frustration, there is always comfort available, for each is nurtured by the one infinite Creator and no entity need be or feel alone at any time.

Spiritual coincidence is also used in another way. It is used when one is attempting to learn a somewhat complex lesson and the higher self finds its conceptualized lesson to be distorted by the illusion in one way or another. This means that, for awhile, the work in consciousness which the seeker is doing is either delusive and even vain. At that point, often a spiritual coincidence will occur to express in some radical way the need simply to pay attention, to remember who one is and who one’s Father and Creator is.

So, some spiritual coincidences are set up to encourage and console the weary-footed seeker. Other spiritual coincidences occur so that one may take another and different look at the same challenge of love. There are many, many things to learn about loving. Few there are who may love unconditionally within your density. There is always the temptation for the bargaining, the rights of each, and so forth. When two entities who are mated seek together, you may find the spiritual coincidences mounting rapidly because each mate teaches the other. Each offers a fairly undistorted mirror to the other self, enabling that self to see itself in an objective way; thereby, intuitive or rational decisions can be made and change occur.

Thus, when there is a seeming synchronicity that has entered your life pattern, allow yourself to be completely fascinated by it and to follow the trail that it leads you to. The forest of ignorance and unknowing and indifference blocks the sun from many. Thus, we urge each not to become calmer and calmer, but rather to become spiritual warriors. Those who take advantage of the challenges of this very precious, small portion of time which is your incarnational experience, you will find that there is a good deal of change involved in deciphering spiritual coincidence.

You will also find at the time it occurs it may seem to be a disaster, for when one decides to manifest in another way, when one decides to discipline or change one’s personality, one must, in this instrument’s terms, dump programs that have been working and set in place within the biocomputer of your mind for time long enough for the habit to be very difficult to break.

When you recognize synchronicity, there is the key, the clue, the harbinger which says, “Pay attention, find the love in this, this is your challenge, this is your pattern.” Move and flow with it without resistance. We are aware that there is nothing harder for any entity to do than to have blind trust and faith that all will be well. When difficulties seem to be large, perhaps even insurmountable, when the juice of gladness and joy seems to have left and the life seems empty of true purpose, this also is an excellent time to meditate upon and to analyze one’s emotional and physical environment, for a truly exhausted soul will often need to sit by the road for a time and refresh itself.

Thus, we encourage each to be completely non-judgmental of the self or others, to appreciate the validity of subjectively interesting spiritual coincidences, and to realize that the seeker enters an ordeal. The seek—we correct this instrument—the seeking of the Holy Grail might perhaps be the best way to express the journey that each is on. Each yearns for the food of eternal existence and in the day-to-day cares of the world, love can become sour, trust can become embittered, walls can be built that can’t be broken down.

In order to avoid slowly building oneself into a fixed position which you [as] an entity do not like, it is well to make every attempt to flow through the changes and not hold on to any truth, but rather have faith that that which is true at this time is indeed valid, but that at sometime in the future you may find another learning which gives you a deeper understanding of the particular lesson that you are attempting to learn.

It is much more exciting for entities to learn efficiently, but we find that your people do not learn efficiently and we find that most third-density entities do not learn efficiently. The inefficiency of the illusion as far as its offering to the seeker any outer proof of the existence of eternity is simply not there. So each must gaze upon the catalyst before him and say quite seriously, “What has this to do with me? What would be the way to serve, the way to unburden, the way to console, the way to bring light?”

Therefore, we very much encourage each to recognize the great importance of subjectively interesting spiritual coincidence or synchronicity, and to gaze keenly at the situations either by intuition or by analysis or both, seeking out what pattern is being repeated in this particular situation. For each of you, my children, has an incarnational pattern with one or two basic lessons which you wished to learn.

Now, mind you, your anxiety is not because of your own learning, for each of you wishes far more to aid others than each may take seriously the self. We would suggest that each continue to attempt to serve others, but that each take oneself more seriously. We do not mean that you should lose your sense of humor. That is certainly necessary within an illusion such as yours, which is quite comedic, we find. But in order to avoid becoming a pawn in someone else’s game you must grasp the dimensions of the understanding that is being asked of you, and then to the best of your ability attempt to learn and to manifest that new understanding, to undergo the pain of transformation and change, and to use the energy of that pain for a building of a new and higher truth for yourself.

There are few who examine the life minutely, moment by moment each day. Most entities are content to be intro—we correct this instrument—introspective from time to time only. It is well to never focus upon oneself to the extent that one is oblivious of other’s needs, but it is also most important for each of you, my children, that you respect yourself, that you move within your consciousness as on holy ground, for all of creation, all of love, dwells within the infinity of your deep mind.

If you wish to work with spiritual coincidence more intensively, the writing down of the dreams when one awakens is an helpful adjunct to silent prayer and meditation. In the silent meditation, one simply is with the Creator, and slowly, the self of each self in that atmosphere becomes and is the Creator. This is the depth and the resonance of the present moment which infinitely intersects with eternity. And the more consciousness that each has of the eternal moment, denying time and space any final reality, there is a great opportunity for that entity to find knowledge that is being sought. Then there is the responsibility and the duty to put into action those things which are learned.

May we say in reassurance, that it matters not how many times you may misread the will of the Father for you, for in each situation—synchronistically, if you will—events will fall in such a way that you are presented once again with the area of learning to love that you have been working upon for some time. It is well to know one’s incarnational goals, not only in service to others, but in terms of honoring the self as a portion of the creation enough to place that self in a meditative state where there is light abundant and food plentiful for the soul and the spirit.

Daily meditation, as always, is something which we feel is at the heart of one’s acceleration of spiritual growth, but never think that you are being moved about by destiny. This is not so. The free choice is always your own. If you do not wish a lesson, if you are too weary, you may simply sit by the side of the road and let others go by for awhile. And when you are refreshed, you simply begin again where you stopped. There is no hurry, there is no worry, there is no concern, there is no attachment. There is only the challenge of the chase for the Grail and the infinite satisfaction of spending time with the one infinite Creator. Indeed, each time the mind turns to the Creator with a word of praise or thanksgiving, the service rendered thereby is incalculable. Each time that each may smile at the stranger, or comfort, or help one who needs it, each is expressing a kind of consciousness that one is attempting to learn, that is, unconditional love.

So it is as if, say for instance, you wished to drive to the town of Chicago, you may go by one way or by another. You may sail about the world or drive the distance in a very short period of time. Eventually, however, you shall arrive at that destination which is yours. So nothing is wasted and nothing is lost in processing catalyst in a biased fashion. You are, of course, attempting to hone out of the stuff of which you are made, that is, free will and the Creator-self within, a self in which the will has become disciplined.

And one thing that spiritual coincidence does for those who heed it is encourage them upon their quest. When one is in a deep feeling of despair, one is still a hologram of the one infinite Creator. There is no way one is not going to get to Chicago, if we may continue the metaphor. It is just that there are many, many roads, some shorter, some longer, some easier, some more difficult. The measure of an entity’s spiritual mettle is basically the entity’s ability to express faith that all is as it should be and that there is love in the moment. This takes a complete, blind trust and faith because the illusion has been designed for you to see a fairly large portion of negativity within the relationships one has, the friendships one has, and the wars and rumors of wars of those upon your planet who would wish…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

…The instrument has just informed me that she would wish that I transfer this contact at this time, for we seem to have spoken in enough of a volume of your time that were we to be longer, we would lose you, as this instrument would say, as each drifted sweetly off to sleep. Therefore, we would close this meditation through the instrument known as Jim. I am known to you as Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in the love and light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to ask if we might speak to any queries which yet remain upon the minds of those present. Is there a query at this time?

To continue the analogy that was presented in tonight’s session about a trip to Chicago, I wonder if there would be the possibility of an accelerated path to Chicago, maybe to use an analogy like time travel. In other words, how does an entity accelerate along the path to reach the ultimate goal?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We may suggest that there is that which you call the accelerated path, that path being the one which is consciously chosen and followed. This is in contrast to the path which many of your peoples follow, that which is, as yet, less a conscious choice than a preincarnative and subconscious choice, that uses catalyst far less efficiently than does the path that has been carefully considered and has been consciously made the focus point of the life pattern by the seeker.

We are aware that you query as to the possibility of further accelerating the consciously chosen path. In this regard, we may respond by suggesting that as one carefully considers the daily round of activities and the seeming coincidences that present themselves in such activities, that one then follow the product of the intuition and the analysis as soon as one is aware that there is a direction which feels appropriate to the heart of the being. There is much within your illusion and your life patterns that is of mystery. As you are able to sort that which is of most value from that which is of less value, you will find yet that there are still choices to be made, and contemplation, meditation, and the prayerful attitude to be undertaken in the evaluation of the most efficient choice.

If one is able to move in harmony with these feelings and contemplative products of meditation and a prayerful attitude, one will be moving as quickly as it is well for one to move, for there is within each entity a rhythm, shall we say, of awareness that presents itself as a kind of pattern that offers the surest and most stable growth possible. If one attempts to move more quickly than one may successfully assimilate lessons and learning and service to the heart of one’s being, there is danger of overloading, shall we say, the spiritual and mental emotional circuitry of the mind/body/spirit complex. It is well, therefore, to move with some stability as well as with [the] eagerness of the seeker which sees, if only faintly, the goal which is in reach.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Not at this time, thank you.

I am Q’uo. We thank you my brother. Is there another query?

Yes. I’d like to ask about… I’m a little confused about how the mirror image works in the mated relationship. I—it seems like maybe one person is really patient and the other person is impatient, for example, and I’m sure that’s part of the Creator’s way of showing us that each of us contains both the patience and the impatience. But what if you, say, if you consider you’re the patient person and you’re seeing the impatience in the other person, does that indicate that you need, or that you feel that you should become more patient than you already are… um… I’m kind of confused how this works, how to best utilize this system here.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We shall do our best to respond in the manner which is most helpful.

The mirroring effect that those within the mated relationship experience is an intensification of the mirroring effect that is experienced by each entity at all times when in contact with others. It may be noted within the mind, when there is an interaction between entities, when a thought, word or deed that has been shared remains within the thoughts that you think and remains with a certain charge, shall we say, when there is a response by yourself to any thought, word or deed of another that causes you to move from the center of your being, and causes you concern of any kind, you may notice the mirroring effect as it is generated from your own subconscious mind.

This is to say that you have before the incarnation chosen certain lessons upon which you shall apply yourself. You have therefore biased your perceptions in a manner which will allow you to see what we may call a neutral experience, or neutral catalyst, in such and such a fashion that is in accordance with your preincarnative choices. Thus, a number of entities may witness the same exchange of experience and respond by feeling a variety of responses. This is due to the unique nature of each entity’s preincarnative programming and subconscious bias.

Thus, whatever experience you share with another that leaves its mark upon your memory is one which you would do well to consider within your own meditations, to look within your own self to see what significance this experience has. Then one may, in a meditative state, look at that experience within the life pattern to note the repetition of this experience or similar experiences, and begin by this analysis to discern the deeper pattern that comprises the lesson that you are attempting at this time to learn, and which has been signaled by the experience shared with another that registered a strong emotional response in your own being.

Thus, each life pattern is unique and the response to various stimuli or catalyst is also unique and may be observed for the impact that it has on the self.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, thank you, that was very helpful.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

Well, I’d sort of like to go back and look at the situation such as R’s, which is very common, where a person is not doing something that he feels expresses himself, but rather puts on a mask and expresses a persona—a part of the self, but not the whole self. And again and again an entity has attempted to move into a different direction, yet each time, as R said this evening, there is some compelling reason to return to a kind of irreverent humor which is considered by the entity to be perhaps less than completely helpful in service to others. What is going on when this kind of yellow-ray difficulty occurs with the society, with work, and so forth?

I am Q’uo, and I am aware of your query, my sister. One may look at each life pattern as having various vehicles for expression. The relationship with the mate is one of primary importance. The relationship with those with whom one labors in the daily round of activities is another. Each relationship or situation of an enduring nature that one encounters in the life pattern may be seen as the vehicle through which the preincarnative choices find a field of play, shall we say. It is within such relationships that those opportunities to express the lessons and services preincarnatively chosen appear. It is less important to the supposed effect upon another entity that one may assume has been made than it is to observe the effect of the experience upon the self.

It is well, therefore, to look not so much at the vehicle by which or through which one is expressing the self, as it is to look at the feeling or tone within the self that is, shall we say, the motivating force for the expression in such and such a manner. We would recommend, therefore, that there be less emphasis given to the form or framework within which lessons are attempted and more emphasis be given to the motivation for those structures that are built and operated within for the purpose of attempting those lessons.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, just an observation. You sounded… very good and I really appreciated it. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

I guess I do have one more. I was conjecturing it to myself earlier today. We were talking about time being different in different dimensions and being experienced differently in different dimensions and I thought, well, gee, you know, we experience time differently in a subjective sense in this illusion even. I mean, even with a clock ticking all the time and saying what time it is, if you don’t look at the clock, if you’re doing something you really dislike doing, a minute can last about three hours, and if you’re doing something you love doing, three hours can last about a minute. So time is very malleable and obviously an illusion, a subjective illusion, even while the clock ticks on in the illusion, you can see through it even though you’re within the illusion. It’s one of the easiest things to see through, and I was wondering if in the higher densities, the reason that there is so much time in human terms, you know, millions of years to work on lessons, that perhaps, subjectively, that time is not experienced as a long, long time but rather, is experienced as a time of concentration in which all sense of time is lost while one attempts to learn a very refined lesson.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We shall attempt to describe this function of time by suggesting that the fluidity or quick passage of time is a function of the lack of resistance to experience. To state this in the positive sense, the ability to move in harmony with one’s experience allows the dissolving of the barriers of time for that entity as it is able to move in harmony.

Is there another query, my sister?

Oh no, thank you, Q’uo.

I am Q’uo, and again thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

I sense that the energy of the instrument is getting low at this point, so perhaps maybe just a brief answer can be given about the use of magnetism, on what we know as Atlantis.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother, and we appreciate your concern for the energy of the instrument, for it is quite low at this time.

The entities within the Atlantean culture were in many respects quite successful in utilizing various means of tapping into what might be called the intelligent infinity or infinite intelligence of the creation, thereby bringing through a kind of intelligent energy which was utilized in many ways to technologically advance the culture. The use of the magnetic field of force as well as use of the energy contained within the atom and use of the crystal for penetrating intelligent infinity was made by a careful application of trial and error testing as is the way of the rational and, as you call it, scientific mind.

The utilization of these forms and forces was, for the most part, an exercise in the mundane application of energy for the use of but a few within the culture and at the expense of the majority of entities within that culture. There were those who felt that the mental discipline of the personality would yield far greater results for both the individual and the culture, and these entities, before the down-sinking of Atlantis, chose therefore to remove themselves from this culture to distant locations upon your planetary surface in order to continue the metaphysical studies that they felt would provide greater opportunity for learning and for service than would the utilization of the technological means of gaining and of applying the intelligent energy through the use of magnetic fields of force, through the use of crystals, and through the release of nuclear energy.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and again thank you, my brother. Is there a final query at this time?

All right, I have a question. The negative entities that seem to be coming among us at this time in spacecraft seem bent on manipulating our people for some reason. Could you comment on that at all?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my friend. Our comment upon this phenomenon in order to avoid the infringement upon free will must be of a general nature, for there is much activity within the various cultures of your planet at this time that is, shall we say, of the planetary again, and must remain mysterious in order for the free will of the general population of your planet to be maintained. When there is sharing and opportunity of sharing that which is helpful in the positive sense of service to others, as is the growing experience of your planet at this time, there must also be the balancing opportunity for the population of your planet to choose the path.

Therefore, the experiences of which you speak are a portion of this opportunity. The choice, however, remains always, with each individual to look upon the creation about it, either as that which is an extension of the self and that which is helped by the services of each entity, or as that which is to be controlled and plundered for the benefit only of the self or of the group to which the self belongs. Each experience and each entity shall therefore find a free range of choice available. The experiences that you refer to are much in the minds of those who work within the metaphysical studies at this time, for there is also at this time much of light and service to others that is moving as a conscious experience for a greater number of the people of this planet.

At this time, we shall thank each present for inviting our presence in your circle of seeking this evening. It has been a great honor to share that which is ours to share with you. We wish to remind each that we are but your brothers and sisters who have perhaps moved a bit farther along the same path that you travel than have you, but we do not wish any word we have spoken to serve as a stumbling block to you upon that path. Therefore, if we have spoken any words which do not ring true, please forget them at once and use only those concepts for which you feel affinity. We are known to you as those of Q’uo and we leave each at this time in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.