The question this evening has to do with the ability that many seekers have when concentrating carefully and working diligently to stay centered within themselves so that they are aware of their feelings, their actions, and the meaning of both. But what do you do when you partake in the daily round of activities and you don’t have that steady concentration? How do you maintain a contact with the center of yourself so that you’re able to take advantage of the opportunities for growth that present themselves? How do you keep from getting off the track and getting lost in the television, the mundane activities, the conversation, the emotions of the moment?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator, and thank you for calling us to share with you what humble information we may have. About the subject of living the life of the monastery in the seeming non-monastery of the mundane world, we are most happy to take up this subject, for it is central to the process of polarizing in consciousness towards service to others and an awareness of the Creator’s love for you and your adoration of the Creator who has made all things well.

As always, we ask that you remember that we are not infallible, that we still have much to learn, and that as long as we have identity, we will be making errors from time to time. The only lack of error lies in non-polarized love, and that love is a love so intense that it [vitiates] the necessity for a conscious personality. It is, therefore, stored within the Creator as the active principle of the Creator when eventually we each return to our source.

It is written in your holy works that the teacher known to you as Jesus stated that birds of the air had their nest, but that the son of man had nowhere to put his head. This was the simple truth. This entity did not operate from a home base of any kind, but rather was peripatetic and walked to different places to learn and to teach and to inspire and to fulfill that purpose for which he accepted incarnation in third density.

This entity’s life, like all entities who are sons of man and daughters of man, was the experience of the endless journey. Those who choose to sequester themselves—we correct this instrument—from the mundane world by moving into monkhood or the nunnery or some specific way of organized religion supporting those who are contemplatives, these entities remove themselves, they think, from the catalyst that they would experience as ordinary citizens who are not specifically religious or of the cloth, as this instrument would say. This is a snare and a delusion.

Humankind is equally confused and unbalanced in various ways throughout all populations, whether they be monasteries, colleges, towns or countryside. The holiness, the steeping in sanctity that is available in this life of monastery living becomes the daily round, the normal routine, the working. Mundane personalities clash between brothers and between sisters. Authority finds itself in confrontation just as much within so-called religious orders as in any other job. This is not to say that we would discourage people from becoming ministers, monks or nuns. It is merely to say that the same temptations, distractions and waywardness will await those who move into a specifically religious lifestyle to the extent that each as an entity needs catalyst. The catalyst will be there. The thought of the protection of the monastery may well be comforting, but in years of experience of living in such a community, any thoughtful religious person living therein would say that there is mundane activity that must be done always, that there is no escape from the surface of life.

Now, we would like to offer you some thoughts on the subject. There are a variety of ways to gauge centeredness to your own satisfaction. We would first indicate that a way that is considered mundane of experiencing the Creator is the making love with the intention of experiencing the Creator, for within the Creator’s love, the one original Thought is a manifestation in third density in red ray which you call the orgasm, and at those moments you are experiencing the love of the infinite Creator in an undistorted fashion. This is the steady state of the Creator. This is the nature of the Creator—joy, bliss, ecstasy and peace, all in the name of love.

As you gaze at each of your energy centers, though, those controlling your relationships with yourself, others and the society, you may find many, many ways to see the holiness and sanctity of apparently mundane things. Because you skate upon the very thin pond ice of life is no reason that you cannot make the hole in the ice and dive deeply into each moment. It is simply a matter of beginning to recognize that which is holy, that which is blessed, that which is beautiful, that which is true in the common, everyday round of activities. Any work, as this entity is aware [a brother once] has written 1, is completely spiritual if it is done for the love of the one infinite Creator.

We say this first because we wish you to know that it is not a hopeless task that you gaze upon, but rather an endless journey which is more and more rewarding. Going through spirals of learning, painful change, peaceful plateaus,and new learnings, pain and new peaceful repose—this is the surface of your life. Do not consider for a moment that your conscious mind is all that is responding to the perceived catalyst.

While the conscious mind is busy with the numbers, the letters, the chores, the subconscious mind is seeking the Creator in those who wish to move toward polarity in service to others. The foundation of this double consciousness, where one is capable of completing all mundane tasks necessary while remaining aware of the one infinite Creator, has its foundation in meditation, that is, the silent meditation of listening without any expectation, just listening.

Each entity will feel the presence of the one infinite Creator in a different way. Some feel it in the heart, some feel it more cerebrally, some feel it with a deep emotion tone that cannot be described. But once this direct experience of being with the Creator has been recognized, acknowledged and praised—and this is available to any who are able to make love—the journey is well begun and it simply requires a steady, persistent effort to observe the thoughts which move through your mind complex, to discard those which do not seem proper, or if unable to discharge them, to experience them, knowing it is a part of the catalyst of your particular lesson and feeling neither anger nor disappointment at the Creator or at yourself for becoming stuck in the mire of every day and loosing the contact of the heart with the Creator within.

It is very important that each who attempts to accelerate the pace of the spiritual evolution realize that this will be done through a series of failures as well as successes, each failure being as important or more important than the successes because of the situation in which one decides one must change. This changing to come more into line with full consciousness of the Creator in all that is is a long, progressive lesson, shall we say, a seemingly endless journey.

There are other techniques for training the mind to awareness that each present moment has the resonance of eternity. One way is simply to remind oneself of that fact as often as one thinks of it and to pause for a moment in praise, thanksgiving and adoration of the Creator which allows free will to its various parts, that they may learn freely, choose freely, and evolve each at its own rate.

Any of the senses can be used to remind one of the infinite Creator. The artifacts of humankind, especially the media, are excellent for the weary soul, however, this mass information exchange tends to entrain the mind, to manipulate the attitudes, and more than anything else, to emphasize the surface life which each entity finds, as it spirals through desert periods of its learning, to be completely inadequate to form a satisfactory life.

There is a good reason for this. We realize that in speaking of evolution, we speak of those things about which your culture is uneasy. However, we believe that it is true that you as entities have come to the near end of physical evolution in third density, which is surely reasonable considering how little of third density is left for each.

The future evolution of humankind will be what entities of your culture would call philosophical or religious. These are misnomers because that which is spiritual and that which is scientific are, in the end, congruent. And time spent pondering the various gadgets and contrivances which your people are so excellent at creating, you create the distraction, the unnecessary that seems to be needed, and underscore the surface of life for yourself.

Now, how shall you pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, as this instrument would say, to become true disciples of the one infinite Creator, to become those who truly wish to manifest the incredibly intense and infinite love that created all that is? To continue the point of view of gazing at the energy centers of the entity, we may say that once the full energy or prana or love/light of the one infinite Creator is able to reach the heart chakra, at that point the desk, shall we say, is cleared for work in consciousness. While one is mired in the surface details, one simply does not have the same consciousness. Therefore, we do not suggest in any way that any change the style of living, the way of laboring, the way of earning that which purchases food and clothing and shelter. We urge each to explore the resonances, the undertones and light motifs of everything from relationships to clear communication to any experience of any kind. In all experiences, you are on holy ground and the simple remembrance of this fact enables the seeking soul to polarize more and more in that consciousness of sanctity.

There is great polarization on your planet at this time, for harvest is near and some entities are as negative as others are positive and so many are neither negative or positive but simply unaware of a choice having to be made. To those we would say, drop a seed here and there, but have no attachment to that seed’s growing in a way you would wish, for each entity will make its own choice for service to self or service to others. Each entity has an infinite time to do so. There is no tragedy that is truly tragedy, no loss that is truly a loss, and, conversely, no happiness that is complete on the surface of your life. But with a sense of humor and a merry will, not seriously but lightheartedly, as though it were a play, we urge each to systematically cleanse the self of separation and fear whenever it rears its head.

Fear is usually the cause of separation—fear that one may be hurt, fear that one may be passed over and so forth. Then there are fears that one may perhaps not be able to meet one’s obligations. There are fears of the future and of the past. There is fear of illness, of so many things, my children, and this fear keeps you handcuffed to the surface of life. We urge each of you to dive as deeply as you can each day in meditation, and when an action is undertaken, especially in reference to other entities, whether it be the making love, the clear communication, the companionship, or the comforting, make a conscious intention of this love and pleasure, for the praise, the thanksgiving and the worship of the one infinite Creator, whose nature is so loving that it is to your third-density experience unbelievably explosive.

It is very helpful to have another entity or a group of entities with which one is seeking. This is the main use of the idea of community that is behind the monasteries, however, any group may be a support group, each to the other, if each, when the other is in difficulty and confusion, can remember that that is all right, that is acceptable, that is a portion, a natural part of the endless spiritual journey.

The spiritually polarized entity finds things dropping away, finds the life becoming simpler in an inexplicable way, and as the entity polarizes more and more in the manifestation and fruit of service to others, there is a growing and ultimately irresistible aid in that the more one polarizes towards service to others in a natural rather than forced way, the more one begins to view what is known to you as virtue with affection and fondness rather than a weary eye for legality and guilt. You do not live to yourself. You live to others and others live for you.

Realize deep within yourself that that which seems mundane and everyday, the workplace, each environment, is in actuality the Creator speaking with the Creator in one way or another. It is much easier to see the love, the joy, the bliss and the bloom of second-density creation than it is to see the same of each self-conscious, self-aware entity which has gained the right, the obligation, in its own time to make a choice betwixt service to self and service to others.

Therefore, each entity has its own, what this instrument would call, psychology of being. For some, the simple repeating of a spiritual phrase whenever one is not specifically thinking of something else will aid tremendously. For others, the cutting off of negative thinking and the application of trust and abiding faith and lack of fear does its slow but inexorable work of clearing the consciousness that it may see, not simply what the five senses of your physical body perceives, but what your entire entity perceives. The subconscious portion of the self is well aware of the Creator in all that is, of the worshipfulness inherent in being a child of the Creator. This is very slow work. The journey is long and, [to] those who attempt to discipline the personality, to live within the Kingdom of Heaven while functioning upon Earth, is somewhat intense.

We would not urge one single way for anyone to do this work, for work in consciousness is unique to each consciousness, which is also unique. The basic premise of our suggestion is that time spent thinking of the Creator in meditation and thanking and praising the Creator throughout each day in whatever way this is desired is the way to dive deeper and deeper into the present moment where there is no fear, there is no guilt from the past or worry of the future. If you may live in the moment, you are living, as this instrument would call, the Kingdom of Heaven. Those who are truly service to others oriented are most often in the thick of things doing that which has been given them to do within the mundane world creating service to others each in its own unique way. Each of you has an unique way to be of service.

Service is largely non-dramatic and impossible to detect by one who is not aware of the process going on within you. A simple smile, a soft answer to a hard question, a way of smoothing things over in the workplace—all these efforts, all these sharings of the self and the goodness of the self [redound] to the consciousness of the planet and lighten it for you to bear fruit and bloom each time you become fully aware that you are gazing at the Creator in all that you see, and that your response need contain no fear. Each of you lives within a perishable vehicle and there is much fear connected with the body complex’s desire not to end the incarnational experience. We would, on the other hand, suggest that…

We shall pause. I am Q’uo.


We would suggest to each that this surface illusion begin to be consciously penetrated by the heart and the consciousness. It is well to spend much time…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

…planet, in its own way remarkable and unique and all the senses are teased and delighted with the lovely smells of the various second-density things which grow within your Earth and create such beauty for the eyes. But you are third density and hoping to become fourth density. This means that your basic philosophy is that of one who runs the straight race, as the entity known as Paul has written in the holy work known as the Bible.

Never force the self to be “spiritual.” Never force yourself to be good, polite or helpful but rather when you have discovered a blockage within yourself and have communicated clearly that you have a problem, move deep into your consciousness and examine that difficulty, finding the love and the lesson in that situation. There is no way of which we know for an entity to make an errorless life experience. Even the entity known to you as Jesus, who is mistakenly worshipped by many who do not realize that this entity was a perfect channel for the one infinite Creator, [had] this confusion. Perfect bliss is available only to those who remove themselves in solitude so that no mirrors are held up to the self and one may go one’s eccentric and idiosyncratic way seeking God as it will, seeking love and expressing love as it can.

You will find that each of you has gifts and talents which can be used to emphasize the progress of spiritual evolution within yourself. We know that you wish to evolve. The simple remembrance of that wish within you creates a call and a desire which will give to you subjective experiences that build one upon the other over long periods of time, so that without judging the self, one may honestly say, “Yes, twenty years ago I did not think so much about the Creator and my imperishable relationship with that infinite and imperishable Creator.” Each of you has the answer within. This is why we began with such a direct and simple example of meeting the Creator in the act of love. There is no need for fanciness of thought or great stretches of the imagination but only unreserved compassion in order to polarize more and more towards being a consciously loving and serving entity.

This instrument has informed us that we have exceeded the required time limit. We are sorry to be so verbose but this particular subject is one upon which we could speak for many hours. We ourselves are still polarizing towards service to others. This is not a short journey. This is an uncomfortable journey that is real. That which you see with your five senses is a complete illusion. That which you hear from entities who are unaware that the Creator lives within them may convince you that there are some entities who are hopeless. All contain the Creator within and this is your great guide, this is why the meditation of silence is central and why it should be as frequent as possible, preferably daily and at the same time. It is especially helpful at the beginning of the day to think upon the Creator in one way or another by reading of spiritual books, by singing of spiritual songs or by the simple going within and opening the inner door to that presence which already lies within you whole and perfect, the Creator within.

We wish each the quality of faithfulness, foolishness and persistence; faithfulness in the face of adversity, foolishness in the face of those who do not believe ideals are worth holding to, and above all, an easygoing and joyful, light touch, so that you move lightly through the illusion, always gazing at the Creator.

Again we say to you, use your environment. There is no environment that is not full of the love and the light of the infinite Creator. There is no environment which is not ripe for you to be of service to others at the time at which it is asked of you. Many are the times one must wait, for one cannot be of service if one attempts to be of service in a way that is not pleasing to the one served. But if the willingness and the unconditional love of the open heart is maintained through clearing up all lower energy blockages, each entity has a more and more available opportunity to dive into the soul of reality and to experience and bring back to this world which you now enjoy the resonances of eternity.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. I leave this instrument in love and light. I am Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. We realize that we have spoken overly long this evening, but we wish to offer the opportunity for further queries to be asked if there are any as yet remaining upon the minds of those present. Is there a query at this time?

I don’t have any questions, but I would like to say that that was a rather amazing channel, and it answered an awful lot of questions and it clarified directions for me and I thank you very much for the information and for the time and the love in which it was given.

I am Q’uo, and we are most grateful to you as well, my brother, for offering the query. Is there a query at this time from any present?


I am Q’uo, and we are most grateful to have been able to join this group this evening and to share those words and thoughts which are the product of our own seeking, for we seek as do each of you, my brothers and sisters. We seek on that endless trail which many before us have trod and many which come after us shall also trod. We thank all seekers that offer their supplications to the one Creator, that there might be those to respond to such calls for service and in such response be as blessed [as] are we this evening in answering your call.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light from the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

  1. Carla: The quote is from Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet: “Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy.” The flavor of the whole essay is that “to love life through labor is to be familiar with life’s innermost secret.”