What is the function of emotions in the life of the spiritual seeker, and what value is there to the seeker in attempting to uncover or develop or feel the full range of emotions, especially the caring for those about one, and feeling the vitality of life and being able to express the feelings that move through one?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet this circle of souls in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is our privilege to be called to this group of light being, and we bask in the glow of your seeking and your love.

In speaking about emotion, there are semantic difficulties. Emotion has been systematically undervalued among your peoples for a great span of your experience, much to the detriment of the whole and unified self which seeks to manifest through third density illusion the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. What passes for emotion among many are not so much feelings as basic instincts such as reproduction, companionship and practicality. The role of emotions, while idealized within your culture, is in fact a false role, in that emotions do not serve the function which they are capable of serving.

The most usual blockages of energy are two. One is the overactive emotional nature, that nature that wears, as this instrument would say, the heart upon the sleeve, one who reacts with a shallow and instinct feeling to each catalyst that it encounters. The hectic quality of these emotions is a disturbance and a confusion, rather than that which is the true function of emotion, that is, the further knowing of the self and the ennoblement of the expression of life within the consciousness of manifestation. How much we wish we could aid those who are caught in surface emotion, yet always it is the free will choice of each to use its intellect, surface emotion, or to move in consciousness into a more helpful and useful focus of mind and heart, so that one may discover the true, deep and abiding emotions that create a life in faith.

The other common blockage of emotions is also culturally produced. The young ones of your society are not cherished with deep and abiding emotion, quite often and instead there is the rigid rule, the constant request of parent to child for this or that behavior, which, in the course of the young years, causes many souls to become inured and numbed to emotion. The intellect observes the pain of expressing emotion to those who identify deep emotion with misbehavior and unacceptable sentimentality, and so it becomes unproductive, seemingly, and indeed hurtful, to continue experiencing the impact of the full emotional nature of the deep mind.

Almost everyone dwelling upon your sphere at this time, in your culture, tends toward one or the other bias, rather than appreciating emotion in its purified and deeper sense as the profoundest part of one’s intelligence. The function of emotion in the spiritual life is the creating of the vitality, the passion and intensity which is not created out of thin air, but discovered from within. In order to make use of these purified emotions which speak of deep intelligence, it is often necessary for an entity to be aided by inspiration, example, and most of all, desire: desire to remove the stumbling blocks which block energy from the heart. With the energy blocked by over-activity or numbness of emotion, the spiritual path is even more muddled, wearisome and confusing than it needs to be. This is because such blockages keep energy from entering the heart in full measure, and it is the heart energy which is lifted up and ennobled by work in consciousness.

Now, what is the definition of purified emotion? We search for vocabulary which is not religious, but rather philosophical, for it is all too easy to say worship, adore, give thanksgiving, offer praise to the one infinite Creator. Instead, we would simply put it in another context. As one is able to experience the self more and more intelligently, consciously and fully, one is able to feel self-forgiven, worthy, hopeful, cheerful, peaceful and oriented toward a lively work on behalf of the one infinite Creator. Humankind is fueled, not by oil or coal so much as by inspiration, passion, sharing and caring. Thus, the more fully one is able to tap into the deep and plangent notes of purified emotion, the greater is one’s ability to manifest the light of the infinite One to a darkened world, which rejoices in seeing beacons of light, whether or not they know why the light is there, how the light has come to be there, and what is its function. The emotional nature of a deep and strengthening kind is the basis of intelligence which forms the bedrock of faith. We speak not of faith in this, or faith in that, for the Creator is infinite and mysterious, and any specific belief system neglects much of the whole repertoire of spiritual tools and resources. Therefore, in encouraging one’s own deeper intelligence, that is, the deep emotions, one must seek within for that center about which the incarnational experience now [revolves].

It is impossible to create purified emotion by desire alone, for desire will bring you to the border of that emotion, but will make of it a mockery unless the deep self is touched, and felt, unless emotion may inform intellect. Those among your people who are small in years are perfect examples, for the most part, of entities which are in touch with deep emotion. The younger the entity, the closer that entity is to concepts of deep memory concerning the true self and the purpose of the incarnational experience. However, immediately upon entering this illusion the process of enculturation begins, and little by little, young souls react to a lack of understanding, either by moving on a sea of shallow emotions at all times, or by rejecting emotion as painful, unnecessary and undesirable, as it does cause pain to one who does not have a fully energized heart energy center.

Many of your peoples attempt to create within themselves deep emotion, that they may love, and know the joy of deep and spiritual love. This is an exercise in futility. Also to be de-emphasized are those practices of your religions which encourage and even goad participants into an high emotional state which is fed, not by deep emotions in most cases, but by the enjoyable excitement of group joy, that is, when one worships in such a way as artificially to move the hearts of entities from without, so, to the extent that this is so, shall the emotion be that which rings false for deep work in consciousness.

Indeed, the intellect is often the master, even of the most devoted spiritual seeker. Burdened with the rational mind, the seeker often places too little emphasis on the freeing up of deep energies, of keeping open those passageways from spiritual self to mental, emotional and spiritual self. The creation is consciousness, and that consciousness is pure emotion, not the pure intellect. Infinite intelligence expresses itself within incarnation as deep and abiding emotion. Thus, as one feels love pouring through one, one is fulfilling one’s fundamental and major mission upon your Earth sphere, and that is to be a radiant being, a light to many, not by action, but by the vital energy, the sweetness of soul, and the expressions of love which move through the seeker who has opened the door to deep emotion.

To remove oneself from the coil of emotion that is shallow, or emotion that is numbed, one may sometimes find it helpful to seek a healer which works with the emotional dynamics and energies of entities. There is, in this type of healer, the energy which may be used, shall we say, as a jump start upon the clearing of emotional blockages. The energy of the teacher in this instance is critical, and those teachers which are not basically moving in joy need to turn within before teaching further, to find the absolute love which is the wisdom of the self for that greater Self which is Love. Love needs must answer love for the creation of each seeker to move into balance.

Perhaps the road to experiencing emotions more clearly and more deeply begins with the contemplation of the astounding, generous and infinite love of the one Creator. The Creator’s nature Itself is love infinite. Each of you is likewise imperishable and infinite, but in terms of the experience you now enjoy, you within the body are finite, limited and fooled by the illusion which is to teach you. Therefore, we suggest a daily alignment of affirmation and closeness with the love within one’s self which is infinite. Many negative emotions disturb the hearts of those who have not found pure emotion, and, instead of being uplifted by love, they feel judged, inadequate and unloving. This is because the surface healing emotions come from one rather than through one, [and] are easily exhausted or transformed into negative emotions of frustration, anger and guilt.

Thus, one is seeking that which one cannot put into words, that which may fill the being, so that the being is rich and full and vital, and spilling over with love, love infinite. In this atmosphere each entity becomes a healer, each entity becomes a channel, each entity becomes that which one would call Christ to those about one.

Purified emotion, whole and unblemished divine love, is the very axis upon which infinite intelligence built the myriad illusions which lead each imperishable soul along the path of inspiration, closeness to the one Creator, and an infinite capacity for compassion and service to others. Without emotion of a deep nature, the life experience lacks vividness, and it is more difficult for the seeker to make the choice of service to others or service to self with firmness of heart and intensity of passion.

Sometimes it is a long road which the pilgrim must wend upon its way to the experiencing of untutored and unregulated emotional truth. This is as it should be, and we ask each not to be discouraged as one again and again fails to realize the potential within the self, while manifesting this worshipful, sanctified and perfect love. Such deep truths are difficult to find within your illusion. So it was designed that each, by one lesson upon another, by persistence, and by the leap of faith, may become that which one was not before, consciously, that is a very creature of the Creator, a portion of infinite intelligence, an eternal, beautiful and perfect group of energies and expressions.

For, as you well know within your density, all that you see, including your own body, is illusory. That which you are indeed, in truth, is a complex of electromagnetic fields which hold within them the precious and infinite consciousness which, when purified, is one with the infinite Creator. Thus, each emotional blockage which may be found and dispelled, leaves a space, an emptiness, which is absolutely necessary in order that one may move from the emotions of the surface and the involvements of the day to a keener awareness of self as one with the Creator, a bearer of love, a messenger and channel of light to all whom you meet.

There is danger, as in any other pursuit, in working at the discovery of one’s emotions. The nature of the deep self is subtle, and is not to be manipulated from without. Rather, it is a matter of seeking faithfully and persistently in meditation and in action, to begin to observe the resonances of deep emotion which lie between the lines of the pages of everyday life. Emotion wells up within, the gift of the nature of the one infinite Creator to its infinite family, its heirs of glory.

We use the word glory most specifically and literally. There is within each seeking entity the dynamic of vitality and numbness, of joy and sorrow, of giving and receiving. It is those which harness the intellect as a dray horse for work upon the surface, and who move into meditation and deeper states of consciousness, which will find the emotions being released from within. A release of blocked emotion is greatly healing, and as one entity is healed and becomes more and more an intense and passionate creature of the light, one becomes less and less addicted to those everyday things which seem so important, and more and more tuned to the spontaneous actions of creative love. The glory of the universe of the infinite One is that each portion of it is full and instinct with profound and whole emotion, that is, the one great original Thought of love, which is the Creator as well as the creation.

There is further aid when one has touched the heart of self and felt the release of blocked energies, and that is that one’s abilities to serve others in a compassionate manner are greatly aided, for entities of themselves within the third-density illusion cannot sustain an effort which is ideal. Ideals will always be overtaken by practicalities, adjustments, compromises. Better it is for one to retire from the human arena in a persistently regularized manner, seeking within, listening within, asking to know the deepest portions, the most intelligent portions of the self, which move in emotion and archetype.

The developing of genuine purified emotion is for most a long and toilsome task, where so much of the cultural conditioning is that which, in the case of some, encourages the bubbling of surface emotion, and in others the refusal to express feeling in any way. Such are the ways your culture deadens souls to their true purpose, which is to seek persistently, patiently and prayerfully, to know, and to be with the One.

Once one realizes that within oneself lies holy ground, one knows and trusts far better the path of seeking within, for as we said, emotion that is artificially created is easy emotion, emotion which must be renewed as a library book must be renewed. It is not lasting and it requires constant nurturing and stimulation from without.

Each entity will, because of cultural conditioning, have to more or less extent some measure of blockage within those energy centers which feed the heart energy center. Thus, no one is alone in doubting and asking, yet also no one who seeks to remedy this situation by meditation and contemplation shall be a complete failure, for it is sheer intent, intensity of desire, that moves one beyond the self in surrender to that other self which is the true nature of the ephemeral third-density self.

The instrument informs us that we must cut short our unfortunately prolix dissertation. We are sorry for being unaware of the passage of time, but within your dimension the realization of the time you experience is most difficult for us, and there is much to say upon this subject. We shall simply say to each that the release of negative emotion such as guilt, anger, humiliation and resentment is an incredible healing which is only possible through the infinite love of the one Creator, and through one’s identification with that love, and one’s dedication to seeking in the deepest and most aesthetically beautiful way possible, to be truth incarnate, to express love divine, to allow oneself to be a channel of compassion and nonjudgmental aid.

We encourage each to seek the holy ground within, to find praise and give thanks for the glory, for beauty, the infinite majesty of the one great original Thought. The heavens sing with His glory, the trees and mountains dance, and all stars and planets sing a song of passionate love for the Creator unmanifest, and for each of you, the Creator made manifest and given complete free will.

We encourage you each to seek the deeper truths within, to allow negative emotions to be balanced and to fall away, as it is natural for them to do in the light of unconditional love. May each of you discover within the inner room the infinity within oneself, the purified emotion which in full strength is the Logos.

What is the function of emotion? It is intelligence which produces profound and fundamental transformation. Only the heart, when released from stricture, may be so. The approach of intellect, the approach from the outside in, the approach of believing this or that, is most frequently fruitless. It is the opening of oneself to free-floating and abstract faith, the faith that all is as it was planned to be, the faith that that which was planned is helpful and full of love, which moves the seeker onward most swiftly upon the path of spiritual evolution.

Rejoice, each soul who finds release from numbness or surface addictions. We rejoice with you as you seek the heart of the self which is the greater Self. Respect deep emotion. Realize that the vital energies are based upon one’s ability to have faith and to dwell in an emotional state of unconditional love. Daily meditation, daily contemplation, and what analysis the brain may perform, is suggested for all who seek, for you are seeking to change into the awareness of the self which is imperishable. Forgiveness is an emotion, not a mental process, and it is the key to the advancement of the self in polarization of service to the one infinite Creator. May you respect and encourage intense, loving emotion. May you find it acceptable to release numbness and surface emotion as meditation matures and strengthens the deeper self within.

We thank this instrument, and would like to close the meeting through the one known as Jim. We leave this instrument in love and light. I am Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. We are aware that there is some fatigue in the circle, but are happy to offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to any queries which may prove helpful at this time. Is there a query at this time?

I don’t really have a question, but I’d like to express my gratitude for the message tonight. It was really what I needed to hear. I thank you very much.

I am Q’uo, and we are most grateful to you, my brother, for posing the query that we were able to offer information upon. It is a great service to have those who bring their heartfelt concerns to our attention that we might have an avenue through which to offer our service.

Is there a query at this time?

You mentioned that there is much to say upon this subject. Would it be possible in the future, if we desire more information upon this subject, to ask you to continue from where you left off, or would we need to formulate another similar question in order to continue?

I am Q’uo, and we would be happy to begin at the point which this evening has been our ending at a future meeting, as you measure your time. We would simply request that the query be vibrated again at that time, so that we might again find that focus that has been fine-tuned, shall we say, within this group.

Is there another query?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. As we have discovered that the evening has grown long in your measurement of time, and that we have, for the nonce, exhausted those queries, we shall take our leave of this group, thanking each again for offering us the opportunity to offer our service at this time, and leaving you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.