What is the function of emotions in the life of the spiritual seeker, and what value is there to the seeker in attempting to uncover or develop or feel the full range of emotions, especially the caring for those about one and feeling the vitality of life and being able to express the feelings that move through one?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. Greetings to you all in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, whom we serve in our humble way as do you in yours. We are most grateful to share these few steps of your path of seeking with you, and to explore with you concepts having to do with the nature of consciousness.

Previously, we had established that in truth, although the intellect is highly regarded within your culture, it is, nonetheless, not as intelligent a portion of the mind as the deeper intuitions, what some might call gut instinct, and others call the prompting of the still small voice within, the higher self, guidance, or by whatever name an entity chooses to relate itself to a wider, wiser intelligence. This intelligence is emotion. We established that the surface emotions of life having to do with being caught in traffic, being late, having to wait, feeling negative emotions, feeling quick positive emotions with no depth, is the province of the mundane.

We do not suggest that you follow each whim, each thought, each impulse. We suggest, rather, the trust in the process of seeking within for the truth which will set you free, though it may not set another free. Each of you is unique, and the emotions that are your deeper intelligence are unique to you, their balance is unique to you, and the fruit of that balance in service is unique to you. Thus, we have established a great respect for the intuition and emotion that is the essence of intelligence.

We shall pause as this instrument is concerned.

[Pause while Carla checks with Jim, who has been coughing.]

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument, and greet each again in love and light and thanks. We shall continue.

For emotion to be considered the deeper intelligence, a new concept must be created, a word which is not within your working language, to indicate not the emotion of the easy joys and the easy sorrows, but those emotions which move deeply within the roots of mind, moved by the tides of many, many past experiences and many choices made, moved by the guidance of whatever you wish to call that spirit that comforts and supports when all of humankind seems to have failed you. Why would we ask you to dive so deep into yourself when there is a world of manifestation for you to enjoy? There is a reason, and we feel it is a worthy one, and it is from this point that we wish to go forward.

As entities are given physical vehicles at birth and move into the world, their first emotion is anger, their second, love. So begins the dynamic of a lifetime: anger at change, and love at being fed. The anger, that of change, that of moving from the safety and quiet of the womb to the harsh illusion of your world is extremely traumatic, and it creates in the entity, even so small a one, that desire so to use emotion so as to control that which occurs. One cries if one feels hungry, and one is fed. One cries if one is uncomfortable, and one’s diapers are changed. This is the beginning of each incarnation, the duality being present from the beginning of hatred of change and love of the ideal.

When we ask you to plunge deeply within yourself—and remember, this is only our opinion—we are asking you to consult the only reliable source of information for yourself. Those such as we may speak words which inspire or aid or otherwise enable entities to know more and more of their true selves. This work is done internally and in the company of intimate friends, mates, children and other family. If one deals with one’s own life situation by the use of logic, intellect and cleverness, one shall fall short of one’s own desires, for the intellect is intended to be your servant, not your master. In the same way are your deeper feelings to be tools, resources and instruments for your spiritual evolution, not carrying complete authority, but substantially worthwhile to seek out and to hear and to feel.

Now, let us examine the fabric of the universe as we understand it to be. The one great original Thought is not a thought, it is a purified emotion. It is Love. You may call it the Logos, the Creative Word, but it is in essence a pouring through the channel of the self of the infinite love of the one Creator. To attempt to manipulate one’s feelings is to attempt the masquerade ball. Yet the ball must end and the masks come off, and the finery, the feathers, the ribbons laid away, and there you sit, all of the masks gone, all of those whom you were to impress having left you alone. And as you sit you ask yourself to take off your mask, and you take that mask off and you find another, and another, and another. The nature of the intellect is such that eventually you will find that the layers enclose a nothingness, for intellect is a cold, logical biocomputer which is designed to make choices. It is not designed to be the vehicle for manifestation. The heart, that which this instrument would call gut feeling, these are those things which enable manifestation among each of those who serve the one infinite Creator in service to others. The primal Logos of all that is, is emotion, the deepest intelligence of all, infinite, without flaw, without distortion, the carrier wave of consciousness.

And so, if you wish to manifest that which you have found to be good, if you wish to manifest your desire to find that which is good, if you seek and hunger for the truth, there is work to be done, for the intellect, the past, the future and all considerations of humankind must needs be put in abeyance on a regular basis for the amount of time it takes to sit in silent waiting until one is able to feel the presence of the infinite One.

We ask each within this group at this time to pause and allow that experience of love poured into your waiting heart to manifest itself to you.


I am Q’uo. I am again with this instrument. Is that love not astounding? Is that love not impossible for humankind to sustain? Yet you are other than human. That of you which is human is that which must do the manifesting, that which creates the inspiration and desire to manifest love of the Creator and love of others, comes from crossing the threshold to the unconscious with the care, persistence and devotion of the lover who is willing to wait and watch and seek from afar, content to sit at the edge of the crowd listening to that faraway voice at the center of the crowd that speaks the truth, for you have many, many voices within you which are manifestations of biases. These biases need to be examined, and in this intellect and logic play a great part. However, as you wish to be of service to the infinite One, and as you wish to love each other, know that the universe is, in essence, an emotion, it is consciousness. Consciousness does not necessarily think. Consciousness allows itself to avail itself of that infinite source of information within.

It is in this way that you are attempting, through meditation and contemplation, through the balancing of the day’s extreme emotions, to give to yourself that which cannot be done without some aid. There is, for instance, no possibility of an entity’s being able to cogitate, ruminate, ideate and manifest love. Indeed, it is possible for such a person to manifest a universal and very real compassion, but love engages being, love sets on fire the desire to help, love causes soil of the heart to become fallow, that seeds may spring therein which flower out into the tree of manifestation of love with its many blossoms, its beautiful aroma and its faithful use.

Yes, my friends, more than ever as you realize, recognize and respect your own inner wisdom as a portion of the creation, as you continue to meditate faithfully, then you may be undisturbed, insofar as it is possible, by the painfulness of change. For you now seek the beginnings of the fourth density. Within third density the spotlight was on the self, the emerging consciousness, the discovery that that consciousness is one with all and one with the Creator. It is the chief lesson of this particular density, to learn to love, and to learn to accept love, feeling both worthy to love and to be loved.

Much has been written about love. Within your holy works love is described by many phrases, “Love is patient,” “Love is long-suffering,” and so forth. May we say that love in the sense in which we understand it is in the impatience, is in the misunderstanding, is in every portion and every cell, every iota of creation. You cannot move yourself from the roots of your being. You are rooted in that which you may call the Kingdom of Heaven, and your roots are deep and imperishable, and down, down into the world of illusion do you grow your branches and produce the bloom that promises fruit.

Within your culture, as we have said, the intellect is valued almost to the exclusion of deep, quiet, confident, considered intuition. You are an impatient people, eager, and perhaps running faster with you feet than your heart and your mind can follow. Thus, the first priority may seem very selfish to one, and that is to learn to love the self, unequivocally, with complete self-forgiveness, with full knowledge of the various iniquities of one’s own character. You must allow yourself to become aware that the Creator and the creation lies within you, each of you. It is not well to speak as though one were ever and always unworthy to be the vessel for divinity. All of clay and dust, bone and muscle is by definition unworthy to carry imperishable ideals into a world which you experience as that which is not ideal.

Now, you see the interplay of love and faith against the dynamic catalyst of a mundane and sometimes intensive nature. What shall you do in this situation? What shall be your decision in that situation? It is appropriate to use all of the resources at your command. If you have any ignorance of the subject as it is known by humankind, fill the mind with what was written. Use the intellect to discriminate upon the subject in which you are interested, then surrender control of the process, carefully and fastidiously, to the love within, the spark of the Creator within that makes us all one.

Those who have not been able to love themselves are by definition unable to love the Creator, for each is the Creator’s prodigal son or daughter, each is an heir of eternity. This is not said to puff you up with pride, but to say that each of you is a cell in the living body of the creation of love. Once you have learned to come into some contact with the Creator on a daily basis, it is then time to gaze at that which lies before you, at the stones in the road, at the stragglers by the wayside, at the thirsty, at the hungry, at the homeless. The manifestation of the Logos that is within you, that of unconditional love, has never been needed more than at this juncture in the passing [of] your planet into fourth density space and time.

It is often said “Thou shalt not judge,” not only within your holy works, but also by those whose sense of fairness and ethics makes it mandatory for them to yield to all the same benefit of doubt that one would hope would be yielded to the self in the same circumstances. The density in which you are is a density in which you choose not how to think, but how to love. If you love yourself, you will think in terms of manipulation and control, elitism, perquisites and power on a personal level. If your love is of the Creator and of those in whose eyes you see shining the light of the one infinite Creator, then you are one who may radiate to that person. Often no words are necessary. It is well to move with the deepest instincts, to give a hug, to give a kiss, to give verbal support, to leave alone, to treat as precious each entity, each imperishable light being that is about you.

What is the purpose of emotion? The purpose of emotion within third density is so to engage the mind, the heart, and the soul of the entity which seeks that it becomes more and more aware of the depth and breadth of each present moment and possibilities for loving within each moment. Needless to say, we do not speak of the clinging, dependent love. We do not suggest that the surrender to the higher self be made before the self has been tuned so as to hear the true voice from within. Many are those who would whisper in the ear of one who seeks to be of service. Discrimination remains important always, and this includes those things which we say to you. Let us not be a stumbling block before you.

Now let us look at the way emotion is deepened. Each of you is aware of the system of chakras, or energy centers within the being. It is understood that each needs to be minimally clear and balanced for the full energy of the one infinite Creator, the life force, the prana, if you will, to move upwards within the body to meet that inspiration which comes from the infinite One, from the comforter, from your guidance, from your inner self. Over and over again we suggest to you the daily meditation for the clearing of cobwebs from the mind and the heart, of picking up the old newspapers, the leftover takeout food, the banal junk of a banal society that is intent upon not listening to any voice within which might cause discomfort.

The universe itself is an emotion, it is consciousness, it is love. Each of you will go through many definitions of the word love as you experience various facets of conditional and unconditional love. Your goal, and it is a difficult one within this density, is so to use the deep wisdom of the intuition and choice-making nature of the intellect in harmony to move in the direction that you and the Creator have set for yourself this day. And in that regard we would say that it is not well to create in the mind that which one desires, unless one is absolutely sure that one desires it and will never regret having it, for any desire that is unmet in third density must be met before the entity may move forward to the next level of classes, the next level of illumination, the next level of peace and joy.

How many times, my friends, have you seen a loved one, and found a way to touch that loved one, to strengthen it with your very being? How many times have you been the one to make peace among brothers and sisters? Do you not see the sweet hand of love moving through you in manifestation of the glorious love and light of the one infinite Creator? If you wish to manifest you must feel, deeply, sincerely and honestly. Not all entities can serve in this same way, as not all entities have been given the same gifts, and as we have said before, all services are equal when done for the love of the one infinite Creator.

We would not mislead you. You cannot by any means whatsoever achieve a higher state of consciousness. No mental act, no deliberate series of choices, no action within the illusion shall bring you the paradise of peace that you seek. That which will bring you quietude and serenity is the finding of that deeper self within through meditation, and the surrendering of the minute power of the human intellect to the infinite wisdom, compassion…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. We shall continue. You are the hands, you are the voice of the Creator, and as you love each other as you love yourself, so you love all that is the Creator. This is the function of purified emotion, to become a channel through which infinite love may flow so that you do not dry up like a shallow well or a desert spring, but remain well watered, well fed, well inspired with food and drink for the soul. In that consciousness you become hollow, and in your purity of love you allow love to speak by surrendering to the Infinite within.

This surrender is not one made without discrimination and care. Surrendering to those who say, “This and this and this you must believe, that and that and that you must do,” is an acceptable choice for those who cannot use intellect and feeling, but merely have a generalized need to know what is right and what is wrong to do in life, so that one does not have to think, grow, change, expand and transform the self. For these people, and we do not put them down in insult, this is the way to progress, and progress they will, however slowly. But each of you wishes to move more quickly, to become true channels of light, to feel true peace in the heart, to feel genuine, authentic harmony and serenity, to meet one’s companions with joy, trust, sharing and caring. Are these all not words of emotion? Can one reason oneself to this attitude? No, my friends, no.

Why, then, are you in your shell, this thick, impenetrable shell of forgetting? We say to you, you are in this shell of forgetting so that you may make your choice unfettered by the knowledge of the answers to the test. Many are the students who simply write down what the teacher says and parrot it back to the teacher to make a good grade. In spiritual or metaphysical work this line of endeavor is of no virtue, for you are seeking authenticity of self, and only in the authenticity of the self-forgiven self can the Creator move from infinite intelligence through infinite energy into your heart, your spirit, your hands, and your eyes, that you may behold the glory of all that is about you, that you may feel anguish for those many, many things that are awry, and then to affirm that it is possible for this unfortunate condition to cease.

Allow your love to spring forward from within. It is not yours, it is not another’s, it is the Creator’s. Love one another, my friends, and you shall love the Creator, and this purified emotion of sacrificial love shall move you ever more quickly toward the homeland of peace.

We thank you for allowing us to finish our thoughts on this subject. There is more material in this area, but it would require further questioning.

We would offer to the instrument known as Jim the opportunity to close the session. A simple silence will express this entity’s desire not to speak because of the difficulty of speaking at this time. I am Q’uo.


(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I am again with this instrument. We have examined the instrument known as Jim, and find that in order for us to be able to use this instrument’s vocal mechanism at this time we would have to induce a trance state. This we are unwilling to do, as without dedication, protection and planning such sacrifice of energy is unacceptable to us as a gift. It is a gift we cannot take unless it is fully offered. We shall therefore open the meeting to any questions which may remain upon the mind of those here. Is there a query at this time?

Yes, I have a question. At one point I sort of went away—I missed a small portion of what was channeled, and when I came back you had said something to the effect that “… then you can surrender to the process, to your inner self,” something to that effect. My question is, were you at that time talking about the creating process of holding a thought and then creating the desire and then giving up the process to your inner self? Was this what you were speaking of?

I am Q’uo. My brother, we were not speaking of such, but rather were speaking of the work entailed in moving beyond the surface consciousness to the deeper and more trustworthy wisdom that lies deep within the self. We do not ask you to surrender to any outer authority. We ask you only to surrender to that portion of yourself that you have found to be imperishable, worthy, beautiful and able to manifest the fruits of an unconditional love which is your birthright, which moves through you from a deep place of self-acceptance within.

As to the imaging of that which you desire, we exhort you to be extremely careful, as you create what you desire and focus upon it, for you shall receive it. However, there is always, as in many of your myths and fairy tales, the difficulty of attempting to control what occurs. The difficulty is this: for every desire there are unsatisfactory side-effects which will occur when the desire has been met. You are then involved in an unbalanced fashion, and some call this karma, with that which you have created as a life and desired within the life pattern.

Therefore, unless the intuition is most deep, heartfelt and worthy to the self of being held all through the incarnational life experience, we strongly suggest that you are faithful in listening, and when you go forth from your meditation you carry with you the desire to love. One’s path is taken one step at a time, one expression of love at a time, one expression of honesty which may lance a boil of misunderstanding and heal. To communicate with the heart and the love of the infinite One is to heal, and by the power of that love the Creator may, if all love, transform and renew the creation of the Father.

This instrument is informing us that we are spending a rather long time, so we would ask if there is a final query at this time. I am Q’uo.

I find that there are a number of concepts that I have accepted without perhaps fully understanding them, over the years. One of these is the idea of accepting and loving yourself. Could you offer briefly some suggestions on how to begin to go about the process of accepting and loving yourself in order to move on to loving others?

I am Q’uo. We are most happy to speak to this subject, for within your heavy chemical illusion it is very difficult to have an unbridled love of the divine self within, for one is so taken with the surface iniquities of mundane living, the little disappointments, the little irritations, the hostility, and all the repertoire of negative emotions, that one cannot even believe that one could possibly be worthy, and, indeed, as a human in third density one is not yet worthy of utter self forgiveness except for one thing: the nature of creation is utterly self-forgiven. In finding that basic truth you may claim your worth.

Let us gaze at it in another manner. Upon the surface you are one person, and your sphere is populated with many, many other persons, some of which are very much in sympathy with you, many of which have almost nothing on the surface in common with you. Furthermore, those who wish to be of service are walking a tightrope betwixt service gladly given and the service of the doormat. And when one perceives oneself as a doormat because one is, as this instrument would say, nice, one does not feel that oneself is worthy, but rather than oneself is an hypocrite and a liar, or at least one who tells the fib so as not to offend.

Move within the self at this moment. Consciously allow the awareness to move through the short term memories. Now allow all the pain and joy of this experience of incarnation to be gazed at with eyes of love, for you have learned from each and every challenge. You have not reached the self, you are forgiving the imperfections of the self which an imperfect world was formed on purpose to cause you to feel. If you never felt unworthy your worthiness would have no passion, no strength, and no stamina. It is only when one moves through the awareness of one’s human limitations within third density, and accepts each imperfection, each folly, each thoughtlessness as the action of one who simply was not properly tuned, then you may move on to more fertile territory. Not to forgive an imperfect self—and that is the surface self of each—is to deny that there is more, and that that more is a divine mystery which we may only call love.

In claiming the worth of the self it is necessary to gaze at one’s relationship with the infinite One. This entity created you before it created the densities, the stars, and the planets which make up your illusion. You are portions of the active consciousness of the one infinite Creator of love and light that is within you. And so you do not honor the small self by feeling worthy, but rather you surrender to the greater Self within, and then you may love all of your idiosyncrasies, all of your faults, because you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that as you slip you may forgive yourself, pick yourself up, and walk on. You are imperishable. You are creatures of love.

Once you have made the difficult choice between serving others as a way of serving the Creator and expressing that relationship, and serving the self and so expressing a relationship of total unity with the Creator, then you have made the decision that this density was created to enable you to make.

All upon the outside of the consciousness has a tendency to appear negative, and to evoke negative emotion. Consequently, you, as a spirit of light, are gazing constantly at the darkness of one’s own Earthly vessel. This Earthly vessel is made of clay and chemicals and water, and an electrochemical system which enables that which you call consciousness to have a home, and you may be grateful for that imperfect self. You cannot exonerate yourself for the things that you have done amiss. That is not self-forgiveness. When you have done that which you consider amiss, it is well for you immediately to go to the entity whom you feel you have slighted and to create harmony once again betwixt the two, knowing that not only are you an entity of Earth, but also the other is similarly befuddled and confused in a sea of illusion that is the third density.

You must go deeper. You must move from the mind which condemns, judges, evaluates, and so forth to the heart, where resides that infinite spark of imperishability which is the Creator within. It is this portion of the self that is worthy, and because you carry within yourself, within this Earthly vessel, the glorious perfection of the infinite One, so you may move into the point of view of that within you which is the Creator, as the Creator forgives a perishable, various, woeful entity for making the errors of childhood.

Yes, the universe, the Creator has already forgiven all that you may do. You yourself, however, must forgive the self, be at peace with the self, acknowledge all of the thoughts of the self, and attempt as much as possible to become better. It is well to realize that perfect behavior is not only impossible but meaningless. It is the heart, the love, the emotion that makes you worthy, and as the intensity of your love of the Creator and your love of fellow men and your love of yourself grow, so shall you become a more and more metaphysical light being, moving affirmatively from your strength—that is, the Creator within—rather than running from, avoiding, or being embarrassed about many, many errors that any limited, somewhat ignorant, and often biased child might make.

You in the third density have chosen to be children. You are children of the one infinite Creator. Are you less than worthy? A child may misbehave, but a child is forgiven. You are prodigal, you have squandered your inheritance. All who are Earthly in third density have so done, with extremely few exceptions. Yet, by doing so you strip away for yourself the illusion that this will bring pleasure, that will bring satisfaction, control will give you what you want, and demand will always be heard. A sense of worthiness comes as one becomes aware of oneself as the worthy servant, the least of all, one who is always in error, yet one who carries an imperishable, holy and divine spark of the Creator.

To see oneself as a cell in the body of creation is a most helpful concept, because as you gaze in thought at your own anatomy and physiology you may see that each cell is equally important. The skin, the muscles, the mind, the simple reaching out of the hands that is possible because you are in physical existence, these are causes for rejoicing, these are causes for thanksgiving and praise, for you have the opportunity to act as a channel, a worthy and loving channel for the infinite love and light of the one Creator. Self-acceptance is a good start upon self-forgiveness. To accept one’s faults as they are, paradoxically, is to open oneself up to the possibility of change, growth and transformation.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, that’s very helpful for now, thank you.

We thank each of you, and would at this time close the meditation, wishing each to respect and seek the heart within, the deep intuition within, not to denigrate the Earthly vessel in which you move, for though it makes many, many errors, yet it has the hands to give, the mouth to speak, the eyes that offer the softness of a loving glance, the breasts that may give the babe nourishment, the loins that shall produce souls whom one may love and by whom one may experience the incredible gift of unconditional love. Love one another, my friends, unconditionally, and if there is a condition, use the intellect for that for which it was made. It is a burro; load it with the information and let it climb the mountain to the answer.

We are no more worthy than you. We are all seekers, all pilgrims, and all imperfect. We could suggest that one may look forward to a time when one is not so, shall we say, imperfect, as seen by the self, but we assure you that these feelings of unworthiness, insecurity and other feelings of this kind are designed completely by yourself before the incarnation to teach you to love, and to love that which is imperfect is to make it worthy.

Examine your soul. All that is, is within you, the bad, as you would call negative emotions and ideas, and the good, as you would call positive emotions and ideas. But the source of your worth is that which makes the universe One, and yourself a citizen as important as any, as worthy as any. You are a part of the infinite Creator; you are worthwhile, necessary and beloved. May you love yourself enough to move the imperfections out of the way of your service, and never ever to hold a grudge against the self, but to forgive the self, to intend a newness which is less imperfect in the ways of doing things.

As always, meditation is the great tool. Prayer, as this instrument understands it, is also a great tool when one is upset with another, for one may pray for that other, and in so doing heal the self of negative emotion as well as being effective in prayer and uplifting of the self in consciousness.

We leave you with that desire to be uplifted, to be transformed, and, indeed, many times, to be uncomfortable. Comfort is for those who are asleep. Comfort is for those for whom someone is willing to tell them exactly what to think about everything. It is a comfortable life. One can attain fourth density light by this means, but it is very difficult, for a feeling of richness and completion of the self is the same problem exactly as the feeling of a great mass of wealth. Clinging to one’s possessions is not necessary. When you have made your peace with the imperfections of the self, wait until you feel the presence of the infinite One, of your guidance, of your comforter, and at that point say, “I wish to do the will of my greater Self, I surrender my imperfect human self. What would you have me do?” Be willing; that is the key. Be discriminatory; those discriminations are the lions that guard the truth.

In this truth, love, light, peace and joy of the infinite Creator, we leave you, with blessings and ever flowing love for those who are awake and seeking. We are those known to you as Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu.