The question this evening concerns how we find our spiritual path when we find it in a conscious fashion. How it is that we select the path that we do finally select? Are there forces or influences that come, not only from our current experience, but from childhood, from the way we first experience the world? Are there forces that come from before the incarnation? Do we set up, preincarnationally, choices or biases that eventually lead us to the path that we choose, or that eventually becomes ours? What are the forces that help us to choose our path and to follow it?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I am known to you as Q’uo, though the name that we use we give to you only because of your fondness in the naming. We are a portion of the creation of Love, which is the one great original Thought, the Logos of the infinite Creator of us all. We wish to acknowledge entities within the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, those known as Hatonn, and those known as Latwii, and to thank them for their participation in this particular meeting, for there are those here who need the silent comfort of the sharing of vibrations with these entities. They will not be speaking, but have simply been called here in order to abide in silent meditation with some few of those present at this time, for there is great fondness and affection in some for these entities.

We thank each for calling us to speak upon the subject of the influences which affect each seeking soul’s way of experiencing spiritual help. The honor is great and we are very humble, as we feel that you may have a desire to share with us our opinion. Because you so desire this, we offer to you our plea that you not take us or any but your own heart as the authority which recognizes the truth that is the truth for you. We are not infallible. We simply share opinions based on a larger range of experiences than you.

As you gaze into the memory of your childhood you see much of what was there, and you have blocked yourself from seeing many other things that were part of the childhood which you experienced. It is so that you came into this experience of incarnation with your own biases, opinions, tendencies and characteristic ways of thinking, feeling and acting. All of these things were yours within the womb before your mother ever gave birth to you. You came into this experience of incarnation a realized being who has chosen various difficulties and challenges as the means whereby you may come to a greater polarity of service, service to the Creator, service and nurturing the self as part of the Creator, and service to those entities who are your own selves, seen in a mirror.

Therefore, we cannot generalize that this or that about a certain childhood would have such and such a specific effect. Each entity is unique. There are, however, those categories of conditions which set up for the seeker the way he will visualize and perceive the road of seeking the truth. There are some few who do not wish to seek, or to know, but wish to be told what is true. Those people are not interested in what we have to say, but we wish them well. Those are the entities which accept specific guidelines such as good and evil, righteousness and sin. These are entities who are only comfortable as slaves. They do not question, they do not seek. They simply stand and believe that which is told them.

This tendency cannot be learned and is not the usual true nature of a third-density entity, but we did not wish to leave out entities such as these, for in these entities too lies a viable and beautiful link between the self and the realization of a Creator which banishes all of that which you call error or sin. To these people the blessing of simplicity is given, and they seem to a more seeking entity narrow or dogmatic, yet their way is as valid as any, if by that way they are able to open their hearts in service to others as they love the Creator and as they love the self as heir to the Creator, son and daughter of the Creator, the hands, the mouth and the energy of the Creator alive and working in your environment at this time. These are not entities upon which one should shower patronization. They simply are simple and uncomplicated entities who do not have the desire to seek further.

Most entities, and certainly those who would call us to them, have entered into this incarnational experience choosing limitations which shall be experienced during the years of youth. Perhaps the greatest stimulus towards freeing the self of mandatory belief is the simple demand that all be believed without question. The spiritual disciple will not accept an unquestioned description of the spiritual life. One who wishes to seek the truth must seek it through movement, movement and change and transformation, day by day, sunset by sunset, and moon by moon, [through the questioning] of a living, powerful, very real purveyor of truth. Each seeks the link that will link the mundane to that which is eternal.

Many entities within the childhood experience are cut off from the feeling of self-love. This is perhaps the most common of those limitations which are chosen before the incarnation, in order that the entity may experience and exercise the lesson that one is not here to be loved but to love. One is not here to be pampered, but to console others. One is not here to be praised, but to support, cherish and nurture those about one, seeing in them the infinite Creator. The inability to feel the worth of the self derives its strength, for the most part, from the childhood wherein the child is not accepted as it is, in which the child is not appreciated, feels itself not to be fully loved, feels itself to be criticized, feels itself to be unable to please those first witnesses and embodiments of the Creator, the parents.

As the parents cut the child off from the spontaneous giving and taking of love, so in the mature spiritual search the pilgrim shall find itself laden with a burden of self-doubt, and that even heavier burden of unidentified guilt, for in such a childhood one is given the feeling that one is somehow guilty, but of what, the child knows not. One is given the feeling that the child is unwanted, and there is no defense possible to that child, for in the young years of incarnation the child is too purely that spirit which incarnated into the world to have defenses against lack of self-perceived love, worth and righteousness.

The second most heavy influence upon the mature experience of the seeker is that yellow-ray experience the entity has had with what this instrument would call institutionalized religion. We use this word carefully to differentiate it from cultural religion. Each of you lives within the Christian culture. Each of you thinks in terms of the story of the one known as Jesus Christ, of the parables this entity gave, of the life this entity lived. The threads of this incarnation run so deeply within your culture that whether you be devout or atheistic, or anywhere in between those two, you are still forced to use a language of Christianity and Judeo-Christianity, because that is your cultural heritage.

This creates a very great difficulty in those who have rejected the vocabulary of institutionalized religion and have left that institution, either because they did not believe the institutionalized religion was helpful to the self, or because this religion held no interest for the self, no identity for the self, no means of expression for the self, or simply because the entity was too sensitive to the deeper, darker strains that weave their way through the Christian religious story. How dark and sad is that story, a story of an entity one with God and one with man, who must die; that entity asking us each to die each day, to give up the self each day, to be with the Creator in the small death of the personal part of the self, the ego, in order that one may more and more come to a realization of a greater self within. When it is put to an entity in specifically Christian terms, the entire experience of redemption, forgiveness and freedom is bent and twisted in such a way that many, many entities cannot at all accept this expression of redemption. Yet each seeks the experience of being forgiven.

It is one thing for a parent to act in such a way that an entity feels chronically unforgiven and unappreciated. It is a far more serious thing when an entity cannot, within the confines of its spiritual practice in that which you call Christianity, find, believe or rejoice in the experience of forgiveness and redemption. Few there are who truly believe, if they have considered it well, that they are, without some movement of the spirit within, forgiven all those things known and all those things not known which have been acts which separate us from ourselves, from each other, or from that great principle of love which is the Creator. Thus, the parents first, and the church, shall we call it, secondly, create the basic limitations upon those who seek the truth but cannot accept the particular expression and distortion of the truth of forgiveness and redemption in any language which is used within your religion.

There are many ways in which entities find a process of forgiveness, for let it be noted well that none feels truly without error. All consciousnesses are aware of their own humanity, their own clay feet, their own self-perceived error. It is part of the illusion in which you live that you experience this as part of being yourself. This is a part of yourself. In some entities, because of a childhood in which the entity was greatly loved and was given the love, the smiles, the touching, the obvious caring, the entity will far more likely be able to experience a sense of forgiveness through the forgiveness of the self by the greater self within. It is not that such entities know that they are without error, but that they have the faith given them because the sun shone upon them in the days of their youth, that the sun still shines upon them, and that there is no thing which cannot be forgiven.

How do these entities experience this forgiveness? By their forgiveness without stint or hindrance of any kind of all those with whom they come in contact. It is the self-forgiven entity which forgives others, not because he has earned forgiveness, but because he is an entity, and there is no error which may take away from that entity the truth of that entity’s nature, a being of oneness with the Creator.

When the experiences of the childhood were ones in which much was unforgiven, criticized, denied or rejected, the pilgrim shall have, shall we say, the knee-jerk reaction to deal with, of a feeling of not forgiving the self. Others it may forgive, but until one has come to some deep archetypical emotion within which expresses itself to the spirit in the words, “You are forgiven, you are loved,” that entity shall have a great deal of trouble loving the self, and thus, its forgiveness and compassion towards others masks a deep and abiding ache, a wound so terrible that it cannot be described, a wound of the self that will not forgive the self for being human.

All entities have help available to them. None need rely upon the self. But to those whose childhoods have been experienced as accepting and cherishing and nurturing will come those entities which are personal, speak personally to the entity, are intimate with the entity, and become the objective vision which encompasses the wall of self-forgiveness. Those who have been caused to believe that they cannot be as they are and be loved learn to behave and carry into their relationship with love an entity which behaves, rather than an entity which is as it is. In this case the same help is available, but it shall come to the entity in an impersonal form. Such impersonal forces, principles and entities, are as we, those who speak as inspiringly as possible through each instrument of the depth and resonance of the self of each of you, calling to you to call within yourself, acceptance, love and forgiveness.

You carry upon your backs, unless you forgive yourself every day, a terrible, terrible burden. The variousness of catalyst and experience among your peoples is intended and is guaranteed to create within the experience a subjective concept and opinion of the self as having come up short, of having failed in some way. Where, then, is salvation? It is within you, each of you. Roll the stone away from the tomb of low self-esteem, of self-doubt, of prejudice against the self. Think of yourself as an object other than yourself. Gaze upon the self as upon a stranger, and you will find that your opinion of yourself is changed, for you do not judge others as you judge yourself.

We are being asked by this instrument to come to a conclusion of our part of the message which we wish to offer, that comes through this instrument, as the hour, as this instrument calls it, grows late. We confess, we are talkative, and always speak overlong, according to this instrument.

We wish you to realize, each of you, that each of you has had various experiences in your youth, various experiences in those that seem to be in authority over you in a spiritual way. This has the repercussions of your own self-image, of your relationships with the Creator, with yourself and with those about you. We ask you simply to remember that it was to a man who had betrayed and denied the one known as Jesus that the one known as Jesus said, “You are my rock. That which is forgiven by you is forgiven, that which is not forgiven by you is not forgiven.”

My children, each of you can be perceived as less than perfect, but each of you has an honor and a duty to perform. Love yourself, and if you do not love yourself, work to love yourself. Love the Creator more and more passionately, spending time with the Creator in silence, and love and forgive all with whom you come in contact, for you are as powerful as any other human, fallible being. There is that within you which is of the consciousness of love, and your wellness, your wholeness and the truth of your being is wrapped up in the concept of yourself as an extension of brother or sister, a fellow heir of the one infinite Creator. Forgive, console and love, the Creator, yourself and others.

As we know that we are out of time, we must end with this instrument. We ask you to remember only one thing more. You may find yourself to be incapable of creating this within yourself in a week, or a month or a year. You have eternity in which to become joyful, forgiven and redeemed by whatever objectivization, such as Jesus the Christ, you may choose, or by whatever inner guide that your own background has made better for you as a bridge to the eternity and the infinity of love.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. I am known to you as Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each in love and light through this instrument. We thank you for your patience, as it was necessary for us to pause as this instrument needed to complete the duties with the recording device. At this time we would offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to any queries which you may feel have importance for you. Again we remind you that we offer that which is but our opinion, though we offer it joyfully. Is there a query at this time?

I’ll ask one, if people want to wait awhile and think. I have had several people in a wave talk to me about healing myself, as though my illness were some sort of crime, or indication of my waywardness of spirit. It is, on the contrary, my opinion of my own self, knowing my history, that is, that I died at one time of kidney failure, for about twenty seconds, that I indeed have a very healthy body that is doing amazingly well. I do not know what I can say to entities to give them comfort and to free themselves and myself from the feeling of guilt that is lain on me by those who feel that one must be bursting with physical health in order to be of mental, emotional and spiritual health. Could you comment?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We may comment in a general fashion, for we wish to share the principle. Those who offer their help, their opinion, of your situation, have the desire to serve, the basic love that propels motion and service. The vehicle, or channel through which the service is offered, is whatever framework of belief has served this entity, or any who offer their assistance. Thus, they give that which is biased, according to what they have found helpful. The manner in which you receive that which is given is determined again by your own framework of belief. You may see the offering as that which is laden with guilt. This may be the result of a distortion of either one or both of the means of perceiving. This perception of the role of guilt, then, has meaning for each in an unique manner. The weight that you give to that perception, then, is a function of…

We must pause, we are having difficulty with this instrument.


I am Q’uo, and we apologize for the delay. We shall continue. The perception of guilt as a portion of your condition, is merely a reflection of the…

Carla, this isn’t [inaudible]. It doesn’t feel right, I’m going to have to stop. It doesn’t feel like Q’uo.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each through this instrument once again in love and light. We wish to applaud and encourage the instrument known as Jim, that this instrument’s [inaudible] is such that there was [inaudible] lack of steadiness of the tuning, and although the one known as Carla was keeping the circle well guarded by means placed there by the instrument before the meditation, yet it is always well whenever in doubt to cease the communication, for it is the desire of the Confederation of the Planets, who are in service to the one Creator to offer only that highest truth that may be offered in a [inaudible] and secure manner.

[Inaudible] query which was posed by this instrument, as there is the difficulty of the instrument’s own individual small self which has its opinion, and would in any case doubt that which we were to offer. We shall simply say that the nature of health and wellness is a nature which knows not bone nor sinew, blood or tendon, infection or disease. The health and wellness of an entity is its acceptance of itself, and its realization that all is as it should be and as it must be for the entity to be open to the lessons of love received and given in that moment.

Before we close through this instrument we would ask once more if there are any further queries?

My name is K [inaudible] weekly, and I would like for you to comment on the teaching and work of the circle that I am speaking about, particularly, could you comment upon the entity Sananda, who speaks to the circle?

I am Q’uo, and we greet you, K of St. Louis. Blessings upon you and upon your seeking. The conditions of that activity called channeling are different for each channel, and the sensitivity each channel may bring to its work is unique to that entity. Those ideas which can be used as tools and resources in the daily life are ideas inspired by love, call it what you will.

As to the name, Sananda, the Christ name has moved through many namings. There is no one name of this consciousness that may declare itself unique at this time, that is, the only entity which speaks as the principle of the master known as Jehoshua, or Jesus. We ask that you yourself listen with an open heart to the messages of the one known to you as Sananda—how many names this energy has been perceived as having, how many more shall there be. You are one, as are most who have studied the consciousness, the mind and the actions of the one known as Jesus the Christ. Listen to this entity. Seems it to speak in humility, compassion and acceptance, encouraging each to love each other? If that be so, what matters it what it call itself?

We may say specifically only that the intentness of the entity which is Christ is a consciousness which has used channels which have given over their lives to servanthood. Gaze clearly upon the face of love. There is no pride, there is no judgment, there is always love, forgiveness and healing. That which is of Christ-consciousness dares the entity to look at itself, to accept itself, and by that impossibility of self acceptance and blind faith, be healed. If the entity whom you hear has this love, this yearning, this passion and this healing, you may judge for yourself what energy or principle of the Creator this entity is. We do not give opinions positive or negative of any source, but ask each entity to use its discrimination, and always to use the light touch, the relaxed and time-consuming patience allowing ideas offered by such consciousnesses to steep and ripen within the self. By [the] fruits of these teachings shall you know the nature of him who planted the seed that blooms within yourself.

May we be of any more service to you at this time, my brother?

Thank you very much.

We thank you, K of St. Louis. Is there another query at this time?

Could you comment briefly about the connection that B and I have between each other?

I am Q’uo, and without abridging free will, we may. K is teacher to B; B teacher to K. You have the honor of being honest, and the duty to be compassionately honest, and to give to each other a true picture of each other, that together you may pull as two oxen the cart of your faith and your will to serve, not a striving to please, only, but looking always for that which may serve, never striving to limit, but searching always for that which may advance a sense of freedom.

The mated relationship, regardless of what its nature be within the legal framework of your culture, is the most powerful possible arrangement within which acceleration of the spiritual path may be done. It is also the most difficult, because intimacy is very difficult among those in a culture which teaches each entity to wear the mask and to behave in such and such a way, that the truth be only half told, or not mentioned, for to do so would cause time-consuming, heart-rending work in consciousness by both.

Thus, each who is a teacher to the other in a mated relationship must, to be the most effective partner, gaze within the self within all circumstances and within all transactions with the cleansing, purifying and healing openness of heart, never allowing difficulties to remain between the two, realizing always that difficulties will continually be between you, for you are each other’s greatest catalyst for learning. Face that squarely. You shall make each other uncomfortable. That is the nature of change. And when you have a teacher, the weight of learning increases, and the discomfort increases likewise. Therefore, see the pain that you give each other with sorrow and with apology, but with the knowledge that it is a necessary portion of the learning of two who together seek most beautifully.

Is there another question, my brother?

Thank you. Thank you very much for increasing my insight and understanding, and I wish to give the rest of the time to someone else who may have a question.

We thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?


I am Q’uo. We are aware of your questions, and respect each for the silence that indicates that it is not now the time to ask such questions. Ponder them instead within your heart and your soul. You can answer as well as we. If you give yourself the time to allow these questions to sink deeply into your subconscious, each question shall be answered at last, by whatever means.

Your planetary sphere has a special light this day, which you call Easter and Passover within the culture in which you live. Lift up your hearts, my children, sing alleluia to new beginnings, new understanding, new perceptions of the self, new consolations and a renewal of a passionate desire to know, to love, and to express by service to others the one infinite Creator. In the love and the light of that Creator we leave you now, rejoicing with you at your Eastertide. We are those known to you as Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai vasu borragus.